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Topic: Iranian architecture

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Iranian Architecture Today, A Bridge Between East and West
In architecture, cultural progress is not synonymous with the number of buildings constructed or the changes in tastes and trends that are always manifest among the younger generation of architects.
Architecture, which since the Medieval Age was considered to be an art form on the same level as painting and sculpture, had to turn to the latter to make up for lost ground.
In architecture, a wall is not simply a rectangular form or a surface; it is a presence, a memory, a history, a shield, a support, a material, a texture, a technology and a boundary.
www.parstimes.com /arts/iranian_architecture.html   (4027 words)

Color was an important part of the architecture of this period, and the surfaces of the buildings were covered with ceramic tiles in glowing blue, green, yellow, and red.
The best-known Iranian miniature painter was Bihzad, the greatest artist of the end of the Mongol and the beginning of the Safavid periods.
Paintings of conventional Iranian themes in brilliant colors on lacquer boxes and book covers became a handicraft industry in the 19th century, and the lacquerware was exported in large quantities to western Europe.
www.history.com /encyclopedia.do?articleId=212862   (3822 words)

  Iranian architecture - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Architecture is one of the fields in which Iranians have had a leading role.
Yet while the architecture of Ottoman Turks was philosophically intended to illustrate grandeur in scale, that of rival Safavi Isfahan had a more smaller but refined elegence to it.
Iranian domes are distinguished for their height, proportion of elements, beauty of form, and roundness of the dome stem.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Iranian_architecture   (1774 words)

 Islamic Republic of Iran
Iranian domes are distinguished for their height, proportion of elements, beauty of form, and roundness of the dome stem.
Iranian architecture at Kavir towns is not limited to the construction of ab-anbars and badgirs, but its main importance lies in house building and city planning.
Architecture in Iran has a continuous history of more than 6,000 years, from at least 5,000 BC to the present, with characteristic examples distributed over a vast area from Syria to North India and the borders of China, from the Caucausus to Zanzibar.
www.iranembassy.hu /cult_architecture1.html   (3860 words)

One of the magnificent monuments of Achaemenid architecture is Pasargard palace at Shiraz.
An architectural form known as Ogee to the European and zigzag molding to the Iranian architects, is of Parthian origin.
Shami is another Iranian temple of the period situated on the left bank of Karun river, at the foot of Bakhtiari mountains, southwest Iran, wherein a number of valuable art works of Sasanians have been unearthed.
www.geocities.com /rpoorhoseini/Architecture.htm   (3912 words)

Iranian architecture at Kavir towns is not limited to the constmction of aanbars and badgirs, but its main imponance lies in house building and city planning.
Another manifestation of Iranian architecture in Kavir lands is the construction of Canat (underground water channel).
Architecture in Iran has a continuous history of more than 6,000 years, from at least 5,000 BC to the present, with characteristic examples distributed over a vast area from Syria to North India and the borders of China, from the Caucausus to Zanzilbar.
www.telecom.net.et /~iranet/page14.htm   (7907 words)

 Architecture of Iran, Iranian Architecture
In Iranian art, both lightness and clarity are sought and, conversely, the obscure and confused are avoided.
Iranians focused their efforts on reviving their own heritage of architecture like barrel vaulting, crenellated roofs, conical squinches, big bricks, oval arches, etc. Brickworks in the form of different motifs and sometimes plasterworks over bricks were characteristics of the Persian architecture of the early post-Islam period.
During the Timurids, Iranian architecture had these peculiar characteristics: a combination of bright and dark monochrome glazed tiles used for fa?des, embossed ogives in mosaic compositions, different kinds of vaulting and a precise calculation of huge size and dimension chosen as an integral part of national structures.
www.destinationiran.com /Architecture.htm   (1476 words)

 Iranian Art and Architecture - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Iranian art forms have a long tradition and distinctive style, as exemplified in architecture, carpets, ceramics, metalware, painting, and woodwork.
Iranian art and architecture: the art and architecture of ancient Iranian civilizations.
The supreme Iranian art, in the proper meaning of the word, has always been its architecture.
encarta.msn.com /Iranian_Art_and_Architecture.html   (251 words)

 "Wind Catchers" - The Cooling Systems in Traditional Iranian Architecture - (The Circle of Ancient Iranian ...
The buildings in the Iranian desert regions are constructed according to the specific climatic conditions and differ with those built in other climates.
The operation of modern coolers is similar to the old Iranian air traps which were built at the entrance of the house over underground water reservoirs or ponds built inside the house.
In conclusion we must say that all of us Iranians are bound to protect our historical and cultural relics and monuments which is the fruit of centuries of ancestors' labor, otherwise one cannot be sure if such buildings can survive in the coming years.
www.cais-soas.com /CAIS/Architecture/wind.htm   (2903 words)

Architecture and Urban Planning Group of the International Centre for Dialogue among Civilizations intends to hold a seminar entitled "Modernity and its Impact on the Culture of Iranian Architecture and Urban Planning " on November 3, 2001.
Modernity and its impact on architecture and urban planning is a reflection of journeys of the spatial shapes of architecture and urban planning, and exchange of differet cultures and civilizations of the world today.
Original integrity and maintaining the original ideals of Iranian architecture and urban planning, along with the necessity of exchange and dialogue of civilizations.
www.siap.org /News/InternationalSeminarTehran200111.htm   (539 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Knowing that how architecture’s and people’s understand architectural space as work of art in every era is necessary for understanding of architecture of that era.
Applying aesthetics to buildings and related architecture is complex, as factors extrinsic to visual design (such as integrity, the nature of building materials, and the functional utility of the building) contribute heavily to the design process.
Even in architecture, space has variety meanings; space in contrast by mass, space as place, component or part of building, parts of architecture have common characters and quality and effect of architecture.
mforoutan.blogfa.com /post-8.aspx   (5184 words)

 Tokyo photo exhibit focuses on Iranian architecture
A total of 25 photos of Iranian architecture were displayed in the one-day exhibit.
In a lecture he delivered at the exhibition, Akino said traditional Iranian architecture is very beautiful and complicated.
He called the Iranian people affable and hospitable and expressed hope that he would be able to travel to Iran again in the near future for another visit to its monuments and architecture.
www.mehrnews.ir /en/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsID=381628   (208 words)

 Foreign Secretary Foreign & Commonwealth Office   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
However the Iranian regime tries to portray it, the concerns over Iran's nuclear programme are not ones held exclusively by countries in Europe and the Americas.
Iranians are highly-educated, broad-minded and eager to form their own opinions on matters of vital interest.
Our message is: that we want them to enjoy the benefits of civil nuclear power; that on the nuclear dossier we are concerned only by those fuel activities which would allow the regime to acquire a nuclear bomb; and that we support their aspirations for a freer, more democratic, and prosperous future.
www.fco.gov.uk /servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1063632562982&a=KArticle&aid=1140690103808   (3183 words)

 Iranian Architecture: Iranian Architecture Today, A Bridge Between East and West
odern architecture was introduced in Iran 60 years ago and we are now witnessing the fourth generation of Iranian architects.
With architecture how a productive activity, we should admit that considerable progress has been made in this period.
Regarding historical architecture, we have an incomplete knowledge of past building design methodologist.
iranchamber.com /architecture/iranian_architecture_today1.php   (1712 words)

 Iran Chamber Society
Iranian old scripts and their fonts, museums, galleries, cuisines and their recipes, rituals, religions, Persian carpet, architecture and many more are covered here as well.
Iranian all times personalities are covered here as well as Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, education, higher education, universities in Iran, Iranian people and tribes.
Its charm is therefore mainly due to the contrast between the parched immensities of the Kavir region and the greenery of the well-tended oasis.
www.iranchamber.com   (235 words)

 Architecture -- Tavoos Quarterly, Issues 5 and 6
The history of Iranian architecture is a glorious one, yet few signs of this former glory can be perceived in our modern cities.
This article is a brief account of the discussions that took place in two separate meetings: one in the offices of Tavoos Quarterly, with the presence of Dr. Darab Diba, engineer and university professor; Dr. Omid Rohani, film critic; and Ms.
Mohammad Beheshti, architect and director of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, with the presence of Mr.
www.tavoosmag.com /5and6/pages/architecture/tavoosmagindex.htm   (118 words)

 Baha'i Topics - The Situation of the Bahá'ís in Iran
Similar attempts to force Iranian Bahá'ís to deny their beliefs have continued, although the Government has recently refrained from the worst human rights violations – killings and imprisonments – in the face of international pressure.
As recently as August 2004, Iranian authorities sought to force Iranian Bahá'í youth to identify themselves as Muslims by pre-printing “Islam” on college examination forms after holding out the prospect that Bahá'ís would be allowed to return to university after two decades of exclusion.
His house was considered a precious example of Islamic-Iranian architecture, “a matchless model of art, spirituality, and architecture,” as one Iranian commentator said.
info.bahai.org /article-1-8-3-6.html   (974 words)

 psge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
This page is dedicated to the learning and understanding of the traditional, religious, and modern forms of Iranian Architecture.
In architecture the gardens concept is since of place and a scence of belonging.
One of the major contributions to architecture that Iran has is the brick.
www.ri.net /schools/East_Greenwich/Cole/iranarchitecture.html   (1292 words)

Persian prehistoric architecture till the formation of the first national government by the Medes.
This diversity has arise as a result of particular requirements and the rich tastes of Iranian artists through different periods of history.
In Hasanlu architecture, buildings seem to have been wooden (for the first time), square, tower-like structures, with columns which may have been tree trunks and erected on uncut plinths.
www.farhangsara.com /architecture_b4_islam.htm   (3925 words)

 Iranian Truth - حقيقت ايرانى
I have a problem when Iranians are forced to bow towards an Arab land and worship the Arabs every single day and thank them for destroying and raping Iran.
We ask that the Iranian government abolish the death penalty in any case so that the rights recognized under Iranian and international law are both respected and protected.
Recently, the Iranian government commissioned the destruction of the tomb of Firuzan (Abu-lolo) in Kashan.
www.iraniantruth.com   (2426 words)

 Center for Persian Culture
Farhadi's passion for Iranian architecture has been nurtured by her father, Nader Ardalan, who designed a number of major projects in Iran, including Azadi (Shahyad) Stadium, Bu Ali Sina University and the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.
The Iranian Association of Boston is raising funds to build such an Iranian community center, incorporating some of the elements presented in Farhadi's original thesis.
It is for these people, for those reaching out to touch other Iranians, and for those in search of reinforcement of their identity that this center has been designed.
www.iranian.com /Sep95/Mani.html   (1515 words)

 Iranian Artists Organization | Art Galleries
Iranian Artists’ Forum (IAF) captured by a memorable garden belongs to Qajar era.
Over the age of Pahlavi I, in which Iranian architecture was under the impression of European modern architecture, in particular those of the Germans and Austrians, a series of administrational and training monuments were built.
Possessing a capacity of about fifty tableaus and thirty statues, Iranian artists’ gallery is an appropriate place to hold different artistic exhibitions, including painting, photo, graphic and statue.
www.iranao.com /en/about.php   (698 words)

 Lutfallah Mosque (In the Maidan)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The apex of the dome is filled with a giant sunburst, from which descend tiers of octagonal medallions filled with floral motifs, which swell in size with the -curve of the dome.
The dado and some of the upper wall surfaces are riveted with tiles painted in carpet patterns; their flat surfaces are distinguished from the tile mosaics, whose uneven surfaces scatter light.
Some scholars have called it a royal chapel, but this type of building is unknown in Iranian architecture and the mosque is across the Maidan from the palaces of the royal family.
www.islamicarchitecture.org /architecture/lutfallahmosque.html   (1024 words)

 Iranian Tile Work
Glaze was used on vessels and even coffins in the Parthian period, but little architectural evidence has been discovered to show that glazed bricks were used.
Iranian tile makers were in great demand and worked in the far corners of the Islamic empire.
It should be mentioned that the technique of tile and its secrets of trade were safely guarded and orally handed from father to son and master to student; thus rarely have designs, patterns and details of technique been documented and few complete treatises exist on the art of Iranian tile work in the past.
www.caroun.com /Tile/IranianTileWork/IranianTileWork.htm   (1462 words)

 Iranian Architecture: Bazaar of Isfahan
These shops have two doors; one of them is opened to the square and another one to the internal layer of the bazaar located behind the square.
famous Iranian historian who visited the bazaar in the 17th century, believed that timce was a developed form of caravanserai.
Iranian Bazaars, Cultural Research Bureau Publication, 2001: 77.
www.iranchamber.com /architecture/bazaar_of_isfahan6.php   (710 words)

 Buy Persian art work from Iranian artist Reza Karimi
This Iranian artwork reflects the light over ancient shaded mud walls in the running creek of this old Persian town.
The entrance of the typically Persian house is indicative of old Iranian architecture.
An Iranian village woman, walking toward us and the little Persian boy in the background draws the eyes into the depth of this watercolor.
www.iranianpaintings.com /village-in-isfahan.htm   (147 words)

 Iranian Architect: Seyed Hadi Mirmiran
From 1992: Professor of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Azad University, Tehran
From 1995: Professor of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Azad University, Shiraz
, Faculty of architecture, Islamic Azad University of Hamedan, 2000
www.caroun.com /Architecture/Architects-Iran/S-H-Mirmiran/S-H-Mirmiran.html   (628 words)

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