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Topic: Irrigated land

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In the News (Thu 19 Apr 18)

  Using Satellite Imagery to Map Irrigated Lands
Additionally, a comparison was made between the amount and location of irrigated land determined in the early 1980's (Thelin and Heimes, 1987) with estimates made from the 1992 data to determine changes in the amount and location of irrigated land.
The minimum and maximum DN values of the irrigated pixels and those of the nonirrigated pixels were used in a conditional statement model to threshold all the irrigated agriculture into one class and all other nonirrigated agriculture into a separate class.
The total amount of irrigated land calculated from the 1980 RASA data was 13.7 million acres compared to the 13 million acres calculated from the 1992 imagery, a decrease of approximately 5 percent.
gis.esri.com /library/userconf/proc02/pap0507/p0507.htm   (4025 words)

 Department of Revenue - State of Montana
All agricultural land, including grazing land, in a specified irrigation district where the land is designated as irrigable, with shares of water appurtenant to such land, shall be classified as irrigated, regardless of whether the water is actually applied or not applied to the land.
Land that is irrigated only during high water may be classified according to use, but it should carry a higher grade to reflect the occasional extra water and increased production.
Lands on which the native vegetation, non-irrigated alfalfa or other domestic varieties are cut for hay yearly or a majority of the time over a period of years.
mt.gov /revenue/forindividuals/property/class3.asp   (1628 words)

 UMass - Center for Agriculture Census Analysis
Massachusetts had a 21.82% decrease in the number of farms that use irrigation from '97 to '02, however, the use of irrigation has increased a total of 79.75% from '74 to '02, which shows that irrigation is becoming a more important activity on farms.
The total number of acres that was irrigated dropped between '97 and '02 by 11.56%.
Irrigation on harvested cropland and pasture and other land took a drop from '97 to '02 by 11.17% and 40.56% respectively.
www.umass.edu /agcenter/census/acres-irrigated.html   (300 words)

 25 Years : Part III
By 1989, there were some 233 million hectares of irrigated land in the world; 73 percent is in developing countries, representing 21 percent of all the cropped land in these countries.
The benefits of irrigation extend beyond the rural poor to the urban poor, by reducing the pressure on urban employment and infrastructure and by increasing the real wages of urban laborers who spend the greatest proportion of their incomes on food.
Successful irrigation of the future will: (a) permit much higher levels of agricultural productivity, (b) be responsive to more diversified and dynamic crop markets, (c) stimulate more profitable irrigated agriculture for many rural poor,(d) substantially improve water use efficiency, and (e) support the sustainable use of scarce land, biomass and water resources.
www.worldbank.org /html/cgiar/25years/state.html   (2267 words)

 Root Development of Field Crops: Chapter XII
In dry land, they were 1 to 7 inches in length, the longest ones being profusely rebranched, though in the irrigated soil, they were not only shorter but much more poorly furnished with laterals.
The root plan of the irrigated plants, with their widely spreading, horizontal surface root system and rather vertically descending and deeply penetrating major branches, was fairly well blocked out at the preceding examination on July 7.
On the larger roots of the irrigated plants, these lateral root-producing zones were longer, as were also some of the smaller roots, but the larger ones, originating from the base, did not extend beyond 2 feet and were less profusely branched.
www.soilandhealth.org /01aglibrary/010139fieldcroproots/010139ch12.html   (2861 words)

 G530 Rental Agreements for Irrigated Land, MU Extension
For example, if the land is valued at $750 per acre and the desired rate of return is 6 percent, the annual charge for the land would be $45 per acre.
When the lease is for irrigated land, machinery investment includes the irrigation equipment and the crop machinery used to produce the crop.
If the land is valued as dry land (or land with irrigation potential), the value of the irrigation facilities and equipment must be determined and assigned to the contributing parties.
muextension.missouri.edu /xplor/agguides/agecon/g00530.htm   (3465 words)

 USGS Colorado Water Resources Publication - Classification of Irrigated Land Using Satellite Imagery, the High Plains ...
To update the data on irrigated land, 40 summer and 40 spring images (nominal date 1992) were acquired from the National Land Cover Data set and processed using a band-ratio method (Landsat Thematic Mapper band 4 divided by band 3) to enhance the vegetation signatures.
The total amount of irrigated land classified from the 1992 imagery was 13.1 million acres, or about 12 percent of the total land in the High Plains.
Although the change in the amount of irrigated land between the two times was not substantial, the location of the irrigated land did shift from areas where there were large ground-water-level declines to other areas where ground-water levels were static or rising.
pubs.usgs.gov /wri/wrir02-4236   (432 words)

 Wells and Investments
The value of irrigated crops as a percent of all crops rose dramatically over the past 15 years according to the 1997 Census of Agriculture, the basis for the 1998 irrigation survey.
The major irrigation source of water is wells, which account for 45 percent of all irrigation water and is used on 60 percent of irrigated land.
The 1998 Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey results are used by equipment manufacturers, dealers, extension agents, government agencies, farmer associations, water and utility companies, and others to benchmark current practices, determine the most effective measures to ensure efficient irrigation, and predict the pathway of the future.
www.usda.gov /nass/events/news/fris-press-rel.htm   (765 words)

 Irrigation | State of the Land | NRCS
Percent of Irrigated Cropland in Gravity Irrigation, 1997 (5303)
Percent of Irrigated Cropland in Gravity Irrigation, 1992 (6016)
Percent of Irrigated Cropland in Gravity Irrigation, 1987 (6015)
www.nrcs.usda.gov /technical/land/irrigation.html   (172 words)

 1996 Michigan Land Values
Irrigated land values increased by 7.3% during the last 12 months, while sugar beet land values showed the strongest gains, increasing by 8.4%.
Land value increases are expected to slow during the upcoming year, but increase at a high rate relative to the five year period prior to 1996.
Irrigated land rose at a rate of 7.3%, while sugar beet land saw a strong gain of 8.4%.
web1.msue.msu.edu /msue/imp/modae/58709601.html   (3790 words)

 Lenz Realty - Alliance, Nebraska Irrigated Crop Land   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
There is a total of 334 acres of crop land of which 240 acres is irrigated by one galvanized Zimmatic Pivot Irrigation System, with 7 towers, located on one half section of land.
It is connected to the irrigation system via a buried underground pipeline to the center of the south circle.
The irrigation pump was overhauled in 1998 and all bowels and all bearings were replaced by Rasmussen Irrigation Service, Alliance, Nebraska for a cost of $7,353.19.
www.lenzrealty.com /properties/cropland.htm   (265 words)

 Water Spouts, No.167, May 1998
The area irrigation specialist is a member of the NDSU Extension Service and will work with the state extension irrigation specialist and others on developing, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive educational program that addresses irrigation development, irrigation management, irrigation system design and irrigated crop production.
Irrigation development has proceeded at a rapid pace in select areas of the state over the past one to two years.
Irrigated production offers advantages from the standpoint of a steady supply of feed grains and forages in a given geographic area (production is not impacted by drought conditions which commonly plague dryland feed grain and forage production).
www.ext.nodak.edu /extnews/spouts/snout167.htm   (3075 words)

 Managing soil resources for food security -DAWN - Business; 26 July, 2004
About 18 million ha of the cultivated land is irrigated while remaining is rainfed or is under dry farming.
About 3 million hectares of irrigated land is affected by salinity/sodicity ranging from patchy salinity to dense saline sodic soils.
The range land, which covers about 60 per cent of total area of Pakistan, is potential source of livestock development in the country.
www.dawn.com /2004/07/26/ebr17.htm   (1500 words)

 Chapter 5 -- Degradation of Irrigated Land
The area of irrigated land damaged by salt in 1995-97 is charted for 8 regions of the world on p.
The share of irrigated land that is moderately to heavily salinated is 35% in Tajikistan and 80% in Turkmenistan (all in the Aral Sea Basin) and 60% for the entire basin (Ref. 25, Ch.
of irrigated land in the coastal desert, 3000 km
home.alltel.net /bsundquist1/ir5.html   (4613 words)

 Activities: Irrigated Lands Mapping
To produce a digital dataset of irrigated lands circa 1992 which is suitable for selecting locations for new study sites and for analyzing water-quality results relative to land use.
The only existing irrigated lands map is approximately 20 years old (produced by the Regional Aquifer System Analysis program (RASA)).
Aggregate the classified image into a 2km by 2km grid of percent irrigated land to compare with the 1980 RASA data set and create a change map that indicated the location of increases and/or decreases in the amount of irrigated land in the High Plains.
co.water.usgs.gov /nawqa/hpgw/activities/IRRLANDS.html   (224 words)

 Chapter 3 -- Inventory of Irrigated Lands
In 1950, irrigated land was less than 5% of the area planted, and double-cropped areas were less than 10% of the area planted (85O1).
of irrigated land by 1987, and rehabilitate 2550 km
are causing irrigated lands to be withdrawn from cultivation.
home.alltel.net /bsundquist1/ir3.html   (4190 words)

Values were established for each of the following categories when included in a sale: 1) type of land (grazing land, irrigated and sub-irrigated pasture, irrigated meadow land, irrigated cropland, and dry cropland); 2) structural improvements; and 3) public and private grazing leases and permits.
For grazing land, average prices were $88 per acre in the eastern plains and $58 per acre in mountain-valley desert areas.
Important irrigated cropland areas in the state are regions 3 and 6.
agecon.uwyo.edu /agecon/whatwedo/publications/B1049.htm   (1347 words)

 Acreage and Irrigated Land Available in Buckeye AZ
Acreage and Irrigated Land Available in Buckeye AZ Following is a list of land lots, acreage, farms and irrigated land
A 40 acre parcel has approximately 4 acres of corrals with swing gates, feed and water troughs, squeeze shoot and loading shoot.
Land is flat and ready to build on - Savor the beautiful mountain views from your custom built dream home!
www.buckeyeazrealestate.com /land.html   (1038 words)

 Sprandel Irrigated Farm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In 2003, the irrigated acres are in alfalfa and hay barley.
There are two artesian wells on this place; one on the dryland and one at the farmstead drilled 3 years ago.
Additional irrigated hayland could possibly be leased nearby.
www.montanaranches.net /Sprandel_Irrigated_Farm.html   (174 words)

 LandAndFarm.com - Land for Sale - 6D Investment--4% Annual Return - 320 ACRES - Dawson COUNTY, Montana, United States
Also as farmers and ranchers in western Montana, sell their land for high amounts and need to reinvest their money, a natural course of action for them is to come east to purchase land.
As in any business we should be better diversified; so we are selling a portion of our land (8Q, 7G, and 6D) to allow us to purchase irrigated land and thus have a more balanced operation.
You can buy this land now to lock in your land cost; and you can get an annual return of 4% while you wait to build on it when you retire.
www.landandfarm.com /lf/s/63/69777.asp   (968 words)

 Resource Analysis - Colorado Land Ownership
level changes in farm and ranchland, cropland and irrigated land acreage based on the Colorado Agriculture Statistics Service.
Land in Farms (includes cropland, rangeland, woodland, and other land on farms and ranches)
Irrigated Land (includes irrigated cropland and irrigated pasture)
www.ag.state.co.us /resource/colorado_land_ownership.html   (94 words)

 Freshwater: UNEP.Net, the Environment Network
About 40 per cent of world food production is from irrigated agriculture whose water withdrawals have increased by over 60 per cent since 1960.
Poor management has resulted in the salinization of about 20 per cent of the world's irrigated land, significantly reducing crop production.
The agricultural community sees continued growth of irrigation as an imperative to achieve the goals adopted by the international community to reduce hunger and pove...
freshwater.unep.net /index.cfm?issue=water_irrig   (427 words)

 Irrigated Land in Farms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Home > Maps > Land Use > Irrigated Land in Farms
Information about "Irrigated Land in Farms" from Agriculture Census of the United States map, published by the U.S. Geological Survey.
This is a revised version of the April, 2000, data set.
fcit.coedu.usf.edu /florida/maps/land_use/irrigate.htm   (80 words)

 Scott Land Company - all
Dallam County, Texas - 331 acres more or less of irrigated stock farm and/or dairy location, 6 miles SE of Texline on US Hwy 87.
960 acres of irrigated farmland in Moore County, Texas.
Three sprinkler irrigated sections with homes and barns, on pavement.
scottlandcompany.tripod.com /allindex.htm   (1305 words)

 Acreage and Irrigated Land Available in Buckeye AZ (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Acreage and Irrigated Land Available in Buckeye AZ (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.isi.jhu.edu)
Following is a list of land lots, acreage, farms and irrigated land
0 Robbins Butte Rd, Arlington AZ 175 Acres surrounded by BLM land.
www.buckeyeazrealestate.com.cob-web.org:8888 /land.html   (1041 words)

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