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Topic: Jack London Square

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Jack London Square   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Jack London Square is also the core of the urban East Bay loft district and among the most rapidly-expanding upscale urban locations in the Bay Area.
Jack was born in San Francisco on January 12, 1876, he was an illegitimate child born to Flora Wellman, she got married shortly after to John London and was adopted by him and and he gave him the name Jack London.
Jack and Charmian London's dream house began to take definite shape early in 1911 as Albert Farr, a well-known San Francisco architect, put their ideas on paper in the form of drawings and sketches, and then supervised the early stages of construction.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Jack-London-Square   (478 words)

 SF Gate: Bay Area Traveler: East Bay Neighborhoods: Jack London Square
Jack London Square was originally developed in the '70s into a Ghirardelli Square-type tourist attraction and is in the middle of further changes, with freshly renovated public spaces and a constantly evolving commercial life.
Jack London's Cabin: A remote cabin in Alaska was authenticated by a handwriting expert from Oakland PD's forgery detail as having notes in London's hand on the ceiling.
London did go to the Yukon for the gold rush, and his experiences in the frozen north show up in a lot of his fiction, so it's a nice commemorative attempt; let's say an A+ for effort.
www.sfgate.com /traveler/guide/eastbay/neighborhoods/jls.shtml   (3574 words)

 Jack London - A Surviving (Biography)
London was first attracted to the Sonoma Valley by its magnificent natural landscape, a unique combination of high hills, fields and streams, and a beautiful mixed forest of oaks, madrones, California buckeyes, Douglas Fir, and redwood trees.
Jack and Charmian London's dream house began to take definite shape early in 1911 as Albert Farr, a well-known San Francisco architect, put their ideas on paper in the form of drawings and sketches, and then supervised the early stages of construction.
London looked on philosophically, but inside he was seriously wounded, for the loss was a crushing financial blow and the wreck of a long-cherished dream.
www.jack-london.org /jackbio_e.htm   (2381 words)

 Jack London Square
Jack London Square occupies about 90 blocks in a narrow isthmus of development that is bounded on the west by the Oakland Estuary and on the east by a freeway.
Jack London Square was effectively isolated from downtown Oakland by the construction of the elevated Highway 17 freeway (now the I-880, portions of which collapsed in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake).
Jack London Square is still the home of the East Bay’s Produce Market, and a high percentage of the business in the area involves the warehousing and distribution of food and vegetables for Bay Area restaurants and markets.
www.tndwest.com /jacklondonsquare.html   (4324 words)

 "Jack London Square" San Francisco Photo Tour
Jack London Square is located in Oakland and you can get there from San Francisco by ferry boat.
Jack's family moved to Oakland in 1886 and they lived near the waterfront were Jack spent most of his time.
The reason they know this was his cabin is because on the ceiling there are notes in Jack London's hand and they were authenticated by a handwriting expert.
sfphototour.tripod.com /jack_london.html   (996 words)

 Luxuriating on board at the docks of the Bay / 'Boat-and-breakfast' at Oakland's Jack London Square
While the promenade of Jack London Square, just beyond the dock, was a hubbub of activity, the sounds didn't reach us in the salon of the 35-foot sailboat that was ours for the night.
After spending the day ambling through the square among parents pushing sun-hatted babes in strollers, couples walking hand in hand and loungers reading newspapers or just soaking up the rays, we were sampling one of Oakland's more unusual accommodations: sailboats temporarily converted into bed and breakfasts.
Jack London, author of such classics as "The Sea Wolf" and "Call of the Wild," wrote at the wooden tables still in use today.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/07/22/TR66582.DTL&type=printable   (1400 words)

 jack london square and the oakland estuary
The ferry’s next stop, at Jack London Square, doubles as both a destination resort and (if you add the option of AC transit) a gateway to the Observatory at Chabot Space and Science Center, the Oakland Museum of California, even a gondolier-propelled glide on Lake Merritt.
From Jack London Square, you can also get out on the water for some fresh air: rent a kayak to explore the Oakland Estuary; board the water taxi that will take you anywhere waterfront-wise you want to go; or board Franklin Delanor Roosevelt’s presidential Yacht, the USS Potomac, for a two-hour history cruise.
The USS Potomac is adjacent the ferry terminal at Jack London Square.
www.baycrossings.com /Archives/2001/11_December/jack_london_square_and_the_oakland_estuary.htm   (2464 words)

 Media & Press > Press Releases > Jack London Square
Jack London Square, named for the famous author who was also one of the City of Oakland’s most renowned native sons, was developed in 1989 along the city’s waterfront by the Port of Oakland.
Jack London Square features 10 dining establishments, several retail shops, a 9-screen cinema, overnight accommodations and a variety of unique waterfront attractions.
The myriad of leisure options at Jack London Square is appropriate for all types of guests, whether they are searching for a great family destination or a romantic getaway.
www.oaklandcvb.com /media_press_releases_2003_jls.cfm   (422 words)

 Meet Jack London Biographer Russ Kingman (The World of Jack London)
Elsie Martinez is the daughter of Jim Whitaker and the wife of Xavier Martinez and, therefore, was often with Jack.
He lived on the Jack London ranch from the age of ten until he died sixty-six years later.
Jack London A Definitive Chronology: This book is the most detailed source of Jack London life.
www.jacklondons.net /russ.html   (834 words)

 Jack London
This room is a beautiful spot in which to enjoy London's account of a deadly plague that arrives in the year 2013, and the futile hold-out in the Chemistry building on the Berkeley campus of a few too-highly-bred representatives of our doomed civilization.
London's novel was based on the story of a real inmate, and the descriptions of brutality toward prisoners have a strangely contemporary sound.
This is the entrance to London's dreams, his tales of life on the land, of his relationship with Charmian, the woman he deemed a match for his Superman.
www.cateweb.org /CA_Authors/London.html   (1153 words)

 Kite Aerial Photography - Jack London Square #1
Jack London Square is a multiuse development located between downtown Oakland and the Island of Alameda.
After scouting Jack London Square a couple of times the boys and I concluded we could fly there successfully.
This shot conveys the height of the Jack London Square flag but the flag itself remains remarkably ambiguous in scale.
arch.ced.berkeley.edu /kap/gallery/gal038.html   (654 words)

 The Jack London News
Jack London News discovered this week that Signature Properties has recently signed a letter of understanding to purchase the land and development entitlements for 300 Harrison Street.
The 30,000 square foot site on Third Street between Alice and Harrison Streets has been empty for many years and was purchased by Jeff Hand of Loft Style developments in 2000 for a sum in excess of $4 million dollars.
Recently it completed the Durant Square housing complex in East Oakland, a new 92-condo Landmark Place next to Preservation Park, and a 100 condo building 255 Berry which is part of the Mission Bay development in San Francisco.
jacklondonnews.com /archives/2004_02_01_archive.html   (5111 words)

 Jack London Square Partners
Representing Jack London Square Partners is Oakland's Crosby, Heafey, Roach and May. Partner Ronald Rosequist led the team of six attorneys through the deal.
Jack London Square Partners was formed in 1999 by real estate developers Hal Ellis and Jim Falaschi.
Jack London Square is located in downtown Oakland with outdoor marina shopping and restaurants.
www.law.com /regionals/ca/opinions/stories/edt0425d_deal.shtml   (280 words)

 CMA :: Jack London Square, Oakland, CA
Jack London Square, Oakland’s premier waterfront development, occupies eight-city-blocks and is comprised of 125,000 sf of retail space, 250,000 sf of office space, parking for 1,800 cars, a marina, hotel, public plazas, fountains, and a public promenade/boardwalk.
The project was master-planned as a unit with the understanding that major components would be financed and constructed separately and could be managed either collectively or independently.
CMA principals were owners, planners and developers of the project which was constructed over a 48-month period.
www.cmaincsf.com /services/jlsquare1.html   (91 words)

Using a series of four lessons, students are asked to read about the people who influenced London and what their ideas were, to read two London stories, and to write an explanation of how London's ideas are expressed in those stories.
This Jack London site "appears to be hastily thrown together, with no guiding purpose," but spend a little time exploring the links and you may find some information not available elsewhere.
This rather limited Jack London site "provides a brief, concise biography" and an interesting page on Jack London Square, but the most useful feature is a link that gives access to Columbia University's gopher menu of e-texts of London's The Call of the Wild, White Fang, The Sea Wolf, and several short stories.
www.ncteamericancollection.org /awg_london_jack.htm   (501 words)

 Jack London Square Offers Lofty Living - Associated Content
As a writer and resident of Jack London Square, she describes the area as "New York lite.
Most days, I don't drive my car."An East Bay resident for 11 years and Jack London Square dweller for five, Lemon says she knows her neighbors very well -- perhaps for the first time.
I considered San Francisco, but I really love the openness' of Jack London Square much more."Perhaps one of the best aspects for Miskuski is her short commute to work.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/6627/jack_london_square_offers_lofty_living.html   (819 words)

 Jack London Square Information
Jack London Square is located at the foot of Broadway in downtown Oakland.
See Jack London's cabin from Alaska, a place where he wrote some of his greatest novels.
Here we see a statue of Jack London, one of the many great statues throughout the square.
www.abag.ca.gov /bayarea/baytrail/vtour/map5/access/jlondon.htm   (229 words)

 Jack London Square | Oakland & Berkeley Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
When Jack London lived in Oakland, he spent many a day boozing and brawling in the waterfront area.
The Klondike cabin in which London spent a summer in the late 1890s was moved from Alaska and reassembled here, next door to Heinold's saloon, in 1970.
Jack London Square is a great and relaxing place to stroll and enjoy the sailboats on the Oakland Estuary.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=oakland@618&cur_section=sig&property_id=32349   (360 words)

 The Jack London News
Last night the City Council unanimously approved the three resolutions relating to the Jack London Square upheld the developer's appeal relating to fast food ordinances, partially upheld Gary Knecht's appeal and most importantly approved the 15 year developer agreement with Jack London Square Partners.
Unfortunately she failed to drive the point home to the rest of the council and later claimed she already knew the developer had refused to concede to re-calculating parking supply and demand figure at the time building permits are granted.
While it is true that in front of the council was no such proposal, such a statement was in direct contradiction to the original proposal by the city to local residents of parking meters everywhere that prompted the formation of the Jack London District ad-hoc parking committee.
jacklondonnews.com /archives/2004_06_01_archive.html   (2848 words)

 The International Cheemah Monument Project
This 18 foot (5.5 meter) tall bronze statue was erected at the Port of Oakland's highly visited Jack London Square where it will be on view to the public for generations to come.
Jack London Square is located between the Oakland Estuary and Embarcadero in Oakland.
The Cheemah site is in the Square on Franklin Street at the South side of the Barnes and Noble terrace.
www.cheemahproject.org /jacklondonsquare.html   (339 words)

 PCFMA | Your Farmers' Market
The Jack London Square Farmers' Market stretches along Water Street - which runs parallel to Embarcadero - from the pier at Webster Street to the entrance to Jack London Square at Broadway.
The beautiful Jack London Square waterfront is home to this farmers' market that offers the best of California's agricultural bounty direct from the farmer to you.
The Jack London District Association was formed by local residents to represent the community, encourage community participation in improving our neighborhood, and enhance the quality of life in the Jack London district - roughly the area between the 880 freeway and the Oakland-Alameda estuary, stretching from Fallon Street to Adeline Street.
www.pcfma.com /marketdetail.php?market_id=5   (395 words)

 Plans & Projects - Jack London Square Project
In December 2001 the Port of Oakland sold four of the buildings in the square to Jack London Square Partners (Ellis Partners and James Falaschi) at a price of $17.2 million.
The JLS Partners are proposing to remove the fascia from 66 Franklin Street (the old Tribune offices) and restore the historic underpinnings of the building.
The Jack London Cabin and Heinhold's remain - there is discussion about creating a historic theme area around these two structures.
www.waterfrontaction.org /plans/jl_project.htm   (213 words)

 OKJ - Jack London Square - Oakland, CA
OKJ - Jack London Square - Oakland, CA - Jack London Square Oakland information and photos especially relating to Amtrak trains serving the area as well as lodging and tourist attractions.
Jack London Square is one of my favorite places for a weekend getaway and provides a good excuse to book a round trip rail tour!
Jack London Square is also one of the favorite places of my kids as they like all the interesting little shops.
www.trainweb.com /cities/okj   (309 words)

 Jack London Square
Jack London Square is a district along the Oakland waterfront containing shops, restaurants, and other attractions.
Jack London Square is now home to four segments of the World Wall for Peace, located on the walls of Barnes and Noble bookstore.
The third segment at Jack London Square is entitled “Our Work Place, a Peace Place,” dedicated in January 1999.
www.wwfp.org /html/jack_london_square.htm   (168 words)

 Jack London Square. - Pashnit
Last year a bunch of Oldfarts took a ride to Jack London Park http://www.parks.sonoma.net/JLPark.html and I posted a ride report about it on the Pashnit forum.
Jack London courted a woman in either Napa or Sonoma, some 70 miles and a ferry ride from Oakland.
He so loved the region that he eventually bought property in the Valley of the Moon north of Sonoma and that is Jack London State Park.
www.pashnit.com /forum/showthread.php?p=67612#post67612   (773 words)

 Jack London Square Information
Named after the author Jack London and owned by the Port of Oakland, it is the home of stores, hotels, an Amtrak station, the (re-located) cabin Jack London lived in, and a movie theater.
Jack London Square is located at the south end of Broadway, across the Oakland Estuary from Alameda.
The name has also come to refer to the formerly industrial neighborhood surrounding Jack London Square proper, which has undergone a significant amount of loft conversion and new construction over the last decade.
www.bookrags.com /Jack_London_Square   (150 words)

 Jack London Square! - Chowhound
Nellie's Soul Food is a few blocks west of Jack London Square.
In Jack London Square proper: Scotts for drinks and fried seafood snacks, upscalish.
Jack's Bistro has a pretty good brunch and is nice for drinks.
www.chowhound.com /topics/show/306544   (867 words)

 GoCityKids San Francisco | Jack London Square
Jack London grew up in slums near here and broke away at the age of 17 by finding a job on board a ship.
Jack London Square is about 9 miles from SF: Take Bay Bridge to 880 South/Alameda-San Jose, take the Broadway-Alameda exit, ease to the right at bottom of ramp, go one block, take first right on Adeline, left on 3rd, go 12 blocks take a right on Broadway.
Be the first to post a comment on Jack London Square
www.gocitykids.com /browse/attraction.jsp?id=3107   (312 words)

 Jack London Square - Oakland California Waterfront - Directions
Jack London Square - Oakland California Waterfront - Directions
Our historical waterfront location enchants visitors and is the essential element of everything we are...a vibrant community destination buzzing with events, shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation.
We are located at the foot of Broadway at Embarcadero.
www.jacklondonsquare.com /directions.php   (147 words)

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