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Topic: Irish topics

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Topics: medieval Irish plea rolls – an introduction
After noting the previous instances of destruction of records there by fire, the report continued it still incurs the same continued risk, from the basement story of the building being occupied as a kitchen, adding that the repository occupied a room and a closet which were convenient but not fireproof.
The Treasury, at the instance of the Irish Government, and ultimately on the recommendation of Mills, had authorised the continuation of the calendar to the reign of Richard II, and work proceeded on a second volume for the years 1305–7.
Irish material on the English King’s Bench rolls in the Public Record Office, London (KB 27) for the reigns of Edward I and Edward II is available on microfilm (film p.
www.nationalarchives.ie /topics/Medieval_plea_rolls/MPL.htm   (3741 words)

 Research Guide: Irish History - Boston College
Topics include bibliographies, serials, essays, historical geography, general, military, constitutional, ecclesiastical, social/economic histories, and histories of literature, science/technology, fine art and architecture, archaeology, numismatics, and genealogy.
The section on general history is divided by topic, and topics may be divided chronologically.
The book is divided into three parts: the British-Irish relationship and the genesis of Irish nationalism; the economic development of the Republic of Ireland and its impact on all areas of life; and, nationalism and communal violence in Northern Ireland.
www.bc.edu /libraries/research/guides/s-irishhistory   (3150 words)

 Irish topics (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In the Irish case he lays much more emphasis on the deleterious effects of British rule both politically and economically, and supports the movement for Irish independence.
Irish political parties compete to administer a policy consensus which is determined outside of party politics.
The previous Irish president, the much praised Mary Robinson, had a solid position on what is referred to here as "the liberal agenda", but was basically unionist on the Northern question.
www.mail-archive.com.cob-web.org:8888 /pen-l@galaxy.csuchico.edu/msg22724.html   (457 words)

 Forums at the Society - Irish soldiers in British Cavalry in Ireland.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The topic is a confusing one, at least to me, in that it's taken for granted that many Irishmen served in the British military, but the description of the rank and file of units such as the cavalry ones in Ireland seem poorly addressed.
As some oddball asides, so many Irishmen were serving in the British military by 1916, that the crowd that gathered to witness the parade in captivity of the defeated rebels in the 1916 uprising specifically jeered the rebels for being traitors to their brothers serving in France.
For example, if I recall correctly, the IRA sniper that shot Michael Collins, the founder of the Irish Army and the chief architect of the IRA's campaign in the Anglo-Irish war, was a veteran of the British Army from WWI.
www.militaryhorse.org /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5233   (648 words)

 Research Guide: Irish News & Newspapers - Boston College
For a complete list of Irish and Irish-American newspaper and journal titles at Boston College see Irish Serials in the Boston College Libraries, or check Quest for most individual or series titles.
Irish newspaper titles are from about 1700 onward.
Among the library's collections are UK national daily and Sunday newspapers from 1801 to the present, and a wide range of UK and Irish popular periodicals.
www.bc.edu /libraries/research/guides/s-irishnews   (670 words)

 DePaul:: Irish Studies Program
Topical Courses: Courses marked *** are topical courses which may sometimes be on an Irish topic and sometimes not.
Only when an Irish topic is offered—as given in the examples in square brackets in the list of courses above—will it count for the Irish Studies minor.
You will need to contact the Director of Irish Studies at the beginning of the quarter, providing your name, DePaul ID number and SSN, and ask that the course be credited towards your Irish Studies minor.
condor.depaul.edu /~irishstd/program/requirements.html   (557 words)

 General Interest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The author critically reviews all the varied surveys that have been carried out on the status of the Irish language in Ireland, the writings of the world authorities on language restoration, the official pronouncements and his own observation of reality with regard to Irish language capability of the people of Ireland.
Topics include the early history of the League, the League in Ulster and Argentina, League publishing history, and a series of biographies of important figures in the Irish revival.
Essays on aspects of the promotion of Irish in Ireland: The Legal Status of Irish, Quebec as an example, the status of Welsh in Wales and the Language Act.
www.irishbook.com /cat498.htm   (672 words)

 Dublin Irish Festival - Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Irish heritage is no prerequisite for an interest in Irish culture and tradition.
He’ll teach Irish I and Irish II classes at the Academy, using mostly a full-immersion style of talking exclusively in Irish to the class to get them acclimated to Irish, which he calls “an ancient language in a modern time.”
Catch the spirit of the Irish culture at the Dublin Irish Festival Academy.
www.dublinirishfestival.org /news/releases/academy.php   (415 words)

 Irish History: 14 to 18 years
Irish History on the Web: This website, produced by Jacqueline Dana of the University of Texas, provides a unique resource for anyone interested in learning about or researching a wide variety of Irish history topics.
The Irish Famine, 1846-1850: A comprehensive study of how the the Irish Famine changed the social and cultural structure of Ireland.
The primary sources are categorized by topics (hunger and disease, eviction, emigration, homelessness, etc.) and types of sources (newspaper accounts, photographs, drawings, etc.).
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /REVhistoryIreland.htm   (602 words)

 Proud Irish Information, Eire Ireland Culture History & Celtic Facts
We do not sell Irish gifts, but we hope some of the suggestions on our gift page may help you with some ideas.
Ireland's Flags - 26 Counties became the Irish Free State in 1922, and the 6 north-eastern Counties, Northern Ireland remained part of Britain.
The population of the island as a whole is just under 6 million(2006), 4.20 million live in the Irish Republic and 1.7 million live in Northern Ireland.
www.proud2beirish.com   (285 words)

 Topics in traditional Irish music
Traditional Irish music today is frequently encountered in the "session" (or even "seisiún"), a gathering of (usually) amateur musicians where tunes are played in unison by all the musicians who know the tune.
Francis O'Neill is renowned for his monumental collection of Irish dance music, made in Chicago during the early years of the 20th century.
The results of a survey to determine which traditional Irish tunes would be most suitable to play on Hallowe'en, which is really the ancient Celtic New Year festival of Oíche Shamhna.
www.standingstones.com /tmirel.html   (789 words)

 Spring 2004 Irish Perception -- Caspersen School -- Drew University
Kennedy will be touring across the United States on the Irish American Cultural Institute’s Irish Perceptions Series, visiting 10 cities including Madison, N.J. Kennedy was born in Belfast in 1949 and received his Diploma and Higher Diploma in Fine Art from the Belfast College of Art.
The Irish American Cultural Institute (IACI) is a Not-For-Profit Membership Organization that has the distinction of having as its patron the president of Ireland, Ms.
The IACI Irish Research Funds are presented annually in Washington, D.C. to scholars in support of research on Irish American topics that will eventually lead to publication.
www.drew.edu /grad/conferences/irish_2004_visual_arts/index.php   (659 words)

 American Conference for Irish Studies
The program is fundamentally shaped by the conviction that Irish Studies needs to engage with the worldwide dispersal of the Irish an integral part of its project, as well as with the rich and varied histories of all parts of the island of Ireland.
A two-course sequence, Early Irish Literature and Irish Literature, provides students with an overview of Irish literature and the society that produced it from the 6th century to the middle of the 20th century.
The Center for Irish Studies /Lárionad an Léinn Éireannaigh at the University of St. Thomas in was established in March, 1996.
www.acisweb.com /resources.php?type=guide   (8999 words)

 Irish History on the Web
Irish History on the Web was created on 21 November 1995.
Irish History on the Web is NOT another "links" page, but instead provides a unique resource for anyone interested in learning about or researching a wide variety of Irish history topics.
I get many requests for additional Irish history information and resources, but unfortunately time constraints prevent me from personally responding to such requests or engaging in research for others, even of the most basic nature.
larkspirit.com /history   (323 words)

 Books from Ireland
An Irish collection of some of our remarkable people - the valiant work carried out by Veronica Guerin, criminal journalist who was murdered by Dublin's Gangsters; or Father Edward Daly of Derry sharing his years of work in a war-torn and bigotted community.
With Irish immigrants scattered worldwide, practically everyone with Irish roots has a desire to discover their Irish family heritage.
Featuring all the old Irish heroes, these stories have been passed on from one generation to the next and are pure flights of fancy to stretch the imagination.
www.shopirishwithmoytura.com /books   (742 words)

 (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Irish Society in Houston, Texas, is comprised of a group of individuals who are Irish, of Irish descent, or interested in Irish topics.
The Irish Society was formed to provide an opportunity for all to experience the richness and diversity of Irish heritage on a nonpartisan, nonsectarian basis.
The Irish Society publishes a quarterly newsletter and hosts monthly events, many of which are co-sponsored by The Center for Irish Studies.
www.stthom.edu.cob-web.org:8888 /academics/centers/irishstudies/organizations.html   (113 words)

 Celebrating Irish-American Heritage Month
Irish Americans are taxpayers too, so contact your local PBS station(s) and ask if it receives funding from CPB, state and/or local governments.
Schell is a tireless activist and undaunted volunteer in the Irish American community both in Baltimore and nationally.
  Ask all the Irish and Irish American groups, clubs, societies, etc., simply to let their membership know March is designated as “Irish-American Heritage Month”.
www.irishamericanheritage.com /webpageirish1.htm   (843 words)

 Celtic Internet Resources Links
This site is devoted to the Irish language, and it has several interesting articles on a range of topics, from the social context to pronunciation.
Irish language course, Gaelic vocabulary and Welsh vocabulary on CD-roms are available for purchase.
This Irish magazine site is entirely in Irish, and it has many articles covering a variety of topics.
www.suite101.com /links.cfm/celtic_internet_resources   (3595 words)

 Template talk:Northern Irish topics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maybe you should look at the new design of those templates, as when Template:English topics was up for deletion, it was called big and ugly and was thus changed to something more discreet.
The largest football stadium in NI is Windsor Park I think.
The vast majority of males that I have ever met during my life in Northern Ireland, support one football team in the Irish League or another, and usually one in either the Scottish league and/or English league too.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Template_talk:Northern_Irish_topics   (1076 words)

 Fellowship of Catholic Scholars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
It meets at least twice each year to consider subjects that reflect both the interests of the members and current topics in Irish life.
Despite its profound Catholic roots tested through dungeon, fire and sword, Irish society now seems determined to mimic the most "progressive" of liberal democracies, faithfully following (if a few years later) the roads they've followed, even when it has become so obvious that they are not great roads to follow.
For example, to be committed to one's faith has been decreed by some commentators to be an obstacle to holding public office in the new Irish democracy.
www.catholicscholars.org /aboutus/chapters/irish.htm   (226 words)

 Irish History: General Topics
History of Ireland from 16th Century to the Creation of an Irish Republic (essay by Jacqueline Dana)
British Sources for Irish History 1485-1641 (A Guide to Manuscripts in Local, Regional and Specialised Repositories in England, Scotland and Wales)
If you experience a dead link or know if a link has changed, please let us know at jad@nospam.larkspirit.com (take out "nospam." to email) so we can look for the new address, or correct it if you supply us with the new url.
larkspirit.com /history/general.html   (258 words)

 Irish Politics
Glór an Deora - Irish Emigrants Voice is British-based and campaigned for voting rights in Ireland for Irish emigrants abroad.
The Irish Opinion Poll Archive is a searchable database of opinion poll findings in Ireland from the mid 1970s onwards provided by the Department of Political Science at Trinity College Dublin
Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, established by the Irish government in October 1994 after the loyalist and first IRA ceasefires.
www.nuigalway.ie /soc/courses/intro/irlindex.html   (1405 words)

 The IRELAND FORUM - Celebrating Irish Life, Culture and History
This is a welcome place for Irish citizens of the ColoradoGuy community, those with partial Irish hereditary lineage or anyone desiring to discuss anything about Ireland.
I still long to have some forum "regulars" who are Irish citizens in Ireland...
Haha, I have been to one of those - in an IRISH pub in Paris to be exact!
www.network54.com /Forum/273251   (1388 words)

 Saint Louis University. -ENGL-469 Special Topics in Irish Literature- SLU. Universidad americana en Madrid ...
Curriculum: An examination of the major figures of twentieth-century Irish Literature, from writers of the Celtic Revival and Irish modernism to contemporary authors.
The construction of national identity, images of Ireland and Irish character, and the role of gender, class and religion in contemporary Irish culture and society.
Special emphasis on the place of Dublin in Irish literature – both as a setting for several works (especially Joyce’s Ulysses) and as the locus of important literary and cultural movements.
www.slu.edu /colleges/spain/academics/courses/engl-469a.html   (110 words)

 Irish Wolfhounds Links
This Trust was established in early 1997 by an international group of Wolfhound devotees, who raise funds for worldwide Irish Wolfhound rescue and health initiatives.
Cearbhaill Irish Wolfhounds are not breeders, but they play an important role in the rescue of Irish Wolfhounds who suddenly find themselves unwanted or homeless.
Emphasis is placed on the responsibility and care required for owners of Irish Wolfhounds.
www.suite101.com /links.cfm/life_irish_wolfhounds   (304 words)

 Amazon.com: Cooking With Irish Spirits: Books: Margaret Johnson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
There are a dozen sweet recipes in the Irish Creams chapter, for example, but rooting out the many other dessert options involves browsing through the index or, better yet, paging through the many wonderful photographs.
The resources appendix is a necessity for those seeking the traditional tastes, since Kerrygold Irish butter is used throughout, as is Irish bacon.
And for those who would rather sip than chew, there are informative pages on such topics as Irish whiskey history, brewing techniques and the origins of cider.
www.amazon.com /Cooking-Irish-Spirits-Margaret-Johnson/dp/0863274668   (897 words)

 UICC > Library
The Center's library, housed on the ground floor of the 45th Avenue side of the Center, contains more than 3000 titles on a number of Irish topics.
The United Irish Cultural Center provides many great services to their members and their guests.
The Library also has a large collection of Irish periodicals, historical and current.
www.irishcentersf.org /library.html   (119 words)

 Irish Speakers and Students, Irish Language Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area
Irish Speakers and Students, Irish Language Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area
Meetup with other local Irish speakers and learners to practice.
Irish Association of Toronto / Cumann Éireannach na Toronto
irish.meetup.com   (77 words)

 Irish Ufology -> General
This Forum is designed for all those who wish to share, exchange, communicate, or address subjects, topics, experiences with ‘The World.
Because it's intention is to be a free running assault on everything "we" ever thought of as defined and "real".
This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or the topics are older than the current age cut-off.
www.irishufology.net /forums/index.php?showforum=3   (363 words)

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