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Topic: Iran

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  Iran (06/07)
Iran underwent something of a revival under the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736), the most prominent figure of which was Shah Abbas, who expelled the Uzbeks and Ottomans from Persia.
Iran now has a variety of groups engaged in political activity; some are oriented along ideological lines or based on an identity group, others are more akin to professional political parties seeking members and recommending candidates for office.
Iran defended itself and demanded the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Iranian territory and the return to the status quo ante for the Shatt al-Arab as established under the 1975 Algiers Agreement signed by Iraq and Iran.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/5314.htm   (5598 words)

  Green Party of Iran - Our Program
The Green Party of Iran believes that all species have the intrinsic right to exist without regard to their usefulness to humankind and that humans must share the environment with all other species so that biological diversity is sustained.
In last two decades, Iran has experienced increased levels of poverty, misery, homelessness, prostitution and inflation, and has seen a general reduction in the quality of life and in the strength of the economy as a result of its bloody eight-year war with Iraq and of its interference in the internal struggles of foreign countries.
The Green Party of Iran believes that the current Islamic Republic of Iran and its undemocratically elected government is unable to solve the mounting problems facing the country today such as its devastated ecology, faltering economy, the reduction in the standard of living, and the lack of freedom of speech and of human rights.
www.iran-e-sabz.org /program/program.html   (2224 words)

  Iran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iran's relations with the United States were severely strained after the revolution, especiallly when Iranian students seized US embassy personnel on November 4, 1979, labeling the embassy a "Den of Spies" and accused its personnel of being CIA agents trying to overthrow the revolutionary government.
Iran is a mosaic of ethnic minorities cemented by the Persian culture.
From 1950 to 2002 the urban proportion of the population increased from 27% to 60%.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Iran   (6573 words)

 Iranian presidential election, 2005 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also, some political groups, including the reformist party Islamic Iran Participation Front, have alleged that Ahmadinejad had only ranked second because of the illegal support and advertising activities for him during the voting by the supervisors selected by the Guardian Council, while the supervisors should have remained impartisan according to the election law [4].
Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) and Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization (MIRO), as the two main parties who supported Moeen, are included, with IIPF asking for "uniting against the rise of religious fascism" and MIRO telling about the rival "Führer-istic mindset" [6].
The election in Iran began on 09:00 local time (04:30 UTC) and while the original deadline was ten hours later on 19:00 (14:30 UTC), the deadline was extended three times by the Ministry of Interior, finally until 23:00 (18:30 UTC).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Iranian_presidential_election,_2005   (2969 words)

 Iran   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Iran is faced with a litany of environmental problems, many of which the country is only beginning to tackle as the problems reach a crisis point.
The Green Party of Iran, which was recently founded in response to the country's deteriorating environmental conditions, said that most car owners in Iran ignored the call to switch off their engines for 3 minutes.
Iran's per capita carbon emissions are relatively low--at 1.3 metric tons of carbon emitted per person in 2000, Iran is significantly lower than corresponding figure for the United States (5.6) and other industrialized countries.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/cabs/iranenv.html   (1912 words)

 Payvand News Of Iran
Iran: Spill, Dolphin Deaths Spark Alarm At Persian Gulf Pollution - High levels of pollution and an oil spill in July are being blamed for the recent deaths of dolphins and whales off Iran's Hormozegan Province, on the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.
Iran's Majlis speaker cancels speech at European Parliament - The speaker's decision was made after it was reported that a number of EP officials have recently met with the leader of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO).
Iran: A Butterfly In Flames - Fundamental similarities, minor differences - The small hole-in-the-wall cafés buried between the skyscrapers of downtown Tehran are crammed with the baby-booming generation of middle-aged men and women resting in the shadow of the past.
www.payvand.com /news   (3455 words)

 Ethnologue report for Iran
A number of the dialects in Iran may be highly divergent from one another.
Western Iran: Central and Southern Lorestan, Northern Khuzestan, Southern Hamadan Province, the southern edge of Markazi Province, some regions of Ilam, and possibly a small population in eastern Iraq.
Esfahan Province: Nayin and Anarak, 100 km east of Esfahan; Khuri is spoken in Khur (Khvor) and Mehrjan, 250 km northeast of Esfahan.
www.ethnologue.com /show_country.asp?name=Iran   (1874 words)

 Iran News - Breaking World Iran News - The New York Times
The influence of Iran's theocratic Shiite regime has risen sharply around the Middle East in recent years, driven by surging oil revenues and the replacement of its traditional rival, the Sunni-dominated government of Saddam Hussein, by an Iraqi state led by a coalition of Shiite parties who are all friendly with Tehran.
Tensions between Iran and the West, particularly the United States, have risen sharply, too, particularly since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a hard-liner, became president in 2005, ousting a government that had sought more normal relations with Washington.
To Iran and Its Foes, an Indispensable Irritant
topics.nytimes.com /top/news/international/countriesandterritories/iran/index.html?inline=nyt-geo   (1291 words)

 BBC NEWS | Middle East | Country profiles | Country profile: Iran
Iran was one of the first countries to be occupied by the early Islamic armies which burst out from Arabia in the seventh century.
Persia, as it was, had been one of the greatest empires of the ancient world, and has long maintained a distinct cultural identity within the Islamic world by retaining its own language and adhering to the Shia interpretation of Islam.
Two decades later, Iran appeared to be entering another era of political and social transformation with the victory of the liberals over the long-ruling conservative elite in parliamentary elections in 2000.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/middle_east/country_profiles/790877.stm   (1310 words)

 Europeans circulate final Iran draft - USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Iran insists its nuclear program is aimed solely at the peaceful production of nuclear energy, but the Americans and Europeans suspect Tehran's ultimate goal is the production of nuclear weapons.
Russia is building Iran's first atomic power plant at Bushehr, which is expected to go on line in late 2007.
With Iran refusing to comply with an Aug. 31 council deadline to stop enrichment, Britain and France circulated a draft sanctions resolution in late October, which has since been revised several times.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2006-12-22-iran-draft_x.htm   (644 words)

 Nuclear Weapons - Iran
Iran claims it is trying to establish a complete nuclear fuel cycle to support a civilian energy program, but this same fuel cycle would be applicable to a nuclear weapons development program.
Iran appears to have spread their nuclear activities around a number of sites to reduce the risk of detection or attack.
Iran does not currently have nuclear weapons, and would appear to be about two years away from acquiring nuclear weapons.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/world/iran/nuke.htm   (751 words)

 Iran Focus-News
Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Aug. 28 — Iran said on Monday that the United States ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton was not competent to be in the world body.
Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Aug. 27 — Twenty four Iranian students were killed on Saturday as their bus overturned on the road from Tehran to the north-eastern city of Mashad, state-run press reported on Sunday.
Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Aug. 27 — A man was hanged in public on Saturday in the south-eastern province of Sistan-va-Baluchestan, the official news agency IRNA reported.
www.iranfocus.com /modules/news   (1567 words)

 Iran - Amnesty International
Iran’s judiciary rejected these comments, while newspaper interviews given by the deputy head of the judiciary, Mohammad Javad Larijani, expressed contempt for the process and human rights.
It drew attention to Iran’s “failure to comply with international standards in the administration of justice, the absence of due process of law, the refusal to provide fair and public hearings and right to counsel…” and forms of systematic discrimination.
In July, the head of a prison in Dezful, southern Iran, was dismissed in connection with an incident in which his staff tied an inmate to a ceiling fan, severing circulation to his hands, which then had to be amputated.
web.amnesty.org /report2005/irn-summary-eng   (2277 words)

 Israel Launches SEO Marketing Contest Against Iran Holocaust Cartoons
Iran made Holocaust denial government policy when Iran foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in December that remarks made by the Iran president that the Nazi mass murder of Jews during World War II was a "myth" was the official Iranian government's position on the issue.
Iran showed few signs that it was ready to nod yes with a Russian proposal that could lowers fears that Iran wants nuclear arms and avert possible UN sanctions.
Iran had been voluntarily complying with a set of rules that allowed for inspections on short notice on many facilities that are a part of Iran's nuclear energy program.
www.israelnewsagency.com /iranholocaustcartoonsisraelseo48480207.html   (2960 words)

 Index of Economic Freedom 2006 - Iran
Iran's economy was crippled by the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Iran–Iraq war, and widespread economic mismanagement.
Iran's trade policy score is 2 points worse this year, and its capital flows and foreign investment score is 1 point worse.
According to the World Bank, Iran's weighted average tariff rate in 2004 was 14.8 percent, up from the 3.1 percent in 2000 reported in the 2005 Index, based on World Bank data.
www.heritage.org /research/features/index/country.cfm?id=Iran   (1000 words)

 Iran Daily - Front Page - 02/07/06   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The IAEA Board of Governors’ vote against Iran coincided with the anniversary of the 1979 victory of the Islamic Revolution and reveals the fact that western governments cannot tolerate the Islamic system, Mussa Qorbani also told IRNA.
“Countries opposed to Iran’s nuclear programs blatantly overlooked the chemical and nuclear weapons or arsenals of some countries and effectively sold their votes on the Iran nuclear issue which is an injustice committed to a legitimate member,“ he said.
It is regrettable that Iran, the fourth largest producer of oil in the world ranks 13th from the top (in a list of 212 countries) with inflation rate for consumer prices at 15.5% (World Fact Book, 2005) sandwiched between Nigeria (16.5 %) and Liberia (15%).
www.iran-daily.com /1384/2495/html   (2107 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Iran
The transformation of Iran into an Islamic republic was to change the entire region – and indeed the world.
Islam became the official religion of Iran … and the chief religious leader would also be the country's Supreme Leader.
Efforts by moderates to modernize some of Iran's institutions in the late 1990s were consistently derailed and undermined by more conservative elements.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/iran   (715 words)

 Welcome to the Permenant Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations
As a founding member of the United Nations, Iran believes deeply in the ideals of the organization and the purposes and principles of its Charter.
The United Nations is the sole universal organization with the capacity to address issues of fundamental importance to the entire human family and move us all closer to a new global paradigm of understanding, sympathy, dialogue, cooperation and partnership.
Iran is committed to participate actively in the endeavors of the United Nations to face our common challenges and realize our collective potential.
www.un.int /iran   (318 words)

 CNN.com - Journalist: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran - Jan 17, 2005
Iran has refused to dismantle its nuclear program, which it insists is legal and is intended solely for civilian purposes.
He said his information on Iran came from "inside" sources who divulged it in the hope that publicity would force the administration to reconsider.
The secret missions in Iran, Hersh said, have been authorized in order to prevent similar embarrassment in the event of military action there.
www.cnn.com /2005/ALLPOLITICS/01/16/hersh.iran   (995 words)

 CNS - Iran - Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East
The Jerusalem Post recently reported that Iran purchased two to four nuclear weapons from Kazakstan in 1992, but the US departments of defense and state said they had no evidence to support the claim.
The Military Balance estimates that less than 50 percent of Iran's US-supplied aircraft (F-4D/E, F-5E/F, F-14, F-7) are operational, due to their age and lack of spare parts.
Iran's air force has subsequently incorporated some Iraqi MiG-29 and Su-24 aircraft, but most of the Iraqi aircraft are probably unserviceable.
cns.miis.edu /research/wmdme/iran.htm   (980 words)

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