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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Irish (In Countries Other Than Ireland)
Who were the first Irish to land on the American continent and the time of their arrival are perhaps matters of conjecture rather than of historical proof; but that the Irish were there almost at the beginning of the colonial era is a fact support by historical records.
While men of the Irish race were engaged on the battlefield in defence of their adopted country, accompanied and encouraged by the clergy, the religious orders of women within the Church were no less diligent in nursing the sick and wounded in camps and hospitals.
To the American-born son of Irish immigrants, Dr. Joseph O'Dwyer, humanity the world over is indebted for the process of intubation of the larynx in cases of diphtheria and the invention of the instruments used in that operation.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08132b.htm   (16021 words)

 The Untold Story: The Development of an Irish Ethnic Identity in Rural Quebec: 1820-1860
On the other hand, there were some Irish Catholics who intermarried, adopted the French language and became indistinguishable form French Canadians, apart from their surnames (a brief glance through the register of the National Assembly confirms the survival of some fine old Irish surnames in every political sphere in Quebec).
After 1871, Irish representation in the total population declined, partly because some of them had begun to be assimilated and partly because the major migration of the Irish to Canafa had peaked several decades previously.
The Irish Catholic community was sufficiently large to warrant the appointment of an Irish Catholic pastor and the priest played a significant role in the community.
members.tripod.com /~gail25/que4.htm   (2552 words)

 Canadian Irish History
Some of the Irish also still viewed the English as the enemy at that time and adopted a philosophy of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" when they became involved in the conflicts of the two colonial powers.
Irish settlers found both provinces ideal for the kind of agriculture and fishery they were used to; even today these two provinces are Canada's largest producers of potatoes.
Punch has estimated that approximately 7,000 Irish died in Halifax and New Brunswick during the nineteenth century, and that virtually' all of those arrived in the period 1800-1845: it is upon these two groups that many of the generalizations about the Irish in Canada have been based.
www.irishpub.ca /history.htm   (2742 words)

 Thomas D'Arcy McGee
He felt there was no future for the Irish in the United States and his thoughts turned increasingly to Canada- also a new country but less crowded, less urbanized and where the break with the traditions of Europe had been less sharp.
Despite their numbers, the Montreal Irish felt they were insufficently represented in the life of the city and the country.
French Canadians and Irish Catholics in Quebec were opposed to this because they feared that they would be submerged by an English and Protestant majority.
members.tripod.com /gail25/mcgee1.htm   (4645 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
One Irish regimental unit, with red uniforms and green facings, was seen to have participated in the siege of Fort Oswego.
In the early 1800's the Irish populated the Avalon Peninsula in particular.
The Irish constituted 15.4 % of the Atlantic Provinces; 7.4% of the Quebec; 49.8% of Ontario; 17.7% of the Prairie Provinces, 9.5% of British Columbia, and 0.2 % of the Northern Territories.
members.aol.com /IrishWord/Ir-Can.htm   (6478 words)

 Irish Canadian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Irish Canadians live across the country and a sizable portion of Canada's population.
Irish immigrants also intermarried with French Canadians, and children raised by francophone mothers often spoke French as a first language.
In the years after the War of 1812, an increasing numbers of Irish, a growing number Catholic, were venturing to Canada to obtain work on projects such as canals, roads, railroads and in the lumber industry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Irish_Canadians   (2591 words)

 Canadian Fiction Info
If Canadian culture lives by slogans, it is not the "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" espoused by neighbours to the south, but "peace, order, and good government", altogether different concepts that in part explain both culture and system of government.
Canadian authors often seek out American publishers for their mainstream fiction, and Canadian ones for what they term "literary works." Whatever this might mean for Canadian fiction sales, it exacerbates its duality.
Rick Sutcliffe's fiction is Canadian because he is, and because a few of the scenes take place in Canada (Calgary, Vancouver, and environs) or in the same geographic area on alternate worlds (on Hibernia, part of thinly-populated Irish North America).
www.arjay.bc.ca /Fiction/CA/index.htm   (817 words)

 Links Irish culture and customs - World Cultures European
The Ireland Funds is the largest worldwide network of people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland dedicated to raising funds to support programs of peace and reconciliation, arts and culture, education and community development.
Irish Corner is one of our favorite sites - and it will be familiar to many of our newsletter subscribers because as soon as we found them, we began using one of their cards as a welcome.
A global Irish site created not only in memory of all that was lost on 9/11, but also to serve as a virtual beacon of bravery, love and hope.
www.irishcultureandcustoms.com /links.html   (2058 words)

 Irish Canadian Culrural Association of New Brunswick - Home Page
With Irish blood coursing through the veins of 38% of New Brunswickers we claim to be the most Irish province in Canada; and, although proud Canadians, we carry in our hearts and minds a profound appreciation of our ancestors' struggles to provide us with the hope that eluded them in their beloved homeland.
However, this transformation from Irish to Canadian has left a certain vacuum in our psyche, an empty spot that cries to be filled, to be nourished with the culture of our forbearers.
In true Irish tradition, it is through stories like these that get repeated and handed down to our own children, and their children after them, that the continuing history of our Irish forefathers and subsequent generations will be forever remembered.
newirelandnb.ca   (406 words)

 irish canadian club hamilton
The Irish Canadian Club of Hamilton Ontario a has long been a mortar for the Irish immigrants and their families, making their adjustment to living in Canada a more tolerable one.
Blazing a trail which would be emulated by the Irish Canadian Aid and Cultural Society of Toronto and similar bodies in Windsor, Sudbury, London, and Peterborough, the Hamilton group settled on their essential goals.
Down the years, the Irish Canadian Club of Hamilton became a vital part of the multicultural mosaic in the region.
www.irishhamilton.ca /newicdnclb.htm   (474 words)

 The Centre for Canadian Irish Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation was created to finance the study and teaching of Irish and Irish Canadian history and culture at Concordia University in Montreal.
At the present time, the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation is conducting a capital campaign to raise $400,000 to fully fund five courses (in addition to the 10 courses already offered) in Canadian Irish Studies at Concordia University.
The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation usually publishes three Newsletters a year which are sent to approximately 2,000 people on our database.
artsandscience.concordia.ca /irish/foundation.html   (914 words)

 WeAreIrish - Listing pubs, festivals, jokes, celtic music, travel maps, and history about Ireland.
And the Irish have made a significant contribution to the development of New Zealand.
15% of the population is estimated to be of Irish descent.
Irish Canadians are proud of their Irish heritage and support and promote the Irish culture in a number of ways.
www.weareirish.ca   (1451 words)

 The Centre for Canadian Irish Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Although he completed his BA at McGill, his interest in Irish literary studies began when he took transfer courses in Irish literature at Concordia, and he is very excited to be returning to take up a teaching position in Montreal.
His research interests focus on the literary culture of the Irish diaspora, the Irish in Canada, and the literature of social change in contemporary Ireland reflecting its transformation from an emigrant sending to an immigrant receiving society.
Yvonne Whelan is a lecturer in Cultural Geography at the Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages on the Magee Campus.
artsandscience.concordia.ca /irish/faculty.html   (1606 words)

 Kerry Records - Grand Irish Variety Concerts
His accomplishments as a competitor and credentials as a true professional, have become instrumental in show-casing the beauty and excitement that is Irish Dance.
Irish Soprano, Margaret O'Carroll, a Gold Medallist at the Dublin Feis Ceoil, began her voice and piano studies with her mother, Elizabeth, and continued at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, in Dublin, and the Cork School of Music.
In 2002 her debut CD 'Songs My Mother Taught Me, A Collection of Irish Songs' was submitted to the 45th Annual GRAMMY Awards Committee by Kerry Records for consideration in six categories including Song Of The Year and Best Traditional Folk Album.
www.azirishmusic.com /loveandlyrics.htm   (1542 words)

 Irish Canadians
The major event that started Irish immigration to Canada was the Potato Famine of the 1840s and 1850s and Irish immigration continued after that in the following decades.
The Irish Catholics didn't know where to go as they had the Language of English-Canada and the religion of French-Canada.
Many irish orphans who had lost their parents on their way to Canada were adopted by Quebec families.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/life_in_canada/35712   (555 words)

But Canadians have always been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, particularly in transportation, communication, medicine, aviation, areospace, pharmaceuticals, and basic research.
Since ninety percent of the population of Canada lives within a few hundred kilometres of the border, their front yard (and their SF authors' audience) is filled with ten times their number of southern cousins.
To the right is a modest collection of Canadian SF links, to which we will add from time to time as they come across our path of our own volition, or are dragged in by more widely read visitors.
www.arjay.bc.ca /Fiction/casf/index.htm   (990 words)

 Canadian Association for Irish Studies - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
CAIS brings together all those who are committed to the promotion of Irish culture in Canada.
Every year, we convene at one of Canada's universities for a celebration of Irish culture and heritage.
At these conferences, we meet poets, scholars, musicians, actors, novelists--all in a spirit of inquiry and conviviality.
www.irishstudies.ca   (132 words)

 Irish Pubs of Canada Celtic Music Canadian Irish History Irish Pubs
Click on live links to view their web pages and see what they have planned for the weeks ahead.
Live Celtic music is what sets an Irish Pub apart from the rest.
You'll find links to sports Canadian Irish history, recipes, Irish dancing, song lyrics, genealogy plus a lot more.
www.irishpub.ca /home.html   (208 words)

Members of the Royal Irish Regiment, 16th Air Assault Brigade, celebrate St.Patrick's Day at Camp Eagle, in the run-up to war against Iraq..
Son of Irish Immigrants Earns Immortality in World War II The Yanks are Coming
The first thing to note is that in my son's veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels.
www.illyria.com /irish/iowa.html   (744 words)

 Irish-Canadian Franklin Search Expedition, 2004
They became the vessel type preferred by Middleton, Parry, Back, and Ross for exploring north and south polar seas, just as converted Whitby colliers of similar size were preferred by Cook and Vancouver for contemporary explorations in the Pacific.
Three of the eight Royal Navy bombs used in polar exploration were wrecked in that capacity, all in the Canadian Arctic.
HMS Fury was ground to a pulp by the ice over the rocks of the Somerset Island beach that bears its name.
www.ric.edu /rpotter/woodman/2004_Field_Report_short.htm   (3771 words)

 Jack Yeats Oils Highlight Irish and Canadian Art Auction : Maine Antique Digest, March 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
News bulletins reported that the paintings were bought originally in 1923 by Alfred De Lury, then dean of arts at the University of Toronto, who had bequeathed them to his great-nephew Robert, a biologist living in Victoria, British Columbia.
The visual tension in The Mail Car is reminiscent of a very famous painting by Canadian artist Alexander Colville that shows a fl horse galloping from right to left along railroad tracks, straight into the path of an oncoming train locomotive.
Emily Carr is most famous for her flowing landscapes of the primordial forests of British Columbia, yet her 1911 watercolor Gateway in Brittany exceeded its $60,000/80,000 estimate to reach $115,000, thus establishing a new auction record for her watercolors.
www.maineantiquedigest.com /articles/mar04/heffel0304.htm   (685 words)

 Irish Pennants : Canadian Sunset : Print Ready   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Earlier, in a reversal of policy, Martin pledged to send Canadian soldiers to the Sudan in an effort to win the vote of David Kilgour of Alberta, a disaffected Liberal who now sits as an independent.
David Warren, the best Canadian writer who isn't Mark Steyn, sings the dirge.
I love Canada, the place and the people (who are very nice, if a bit too smug).
www.irishpennants.com /archives/000049print.php   (357 words)

 WeAreIrish - Belleville - Quinte Irish Canadian Society
WeAreIrish - Belleville - Quinte Irish Canadian Society
The Quinte Irish Canadian Society is based in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
It was founded in 1979 in an attempt to promote interest in and encourage all people to celebrate Irish culture in all aspects.
www.weareirish.ca /dynpage/3   (42 words)

 CRU - Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club
Welcome to the Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club or as we are
Hayley played for the Irish Premier Women’s team at 10, 12 and 15 this summer.
A handy back to have kicking about, she slotted a number of penalties and conversions for the Irish before joining St.Francis Xavier for a semester, who also won the CIS National Championships last weekend.
www.calgaryirish.com   (547 words)

 IrishAbroad Genealogy
A history of the Irish of New York
The Armagh Five : Irish Ribbonmen in Tasmania 1840-1850
People of Irish birth recorded in the U.K. 1851 census
www.irishabroad.com /YourRoots/Genealogy/InterRes.asp   (83 words)

 [No title]
Agreement signed to promote and foster technology transfer partnerships between Canadian and Irish companies.
It will also help them to understand their technology issues and will provide linkages to the best expertise in Canada”.
Also Commenting on the agreement, Jim Cuddy, Head of Technology Transfer at Enterprise Ireland said, “Enterprise Ireland initiated a programme in 2006 to promote technology transfer between Canadian and Irish companies, using Ireland as a gateway to the EU, and Canada as a gateway to the North American Free Trade Area.
www.irishdev.com /NewsArticle.aspx?id=4319   (296 words)

 ABOUT US!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Irish Canadian Cultural Club of Windsor is an organisation open to anyone who would like to participate in sharing and exploring Irish culture.
You don’t have to be Irish; just be wishing to celebrate our Irish heritage with us!
Come, celebrate our rich Irish heritage; our music, dance and songs, and our language, poems and stories.
www.irishclubwindsor.org   (187 words)

On these pages you can find summaries of what I've learned about each family, ideas about future projects and some links to Irish and Canadian Resources.
Martin REID, born in Ireland around 1804, emigrated to PEI before the birth of his son, Richard (my Great-grandfather) in 1829.
A source of information on Canadian Immigration records.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~mvreid/mvrgen/irish.html   (989 words)

 irish joke
Canadian Content Forums » Canadian Café » The Lounge » Fun and Jokes
One of them said, "Ye know, it's a shame paddy isn't here.
So the Irish would never rule the world
forums.canadiancontent.net /fun-jokes/35433-irish-joke.html   (122 words)

 Welcome to Clans of Ireland - Discover your Irish Heritage! *   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Main Menu ~ New ~ Find ~ Learn ~ Meet ~ Genealogy ~ Contact ~ The Great Hall of the Irish ~ Clans of Ireland Ltd.
Awards ~ Clancy's Pub (Chat) ~ Famous Irish ~ Irish on the Net ~ Clan Finder ~ Irish Events Calendar ~ Search
Do not duplicate or distribute in any form.
www.irishclans.com   (96 words)

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