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 Irish American - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Irish Americans are residents or citizens of the United States who claim Irish ancestry.
The most Irish American town in the United States is Milton, Massachusetts, with 43% of its 26,000 or so residents being of Irish descent.
In fact, the urban Irish cop and firefighter are virtual icons of American popular culture; in many large cities the police and fire departments have been dominated by the Irish for over 100 years, even after the populations in those cities of Irish extraction dwindled down to small minorities. /wiki/Irish_American   (2169 words)

 Digital History
Irish Catholic men were also especially likely to seek government employment (especially as police officers) or to find jobs under contractors who held city contracts or in public utilities, such as street railways.
This high degree of ethnic solidarity reflected both the discrimination that Irish Catholics faced as well as their belief that their job security and economic well-being depended on ethnic unity in the face of hostility from the nation's Protestant majority.
Mass Irish Catholic immigration in the mid- and late-1840s led to the rise of the viciously anti-Catholic Know Nothing party, which drew support from many native-born white workingmen. /historyonline/irish_am_solidarity.cfm   (504 words)

 Irish-American Resources
Irish and Irish American Manuscripts collection includes information about particular people, many of whom are writers or political figures, and about related societies and organizations.
Irish American Solidarity relates the solidarity that Irish Catholics created in American as a political force.
The Irish Potato Famine, outlines the causes for the Famine and the inactivity of the British and the disastrous results of the loss of millions through death or emigration. /bgriff/dighistprojects/Hogan/irish.htm   (2173 words)

 the Irish Immigrants
Catholics were feared and detested, and Americans thought that their culture, religions, and backgrounds could not be retained if thousands of Irish immigrants moved in.
Another pull factor in the third wave of Irish immigration was that their were many job openings in the railroads, coal mines, and many other industrial businesses that needed workers throughout 1840 to 1870.
The Irish were put under strict medical exams, and were sent back if they had poor health, which many had because of the bad health care in Ireland. /NORTH/curriculum/socstudies/EthnicB2/past/Irish.htm   (1122 words)

 Irish American Post
Perhaps most important are the entries providing historical surveys of the Irish in each of the 50 states and most of the major American cities.
The Irish who fled their native land, primarily during the 19th century, were the original "boat people." Their descendants numbered 44 million people, according to the 1990 census of the United States.
The story of the Irish (whether by birth or by ancestry) in America continues to be a subject of fascination as reflected in the profusion of recent books on the subject. /irishampost/year2001/07july/featured/featured07.html   (1083 words)

 Irish American Club in Shawnee Kansas (K.C.)
The Irish American Club was founded in the late 1980's and was established to promote Irish culture and to create an appreciation for Irish heritage.
Many longtime Shawnee families are of Irish descent and the need to have a formal organization that could be both social and cultural in nature was its founding purpose.
The club was formed after the City of Shawnee, Kansas established a sister city relationship with the City of Listowel in County Kerry, Ireland.   (297 words) 05/22/03 - The Brogue Wears Off: Why The Catholic Church Is Addicted To Immigration, by J.P. Zmirak
Irish immigrants built the infrastructure and guided the development of the Roman Catholic Church in America for over 100 years, manning and nunning the parishes and schools.
On mass immigration, American Catholics have an inbuilt conflict of interest—perhaps it’s more politic to call it a “tension”—between their sympathies as a subculture of immigrants in a Protestant-founded country and their duties as patriotic citizens.
It’s easy to confuse the above-mentioned conflict—between the perceived self-interest of the American Church and that of the American nation—with the classic tension that animates the whole history of the West since Constantine: the pull between earthly and heavenly citizenship, between the City of God and that of Man. /zmirak/catholic_church.htm   (1702 words)

 CROSSROADS Irish American Festival 2004 -
Additional support is provided by the Cultural Relations Committee of the Irish Government along with the generosity of the Bay Area Irish American community and their supporters and the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.
Library staff have also compiled The Irish and Irish Americans: Selected Resources at the San Francisco Public Library, a guide to featured books, archives and other materials throughout the library system.
Presented by the Irish Arts Foundation and the Irish Studies Program at New College of California in conjunction with the San Francisco Public Library, this week-long event is comprised of a rich variety of forums and performances on the art, history and politics of Irish America. /news/crossroadsfestival.htm   (451 words)

 Home Page
He is one of the founding members of the Irish American Club East Side and the Mayo Society and served as the first President of both organizations.
She is a past editor of the Schanachie, an avid ceili dancer along with being a member of the West Side Irish American Club and the Heritage Club.
Her love of Irish music is evident as you see her at any dance whether east or west on the dance floor.   (1544 words)

 Irish American Unity Conference - Welcome
THE MISSION of the IRISH AMERICAN UNITY CONFERENCE is to bring all Irish, Irish Americans and others together on the basis of their common belief in Justice and Peace in a reunited Ireland.
We acknowledge and accede to the right of all the Irish people to self-determination and are fully confident that given the opportunity, they will choose to live, respectful of the human and civil rights of all, in a sovereign and independent nation free of domination by Britain.
We are a wholly American 501c(4) organization which advocates the end of British colonial occupation and the peaceful reunification of Ireland. /index3.htm   (672 words) Irish Way
The Irish Research Fund (IRF) award program was established by the IACI in 1988 with the belief that responsible inquiry into the Irish American experience is crucial to providing a lasting record of Irish and Irish American history, traditions, and contributions to Western Civilization.
Among the nation’s leading Irish Studies researchers, Fanning received his Ph.D. in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania.
The IRF awards are the supported by restricted endowment funds from the O’Shaughnessy Family of St. Paul, Minnesota, the Irish Institute of New York, and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Philadelphia. /irf.html   (489 words)

 Irish American International Tours
Irish American International Tours is a family owned and operated company committed to providing you with the vacation experience of a lifetime.
Irish American International Tours will use all of our resources to ensure you get the most from your vacation to Ireland.
Irish American International Tours is your one stop for all of your Ireland bookings.   (188 words)

 Irish American Heritage Museum - Home Page
highlights the contributions of the Irish and Irish-Americans to the labor movement in the United States.
"Corporate Irish" focuses on the Irish and Irish Americans who made contributions to the corporate world.
A museum dedicated to recording and presenting the history and heritage of the Irish in America.   (117 words)

 ARTSEDGE: Ireland Online: Resources
As a teenager, he enjoyed the Irish showband era as the lead singer and bass and rhythm guitar player of popular Irish bands.
Enjoying Irish music by touring the globe, this duo has teamed up to present the traditional music and song of Ireland.
He now resides in the third most Irish county in the United States - Butte, Montana. /irish/learn/resources/music.html   (735 words) Organizations, News&Events in the Greater-Detroit Area
Assimilation: Scorned in the 19th Century by native-born Americans as a bad influence on the country, the Irish are thoroughly melted into the population: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 500,000 metro Detroiter's claim some Irish ancestry.
The Detroit irish Musicians Association is staging a concert of traditional Irish music song and dance at the Gaelic League.
Peak: By 1850, the Irish were the region's biggest ethnic group, about a third of the foreign-born population.   (1391 words)

 Pittsburgh Irish Network
This web site has been developed to promote the Irish-American culture in Pittsburgh, Pa. The many Irish oriented events that comprise a distinctive part of the ethnic fabric of the area have a place here to be promoted and coordinated.
We are proud to present the Pittsburgh Irish Network in the continuing sense of community and the love of all things Irish.
As for who we are, Captain Moonlight Productions has been an integral part of the Irish community of Pittsburgh for the last 20 years.   (262 words)

 The Irish Herald
The Irish Herald's 60,000 readers Irish immigrants ranging from the new arrivals to veterans of 30 or 40 years; Americans conducting business with Irish; or Americans with Irish ancestry value their heritage and like to support local business.
Since its re-launch in 1996, The Irish Herald continues to inform and entertain the ever-increasing Irish population by way of international and local Irish and Irish American news, entertainment listings, music and book reviews, advice on immigration, real estate, business and finance, travel stories and sports updates.
The Irish Herald is the oldest Irish newspaper on the West Coast.   (278 words)

 Irish Echo Online - News
The statement was signed by heads and representatives of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Irish American Unity Conference, Americans for a New Irish Agenda, the Brehon Law Society, the Irish American Labor Coalition, Irish Northern Aid, the Irish Parades Emergency Committee, Lawyers' Alliance for Justice in Ireland and the Children of Ireland Group/Irish Education Foundation.
The lobby group Irish American Republicans said it supported holding elections as soon as practicable and regretted the decision to cancel the vote.
Haass told the Irish national television and radio network, RTE, that the Bush administration's view was that statements from the IRA and Sinn Féin needed to go further and that holding elections at this juncture would not move the peace process forward. /newspaper/story.cfm?id=13145   (765 words)

 Celebrating Irish-American Heritage Month
Irish Americans are taxpayers too, so contact your local PBS station(s) and ask if it receives funding from CPB, state and/or local governments.
Schell is a tireless activist and undaunted volunteer in the Irish American community both in Baltimore and nationally.
  Ask all the Irish and Irish American groups, clubs, societies, etc., simply to let their membership know March is designated as “Irish-American Heritage Month”. /webpageirish1.htm   (843 words)

The Irish Fair is in the process of putting together a new Committee for the purpose of documenting the Irish and Irish American involvement in the Entertainment industry.
The purpose of this group is to document the Irish, Irish American involvement in the Entertainment industry.
The Foundations Irish Historical Committee and the Los Angeles Hibernians are in the process of developing an Irish Library and are seeking items that would be of interest to the community. /NEWS_PAGE/news_page.html   (1040 words)

 American Irish Historical Society
Much has changed in American society in the past 100 years, including the full assimilation of Irish Americans into the general culture and wide recognition of Irish achievements.
Founded in 1897 in Boston by 50 American Irishmen determined to combat nativist prejudices and distortions, the Society later moved to New York, where in 1940 it acquired its present Beaux-Arts townhouse.
In consequence, part of the Society's modern mission is to educate new generations about their own heritage and about Irish contributions to America's culture and history.   (215 words)

 Irish American Index .US
Special: Members of Congress, Irish and Irish-American (since 1774): Over 500 brief biographies and many photos and engravings of the members, Senate and House.
Index of 2,200 American villages, towns and counties named for Irish pioneers or Irish places.
Index and profiles of Irish in the Society of the Society of the Cincinnati.   (1195 words)

 Irish American Archives - Western Reserve Historical Society
Begun in September of 1999, the Irish American Archives is a collecting initiative of the Archives-Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society.
You may also email your questions to the Irish American Archivst, Regina Costello, at or call her at 216-721-5722 ext 326.
Irish American Archives - Western Reserve Historical Society /library/template.asp?id=153   (189 words)

 Daughters of Erin: An Irish-American women's charitable organization
Irish tradition brings the idea of offsetting sickness and invoking good luck on the occupants of the house in which the saint's cross is hung.
Upon inception, these women envisioned an organization which would perpetuate Irish music, culture, history and customs, as well as providing assistance for those in need, regardless of race, creed or religion.
The Daughters of Erin also participates with local Irish organizations in parades, festivals, picnics and other cultural events.   (469 words)

 An Irish-American History Lesson
I suspected in a certain sense the hyphen meant I was not Irish.
Nevertheless, this attempt to appeal to my Irish blood did not go down with me, even though my four grandparents were born in Ireland.
Whereupon the speaker demanded money for the Irish Republican Army -- and made it very clear that anyone who failed to respond was a traitor to his Irish blood. /articles/4117.html   (885 words)

 Irish Abroad - Irish American News
I married an American citizen and had three children, all of whom are grown.
I have her birth certificate and paperwork that would allow me to apply for an Irish passport.
“I AM an Irish citizen writing to you from Florida, where I have been residing as a legal permanent resident for the last 18 months. /news/irishinamerica/greencard   (1159 words)

 Irish American Archives Society - Western Reserve Historical Society
The Irish American Archives Society is a non-profit 501©3 organization; all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Irish American Archives Society - Western Reserve Historical Society
For information on the Irish American Archives Society, contact Peggy Cooney, (440) 835-1959, or contact them by mail: /library/template.asp?id=270   (90 words)

 Irish American Boxers
Welter-weight champion of the world twice between 1933 and 1935, Irish American, McLarnin rightly had little truck with those sports theorists who believed that social deprivation was a necessity for success in the boxing ring.
Irish boxer, known as "The Gorgeous Gael." Born at 12 Queen's Street in Queenstown (now Connolly Street in Cobh), he joined the Irish Guards at the age of 17 and boxed for the British Army, winning all 28 of his bouts, 27 of them by knockouts.
Irish" Micky Ward (born October 4, 1965) is a junior welterweight professional boxer from Lowell, Massachusetts. /boxing.htm   (6122 words)

 The Irish in America
Erie Society of Boston- Promotes knowledge of Irish culture through the encouragement of study in the arts, sciences, literature, language and history of Ireland, publicizes the contributions to civilization made by the Irish and those of Irish ancestry, and promotes consciousness of the influence of Irish through and action in the advancement of American ideals.
Coinciding with Saint Patrick's Day is Irish American Heritage Month, which was first proclaimed by the United States Congress in 1995.
According to the United States Census, Irish-Americans are better-educated and more financially sound than the American population as a whole. /irish.htm   (508 words)

 Irish American Fiction
But his subject is American in the line of Henry Roth and Ginsberg's Kaddish: immigrants driven mad by the confusion and harshness of their surroundings.
Synopsis: During the sweltering summer of 1963, a woman from a close-knit Irish family living in an insulated New York community struggles through her tenth month of pregnancy, family problems, and her own fears of the future.
Synopsis: Born in depression-era Brooklyn to recent Irish immigrants, Frank McCourt experienced a childhood fraught with poverty and occasional cruelty. /~ianet/Bookstore/novelia.html   (2965 words)

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