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Topic: Iraqi Communist Party

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Iraqi Communist Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1993 the Kurdish branch of the party was transformed into a semi-autonomous party, the Kurdistan Communist Party.
The party was the principal component of the People's Union (Iraq) list for the general election on January 30, 2005 (see Iraqi legislative election, 2005) but filed separate lists in some governorate council elections (see for instance Ninawa governorate council election, 2005).
The youth wing of the party is the Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Iraqi_Communist_Party   (898 words)

 Iraqi Communist Party joins Washington's puppet administration in Baghdad
ICP members who participated in a rally on July 14 to commemorate the overthrow of the Iraqi monarchy in 1958 were not so coy about the party’s policies.
Despite its false claims to be “socialist” and “communist”, the party was never based on the struggle for the political independence of the working class but, from the outset, sought to subordinate Iraqi workers to one or other wing of the national bourgeoisie.
When the ICP was formed in 1934 and affiliated to the Communist International, the Stalinist bureaucracy in Moscow had already denounced the basic program of Marxism—socialist internationalism—as “Trotskyism” and embraced instead the reactionary nationalist perspective of “Socialism in One Country”.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/jul2003/iraq-j29.shtml   (3183 words)

 طريق الشعب
He said: "We, as Communist Party, and as a democratic movement in general, want the forthcoming government to be one of national unity, that is broadly based, with all the active blocs in the parliament participating in it.
The Communist Party of Britain condemns the criminal and cowardly attack on the offices of your party and on the political rally in the town of Al Thawra.
The Communist Party of Britain sends its solidarity to the Communist Party of Iraq in its struggle to end the occupation of your country, to strengthen working class organization and to defend democracy, secularism and the right of the Iraqi people to control their own country and its resources.
www.iraqnews.tareekalshaab.com   (4438 words)

The Iraqi Communist Party has long supported federalism for Iraqi Kurdistan on a political and national basis as a peaceful solution to the Kurdish problem that has dogged the Iraqi state since it came into being after the First World War.
Iraqi communists have been strongly critical of the US decision to disband the rank and file of the old Iraqi army and police and the sustained and continuing failure to provide the newly created Iraqi forces with the equipment required to defend themselves and deal effectively with antipeople terrorist groups.
Iraqi communists consider the developing battle over the constitution to have enormous potential for mobilising the democratic forces in Iraqi society and moving ahead end the occupation, achieve full national sovereignty and independence and build a unified democratic federal Iraq.
www.iraqnews.tareekalshaab.com /laban-morninig.htm   (1245 words)

 People's Weekly World - Iraqi communists call for peaceful solution
Iraqi communists have faced grave difficulties opposing a U.S. war against Iraq, while at the same time fighting for democratic alternatives to a repressive government headed by Pres.
The Iraqi Communist Party has rejected the false claims by the Bush Administration that war for a “regime change” is in the interests of the Iraqi people.
Iraqi communists exiled in London are a vital conduit for accurate information from inside the country.
www.pww.org /article/articleprint/2848   (778 words)

 Iraqi political groupings and individuals
ICP was now a radical reformist rather than a revolutionary party, focusing under the leadership of Husayn al-Radi on working conditions and better service provision, and campaigning for democratic constitutional government; but it was strongly distrusted by the Iraqi political elite, and by Qasim himself.
With escalating tension, the ICP began to openly criticise Ba'th policies on the Kurds in March 1978; in reply, the Ba'th began to apply the death penalty for soldiers engaged in ICP activity (12 soldiers sentenced to death in May 1978).
As communist parties were persecuted, a number of leftists joined the party; in response, Chadirchi urged the party to model itself on the British Labour Party, to distinguish itself from Marxists and radical nationalists.
middleeastreference.org.uk /iraqiopposition.html   (11453 words)

 Carsten Kofoed: ”Communist” parties declare their support for the treacherous Iraqi Communist Party
Seventy-three parties participated in the event hosted by the Communist Party of Greece, one of the major and leading parties of the former pro-Soviet current in the Communist movement.
It is a mafia-like relationship with their Iraqi friends from the days of the Soviet Union, whose Communist character cannot be disputed even when they are literally in bed with the US imperialists and supporting an illegal occupation of their own country.
The big and quite influential Communist Party of Greece did not sign the resolution, but giving the collaborators in the ICP access to the conference is support in itself, as it legitimizes the policies of the ICP, and will be used by the ICP against the Iraqi people and its struggle for freedom and independence.
www.fritirak.dk /artikler/english/articles/2005/1212-ck.htm   (1092 words)

 Syrian Communist Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The party was involved in opposition to the Vichy French presence in Syria, and when the Free French took control of the country it was legalised.
Bakdash sought to present the Syrian Communist Party as an essential part of the national movement, in the context of Syria's struggle against the French mandate.
The two parties now follow a similar political line, harshly critical of United States policy in the Middle East and supportive of the government's foreign policy (this latter is effectively a requirement of NPF membership).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Syrian_Communist_Party   (1249 words)

 Iraq: Telling the Left From the Right
Foremost among them is the Iraqi Communist Party, which at one time was that country’s biggest and broadest leftist mass movement, touching the lives of literally millions.
Even though tens of thousands of Communists and other leftists have perished in Saddam’s gulags and are still actively targeted by the ruling Ba’athist regime, the Iraqi CP today maintains a clandestine network across Iraq that experts deem to be of significant scale and political potential.
The Iraqis closest to Washington remain deposed aristocrats, although the Bush administration finally dumped the plan, backed by the Pentagon alone, to restore exiled former supporters of the Kingdom of Iraq, which prevailed for 27 years, to power as the Iraqi National Congress.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/Printable.asp?ID=6414   (1431 words)

 Uprisings and betrayals: a brief history of the left in Iraq
The ICP leadership did not go as far as the Syrian Communist Party leaders, who actually dissolved the Party into the national liberation movement, but, nevertheless, they always subordinated the class struggle to the struggle for national independence.
With the left cover provided by the ICP, the regime was able to carry out the first counter reforms and by the late seventies it felt confident enough to launch a new wave of repression, and at the beginning of 1978 a new clampdown on communist forces began.
Unfortunately, because of the weakness of the Iraqi labour movement (both politically and on the trade union front) in the immediate period the leadership of the anti-imperialist movement is falling into the hands of the mullahs.
www.marxist.com /MiddleEast/iraqi_cp_history.html   (3740 words)

 Communist Party of Britain - for peace and socialism
The Young Communist League is the youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain and member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).
Moldova - Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova
Britain's communists are proposing a left wing programme for consideration by the labour and progressive movements.
www.communist-party.org.uk /index.php?file=links   (444 words)

 Iraqi Political Parties
Dozens of political parties and groups are vying for power in Iraq, as the country moves from three decades of one-party rule to a multiparty democracy.
The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), established in 1960, is the major Sunni political organization in the country and is represented by Muhsin Abd al-Hamid on the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council.
The religious and political activities of the Iraqi Sunnis are not restricted to the Iraqi Islamic Party.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/iraq/party.htm   (509 words)

 People's Weekly World - Interview with Salam Ali, Member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The new Iraqi government was formed after lengthy and tortuous negotiations between the various political blocs that won in the elections in Dec. 2005.
In a statement issued on 21 May 2006, the National Iraqi List said that its “participation in the government is based on its recognition of the importance of consolidating the principle of national unity and Iraq’s security, safety and stability”.
This view points out that non- involvement of the ICP would have made it certain that it would not be tainted by the actions of a government which in the main is made of forces with a questionable past- and tendency for accommodating anti democratic- anti communist policies.
www.pww.org /article/view/9234   (1660 words)

 Red flags over Baghdad
The Iraqi Communist Party is strongly represented in the new interim government in Baghdad and is getting U.S. taxpayer support thanks to a U.S. group led by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by WND.
A common description of the Communists in the streets of Iraq, especially within the large Shiite community is: "They know how to hide their hammer and sickle under the ayatollah's headdress." In other words, Communist activists who for years were forced to work in the underground can if necessary act as pious Shiites.
Some senior Iraqi Communists have publicly suggested to their loyalists that they were prepared to use violence against U.S.-led coalition forces and that they were organizing front groups and infiltrating civil organizations across Iraq to gain political power.
globalresearch.ca /articles/FAR407A.html   (2562 words)

 [Alternatives] : Position of the Iraqi Communist Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
To press for an immediate halt to the war, ending US unilateralism in dealing with the Iraqi issue, and returning to international legitimacy and the UN, acting within the framework of its responsibilities for preserving security and peace in the world.
Urgent action is needed by the international community, and for the UN to shoulder its responsibility, in accordance with its Charter, to protect the lives of Iraqi innocent civilians and prevent further violations of their human rights.
Support Iraqi people’s aspiration to establish a transitional broadly-based coalition patriotic government which would ensure democratic freedoms, and prepare conditions and prerequisites for free elections under UN supervision, as an essential step along the path of building a constitutional democratic Iraq.
www.alternatives.ca /article560.html   (687 words)

 Confrontation or collaboration?
The Iraqi Communist Party and the U.S. occupation
In Iraq, this political line put the ICP in the absurd position of supporting the British, Iraq’s former colonial overlords--whose military had been forced out some 10 years earlier, but who continued to dominate Iraq’s economy through their close relationship with the Hashemite monarchy that ran the country with an iron fist.
AFTER THE Baath Party cemented its hold on power in Iraq with a 1968 coup, the ICP was again drawn into lending support to a nationalist government over the following few years--with catastrophic consequences for the left, the Iraqi labor movement and the struggle of Kurds in the North against their national oppression.
www.socialistworker.org /2005-1/539/539_08_ICP.shtml   (1334 words)

 US Labor Against the War : Iraqi Communist Party Leader: We Strive to Speed Up Putting Power in the Hands of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Replying to a question about the invitation extended to the party to join the Governing Council, he said that the Communist Party is a political force with a memorable history and an established presence, and anyone who looks for solutions to Iraq's problems cannot ignore the party's role.
On the party position with regard to increasing the number of Council members, comrade Hamid Mousa said that the Iraqi Communist Party was among those who called for enlarging the Council to include other forces.
Regarding federalism, he said that the party is not opposed to administrative federalism, but the issue is different for Iraqi Kurdistan, as the people there have their own legitimate national rights which they ought to enjoy, and this will not be guaranteed by mere administrative federalism.
www.uslaboragainstwar.org /article.php?id=1465   (992 words)

 Islam Online- News Section   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Degeli denied that the leadership of the party is exclusive to Sunni Muslims, noting that the head of the party, Hamid Maguid Moussa, is a Shiite.
The communist party spokesman said the aforesaid parties are not enough to represent the Iraqi people, asserting that they themselves and the occupation forces were convinced of that.
On the party’s activities in the anarchy-mired country, Degeli said the party’s main focus now is to raise the public awareness, noting it had a local radio station transmitting for four hours a day in addition to a Tareek Al-Shaab (the road of people) newspaper.
www.islamonline.net /English/News/2003-05/21/article04.shtml   (619 words)

 Amazon.com: A People's History of Iraq: The Iraqi Communist Party, Workers' Movements and the Left 1924-2004: Books: ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Salucci's analysis of events and his methodology employed in writing the history of Iraqi communists are either absent or weak, seemingly due to a weakness in Arabic and Arab affairs in general.
This is a fallacy as the Iraqi Communist Party, which ran for parliamentary elections in January 2005 independently and won two seats, repeatedly expressed its approval of the American presence there.
A People's History Of Iraq: The Iraqi Communist Party, Workers' Movements, And The Left 1924-2004 is an in-depth critical analysis of the Iraqi Communist Party and its contributions to the worker's movement and the Left in Iraq.
www.amazon.com /Peoples-History-Iraq-Communist-Movements/dp/1931859140   (2050 words)

 Iraq Delegation Report - CPT
Well, as it turned out, almost every time we spoke with Iraqis or with troops or with governmental officials, we 'debriefed' the subject later, finding that the collective view was richer than any one perspective.
Even in poverty or near poverty, the Iraqi tradition of desert hospitality to travelers was repeated with the best the household had to offer: water, cold soft drinks, tea, snacks, and more.
However, a member of the Iraqi parliament – a Communist Party Politburo member, no less – opinion that that was battle for another day.
www.cpt.org /delegations/iraqdelrpt4.php   (2657 words)

 Boston.com / News / Rebuilding Iraq
Thus, political parties are jockeying for position, seeking to be among those recognized by Garner and his team, if not by the Iraqi people.
But political parties recognized by Washington are finding they have little name recognition in Iraq, so they are doing all they can to raise their profile.
The Iraqi Communist Party claimed the gilded rooms of a former military headquarters.
www.boston.com /news/packages/iraq/globe_stories/042303_postwar2.htm   (963 words)

 DIRELAND: ON THE IRAQI COMMUNIST PARTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The ICP decided to participate in the 'National Patriotic Front' already established by the ruling Ba'ath party in July 1973, partly under pressure from the USSR to do so.
The ICP feared being excluded from the Ba'athist-led front, and the Ba'athists needed the trade union support that the ICP had built.
But he clearly ignores the ICP's consistent demands for democratization, the rule of law and constitutional governance, even while the ICP was collaborating with the Ba'ath.
direland.typepad.com /direland/2004/10/on_the_iraqi_co.html   (464 words)

 WorldNetDaily: U.S. taxpayers to back Iraqi communists?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
As senior Iraqi communists publicly hinted to their loyalists that they were prepared to use violence against American and Coalition forces and that they were organizing front groups and infiltrating civil organizations across Iraq to gain political power, some American aid workers nonetheless were convinced that the communists are committed to European-style social democracy.
On July 9, Iran's Communist Tudeh Party journal Tareeq Al-Shaab ran an interview with "Comrade Salam Ali," a member of the ICP Central Committee, who assailed the Americans as "occupiers" who were denying the Iraqi people their sovereignty.
Another senior ICP official, Raid Fahmi, made a similar veiled threat in an interview with the Communist Party USA weekly paper: "We are for a speedy end to the occupation and the creation of an Iraqi provisional government.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=36989   (1624 words)

 Political Affairs Magazine - Statements on the Iraqi election
It is for these objectives that the democratic and secular forces, particularly the People’s Union coalition, initiated by the Iraqi Communist Party, have campaigned under extremely difficult conditions.
The Iraqis who did vote in a poll marked by the occupation and terrorist attacks have expressed their deep aspiration for a normal life in democracy and security, after years of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, of war and murderous violence.
It is essential that a political resolution be found to this tragic period of the American war and of the Iraqi crisis, for the benefit of all Iraqis and all the peoples of the region.
www.politicalaffairs.net /article/articleview/630/1/41   (738 words)

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