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Topic: Israel and the United Nations

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 United Nations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The United Nations headquarters building was constructed in New York City in 1949 and 1950 beside the East River on land purchased by an 8.5 million dollar donation from John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
The United Nations is also a forum in which to support the right of women to participate fully in the political, economic, and social life of their countries.
Also implicated in the scandal is United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, whose son Kojo Annan is alleged to have illegally procured UN oil-for-food contracts on behalf of a Swiss company, Coctecna. /wiki/United_Nations   (4969 words)

 Statement by Ambassador Dan Gillerman, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, to the Security Council - Oct 14, 2003
This is the true double standard at the United Nations and, sooner or later, it must be addressed.
In fact, not only has Israel repeatedly asserted that there is no political significance to this fence, we have demonstrated in practice and articulated in negotiations that Israel is ready and able, at tremendous cost, to adjust or dismantle a fence if it so required as part of a political settlement.
Many lies and misrepresentations have been made about Israel's security measures, but no lie is so bold and audacious as the one which pretends that Israel's actions occur in a vacuum and are not in response to years of terrorism of the most vicious and brutal kind. /mfa/go.asp?MFAH0nvw0   (3995 words)

 Double Standards: Iraq, Israel And The United Nations
Israel ignores the United Nations and has weapons of mass destruction.
Israel, denying responsibility for their flight, says that the same resolution stipulates that these refugees had to be willing to “live at peace with their neighbours” and that the Palestinians, having rejected the UN-sanctioned partition of Palestine, were not prepared to live in peace with the new Jewish state.
Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has endured for 35 years, against the will of the Palestinian inhabitants, who dearly want, and in the eyes of the world have long deserved, a state of their own. /article1604.htm   (2162 words)

 Israel and the United Nations - Resolutions 242 and 338
United Nations Resolutions 242 is the most prominent and central to the peace process as it has developed over the last thirty years.
The Arab view countered this as they believed that Israel was imposed on their region by a Western institution - the United Nations and had no power to decide the fate of the people of the region.
Israel and the United Nations - Resolutions 242 and 338 /article.cfm/middle_east_politics/972   (704 words)

 The Exclusion of Israel from the United Nations Regional Group System
To the extent that Israel's total exclusion from the regional group system, and hence from full and equal participation in the work of the United Nations, is the consequence of actions and omissions by UN Members, I am of the opinion that such action is a breach by Members of their obligations under the Charter.
Israel's continuing exclusion from the regional group system is both unlawful and strikes at the roots of the principles on which the United Nations exists.
The matter I have been asked to address is the very damaging and unique position in which the State of Israel finds itself, of being excluded from membership of any one of the now five "regional groups" of Members of the United Nations. /jsource/UN/Jennings.html   (1084 words)

 Israel elected a vice-president of U.N. - - Middle East - News
In 1975, relations between Israel and the United Nations reached a low point when the General Assembly voted to equate Zionism with racism, a move that was repealed in the 1990s.
UNITED NATIONS --Israel was elected one of 21 vice-presidents of the next General Assembly session on Monday, in what the Jewish state called a historic move toward its full representation on key U.N. bodies.
The United Nations was created in the wake of World War II and the Holocaust. /news/world/middleeast/articles/2005/06/13/israel_elected_a_vice_president_of_un   (552 words)

 Israel Palestine United Nations
With the consent of the United Nations and the international community in conjunction with the leading Arab nations, the Israeli people for over 50 years have been under continual attack with impunity.
Israel can never put the fate of their nation in the hands of nations of tyranny and in the hands of those that are committed to capitulating to these nations by trading in her fundamental rights in order to achieve pace.
Thus to the United Nations and its supporting cast, any acts of the United States to eradicate terror from nations that support terror and tyranny is seen as the cause for further threatening the chance for peace and security in the world. /alert/israel1.htm   (4601 words)

 Israel and the United Nations 1998-1999: The Fourth Geneva Convention and Resolution 181
Israel and the United Nations 1998-1999: The Fourth Geneva Convention and Resolution 181
As has been true since its initial membership in the world body over 50 years ago, in the 1998-1999 session Israel faced a number of political and diplomatic attacks, initiated primarily by the Arab group at the United Nations.
Since 1997 the Arab group at the United Nations has been trying to invoke the Fourth Geneva Convention against Israel, in regard to its settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and in particular at Har Homa in Jerusalem. /PresRele/UnitedNations_94/3468_94.asp   (1146 words)

Israel and Laos renewed diplomatic relations December 6, at a ceremony in the United Nations building in New York.
The drive to bring a resolution supporting the Middle East peace process to the General Assembly was initiated by the Israeli mission to the United Nations, along with the United States and Russian missions, which led the efforts to adopt it.
Israel is determined to play an active role in the work of the Committee on Information in promoting the free circulation of information, which will strengthen peace and international understanding. /mfa/go.asp?MFAH0cg80   (1375 words)

This Israel could do much more for the United Nations were it not for a significant obstacle: its status as the only Member State that is not a member of a regional group, which is the basis for participation in many United Nations bodies and activities.
When Israel joined the United Nations 50 years ago today, it was a moment of redemption and, not least, a reminder of the United Nations' cardinal mission of dignity, human rights and peace.
Israel's admission to the United Nations was one such example. /news/press/docs/1999/19990512.SGSM6990.html   (803 words)

 OU Hails Israel's Acceptance into WEOG - May 31, 2000 - OU/IPA Interactive Center at OU.ORG
We applaud those nations who helped Israel gain acceptance into this regional group and especially note the efforts of Ambassador Richard Holbrook, US ambassador to the United Nations, as meriting special praise.
The Orthodox Union today applauded the long awaited acceptance of Israel into a United Nations regional group, namely the Western European and Others Group.
Ultimately, Israel will be able to participate as a full member in the fellowship of nations and be able to serve on such bodies as the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and other policy-making bodies of the UN. /public/statements/2000/betty13.htm   (382 words)

 Israel and the United Nations - Introduction
Although the United Nations has long been a forum for political attacks against Israel, in the 1960s and 1970s two resolutions were passed which, in later decades, became the cornerstone of Middle East diplomatic efforts.
For example, between 1974 and 1987 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) instituted financial sanctions against the Jewish State,
Several UN committees and divisions of the Secretariat, which primarily serve the interests of the Arab nations that encouraged their creation in the 1970s, are also extremely critical of Israel. /international/Israel-UN-2-background.asp   (524 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions
Status of Palestinian Arabs in the UN On November 10, 1975, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 3237 that conferred on the PLO the status of observer in the Assembly and in other international conferences held under United Nations auspices.
Aside from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Communist voting bloc in the United Nations, the UN had, in a practical sense, assumed its originally intended role as a peacemaker in a number of conflicts, such as those in Kosovo, Rwanda, and others.
Since West Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since it was founded and the whole city has been the capital since it was reunited in 1967, this anachronism is obviously unacceptable to Israel. /pf_faq_palestine_un_anti_israel_bias.php   (3248 words)

 AEI - Events
Israel, though the most democratic country in the Middle East region, constantly has its sovereignty and right to defend itself called into question by the United Nations.
While this perspective does harm Israel, the harm to the United Nations itself is much greater.
Israel is the only UN member state that originated from a UN resolution, the only state that has had its right to exist questioned by another UN resolution, and the only member state that is ineligible for membership in the Security Council and other UN bodies. /events/filter.economic,eventID.862/summary.asp   (1562 words)

 Equality for Israel at the United Nations Act of 2000 - An OU/IPA Action Alert
Israel can not exercise its full right as a member of the United Nations and can not contribute its expertise and knowledge through the many committees to which it’s denied membership.
Re: Equality for Israel at the United Nations Act of 2000
Equality for Israel at the United Nations Act of 2000 - An OU/IPA Action Alert /public/actionalerts/2000/equalun00.htm   (440 words) - Disputes delay U.N. mission to Jenin camp - May 1, 2002
Israel insists the team must have a narrow mandate to avoid U.N. intervention in future peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.
Israel wants the power to decide who testifies and the power to subpoena witnesses.
Peres said Israel's political leaders, and not the soldiers, are responsible for what happened at the refugee camp. /2002/WORLD/meast/04/29/un.jenin   (309 words)

 "United Nations Against Israel" by Gary Fitleberg
Various and sundry branches of the United Nations Against Israel have consistently and continually endorsed Arab “Palestinian” attacks against Israel (or in U.N.A.I terminology — the use of “available means including armed struggle” against “foreign occupation”) and perpetuate a political propaganda ploy of a fictitious Arab “Palestine” nation and “Palestinian” people.
End the existence of the United Nations Against Israel.
The ultimate objective is Israel’s annihilation and the mass murder and mayhem of the non-Muslim population from the entire Middle East. /content/contentDisplay.asp?aid=12978&catcode=13   (1051 words) > News > World -- Israel hopes Gaza pullout will end 'Israel bashing' at United Nations
UNITED NATIONSIsrael hopes its disengagement from Gaza and parts of the West Bank will end "Israel bashing" at the United Nations and lead to peace with the Palestinians, Israel's U.N. ambassador said.
For most of its history, Israel has found itself nearly alone at the United Nations, supported only by the United States and a few other countries while facing dozens of Arab and Muslim states that have pushed anti-Israel resolutions in the General Assembly and the Security Council.
Shortly after his press conference, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Annan believes the start of Israel's disengagement is "a moment of promise and hope" that will revive the road map to peace sponsored by the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia. /news/world/20050816-0010-un-israeldisengagement.html   (602 words)

 Israel marks 50 tumultuous years at the United Nations (May 14, 1999)
Israel is regularly singled out at the United Nations, and the collective strength of Arab-Muslim member-states virtually ensures the passage of anti-Israel resolutions.
Still, Gaer, who has been observing Israel at the United Nations for 25 years, said that she sees some subtle indications of progress and improving civility toward Israel.
The stone "only emphasizes the uninterrupted Jewish existence for thousands of years in the land of Israel," Ariel Sharon said in a speech that stressed Israel's nationhood, making only tacit reference to the United Nations. /bk990514/iunitednations.shtml   (933 words)

 The United Nation's War Against Israel by David Harsanyi -- Capitalism Magazine
It's all in good fun to allow third-world delegates to play dress up in Western-style garb, live their lives in the West's richest city and enjoy the fruits of Western-style democracy, but to permit nations that have trouble constructing a three-story building to undermine a thriving democracy with biased resolutions and fabricated histories is unacceptable.
Summary: In the United Nation's General Assembly, 429 anti-Israel resolutions were passed from 1967 to 1988.
United Nations Scandal: Kofi Annan Aide Shredded Thousands of Documents /article.asp?ID=1617   (1053 words)

 Israel Joins the United Nations - May 11, 1949
While many United Nations resolutions and efforts have not been favorable to Israel due to mass voting by the Arab and former Soviet bloc countries, what is important is that Israel is a full member with all the rights and privileges of her counterpart members within the United Nations.
As a result of United Nations Resolution 181, the international community of nations, under the auspices of the newly formed United Nations, moved to divide the British mandate of Palestine into two nations: a Jewish State and an Arab State.
Israel Joins the United Nations - May 11, 1949 /doingzionism/resources/view.asp?id=1041&subject=79   (649 words)

 Israel and the United Nations
In May 1947, the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) was formed.
The United Nations was born on October 24, 1945, at the close of the World War Two.
Preview - The UN is strongly biased against Israel and opposes its struggle for survival. /vdrsltns.html   (1796 words)

 "One-Sided: The Ongoing Campaign Against Israel In The United Nations"
This assessment is among the conclusions of a just-released special American Jewish Committee report, "One-Sided: The Ongoing Campaign Against Israel in the United Nations," which summarizes key 51st Session and Emergency Session General Assembly resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict and provides tables that catalogue every member country's votes.
In addition to this report, AJC has launched a major public education campaign, including advertisements in U.S. and international newspapers and periodicals, urging Israel's acceptance as an equal member of the United Nations system, eligible to sit on the Security Council and other key UN bodies.
"One-Sided: The Ongoing Campaign Against Israel In The United Nations" /charity11/00348.html   (542 words)

 Israel Must Be Declared A Terrorist State
The United Nations General Assembly must pass resolutions declaring Israel to be in violation of the UN Charter of Member States and suspend Israel from the United Nations effective immediately.
Both Israel and the United States are guilty of violations of numerous UN Resolutions concerning the treatment of Palestinian citizens and the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.
Israel needs ostracized and isolated by sanctions from the rest of the entire international community of nations until it falls into line and stops this intentional decimation of Palestine. /general41/mustbe.htm   (639 words)

 Fitleberg - 2004, May 10
The United Nations just held it’s 60th session of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva where they were presented with several proposals aimed at ending human rights abuses and violations by the member states.
As a member nation of the U.N. not only is Israel deserving and entitled to civility and respect, it must not be the focus and object of discrimination and ostracization.
During the session, UNCHR met and not surprisingly passed a resolution condemning Israel for the killing of Yassin and the alleged “continuing grave violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” The final vote: 31-3, with 18 abstentions. /guestcontributors/fitleberg_20040510.html   (1769 words)

 Israel United Nations
At the United Nations, the lives of Israeli children are worth less than the lives of Palestinian children, Israel's ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman said Wednesday after he was forced to withdraw a resolution calling for the protection of Israeli children from terrorism.
United Nations states that Israeli children are not afforded the same human rights as Palestinian children.
Israel presented its draft resolution only after the resolution on Palestinian children was presented to, and adopted by, the Committee. /israelichildren.html   (990 words)

 israelinsider: diplomacy: Israel, United Nations remain deadlocked over videotape
Since then, the United Nations has apparently hardened its position, and does not plan to provide Israel with a copy of the tape at all.
The United Nations is trying to remain neutral in the Israel-Lebanon dispute, a position that Israel cannot accept when the lives of hostages are at stake.
Israel remains deadlocked with the United Nations over the future of a videotape, filmed by UNIFIL forces the day after the kidnapping of three IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon in October 2000. /channels/diplomacy/articles/dip_0058.htm   (642 words)

 MIFTAH--Israel's Rocky Relations with the United Nations
Below is a list of crises between Israel and the United Nations.
A resolution by the U.N. General Assembly calling on Israel to tear down its controversial West Bank barrier is the latest episode in Israel's tumultuous relations with the United Nations.
Israel says this figure highlights the power of the pro-Palestinian Arab and Muslim bloc in pushing through anti-Israeli resolutions in the General Assembly. /Display.cfm?DocId=4321&CategoryId=14   (432 words)

 The United Nations and Israel
The purpose of this special section of our site, THE UNITED NATIONS & ISRAEL, is to trace the standings, attitudes, speeches and votes of the nation members, their Resolutions and Voting Records towards Israel and the Middle East generally:
There is every indication that the leaders of the United Nations never intended that the nation of Israel was to live very long after she declared her independence May 14, 1948.
AND to note Canada's policies, positions and UN voting records concerning the Middle East in General, and Israel in particular. /un/un.html   (203 words)

 Music - Healing Music from Israel at the United Nations
Composer/pianist Richard Shulman, member of The Positive Music Group who is organizing the United Nations peace concert, says, "We are bringing some of our finest artists together for this concert at the United Nations as a statement of and for world peace."
(PRWEB) September 13, 2004 -- Voices of Eden from Israel at the United Nations.
Gilad will be on the East Coast of the United States beginning October 14 and plans to perform, teach and present to a variety of informal and formal gatherings, professional and interfaith groups. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1940   (786 words)

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