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Topic: IrDA

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Linux-IrDA quick tutorial
The Linux IrDA project is an Open Source projects to develop an generic IrDA stack for Linux that has many contributors all over the world.
Daniele Peri has some utility to help configure the IrDA port on Toshiba 1800 laptops and is the maintainer of the new SMC driver.
There is many people using IrDA to connect either to their mobile phone or PDA, and lot's of them have put instructions in their web pages.
www.hpl.hp.com /personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/IrDA   (8406 words)

  rediff.com: IRDA moots 100% FDI for 3rd party administrators: BS
IRDA has also asked the TPAs to refrain from motivating customers to shift their "insurance portfolio to another insurer with whom the TPA has comparative favourable terms in the agreement".
IRDA has said that only those people who have undergone a course in health management from an institution recognised by the regulator and who have cleared the licentiate examination conducted by Bombay-based Insurance Institute of India will be eligible to apply for a TPA licence.
IRDA has also said that it can call for an explanation from a TPA in case it thinks that the agency is not effective or is not carrying out its duties as envisaged.
www.rediff.com /money/2001/may/02irda.htm   (461 words)

 Irda2 Extra Development Board | mikroElektronika
The IrDA physical specifications require that a minimum irradiance be maintained so that a signal is visible up to a meter away.
The typical sweet spot for IrDA communications is from 5 cm to 60 cm away from a transceiver, in the center of the cone.
IrDA data communications operate in half-duplex mode because while transmitting, a device’s receiver is blinded by the light of its own transmitter, and thus, full-duplex communication is not feasible.
www.mikroe.com /en/tools/irda2   (304 words)

 IrDA: Background and Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IrDA is a protocol suite designed to support transmission of data between two devices over short-range point-to-point infrared at speeds between 9.6 kilobits per second (Kb/s) and 4Mb/s.
This is especially confusing when the SIR IrDA hardware itself may need to be configured on a real serial port, and then the customer must further configure their application to use a virtual serial port.
No other IrDA application or driver will be able to run on that system, even though the underlying IrDA protocols provide support allowing multiple applications to wait for incoming connections and clients to select a target application at connect time through established protocol mechanisms.
msdn2.microsoft.com /en-us/library/ms810617.aspx   (4850 words)

 IrDA Wireless Protocol   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although the IrDA protocol has been languishing in the past years due to the emergence of the more efficient and faster Bluetooth Protocol, it’s importance, as a pacesetter for Bluetooth cannot be overlooked.
IrDA devices conforming to standards IrDA 1.0 and 1.1 work over distances up to 1.0m with BER (Bit Error Ratio - number of incorrectly transferred bits over number of correctly transferred bits) of about 10-9 and maximum level of surrounding illumination 10klux (daylight).
IrDA Control is an infrared communication standard that allows cordless peripherals such as keyboards, mice, game pads, joysticks and pointing devices units to interact with many types of intelligent host devices.
www.faculty.iu-bremen.de /birk/lectures/PC101-2003/17bluetooth/bluetooth/irda.html   (1929 words)

 LIRC - Support for IrDA compatible hardware
Below is a list of chipsets known to meet this condition.
As I said on the main page it also works with dongles connected to the serial port but this requires some tweaking of the IrDA physical layer protocol.
Please note that for technical reasons it's not possible to use USB IrDA dongles with LIRC.
www.lirc.org /irda.html   (224 words)

 What is IrDA? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
For example, if both your laptop computer and printer have IrDA ports, you can simply put your computer in front of the printer and output a document, without needing to connect the two with a cable.
IrDA ports support roughly the same transmission rates as traditional parallel ports.
The only restrictions on their use is that the two devices must be within a few feet of each other and there must be a clear line of sight between them.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/I/IrDA.html   (656 words)

 The MacMinute Café:  Re: IrDA File Transfer  
I know my IrDA port is working ok because I can sync my Palm and dial-out using my mobile through it with no problems..
Mine is the 11/2001 PowerBook G4 and the IrDA port was discontinued with the release of the 800MHz PowerBook G4.
If it's like IrDA on Rev A iMacs and G3 PBs, then then thing that alwasy gave me a problem (because I'd forget) is to set AppleTalk to connect via the infrared port.
www.macminute.com /cgi-bin/wwwthreads/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=general&Number=29624&page=50&view=expanded&sb=6&o=0   (288 words)

 The Gadgeteer - Kingsun USB to IrDA Adapter
However, there was a time not long ago, when the only way to wirelessly connect two devices, was via infrared (aka IrDA).
While IrDA isn't dead by any means, we just don't seem to think of it that often.
I would think that not having USB 2.0 would rate as a con or is it that the speed of the IrDa itself is the limiting factor and having a faster would not improve the overall speed at all?
www.the-gadgeteer.com /review/kingsun_usb_to_irda_adapter   (676 words)

 Welcome to IrDA
IrDA Principles and Protocols is the first definitive book on the standards of the Infrared Data Association, providing an accessible overview of the technology for novices, while delivering the most relevant technical details for experts.
IrDA has produced many technical specifications which may be downloaded.
After two years of intensive work on the development of a Universal Wireless Payment Standard, the IrDA and member companies, today are pleased to make the Infrared Financial Messaging (IrFM) Point and Pay Profile available to the public on this website.
www.irda.org /displaycommon.cfm?an=5   (497 words)

 Welcome to IrDA
IrDA Principles and Protocols is the first definitive book on the standards of the Infrared Data Association, providing an accessible overview of the technology for novices, while delivering the most relevant technical details for experts.
IrDA has produced many technical specifications which may be downloaded.
After two years of intensive work on the development of a Universal Wireless Payment Standard, the IrDA and member companies, today are pleased to make the Infrared Financial Messaging (IrFM) Point and Pay Profile available to the public on this website.
irda.org /displaycommon.cfm?an=5   (497 words)

 IRDA Articles. Pocket PC Developer Network
By means of IrDA, in the meantime, data transfer between two Pocket PC devices became standard.
The single layers of this IrDA stack describe the real structure very briefly and simply, since the detailed description of all these layers and protocols would break the framework of this article.
With the simple implementation of the infrared connection it is enough to know the following: each IrDA server application that maintains the infrared connection, enables such an LSAP selector and a service name (as in our example); each Client application uses this kind of the addressing to build up a connection to the server application.
www.pocketpcdn.com /articles/irda.html   (3530 words)

 IrDA with the BASIC Stamp and MAX3100
The IrDA specification for low speed (115 kbaud and under!) communications allows the length of the transmitted pulse to be much shorter than 3/16 of the bit period.
The IrDA receive circuitry must be able to detect the short pulses of light and "stretch" them to fill the standard bit width at the current baud rate for input to standard RS232 serial ports.
A third and probably the best alternative for the longest distance of operation is one of the dedicated IrDA modules, that have an IR LED with a driver circuit and also a PIN photodiode with a high gain high speed amplifier all integrated onto one chip.
www.emesystems.com /BS2IrDA.htm   (2077 words)

 Bluetooth™ and Other Wireless Technologies > IrDA and Bluetooth Wireless Communication Compared
IrDA is a specific use of infrared light as a communications medium; Bluetooth technology is a specific use of radio waves as a communications medium.
IrDA range is about 1 meter and, as noted already, generally requires a line of sight to establish a connection.
IrDA hardware also already is less expensive than Bluetooth radio modules, owing largely to the maturity and wide deployment of IrDA.
www.informit.com /articles/article.asp?p=24265&seqNum=3&rl=1   (643 words)

IrDA publishes reference documents covering various aspects ranging from the physical aspects of the infrared beam, wavelength, power, beam angle etc, to definitions of the layered protocol structure required to perform its software functions.
IrDA is not the same, and has nothing to do with the infrared systems used in TV or video recorder remote controls now in common use.
Remember that IrDA is essentially a half duplex protocol, and the host must be constrained from sending data when the channel is not ready to receive it.
www.eix.co.uk /Articles/IrDA/Welcome.htm   (5138 words)

 TINI IrDA Basics
IrDA 1.0 uses NRZ modulation, with a pulse width of 3/16 of a bit period.
IrDA 1.0 encoder/decoder chips require a 16X clock, which is commonly available from UARTs such as the 16550 series.
IrDA 1.1 extends the speed to 4 megabits per second, and is backward-compatible with 1.0.
www.systronix.com /irda/irda_basics.htm   (877 words)

 IrDA - Glossary - CNET.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IrDA's goal is to establish standards for the exchange of data over infrared waves.
You could, for example, beam a document to your printer instead of having to connect a cable.
The IrDA standard has been widely adopted by PC and consumer electronics manufacturers.
www.cnet.com /Resources/Info/Glossary/Terms/irda.html   (77 words)

 Linux.com - Beyond IrDA
If it is desired to communicate with a standard IrDA device that may have minimum transmitter intensity, the receiver intensity must be increased.
Basic physics has the inverse square law: the intensity drops with the SQUARE of the distance, so going from 1 to 5 meters requires 25x the power (and battery drain on a portable device), or 25x the sensitivity (and dynamic range - it still has to be able to work at 3 inches).
IrDA is still unbeatable in price/performance and with the new additions to the standards family like AIR and VFIR, it's really good to see that IrDA is moving in the right direction."
www.linux.com /howtos/Infrared-HOWTO/infrared-howto-s-beyond-irda.shtml   (798 words)

 IRDA Update
Reinsurance not to be a piece of cake, according to IRDA
IRDA to exclude FII holding in calculation of FE cap
IRDA will need real-time info to be effective
www.insuremagic.com /Content/Agents/IRDAUpdate/homepg_irda.asp   (157 words)

 rediff.com: IRDA ruling clashes with FIPB, RBI approvals: BS
Sources at IRDA said that foreign investment would be capped at 26 per cent in line with the foreign investment cap on insurance companies and brokers.
Prospective TPAs having tied up with or in the process of entertaining foreign joint partners could face the wrath of the insurance regulator and not be granted a licence unless the foreign partner's holding is brought down to 26 per cent.
On clarification, the IRDA told Ican managing director George Matthew that foreign direct investment would be capped at 26 per cent.
www.rediff.com /money/2001/jul/31irda.htm   (427 words)

 IrDA Infra Red Data Association and infrared wireless connections
IrDA is designed for cheap, bidirectional, short range, fairly directional connections.
IrDA can't normally do TV remote control signals, and are shorter range, but you can often fake the signals in software.
IrDA devices tend to cost peanuts, since they basically consist of an LED and a phototransistor, connected to a UART.
www.ericlindsay.com /palmtop/irda.htm   (2927 words)

 Saugus.net: IrDA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
IrDA) is a voluntary organization of various manufacturers working together to ensure that the infrared communications between different computers, PDAs, printers, digital cameras, remote controls, etc. are all compatible with each other regardless of brand.
The term is also often used to designate an IrDA compliant infrared communications port on a device.
Informally, a device able to communicate via IrDA compliant infrared is sometimes simply said to "have IrDA".
www.saugus.net /Computer/Terms/IrDA/view   (87 words)

 PC Remote Control - IrDA compatibility info   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It consists of an encoder/decoder for the transmit/receive function and an IR transducer (the transmitter LED and the receiver photodiode).
Cordless connectivity via IrDA transfers files, point-to-point and bidirectionally, in a high-speed burst for short distances using directed IR with LEDs having a narrow cone angle.
That is very possible in Windows 95, because the IrDA drivers are not part of the original package and it seems that it is not plugandplay in reference to IrDA devices.
www.pcremotecontrol.com /irda.html   (822 words)

 Infrared (irDA)
IrDA is a non-profit trade association with a membership of over hundreds of companies in the computers and telecommunications industry, including components, hardware, software, and adapters manufacturers.
A. Implementing the IrDA infrared communication standards is to ensure the interoperability in between all types of wireless digital infrared communication devices.
SIR stands for Serial Infrared transmit mode (IrDA 1.0 Standard), which is the capability to transmit data at 115.2 Kbits/sec.
www.papyrus.co.il /FAQ/infrared_(irda).htm   (2058 words)

 Networking over IrDA in Windows XP   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although the IrDA protocol implementation in Windows 2000 was stable and the architecture was clean, this implementation lacked the broad legacy application support provided in Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me).
The IrDA stack in Windows 98/Me supported networking profiles strictly over the IrCOMM kernel-mode driver, to serve as a straightforward cable replacement; however, the IrDA stack in Windows 2000 provided no support for IrCOMM and based its networking on newly-designed IrNET and IrDial protocols.
IrDA protocol implementation in Windows XP provides infrared-enabled device connectivity to the Internet or to any other network, either through a dial-up networking profile or a local area network (LAN) access networking profile.
www.microsoft.com /whdc/device/network/infrared/WinXP-IrDa.mspx   (1381 words)

 IrDA Plug and Play Issues and Windows 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The interface between IrDA hardware (framers) and the core stack is through Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) 4.0 miniport drivers that adhere to the conventions described in "Infrared Extensions to the NDIS Version 4.0 Functional Specification".
The IrDA stack is dynamically loadable, and is loaded by the Plug and Play system when an NDIS miniport is installed.
A similar case exists where the IrDA UART is exposed as through the BIOS only as a conventional serial device, and is installed as such.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/dnirda/html/irdapnp.asp?frame=true   (1738 words)

 IrDA and infrared data Tutorials   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Windows CE IrDA FAQ One of the easiest methods of communications for Windows CE based PC Companion (Handheld PCs, Handheld PC Professional Edition, H/PC 2000, Palm-size PCs or Pocket PC) is IrDA.
IrTran-P, IrLPT, and IrDA Networking Support under Windows 2000 Both the IrTran-P image transfer protocol and the IrLPT printing protocol depend on the IrCOMM family of protocols and associated serial APIs.
IrDA application developers are strongly encouraged to develop future protocols directly to the TinyTP protocol as exposed through Winsock on Windows.
www.palowireless.com /irda/tutorials.asp   (559 words)

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