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Topic: Isabella of Burgundy

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  Belgium - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Belgium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-21)
In 1477 Mary, the daughter of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, married Maximilian, the archduke of Austria, who later became Holy Roman emperor as Maximilian I.
The Low Countries were passed on by Mary of Burgundy to her son, Philip, who married the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.
Dying before his father, Philip left the Low Countries to his son, the future Emperor Charles V, who also became king of Spain, and so began the connection of the region (now referred to as the Spanish Netherlands) with Spain, that was to last until the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Belgium   (4427 words)

Charles was the son of Philip, Duke of Burgundy, by Joanna, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, and Burgundy was the first heritage to which he at his led, on his fathers death in 1506.
Charles, eager to push the war against the Turks, as well as to restore the unity of Christendom, was ready to partly forego his strict rights both in the Milanese and Burgundy, and to consider the question of the balance of power between his house and that of Valois.
Guelders, accordingly, resisted annexation by Burgundy, and Charles would not consent to its annexation to the Duchy of Cleves-Julich, which was favoured by Francis I and the Smalkaldic League.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03625a.htm   (4834 words)

 Flanders, Brittany, Burgundy, Anjou, Normandy, Blois, Champagne, Toulouse, etc.
Margaret then married Philip the Bold, who became the first Valois Duke of Burgundy in 1364, as his brother succeeded to the throne of France as Charles V. Thus, the fortunes of Flanders pass into the House of Burgundy and ultimately to the Hapsburgs.
It passed to the Hapsburg heirs of Burgundy but was recovered by Louis XIV in 1659 in the Peace of the Pyrennes, which finally ended the Thirty Years War with Spain (which thus actually had been a 41 years war).
Eudes IV married the heiress, Jeanne, of the Free County of Burgundy, and then his grandson Philip was preparing to marry the heiress, Margaret, of the County of Flanders.
www.friesian.com /flanders.htm   (10691 words)

 JOHN (1371–1419) - Online Information article about JOHN (1371–1419)
December 1409 gave John the guardianship of the dauphin.
The peace of Bicetre (Nov. 2, 1410) prevented the outbreak of hostilities, inasmuch as the parties were enjoined by its terms to return to their estates; but in 1411, in consequence of ravages committed by the Armagnacs in the environs of Paris, the duke of Burgundy was called back to Paris.
Montereau, when the duke of Burgundy was felled with an See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /JEE_JUN/JOHN_13711419_.html   (1632 words)

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