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Topic: Islamic studies

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In the News (Fri 15 Feb 19)

  Department of Religious Studies | Yale University
Islamic Studies is one of ten fields in the Department of Religious Studies, where students and professors researching different religious traditions interact.
Students in Islamic Studies are expected to develop both a comprehensive knowledge of Islamic intellectual history and religious thought, as well as mastery of a field of specialization and the requisite tools for critical scholarship on Islam.
The field examination in Islamic Scripture and Tradition focuses on the study of Qur`an and Hadith, the composition and redaction of the Qur`an, the history of the text, and the major trends of its interpretation, e.g.
www.yale.edu /islamicstudies   (2922 words)

 2006-2007 Program Requirements - Islamic Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The faculty supervisors report to the interdepartmental degree committee which meets to review student progress and advises each student in writing by the end of Spring Quarter as to whether their progress is sufficient to warrant continuation in the program.
Students who intend to proceed from the M.A. degree to the Ph.D. degree in Islamic Studies must first fulfill all requirements for the M.A. degree and receive a pass to continue from two of the three faculty supervisors.
Language proficiency may be demonstrated by (1) providing evidence of being a native speaker; (2) passing a program-administered examination; (3) completing three intermediate-level courses with a grade of B or better (these courses are not counted toward the degree); or (4) submitting evidence of completion of equivalent coursework elsewhere.
www.gdnet.ucla.edu /gasaa/pgmrq/islamic.asp   (2007 words)

  Basic Information - Major : Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies is a multidisciplinary major incorporating the fields of art, politics, religion, history, philosophy, literature, international studies, and others.
As an Islamic Studies major, you’ll be gaining a solid humanities-based education with an emphasis on Islamic languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.
You’ll study Islamic literature both in its original languages and in translation, and, as is the case with most liberal arts majors, your studies will touch upon what it means to be human and how we define our world.
www.princetonreview.com /college/research/majors/majorBasics.asp?majorID=148   (124 words)

 Islam & Science: Islamic Studies
Specific Islamic political entities of the past have been scrutinized, as have the development of social and cultural movements and art forms such as calligraphy and literature within their historical contexts.
Islamic Studies has, over the years, paid considerable attention to intellectual conflicts and considerations arising from various specific regions.
Islamic Studies is abstracted in Science and Religion and indexed in Index Islamicus and Middle East Journal.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0QYQ/is_2_1/ai_n6145355   (1141 words)

 Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut - Makassed Higher Institute of Islamic Studies
The Higher Institute of Islamic Studies was established in 1401 a.h., 1981 c.e.
The Higher Institute of Islamic Studies is a forum of thought and freedom of expression and a center for the Islamo-Christian dialogue and cultural exchange in general.
Students' applications for admission to the Higher Institute of Islamic Studies are studied case by case and the requirements for the degree program are set accordingly for every students depending on his academic background.
www.makassed.org.lb /islamicstudies.html   (545 words)

 UCSB Catalog: Islamic Studies
Islamic and Near Eastern Studies is an interdisciplinary program in which students can explore the myriad peoples, societies, languages, and cultures of the Near East and the Islamic worlds from a variety of perspectives.
The B.A. in Islamic and Near Eastern Studies aims to provide an educational experience satisfying in and for itself, while simultaneously developing the body of knowledge and skills necessary for graduate study or an area-based career in business, government, or international development.
As a key part of their studies Islamic and Near Eastern Studies strongly recommends, though does not require, that students spend a substantial period of time abroad in the UC Education Abroad Program centers in Jerusalem or Cairo, or in other suitable programs.
www.catalog.ucsb.edu /97cat/l&s/islamic.htm   (566 words)

 Introduction to the Institute of Islamic Studies - McGill University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
It is now part of the Faculty of Arts, with its main focus being the disciplined study of Islamic civilisation throughout the scope of its history and geographical spread.
It is also concerned with the contemporary dynamics of the Islamic world as Muslims seek to relate their heritage from the past to the present.
Courses, seminars and possibilities for research are offered in: Islamic languages (Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Urdu), in Islamic history, in the social and economic institutions of Islam, in Islamic thought, and in modern developments in various regions of the Islamic world.
www.arts.mcgill.ca /programs/islamic/overview   (517 words)

 Islamic studies program gains recognition - THE DAILY BRUIN ONLINE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
But for some, the study of Islam is the focus for their entire academic and career plans.
The current lack of a core curriculum and the amount of flexibility in the program, first-year Islamic studies doctoral student Ayman Shabana said, are drawbacks that particularly affect students who are not clear as to what direction they want to pursue with their research.
One encouraging factor for Islamic studies students is the growing job markets for specialists in Islam and related fields.
www.dailybruin.ucla.edu /news/articles.asp?id=31643   (763 words)

 The Chronicle: 9/13/2002: Islamic Studies' Young Turks
He argues that while the Islamic world was at the forefront of human civilization and achievement for several centuries, it has been in a protracted state of decline during the modern age.
As contemporary fundamentalists are "increasingly shutting off the possibilities for a tolerant interpretation of the Islamic tradition," turning "its richness and humanism" into "a distant memory," the task for Muslim reformers, he contends, is to champion an enlightened interpretation of Islam compatible with pluralism, toleration, and human rights.
As for resistance among scholars of Middle East studies to criticism of the Islamic world, perhaps the divide is a generational one.
chronicle.com /free/v49/i03/03a01401.htm   (2926 words)

 Harvard University Gazette: Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal donates $20 million to support the Harvard University Islamic ...
Scholarship on the Islamic tradition at Harvard currently encompasses a broad range of disciplines, from religious studies, history, and law, to art and literature.
However, the primary strength of Islamic studies at Harvard lies both in the coverage of a broad range of fields of study in the early and middle periods of Islamic history (ca.
Further, the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, England, received a €1 million endowment from the prince.
www.news.harvard.edu /gazette/daily/2005/12/13-islamic_gift.html   (1264 words)

 Islamic Studies Islam & Science - Find Articles
One of the goals of the journal was to cast new light on the Islamic tradition and to reevaluate this tradition in order to serve the contemporary needs of the Ummah.
These studies have covered a large range of topics--from QurIanic hermeneutics to anthropomorphism, and from studies on hadith literature to articles dealing with legal, social and religious aspects of Sunnah.
Many issues have carried an article that highlight the life and works of a single individual from the Islamic tradition with elucidation and analysis of his or her impact upon both the tradition and various movements within it.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0QYQ/is_2_1/ai_n6145355   (615 words)

 Islamic Studies
The MA in Islamic Studies is designed to give students a foundation in Islamic Studies through the study of Arabic and courses on the Qu’ran, Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism, Islamic Law, History of Islam and modern developments in the Muslim world.
The degree will provide excellent preparation for a PhD in Islamic Studies, for PhDs in other areas of the study of religion (philosophy, theology, history of religions) and for PhD Studies outside of religion (politics, economics, history, communications) and for work and service in Muslim communities.
The MA in Islamic Studies was established through the several grants from the National Endowment of the Humanities and the support of the Muslim community through the fund-raising efforts of the Islamic Studies Council.
www.cgu.edu /pages/3995.asp   (397 words)

 Islamic studies in Graduate Programs of Religious Studies
There is certainly no uniformity in the way Religious Studies departments structure their programs, or in the way that they conceive of Islamic studies (barely half of these universities include Islamic studies in their graduate curricula).
The concentration in Islamic Studies is flexible and may be configured according to the student's interests and professional goals.
A distinctive feature of this program is the opportunity for students not only to gain advanced training in specific fields of religious studies, but also to acquire a basic knowledge of the world's major religious traditions and of the principal methods and theories employed in the study of religion.
www.unc.edu /~cernst/reliprograms.htm   (1431 words)

 Al-Quds University - Faculty of Islamic Studies
Established in 1996, the Faculty of Quran and Islamic Studies provides its students with a background in general cultural studies and exposes them to various ideas and intellectual trends throughout the world.
The Faculty directs the student towards an investigation in many areas of study, including those of art and literature, law and legislation, philosophy and logic, religious beliefs and ways of worship, systems of government, the human sciences, the Quranic sciences, and research methodology.
The objective of the Faculty of Quran and Islamic Studies is to produce graduates with wide-ranging knowledge and deepened religious awareness who, as teachers or as court counselors, are capable of contributing to, and strengthening Arabic society and its cultural and religious bonds.
www.alquds.edu /faculties/islamic/index.php   (496 words)

 Duke University Graduate Program in Religion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Ph.D. program in Islamic Studies at Duke covers the study of Islam as a religious and intellectual tradition as well as the study of Muslim societies past and present.
Rigorous emphasis on the humanities and social sciences requires students to explore the classical Islamic sciences at the same time that they examine the cultural and historical expression of Islamicate civilization in its various historical phases.
Areas of strength include: history (medieval, early modern and postcolonial; intellectual, cultural and social) and Islamic thought (also medieval, early modern and postcolonial; legal, philosophical and theological), with special attention to law and society, Qur'anic studies, hermeneutics & text criticism, Sufism, human rights, and gender studies.
www.duke.edu /web/gradreligion/academics/areasofstudy/islam.htm   (594 words)

 Department of Islamic Studies - Preston University Ajman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
We welcome you to the official homepage of the Department of Islamic Studies at Preston University Ajman.
It involves a focused study in the various branches of Islamic knowledge in order to pave the way for practical applications of Islamic research and solutions to current issues.
Their common purpose is to gain Islamic knowledge in detail, put it into practice in their day-to-day life and to present the correct image of Islam through various media channels and to work for the betterment of the Muslim Ummah and the world community at large.
www.islamicstudiespu.com   (231 words)

 Islamic studies programs thrive at University, as interest in Islam grows
The University has a long history of distinguished scholarship in the field of Islamic studies, extending back to its founding when Arabic was offered during the first quarter of instruction in 1893.
Today, the main focus of such study is in the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, in which the overwhelming majority of scholars at the University who specialize in the Islamic world hold their appointments.
The department’s programs in Islamic studies are focused on several tracks: Islamic history and civilization, Islamic thought, literatures of the Middle East, and Islamic archaeology.
chronicle.uchicago.edu /050714/islamicstudies.shtml   (743 words)

 Islamic Studies Courses - University of Central Lancashire
Islamic Studies as an academic discipline provides critical insights into Islam through a consideration of the central belief systems which shape the lived experiences of Muslims around the world.
The course is designed to equip students for employment in areas where an understanding of Islam is important, for example in the public sector such as the health authority; voluntary sector working on community development initiatives; or in the private sector where an organisation may have clients in the Middle East.
Students may also pursue further studies in a range of related disciplines including theology, philosophy, teaching and public administration.
www.uclan.ac.uk /courses/ug/subjects/islamic.htm   (200 words)

 The Qur'anic Studies
This section is devoted to the recent research carried out in the field of the Qur'anic studies.
The verse 2:251 is used to show Qur'anic i`jaz as well as to draw attention to the historical events related to the verse.
It is usually assumed that the dotting of the Arabic script began with the advent of dotting of Qur'anic manuscripts.
www.islamic-awareness.org /Quran/Q_Studies   (913 words)

 UCLA Islamic Studies IDP
Advanced Islamic Studies students have also been successful in competing for Teaching Assistantships in UCLA Extension and at other Southern California institutions of higher learning such as UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, Loyola University and the Claremont Graduate University School of Religion.
The Center for Near Eastern Studies and its Islamic Studies Program serve as a nexus of academic activities, such as the international Giorgio Levi Della Vida Conference and Award which honors outstanding scholars for their contributions to the field and to the profession.
Career opportunities for specialists in Islamic Studies are increasing, and UCLA provides world-class academic and professional training to meet the growing demand for experts in the social sciences, humanities and professional fields.
www.international.ucla.edu /idps/islamicstudies   (1326 words)

 UK - Islamic Studies
Since the early eighties Islamic Studies was part of the Department of Russian and Eastern Studies (RAE) at the
 The approval of a MINOR in Islamic Studies in the spring of 2002 and the creation of a second faculty position in Islamic Studies emphasize the timely response of the University to the growing interest in understanding.
Develop an informed appreciation of the contributions of the Islamic civilization to the accumulation of knowledge in the history of the humankind.
www.as.uky.edu /IslamicStudies   (733 words)

 Finance - Islamic Banking - References   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Ariff, M. 'Monetary policy in an interestfree Islamic economy nature and scope' in M. Ariff, (ed.), Monetary and Fiscal Economics of Islam, International Centre for Research in Islamic Economics, Jeddah.
The Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt, Cairo, gave a 9 per cent rate of return on deposits in the same year (Afkar Inquiry, December 1985).
The market shares of the Islamic banks are close to 20 per cent in Egypt, Kuwait and Sudan and roughly l0 per cent in Jordan and Qatar.
islamicity.com /finance/IslamicBanking_References.htm   (1220 words)

 NPR : Islamic Studies a Hot New Course at U.S. Colleges
The course, Introduction to Islam, is one of a growing number of Islamic studies courses being offered by universities across the country.
In the wake of the September 11 attacks, interest in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies has surged and universities are scrambling to meet that demand.
"If you're a Middle East studies faculty member and the map of the Middle East you're teaching from does not have the state of Israel on it, that is geographically and politically inaccurate," he says.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=5161888   (702 words)

 Islamic studies invite Catholics to discover faith connections | The-Tidings.com
The university's department of religious studies received financial support to establish the Islamic studies chair from two Turkish businessmen inspired by the teachings of Nursi, a prolific writer on Islam.
Loyola University Chicago initiated a minor in Islamic world studies this fall and Georgetown University in Washington plans to launch a doctorate program in Islamic studies next year.
Last year, the center was honored by the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati for its efforts in bringing together local Muslims and members of the Cincinnati community.
www.the-tidings.com /2006/1201/islamstudies.htm   (804 words)

 Centre for Islamic Studies, Dept. of Theology, Religious Studies & Islamic Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter
The Centre for Islamic Studies is part of the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies, and attracts a broad range of postgraduate and undergraduate students.
Prospective students who wish to study selected Islamic Studies modules as part of a MA World Religions taught degree (or for one of our other taught degrees) should visit our Department of Theology and Religious Studies Taught MAs page for further information.
If you are interested in studying for a B.A.(Hons.) in Islamic Studies (or studying Islam as part of a Religious Studies degree), then visit the department's page for Prospective Undergraduates
www.lamp.ac.uk /cis   (394 words)

 Islamic Tradition
Cyber-guide designed for westerners provides extensive hyper-linked resources on basic beliefs, Islamic history and civilizations, companions of Muhammed, women in Islam, and topics of current concern (attack on America, terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism, plight of women under the Taliban).
Mostly non-partisan cyber-portal Islamic resources on the WWW offers quick access to sites concerned with basic beliefs (5 pillars), art, history and science, Muhammad, Qur'an, tradition, Sunnah and inter-faith relations.
Alan Godlas' comprehensive guide to the Islamic world and gateway to related resources on the internet presents well-annotated pages on the Quran and Muhammad, standards of faith and practice, Sufism, the role of women and the extremist terrorism (U of Georgia).
virtualreligion.net /vri/islam.html   (429 words)

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