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Topic: Irish universities

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Universities, qualifications, certification, third-level education - www.daycourses.com
The Irish education system is divided into a number of levels within the structure of the National Framework of Qualifications.
Irish universities still concentrate to an extent on traditional academic subject areas such as the arts, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law and languages.
In recent years, Irish universities have introduced courses in a growing number of business and IT disciplines, as well as in subjects such as communications studies and European studies.
www.daycourses.com /universities/qualifications_available_from_universities/index.html   (451 words)

  Education Ireland -University Sector   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The University of Dublin (Trinity College) founded in 1592 is the oldest university in Ireland.
The National University of Ireland, founded in 1908 is based on a federal model and has four constituent universities which are the teaching and research organs of the National University.
The University of Limerick (UL)and Dublin City University (DCU) are Ireland's newest universities, established in 1989.
www.educationireland.ie /httpdocs/htm/teritary/university.html   (266 words)

 Facilities in Irish Universities
Universities also have sporting, social, religious, crèche and health amenities to ensure that time spent at third level is a fully rounded experience.
At Irish universities, these range from huge theatre style rooms with tiered seating for nearly a thousand students, to smaller, more basic rooms which are fairly similar to your average post-primary school classroom.
While the social side of university life is often a big attraction for students, Irish universities have always been very aware of their responsibility to develop and promote Irish art and culture.
www.daycourses.com /universities/facilities_in_universities/index.html   (921 words)

 IGAS - Main Page
Irish Graduates Association of Singapore (IGAS) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1980 with the aim of establishing a network for Irish community in Singapore and other Asian countries.
IGAS is unique among the various Irish societies in that its membership includes a large number of Asians who were educated at Irish universities.
Irish Consul General, representing the expatriate alumni and Dr Harry Ho representing the local counterparts, met several times in 1978 to discuss the formation of an association.
members.tripod.com /irishgraduates/main.html   (318 words)

 ireland.com - The Irish Times - Fri, Sep 01, 2006 - Hanafin urges universities to agree protocol on co-operation
The Minister for Education has said the State's universities must urgently agree on a protocol in an effort to avoid an international perception that Irish universities are not co-operating with each other.
She said it was not in "Irish interests to have a perception that universities are not working together".
He said there had been some concerns about the details of the draft protocol but that UCD was working with the Irish Universities Association on what he described as a "relatively small issue".
www.ireland.com /newspaper/ireland/2006/0901/1156791312210.html   (370 words)

 skoool.ie :: parents
Teaching Matters A challenge that universities the world over have had to face in recent years is the growing demand to take a systematic approach to quality, and to open up their processes to independent assessment.
The Irish Universities Quality Board (IUQB), though originally created by the universities, is being transformed into an independent body with a 14-member board, half of them internal to the universities and the other half, including the chair, from outside - two of the latter being from abroad.
In that respect, the universities are surrendering some of their autonomy, since these reviews and the focus they bring to bear on chosen topics might not be to their liking.
www.skoool.ie /skoool/parents.asp?id=3770   (890 words)

 British universities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The vast majority of British universities are state financed, with only one private university - the University of Buckingham - where students have to pay all their fees.
In the United Kingdom the vast majority of university students attend universities situated a long distance from their family homes; this is not true for universities in most European countries, such as Italy or Spain.
It is common for graduates of universities worldwide to place the name of their university, or universities, after the abbreviation for their degree, or degrees.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_university   (1717 words)

 Irish Universities Association Information
The Irish Universities’ Association (IUA) is the representative body of the heads of the seven Irish universities and is based at Merrion Square, Dublin.
The IUA is a non-profit making body, it was created in the late 1970s as the Conference of Heads of Irish Universities (CHIU) and was formally incorporated in 1997 with charitable status and adopted its current name in 2005.
The mission of the IUA is to collectively formaulate and pursue policies which advance education and research in the universities of the Republic of Ireland.
www.bookrags.com /Irish_Universities_Association   (133 words)

 Social Irish News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Social Irish of Boston was proud to be a part of the British and Irish Universites Ball in September 2005.
The first annual British and Irish Universities Ball was held in Cambridge, MA at the Marlowe Hotel.
This evening brought together 250 British and Irish professionals, US alumni of British and Irish Universities, their families, and friends residing in the New England area for an evening of networking and celebration of our heritage.
www.social.eiresociety.org /news   (169 words)

 British and Irish Universities Ball
UCL invites its alumni to the first ever British Irish Universities' Ball which takes place in Cambridge, MA, on Friday 23 September 2005.
It will be an excellent opportunity for UCL alumni to meet with former students from a range of prestigious UK and Irish Universities.
The Ball is supported by UCL and other leading British and Irish Universities, as well as the HM Consul General Boston and by the Consul General of the Irish State.
www.ucl.ac.uk /alumni/alumni-events/british-irish-ball   (191 words)

 The Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Irish Universities and Medical Schools Consortium comprises the Medical and Dental schools in the University of Dublin, Trinity College; and in the three Constituent Universities of the National University of Ireland; University College Cork, University College Dublin and National University of Ireland Galway.
University College Hospital located immediately adjacent to the University is a modern 500 bed general and specialist hospital and the major teaching hospital of the Medical School.
Irish emigrants who live in all parts of the world – there are 40 million of Irish descent in the USA alone – have played an important role in the social and political life of many countries.
www.ucc.ie /iumc/consortium-brochure-mar02.htm   (3103 words)

 Distinguished Scientists in Irish Universities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Palaeontologist Dr Gareth Dyke was awarded his PhD in 2000 from the University of Bristol in the UK and then went on to a research position at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
He completed his honours degree in Chemistry at the University of Bath in 1994, and then moved to the University of Southampton to study for his PhD under the guidance of Professor Richard Whitby.
He then went on to do further research at the University of London where he was awarded both a Ph.D. for a study of marine red algae, particular the edible dulse.
www.universityscience.ie /pages/distinguishedsci_irishuni.php   (1155 words)

 IUA :: Irish Universities Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In 1879 as University College Dublin, it was incorporated within the Royal University of Ireland.
It was established by charter in 1908 as a constituent college of the National University of Ireland.
Under the Universities' Act, 1997 it is now an independent but constituent university of the National University of Ireland.
www.iua.ie /ucd.html   (97 words)

 British and Irish Universities Ball, Boston
On September 23, 2005, the first annual British and Irish Universities Ball was held in Cambridge, MA.
This evening brought together over 200 British and Irish professionals, US alumni of British and Irish Universities, their families, and friends residing in the New England area for an evening of networking & celebration of their heritage.
Realizing the number of Scottish, English, Welsh, and Irish university alumni in the area, the leaders of the Edinburgh alumni group brought several of them together to propose this event, to connect fellow ex-pats and alumni with friends old and new from back across the pond.
www.oxcamne.org /BI_Universities_Ball.html   (297 words)

 Irish Universities and Colleges ranked by popularity - Study in Ireland
Increasingly, the importance and validity of university and college rankings is a highly debated issue.
Many universities, including highly ranked ones, are beginning to question both the data and methods used by some ranking services.
The aim of this website is to provide an approximate ranking of world-wide universities and colleges based on the popularity of their website only.
www.4icu.org /ie   (215 words)

 Conference of Heads of Irish Universities (CHIU) - Universities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Established as an independent university under the University of Limerick Act 1989 and prior to that was the National Institute of Higher Education, Limerick.
Established as an independent university under the Dublin City University Act 1989 and prior to that was the National Institute of Higher Education, Dublin.
It provides a modern legislative framework for the governance of universities, for the interaction between the universities and the state, and for accountability to society generally.
www.chiu.ie /universities.html   (348 words)

 Excite UK - Reference - Education - Colleges and Universities - North America - United States - Massachusetts - Boston ...
Boston College is a coeducational university with an average student population of 8,700 undergraduates, 4,500 graduate students representing every state and 85 foreign countries.
Founded in 1863, it is one of the oldest Jesuit, Catholic universities in the United States.
It explores the diversity of Irish culture through academic and performance activities at the university and through links with Irish universities and institutions in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Maynooth and Belfast.
www.excite.co.uk /directory/Reference/Education/Colleges_and_Universities/North_America/United_States/Massachusetts/Boston_College   (531 words)

 UCD News
The IUA in a proposal to the Government of October 2005-Reform of 3rd Level and Creation of 4th Level Ireland: Securing Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century- had set forth an equally challenging vision for Irish Education and had underlined the requirement for “high activity collaborations across the Irish university sector” in implementing that vision.
We the Chief Officers of the seven Irish universities that form the IUA, commit to continue to work together in support of the Government’s objective, fully accepted by all of us, to have a world-class higher education and research system in Ireland.
Individual universities will identify where they are internationally recognised in their own right and will seek strategic, collaborative alliances with other Irish and non Irish universities so as to build the critical mass which will enable our universities to compete successfully on a global scale.
www.ucd.ie /news/sept06/091506_accord.htm   (438 words)

 Irish Universities Association
We are the representative body for the seven Irish universities.
Our shared aim is to ensure that we maximise the universities' contribution to Ireland's social, cultural and economic well being.
The seven Universities offer state-of-the-art postgraduate level training through a broad range of taught courses and research.
www.iua.ie   (184 words)

 Universities: University of Ulster a degree above the rest - Local Heroes - Sport - Belfast Telegraph
The University of Ulster Athletics club have picked up 16 medals at the Irish Universities Indoor Track and Field Championships at the Nenagh Olympic Stadium in Co Tipperary.
The team finished in a time of 1.45.35 minutes and left the University of Limerick and Trinity College Dublin in their trail to pick up the remaining medal positions.
It was not all smiles for UU however as Sean McMahon had an early departure from the combined events after obtaining an ankle injury when he clipped a hurdle in the 60m, he finished second in his heat but bowed out of the competition due to the injury.
www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk /sport/local-heroes/article2070504.ece?service=print   (577 words)

 Irish Universities Act, 1908: Statutes IV, V, VI, and VII of the National University of Ireland
Irish Universities Act, 1908: Statutes IV, V, VI, and VII of the National University of Ireland
Irish papers - education - universities and the learned professions
Universities and colleges - Law and legislation - Ireland
www.bopcris.ac.uk /eppi/ref15588.html   (64 words)

 Study Abroad - Boston College   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Boston College's Center for International Partnerships and Programs works closely with Irish Studies to offer study abroad programs at Irish universities in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Maynooth and Galway.
Students interested in attending an Irish university in the spring of 2007 must take an Irish Studies prerequisite course in the fall.
In addition, students who are accepted for study abroad in Ireland are required to meet with Irish Studies faculty for advising and curriculum planning before registering for courses in Ireland.
www.bc.edu /centers/irish/studies/undergrad/abroad   (162 words)

 Irish Universities Act, 1908: final report
The Irish Universities Act, 1908, provided for the foundation of two universities having their seats at Dublin and Belfast, for the dissolution of the Royal University and of Queen's College, Belfast.
The National University of Ireland was to include as constituent colleges the University College of Dublin, and the Queen's Colleges of Cork and Galway, to be renamed respectively University College, Cork, and University College, Galway.
Queen's College, Belfast, was reconstituted the Queen's University of Belfast.
www.bopcris.ac.uk /eppi/ref13165.html   (134 words)

 LLRX.com - Guide to Irish Law
Article 73 of the 1922 Constitution carried all previous UK law forward into Irish law, which explains why some pre-1922 UK statutes are still in force in Ireland.
Many cases remain unreported and are kept in the libraries of the main Universities or professional bodies.
It is difficult to select the most important books on Irish law and those with a specific interest in a particular area would be well advised to search the online catalogues of major Irish universities (e.g.
www.llrx.com /features/irish.htm   (2184 words)

 IUA :: Irish Universities Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The autonomy of each university to determine its own quality assurance procedures is provided for under the Universities Act (1997) which encourages an emphasis on quality improvement.
In recent years, the seven Irish Universities have co-operated through the IUA in developing their quality assurance systems and in representing their approach nationally and internationally as a unique quality model appropriate to the needs of the Irish Universities.
IUA facilitated the establishment of the Irish Universities Quality Board [IUQB] and the development of a sectoral quality improvement programme of projects across a range of areas.
www.iua.ie /core_activities/quality_assurance.html   (184 words)

In 1972 the Heads of Irish Universities decided to establish a conference to provide a forum for joint action on matters of common concern to the universities.
It is concerned with a wide range of matters impinging on the academic and administrative affairs of Irish Universities, and relations with Government departments, institutions and agencies in both the public and private sectors, and educational and other bodies at national, European and international levels.
The CHIU is structured as follows: Council, Committees, Working Groups, Plenary meeting of the Conference, which are attended by the Council and University senior executives nominated by the Heads of Irish Universities, and are held in January, April, June and October.
www.crue.org /eurec/member/ie.html   (496 words)

 Irish Echo Online - News
Trinity College Dublin, founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the older universities of Western Europe.
The vigor of a university may be judged by its commitment to research.
Along with the British Library in London and the university libraries at Oxford and Cambridge, it enjoys the privilege of receiving all Irish and UK copyright material.
www.irishecho.com /newspaper/story.cfm?id=15102   (599 words)

 Study-In-Ireland.Com - Study Abroad in Ireland
Whether you are considering spending a summer, a semester or a full academic year studying at an Irish university you are sure to encounter a unique and enriching educational and cultural experience.
Irish universities offer a wide selection of Study Abroad Programmes allowing credit transfer arrangements with overseas universities and colleges.
Each of the Irish Universities has a Study Abroad office which is responsible for co-ordinating programmes aimed at overseas students spending either a summer, a semester or a full academic year studying in Ireland.
www.studyinbritain.com /ireland/info/studyabroad.asp   (383 words)

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