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The Norman Haters had become polarised into three camps: a pro-Byzantine party; a pro-Church of Rome party; and an Italo-Lombard group.
Norman power in southern Italy was further strengthened in 1057 when the young Prince Panduld of Capua died and Richard of Aversa managed to surprise and take the city and the title.
By 1021 Basil Boioannes was becoming highly alarmed by the steadily growing number of Normans arriving in Italy; with the almost limitless Byzantine wealth behind him he set into action a massive program of fortification building. /history.htm

 French language
Oïl languages Langue d'Oïl (meaning the language where one says "oïl" for "yes") are those dialects in the north of France which were the most affected by the Frankish invasions (dialects like Picard languagePicard, Walloon languageWalloon, Francien, Norman languageNorman, etc.).
The earliest extant text in French is the Oath of Strasbourg from 842; Old French became a literary language with the ''chanson de gestechansons de geste'' that told tales of the paladins of Charlemagne and the heroes of the Crusade/s.
In the north-eastern regions are speakers of Alsatian languageAlsatian (a Germanic languagesGermanic language), and Flemish (a dialect of Dutch languageDutch). /find/French_language

 Siculo-norman Armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles
Even after the conquest of Sicily from the ruling Emirs, local Muslim troops served an important role in the Italo-norman armies, with the aristocrats serving as mercenaries in the army in exchange for a degree of religious tolerance and some autonomy.
The first Normans to enter the scene in Italy were most likely adventurers or mercenaries aiding in the revolt against Byzantine rule.
This list allows you to construct Siculo-norman wargames armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles, spanning the period between the establishment of the first Norman states in the mid-11th century, up to the end at the hands of the German Emperor in 1194. /garrand.geo/ItalioNorman.html   (1192 words)

 Italo-Albanian Church --  Encyclopædia Britannica
The Italo-Greeks were Byzantine-rite Catholics; but, after the Norman invasion of the 11th century, most of them were forcibly Latinized.
also called Italo-greek Church, or Italo-greek-albanian Church, an Eastern-rite member of the Roman Catholic communion, comprising the descendants of ancient Greek colonists in southern Italy and Sicily and 15th-century Albanian refugees from Ottoman rule.
Eastern Catholics—in contrast to Western, or Latin, Catholics, who have a history continuous from the 1st century AD—trace their origins largely to the failure of the ecclesiastical authorities at the Council of Ferrara-Florence in 1439 to unite Christians of the East and West. /eb/article?tocId=9043028   (1192 words)

 Sergio Franchi (Grandi
Italo-American singer Sergio Franchi was much more than an entertainer; yet it was as an entertainer that he was known to the wide public, with a voice that was equal to Mario Lanza in beauty and phrasing.
Conductor Norman Luboff was so impressed with Franchi that he had him record two selections that were sent to RCA Victor in the US.
Franchi apparently received some poor criritcs for his Alfred in Die Fledermaus, which partly may have influenced the future focus of his repertory, cf. /tenors/singers/franchi.php   (1192 words)

 Richard Immerman's United States Foreign Relations Bibliography, 1918-1975
Tannenbaum, Frank, The American Tradition in Foreign Policy, Norman, OK, 1955.
Harris, Brice, The United States and the Italo-Ethiopian Crisis, Stanford, 1964.
Sivachev, Nikolai and Nikolai Yakovlev, Russia and the United States, Moscow, 1979. /~rimmerma/461bib.html   (15497 words)

 Ethnologue report for Canada
Mackenzie District, along the middle Mackenzie River from Fort Norman north, around Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, and in the Mackenzie Mts.
Classification: Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Gallo-Iberian, Gallo-Romance, Gallo-Rhaetian, Oïl, French.
Western Montagnais is in 4 communities: Mashteueiash (near Roberval, Quebec), Betsiamites, Uashat or Maliotenam (near Sept-Iles, Quebec), and Matimekush (near Schefferville, Quebec). /show_country.asp?name=Canada   (15497 words)

Mack, Helen MacKellar, Norman McKinnel, Jean Sterling MacKinlay, Robert D. MacLean, William Macready, William Charles Macready, Mrs.
Caroline Sarah (White) Buckingham, Leicester Silk Buckingham, John Baldwin Buckstone, John C. Buckstone, Alfred Bunn, Neilson Burgess, Sir Francis Cowley Burnand, William Evans Burton, Samuel W. Butler, Henry James Byron, Jean Cadell, James H. Caldwell, Emma Calve, Charles Alexander Calvert, Louis Calvert, Italo Campanini, Bartley Campbell, Mrs.
Jane Livingston (Hill) Burton, William Evans Burton, Amy Busby, Ferruccio Benvenuto Busoni, Clara Butterworth, Jean Cadell, Mrs. /~liblilly/lilly/mss/html/woodwasc.html   (15497 words)

 Salem Press Catalog
See Hall, James Norman Graves, Robert, 1287 Gray, Alasdair, 1289 Gray, Francine du Plessix, 1290 Gray, Pearl Zane.
See Pliny the Younger Caesar, Julius, 501 Cahan, Abraham, 502 Cain, James M., 504 Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, 505 Caldwell, Erskine, 507 Calisher, Hortense, 509 Callaghan, Morley, 510 Callimachus, 512 Calvino, Italo, 513 Camões, Luís de, 515 Campanella, Tommaso, 516 Campbell, Bebe Moore, 518 Campbell, Joseph, 519 Campbell Hale, Janet.
Cabell, James Branch, 497 Cable, George Washington, 498 Cabrera Infante, Guillermo, 500 Cade, Miltona Mirkin. /display.asp?id=343&column=Article_Index   (15497 words)

 Popular Music > Roy Henderson
by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Fritz Busch, Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender, Audrey Mildmay, Norman Allin, Italo Tajo, Luise Helletsgruber, Aulikki Rautawaara, Roy Henderson, Fergus Dunlop
Reginald Jacques, Roy Henderson, Kathleen Ferrier, Elsie Suddaby, William Parsons, Henry Cummings, Eric Greene, Joan Taylor
by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Fritz Busch, Salvatore Baccaloni, John Brownlee, David Franklin, Glyndebourne Festival Opera Company, Luise Helletsgruber, Roy Henderson, Audrey Mildmay, Ina Souez /shop/artist-music-Roy+Henderson.html   (15497 words)

 Study II, continued: Fernando I and the Origins of the Leonese-Castilian Alliance with Cluny, Part Two
The Dutch Islamicist, reasoning from the analogy of Clermont, and convinced that Ibn-Hayyan's reference to the "commandant de la cavalerie de Rome" proved the presence of the papal gonfaloniero Guillaume de Montreuil and Italo-Norman troops alongside those from France and Spain, considered papal sponsorship of the war was central to its understanding.
Unfortunately, at the present time our knowledge of the Barbastro War is subject to more uncertainty than at any time since Reinhart Dozy in 1860, and more fully in 1881, rescued it from neglect on the basis of the notices in the chronicles of Ibn-Hayyan and Amato di Monte Cassino.
It is from this standpoint that particularly close scrutiny requires to be given the celebrated though sparsely documented international military expedition conducted in 1064 against the Muslim stronghold of Barbastro in Baja Ribagorza. /frontier/bishko2b.htm   (15497 words)

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