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Topic: Iridaceae

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

Iridaceae are best represented in southern Africa, especially the winter-rainfall region in the southwest.
Members of Iridaceae occur in a great variety of habitats.
Species from the summer-rainfall parts require a dry winter resting period while those from the winter-rainfall region require a cool, moist winter growing season and a dry summer.
www.plantzafrica.com /planthij/iridaceae.htm   (1668 words)

Iridaceae is a family of plants in Order Asparagales, taking its name from the Irises.
The plants grow erect, and have leaves that are generally grass-like, with a sharp central fold.
Flora of Tropical East Africa - Iridaceae (1996) (...
www.buzznet.com /tags/iridaceae   (80 words)

 Iridaceae Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Peter Goldblatt's The Woody Iridaceae is the first thorough botanical investigation of this specialized group of genera.
Though comprising just 13 species, one of which is newly described here, the group displays a surprising diversity of vegetative and floral form, the latter an adaptation to pollination by a variety of organisms, including insects and birds.
To assess the evolutionary history and relationships of the species to each other and to other Iridaceae, the author has applied the rigorous methodology of cladistic analysis to a large array of data gathered from field, laboratory, and herbarium investigations.
www.booksunderreview.com /Science/Biology/Flora_and_Fauna/Plantae/Magnoliophyta/Liliopsida/Iridaceae   (451 words)

 Iridaceae in Flora of North America @ efloras.org
Iridaceae are currently divided into four subfamilies (P. Goldblatt 1990, 1991).
Iridaceae are of considerable economic importance in ornamental horticulture and the cut-flower industry, especially Iris, Gladiolus, and Freesia.
Goldblatt, P. An overview of the systematics, phylogeny and biology of the southern African Iridaceae.
www.efloras.org /florataxon.aspx?flora_id=1&taxon_id=10452   (806 words)

 Molecular systematics of Iridaceae: evidence from four plastid DNA regions -- Reeves et al. 88 (11): 2074 -- American ...
Iridaceae are one of the largest families of Lilianae and probably
Goldblatt P. 1990 Phylogeny and classification of the Iridaceae.
Goldblatt P. 1991 An overview of the systematics, phylogeny and biology of the southern African Iridaceae.
www.amjbot.org /cgi/content/full/88/11/2074   (6743 words)

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Iridaceae: Information/Images from the University of Hawaii - Manoa)
Iridaceae: Checklist from the Digital Flora of Texas (data from Synthesis of the North American Flora - 1999)
Iridaceae: Representatives from the Flora of East Africa (KEW)
www.csdl.tamu.edu /FLORA/cgi/gateway_family?fam=Iridaceae   (400 words)

 Iridaceae Page
Leaf arrangement in this family is often equitant (two-ranked and overlapping).
Flowers usually perfect, actinomorphic, and showy with petaloid calyx like the lilies but most Iridaceae show
Lecture Notes, the Biology 301 homepage, or the Liliidae page
www.csdl.tamu.edu /FLORA/Wilson/tfp/lil/iripage2.htm   (130 words)

 Iris Family (Iridaceae) | Family
Home • Plants  • Kingdom Plantae  • Division Magnoliophyta  • Class Liliopsida  • Order Liliales  • Iris Family (Iridaceae)
Welcome to Garden Guides' plant type taxonomy guide, currently showing is the Family Iridaceae (scientific name), commonly known as Iris Family.
Iridaceae is a member of the Order Liliales.
www.gardenguides.com /plants/taxonomy.asp?tax=63134   (62 words)

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