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Topic: Irish English

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In the News (Tue 26 Mar 19)

  Irish Directory - English language courses in Ireland
We've got the details of hundreds of English and Irish language course providers throughout Ireland: one-to-one tuition, language schools and universities.
English and Irish courses for all levels and all ages.
Plus we can give you information on English language exams, help you find a English or Irish speaking penpal with whom to practise your language skills, and even help to find you an aupair job in Ireland.
www.europa-pages.com /ireland   (131 words)

  Hiberno-English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
English as it is spoken in Ireland is the result of the Irish language and the interaction of the English and Scots varieties brought to Ireland during the Plantations of Ireland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The linguistic influence of the Irish language is most evident in Gaeltachtaí, areas where Irish is still spoken, as well as in areas where, before the complete adoption of English, Irish continued to be spoken for longer than in other areas.
English usage is determined by direction; Irish usage is determined by person.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hiberno-English   (5226 words)

 Irish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Irish (Gaeilge), a Goidelic language spoken in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States, is constitutionally recognised as the first official language of the Republic of Ireland.
Irish is given recognition by the Constitution of Ireland as the first official language of the Republic of Ireland (with English being a second official language), despite the limited distribution of fluency among the population of that country.
Munster Irish is spoken in the Gaeltachtaí of Kerry (Contae Chiarraí), Muskerry (Múscraí), Cape Clear (Oileán Cléire) in the western part of County Cork (Contae Chorcaí), and the tiny pocket of Irish-speakers in An Rinn near Dungarvan (Dún Garbháin) in County Waterford (Contae Phort Láirge).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Irish_language   (7416 words)

 Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Irish language
Irish (Gaeilge in Irish) is a Goidelic language spoken in Ireland and in small communities in Canada and Argentina.
Irish is constitutionally recognised as the first official language of the Republic of Ireland, and has recently received a degree of formal recognition in Northern Ireland, under the Good Friday Agreement alongside the varieties of Lowland Scots spoken in Northern Ireland.
The extant dialects of Irish native to Leinster, the fourth province of Ireland, became extinct during the 20th century, but records of some of these were made by the Irish Folklore Commission among other bodies prior to this.
fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Irish_language   (3865 words)

 Irish Literature - ninemsn Encarta
Irish Literature, literature written either in Gaelic (see Celtic Languages) or in English by writers of Irish birth who remain identified with Irish life and culture.
The beginnings of Irish literature in the English language coincided with a decline in the use of written and spoken Gaelic, which began about the end of the 18th century.
The principal writers of the latter type of poetry were Thomas Moore, the author of Irish Melodies (10 parts, 1807-1834) and National Airs (1815); Gerald Griffin, the author of “Aileen Aroon” and many other poems; and Francis Sylvester Mahony, better known as Father Prout, the author of the famous “Bells of Shandon”.
au.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761566508/Irish_Literature.html   (317 words)

One hundred years later, in the Irish Free State, Gaelic was the language of officialdom, was taught in all primary schools and was a condition of entry to the National University.
Irish is pungent, epigrammatic; it has passionate songs, and one of the oldest literatures in western Europe.
From this fusion of accents, grammars and vocabulary, Irish was born.
faculty.ed.umuc.edu /~jmatthew/articles/irish.html   (1953 words)

 Standard Irish English? | Antimoon Forum
Irish English is based on 17th century English just as American English is but it definitely has a Gaelic substratum underlying both the morphology and the pronunciation.
Australian English (AuE) is certainly a recognised standard, so far as linguistics is concerned, quite as much as is AmE, although AuE hasn't deviated from the mother tongue in respect of spelling, syntax and grammar, and it remains non-rhotic.
I agree that Canadian English is a subset of American English however Irish English is not a subset of British English in the sense that the Englishes of the Southern Hemisphere are (i.e.
www.antimoon.com /forum/posts/6952.htm   (1010 words)

 Irish Translation Services - Translators English/Irish
Irish comes from the Goidelic family of languages and is the traditional language of Ireland.
Irish is often referred to in English as Erse, Irish Gaelic, or simply Gaelic.
The use of the word Irish also serves to avoid problems for those who confuse it with Scottish Gaelic, its close relative spoken in Scotland, which is typically referred to in English as Gaelic.
www.greentranslations.com /irish-translation.html   (245 words)

 Irish Translation Services - Irish Translator. Translate Irish to English
Irish is a Celtic language and, as such, is a member of the Indo-European family of languages.
Irish has evolved from a form of Celtic which was introduced into Ireland at some period during the great Celtic migrations of antiquity between the end of the second millennium and the fourth century BC.
Irish continued as the language of the greater part of the rural population and, for a time, of the servant classes in towns.
www.translation-services-usa.com /irish.shtml   (773 words)

 Irish Studies helps students reconnect with roots
As a member of SIUC's nationally acclaimed Irish Studies program, Dougherty is taking her interest in her Irish-English roots to a new level as she pursues rare, 200-year-old political "pamphlets" written by Irish politicians who were at that time wrestling with the idea of disbanding their own legislature and forming a union with Great Britain.
Her father's growing interest in his own Irish roots and her mother's English ones led Dougherty down a scholarly path that last year deposited her at SIUC, where the Irish Studies program is growing in popularity.
The Irish language is very different from English, and is one of two official languages of the country, Dougherty said.
news.siu.edu /news/March06/031506tc6046.jsp   (875 words)

 Behind the Name: Irish Names
Irish form of the Late Latin name Columbanus, which was itself derived from COLUMBA...
From an Anglicized Irish surname derived from either of the Irish surnames Ó Damháin (which means "descendent of Damhán") or Ó Dubháin (which means "descendent of Dubhán")...
Possibly means either "sullen" or "daughter of FIONN" in Irish.
www.behindthename.com /nmc/iri.php   (754 words)

 Irish - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Irish nouns form their plurals in a lot of different ways, depending on the specific noun, but every plural form is either strong or weak.
Vicipéid is the irish language version of wikipedia a great place to practice your irish as there are plently of other wikipedians there to help you.
Irish Gaelic Translation Forum is a post for requesting translations from a group of volunteering experienced speakers.
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Irish   (4418 words)

 Irish Literature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Irish Literary Revival A remarkable revival in Irish literature written either in Gaelic or in English began in the last decade of the 19th century.
Two 20th-century Irish writers, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, although not usually associated with the literary revival in their country of birth, are recognized as major figures in world literature.
Joyce deliberately isolated himself from the Irish literary,one of its severest critics, but all his fiction and his only play, Exiles (1918), are set in Dublin; they are profound explorations of the Irish character and social environment in the early years of the century.
foxylana.tripod.com /lit.htm   (1381 words)

 Rural Irish Speakers Fight Influx of English
Summary Irish is slowing ceding ground to English as the language of daily discourse in Ireland's Gaeltacht, the seven, historically Irish-speaking regions scattered about the country's western seaboard.
In April 2000 the Irish government commissioned a panel to assess the viability of the Irish language in the Gaeltacht.
But the report also stated that "Irish in the Gaeltacht is facing a crisis" and cited a number of external and internal factors, including the lack of Irish-language services in government and private sectors and the influence of English on Gaeltacht language usage.
news.nationalgeographic.com /news/2003/02/0225_030225_irishlanguage.html   (1033 words)

 Transparent Language - Irish Language Learning
Irish Gaelic, more commonly referred to simply as "Irish," is a Celtic language which is part of the Indo-European family of languages.
century, the Irish language was spoken by the entire population of Ireland.
A standard written form of the Irish language was implemented in 1945.
www.learn-irish-language-software.com /overview.htm   (566 words)

 Irish Gaelic/Spanish: Conas ta tu? - WordReference Forums
Being from a partly Irish family (and as someone who is learning Spanish), I'm really interested to know if anyone knows if there is a link between Gaelic and Spanish.
Irish, in later years borrowed a number or Latin words (before Spanish had evolved) - for example 'aifreann' (mass) from Latin 'offerendum'.
However, I did actually hear a native Irish speaker use the phrase "Tá tú loco!" (You are mad) once in Ráth Cairn, Co. Meath.
forum.wordreference.com /showthread.php?t=29335   (1321 words)

 Irish Translation Service - English to Irish Translation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It is taught as an official language in schools and encouraged by the government.
You probably don't speak Irish yourself, so there are a few questions you'll need to consider when choosing a translation company.
Professional translators whose native language is English and speak fluent Irish perform our Irish to English translation.
www.appliedlanguage.com /languages/irish_translation.shtml   (508 words)

 Amardeep Singh: Irish English? Two Literary Examples
I tend to speculate that the closeness of Irish English to 'standard' English is a necessary consequence of the nearly complete disappearance of the Irish language (Irish Gaelic) as a naturally spoken tongue in Ireland.
One doesn't learn much about "Irish English" as a linguistic phenomenon from reading this chapter of A Story of English, but it is a nice survey of the linguistic theme in the writing of some important Irish writers.
Malaprop is the bumbling character whose name eventually gave us the standard English word "malapropism," and McCrum reads her as a kind of index for the learner's mistakes many Irishmen in the 18th century might have made as they attempted to master English (and, steadily, to forget their mother tongue).
www.lehigh.edu /~amsp/2005/09/irish-english-two-literary-examples.html   (1245 words)

 Overview of the Irish Language to Help You Learn Irish
Written Irish was based at first on Latin orthography and British pronunciation, which makes ancient texts difficult to decipher.
Irish Gaelic is the official language of Ireland, but it has been overtaken by English as the primary spoken language.
The Irish language is now taught in all of the schools in Ireland.
www.transparent.com /languagepages/irish/overview.htm   (527 words)

 Amazon.com: Dic Children's Illustrated Irish Dictionary: English-Irish, Irish-English: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
All in all, it had at least 60 to 70% real, unique irish words that kids can relate to and be interested in learning and using in their every day lives; and an attractive, easy to use layout to draw and keep their interest and attention.
The illustrations are beautifully done, and best of all, each word gives a rough english spelling of its pronunciation, instead of an annoying pronunciation guide at the back you have to keep reffering to (and that often doesn't apply to every single word).
I believe gaelic (irish) would be a very hard language for a child to learn, however this dictionary would be most helpful.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0781807131?v=glance   (1117 words)

 Gaeilge : Learn the Irish language.
Manx is an ancient form of Gaelic very similar to 7th century Irish, and Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic are basically the same language that split into two, about 300 years ago, for many historical reasons.
Irish is the one of the oldest languages in Europe, and earliest writing we have today was from an alphabet of notches on stone monuments, many thousands of years old, called 'Ogham', which can be translated today.
Irish speakers can understand Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic can be mutually intelligible languages, but you'd need to study a bit to be able to understand the other.
www.yaq.com /lang   (778 words)

 English breakfast tea , Irish breakfast tea , English tea blends
English and Irish teas are mostly blends of tea from India, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka and Keemun tea from China.
Others are blended for a unique taste that is a trademark of the company and it's label.
Some of the most popular blends are English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea, Irish Afternoon tea and Evening blend tea.
www.656.com /english_tea.htm   (132 words)

 Irish Gaelic Dictionaries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It comprises a wide modern vocabulary in both English and Irish, with many amplifying examples, and features phonetic notation as well as grammatical data.
Designed to help those who have some Irish, but lack confidence, particularly on visits to the Gaeltacht.
The author is a lecturer in the Modern irish Department of University College, Galway and has written extensively on the linguistic and literary aspects of Modern Irish, $11.95
www.his.com /~rory/idicts.html   (414 words)

 BBC SPORT | Rugby Union | English | London Irish 12-13 Gloucester
Meanwhile London irish counterpart Gary Gold was left to rue his team's luck after their narrow defeat left them in a precarious position.
The Exiles have slumped to 10th in the table, level on points with second from bottom Worcester.
London Irish: Horak; Staniforth; Appleford; Catt; Bishop; Everitt, Edwards; Hatley, Russell, Hardwick; Strudwick (capt), Casey; Gustard, Dawson, Reid.
news.bbc.co.uk /sport1/hi/rugby_union/english/4375149.stm   (335 words)

 Irish Newspaper Online with News from Ireland & the World - ireland.com
You can now read The Irish Times on your computer screen exactly as it appears in the print edition.
The Irish Times News Digest; top stories delivered to your inbox 6 mornings a week - For free!
The Irish Times Breaking News Alert, a lunchtime (GMT) roundup of breaking news 5 days a week to your mailbox.
www.ireland.com   (441 words)

 BBC SPORT | Rugby Union | English | London Irish 30-3 Northampton
London Irish moved into fourth place in the Guinness Premiership with a comprehensive win over Northampton.
The Exiles ran in two tries from Delon Armitage and David Paice as they claimed a 17-3 lead at the break.
Samoan flyer Sailosi Tagicakibau and Topsy Ojo added further tries in the second half and Mike Catt added a drop goal for the Irish.
news.bbc.co.uk /sport1/hi/rugby_union/english/4731432.stm   (255 words)

 Tony Pratschke - Irish to English translator. Translation services in Business/Commerce (general) literary, technical, ...
My Russian and Indonesian were learned in those countries where I lived and worked for 7 years (Russia) and 2 years (Indonesia).
I live in Ireland and have a postgraduate diploma in Applied Irish and Translation.
I am active in various community organisations and work also as a freelance broadcaster in the Irish and English.
www.proz.com /pro/75071   (116 words)

 Irish Translation | Gaelic Translation | Translate English to Irish
To ensure that our translations are always of the highest quality, we only employ Irish translators who live in Ireland and who's first language is Irish.
Only professional translators whose native language is Irish perform our English to Irish translation.
To receive a competitive quote for your English to Irish translation project, please email your document to info@irishtranslation.ie.
www.irishtranslation.ie   (237 words)

 Proverbs - Chinese, African, Irish, English and More
Proverbs - Chinese, African, Irish, English and More
Chinese Proverbs - African - Irish - English and More
Mend the pen only after the sheep are all gone.
www.famous-proverbs.com   (207 words)

 Langbridge.com - Irish Translation Services; English to Irish Translators
Langbridge, Inc has been providing America with superb quality, fast turnaround Irish translations since 1998.
So be it Irish business translation, or personal Irish translation - Langbridge, Inc. is your solution.
into English translation will be handled only by a native English speaker.
www.langbridge.com /translation_services/irish_translation.htm   (121 words)

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