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Topic: Ishmaelite

  1 Chronicles 27:30 Obil the Ishmaelite had charge of the camels; and Jehdeiah
Obil the Ishmaelite had charge of the camels; and Jehdeiah the Meronothite had charge of the donkeys.
Obil the Ishmaelite had control of the camels and Jehdeiah the Meronothite of the she-asses;
And over the camels was Obil the Ishmaelite; and over the asses was Jehdiah the Meronothite.
bible.cc /1_chronicles/27-30.htm   (488 words)

  Sebeos' History
When the king of the Ishmaelites saw the success of these victories, and that he had done away with the kingdom of Iran, [he became confident], and when three years of the peace provision had passed, [the Arab caliph] no longer wanted to continue the peace with the Byzantine emperor.
The battle of the Ishmaelites with the Byzantines at Naxchawan, the destruction of the Byzantines and the destruction of Armenia.
When the king of the Ishmaelites saw that the Armenians had withdrawn from him, he had all of the hostages who had been taken from the country--some 1775 souls--put to the sword.
rbedrosian.com /seb11.htm   (5007 words)

 Marching to the Arch on the Trail of Death   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Tribe of Ishmael, or Ishmaelites, was a tightly knit nomadic community of African, Native American, and "poor white" descent, estimated to number about 10,000.
That she was Ishmaelite is supported by her characterization as a "little gypsy" and "from a wild country settlement" in Riley's essay which amplifies the poem.
An Ishmaelite could be seen at one time as a childish but lascivious "Negro," a violent and savage "Indian," a shiftless and feeble-minded poor-white, and - most unspeakable - a mongrel product of the defilement of racial purity.
www.walkinginplace.org /march/06_E01.htm   (502 words)

 The Ishmaelite of Oklahoma.
Four hundred years ago the race to which this Ishmaelite of Oklahoma belongs was an independent, self-governing nation–citizens of a sylvan republic, with laws respected throughout their wide domain–a nation crude, but child-like in its working, but capable of high-development, courageous, virtuous, heroic in endurance.
But the farmer of Oklahoma today, as he looks [Page 386] across his broad acres and sees his shocks of golden wheat, his fields of waving corn, his cotton with its bursting bolls; when he gathers peaches from his orchard and grapes from his vineyard, forgets the labor and privations of his past four years.
The white man had again told the Ishmaelite of Oklahoma to "move on," and as, like Dickens' little Joe, he had been moving on and moving on ever since he was born, he obeyed.
digital.library.upenn.edu /women/eagle/congress/douglas.html   (2580 words)

 Ghewond, Armenian History, Arab History, Khazars, Byzantine History
For he had heard that the Ishmaelite general had called upon his troops to spread about raiding here and there, to take a lot of booty and captives and return to their own land.
Now when [the Byzantine troops] had arisen and were approaching the Ishmaelite troops, the latter immediately were aware of their pursuit since [the Byzantine army had stirred up and was] accompanied by a great cloud of dust.
As soon as the Ishmaelite general read this letter he became even more furious and rose up like a wild beast to do battle against the solidity of a rock, so that he be caught in his own trap, as was fitting.
rbedrosian.com /ghew4.htm   (2953 words)

 Subject: (no subject)
ISHMAELITE ΒΌ a descendant of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar...
ISHMAELITES, a people frequently mentioned in the Bible, for example in Genesis 37:25 and Judges 8:24; they were Arab nomads who traded with Egypt...
According to Genesis 25:12‑18, the Ishmaelites (like the Israelites) were divided into twelve tribes and pitched their tents in Northern Arabia as far as the borders of Egypt and
www.israelect.com /reference/WillieMartin/Ted_Weiland.htm   (1840 words)

 The Jerusalem Conspiracy
But the Ishmaelites envied [the Jews], expelled them from the place, and named the same building their own place of prayer.
Now it happened that there was a certain grandee Ishmaelite who went to worship in their private place of prayer [i teghi aghawt'its' iwreants' miayn].
When he was unable to find them, he was silent and went to his place Then many [Ishmaelites] entered the place and saw the evil, and they spread a lament throughout the city.
pages.sbcglobal.net /zimriel/Islam/conspiracy.html   (1817 words)

 Looking Unto Jesus - Who was Amasa's father? - Limestone Church of Christ, Kingston, Ontario, Standing for New ...
Recall that Ishmael was the son born to Abraham by the slave woman, Hagar.
It is possible that Amasa's father dwelt in the land of the Ishmaelites, and he was so designated for that reason, or perhaps he was an Ishmaelite by birth.
If it is the former, then the reference to his being an Israelite is a statement of his nationality, if it is the latter, then it is the opposite, namely that he was a man of Ishmael who dwelt in the land of Israel.
www.lookinguntojesus.net /ata20050522.htm   (327 words)

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