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Topic: Ivan the Terrible

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In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  Golden Ring, Russia
In 1564- 1581 the town was the residence of Ivan the Terrible.
Tsar Ivan the Terrible intended to convert the humble monastery into a fortified stronghold for himself and his oprichniki (elite troops, bodyguards), but changed his mind at the last moment in favour of Alexandrov.
During the reign of Ivan the Terrible Ples was one of the largest river firsh suppliers to the kings' court.
www.travelmake.com /golden_ring.html   (6442 words)

  Ivan the Terrible
Ivan the Terrible succeeded his father Vasilii III and was the first Grand Prince to have himself officially crowned tsar.
This threat was calculated by Ivan IV to give him more power and he got it by agreeing to remain in power but only if he could rule without the moral guidelines of the church.
Oddly, Ivan IV was a member of the Russian Orthodox church and he offered prayers for those he had executed.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/history/russia/ivantheterrible.html   (467 words)

  Ivan the Terrible
Ivan IV, called Ivan the Terrible, Tsar of Muscovy, was the son of Vasily III Ivanovich, grand duke of Muscovy, by his second wife, Helena Glinska.
Ivan meditated the regeneration of Muscovy, and the only men who could assist him in his task were men who could look steadily forward to the future because they had no past to look back upon, men who would unflinchingly obey their sovereign because they owed their whole political significance to him alone.
Ivan's generals (he himself rarely took the field) were generally successful at first, and bore down their enemies by sheer numbers, capturing scores of fortresses and towns.
www.nndb.com /people/933/000092657   (0 words)

 Ivan Groznyy I (1944)
Ivan the Terrible, Parts One and Two are films when combined) are in the top ten films of all time, and are of enormous genius, but because of this are not easy to digest.
The story of the tortured Ivan the Terrible, first Czar of Russia, from boyhood to near the end of his czarhood, it was filmed with extravagated acting, and each scene having multiple symbolic interpretations.
For example, all the main characters or groups of characters are portrayed with the characteristics of animals, Ivan the Terrible being a bird.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0037824   (545 words)

 YouTube - Ivan the terrible man - documentary
To understand Ivan the Terrible better, it is crucial to watch the Eisenstein's great film "Ivan the Terrible".
Ivan the terrible man part 5 - documentary
Ivan the terrible man part 4 - documentary
www.youtube.com /watch?v=56f6V7L9B18   (411 words)

 YouTube - Sergej S.Prokofjev - Ivan the terrible
Liturgical Extracts from Ivan the Terrible part 2
Ivan The Terrible - Part 1, 1943, by Sergei Eisenstein
Liturgical Extracts from Ivan the Terrible part 1
www.youtube.com /watch?v=TMyHTjfnyiU   (278 words)

 Anne Fine: Books for middle readers
Boris has to translate for Ivan in class
But then the new boy starts threatening to make slaves out of all his schoolmates.
It's going to be an Ivan the Terribly interesting day...
www.annefine.co.uk /books/middle.php   (173 words)

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