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Topic: Jacob Peterson

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

186 Personen W. Peterson C. August 98 Peterson Christian 98 Peterson E. Peterson Lillian L. Peterson Sam 91 Phillips E. (Mrs.) 101 Phillips James G., Sr.
Roy) 285 Kaufman Joe 285 Kaufman Roy 285 Kaylor J. Keegan J. (Mrs.) 92 Kegan James 7 Kegler Coach 224 Kegler J. Keith H. Keith H. C., Sr.
119 McKay Mabel (Miss) 106,222 McKee R. McKeown W. McLeod Angus 7,216 McLeod C. McMahon Geroge 58 McMannamy W. McMannamy W. P., Sr.
ftp.rootsweb.com /pub/usgenweb/mt/flathead/books/upper.txt

 Attorney Profile
SEC Encourages Disclosure in Public Filings of the Impact of the Euro Conversion, August 6, 1998 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Stuart H. Gelfond, Timothy E. Peterson, Michael A. Levitt, David Hsu, Daniel J. Bursky)
SEC Adopts Plain English in a "Sweeping Revision" of Rules Governing Prospectus Disclosure, February 4, 1998 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Stuart H. Gelfond, Timothy E. Peterson, Michael A. Levitt)
SEC Adopts New Rules Governing Financial Statements and Periodic Reporting for Subsidiary Guarantors and Issuers, September 12, 2000 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Timothy E. Peterson, Thomas W. Christopher, Karen C. Wiedemann, Stuart H. Gelfond, Daniel J. Bursky, Michael A. Levitt)
www.ffhsj.com /attorney_profile.php3?firmpubs=peterti

 Hot Breaking News
Jaylene Bruner, Kristi Buck, Chase Iida, Cameron Iseri, Venessa Machuca, Michael Navarrete, Kaleo Nawahine, Stephanie O’Connor, Michelle Peterson, Ashley Plaza, Levi Roberts, Nicholas Rock, Brittnie Shigeta, Kaitlin Spokas, Sam Uyeki, Bailey Campbell, Denali Cox, Jacob Haueter, Krista Holloway, Tia Linford, Chelsea Skeen, Cristobal Urrea, Grant Saito, and Christine Hovey,
Jaylene Bruner, Kristi Buck, Denali Cox, Cameron Iseri, Tia Linford, Michael Navarrete, Kaleo Nawahine, Stephanie O’Connor, Michelle Peterson, Ashley Plaza, Levi Roberts, Nick Rock, Grant Saito, Kaitlin Spokas, Sam Uyeki, Ricky Calderon, Bailey Campbell, Jacob Haueter, Dylan Maines, Levi O’Halloran, Megan Kee, Kayla Padilla, Courteney Carter, Chase Iida, Maritsa Navarrete, and Patricia Schlamp.
OHS counselor David Hopper, an organizer of ‘Career Day,’ said each class will have 45 minutes to visit with community members in an area they may be interested in pursuing as a career.
www.ontario.k12.or.us /District/hotnews.html   (8934 words)

 Associate Resume
Rethinking Disclosure Policies and Practices in the Wake of the SEC's New Selective Disclosure Rules, September 15, 2000 (Harvey L. Pitt, Kenneth R. Blackman, Valerie Ford Jacob, Carmen J. Lawrence, Karl A. Groskaufmanis, Dixie L. Johnson, Michael J. Rivera, Richard A. Steinwurtzel, Robert P. Mollen, Timothy E. Peterson, George B. Parizek, Daniel Anixt)
SEC Issues Guidance on Section 906 CEO/CFO Certifications and Proposes That Sections 302 and 906 CEO/CFO Certifications be Filed as Exhibits to Reports, March 24, 2003 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Kenneth R. Blackman, Stuart H. Gelfond, Michael A. Levitt, Daniel J. Bursky, Timothy E. Peterson)
New York Attorney General Proposes Sweeping New Corporate Accountability Reforms Affecting New York Businesses and Employers, May 9, 2003 (Kenneth R. Blackman, Stuart H. Gelfond, Michael A. Levitt, Laraine S. Rothenberg, Mark J. Stein, Edward M. Alterman, David B. Hardison, Robert P. Mollen, Timothy E. Peterson)
www.ffhsj.com /associates.php3?firmpubs=blackke   (8934 words)

 Marshall County Illinois History and Genealogy
The Children of Jacob and Christiana (Pursell) Strawn (Their descendants settled in LaSalle, Putnam and Marshall Counties - Courtesy of Curt and Bonnie Strawn Miller)
The Ancestors of Justin Meierkord (Webpage by Justin Meierkord concerning the families of Nelson and Christina Peterson-Varna, Marshall Co, IL and Axel and Tyra Peterson - Toluca, Marshall Co, IL also has information and photos on the following families - Stinson, Peugh, Smith, Bertrang, Rebholz, Westervelt, Friday)
Smoky Mountain Ancestral Quest (Website by David Beckwith - has information on the Alfred Mateer family of Marshall/Lasalle county)
www.piperspages.com /Marshall   (8934 words)

 Iowa History and Genealogy Books
Jacob A. Swisher, Mason City, Iowa: Klipto, 1946.
Iowa and the Rebellion by Lurton Denham Ingersoll, Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1866.
Iowa and the Counties of Iowa by Remely Glass.
www.past2present.org /own/books_iowa.htm   (1834 words)

John Jacob was baptized 7 Nov 1706 in the German Reformed Church.
Peterson became members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he was a steward and class leader for 12 years.
Peterson was a Republican after voting for Lincoln in 1860.
homepage.mac.com /wkfisher1/Genealogical_Glean/Peterson.html   (5280 words)

 John Whitmer History
Not many days after my brethren, Oliver Cowdery, Peter Whitmer, Jr., Parley P. Pratt, and Ziba Peterson: received a commandment of the Lord, through Joseph Smith, Jr., to take their journey to the Lamanites and preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, among them, and establish the Church of Christ among them.
Therefore you will deliver to W. Phelps, Edward Partridge, John Corrill, John Whitmer and A. Gilbert or their order, the fifty-two guns and one pistol reported by Lieutenant Colonel Pitcher to you on the 5th December last, as having been received by him from the Mormons on the 5th of the preceding October.
PHELPS, ISAAC MORLEY, JOHN WHITMER, EDWARD PARTRIDGE, JOHN CORRILL, and A. By the foregoing letter from the Governor, the President will perceive a disposition manifested by him to enforce the laws as far as means have been furnished by the legislature of this state.
www.centerplace.org /history/misc/jwhitmer.htm   (5280 words)

 Reflections Records 2005
All of the art direction for Converge is handled by Jacob Bannon.
He has also worked collaborated with artists Stephen O'Malley, Derek Hess, Demian Johnston, Aaron Turner, Florian Bertmer, Adam Peterson, and Jason Hellman on Converge projects.
Converge also has many releases available from: EVR, Deathwish, Relapse, Hydrahead, Reflections and more.
www.reflectionsrecords.com /records/index.php?pid=3&id=11   (177 words)

Accelerated Reader – Alexander Allweil, Jacquelyn Baker, Kaitlyn Clark, Tyler Cloyd, Amanda Kosnik, Jacob Krueger, Benjamin Mixer, Stephanie Ross, Erica Thomas
Patrick Anderson, Corey Arnold, Jacquelyn Baker, Amanda Beson, Courtney Brown, David Donaldson, Kayla Foco, Casey Foley, Theresa Frederick, Katie Gellise, Annie Harrison, Cortney Keefer, Krystal Kozuch, Allison Kruske, Kevin McCann, Shawn McNeil, Chad Neal, Robert Neetz, Audra Putt, Stephanie Ross, Carley Shann, Erica Thomas, David Tobin, Evan Toyzan, Michael Vogtmann, Evan Wall, Alyssa Witte
Student Council – Amanda Fegan, Megan Hollerback, Haley Lamb, Drew Martin, Shelby Melton, Bryan Rabideau, Melissa Rutzen, Stephanie Schacher, Nikki Schuhmacher, Britteny Yax
www.bcschools.net /awards/western_middle.htm   (358 words)

Machpelah 8-98 Seitz, Jacob Broad Run 6-67 Self, Orval Lynn Rock Grove 1999/7 Sendling, Earl E. Masonic 1998/9 Shackleford, James W. Woofter 13-A Shaffer, John MT. Hebron 27-A Sharps, William B. Peterson 4-110 Shaver, Ralph, Jr.
Peterson 1970/9 Belt, Roalen Masonic 10-6 Bennett, Charles L. Skinner 5-72 Bennett, David W. McCutchen Chapel 20-A 4-24 Bennett, Ernest Masonic 1996/9 Bennett, Granville Fair Haven 58-A Bennett, G. Orlando 18-A Bennett, Hamilton P. Machpelah 8-3 Bennett, Henry P. Forest Lawn 1998/9 Bennett, Joseph H. Skinner 5-66 Bennett, Leonard Orlando New entry Bennett, Louis, Sr.
Peterson (Bataan) R. Highland Butcher, Charles T. Butcher/Butchersville 2-4 Butcher, Charles T. Machpelah 1983/11 Butcher, Delbert Unk.
www.hackerscreek.com /files/Veterans.txt   (358 words)

 Oldest and youngest astronauts
Engle, Joseph H. Acton, Loren W. Peterson, Donald H. Morin, Lee M. Morukov, Boris V. Phillips, John L. Frimout, Dirk D. Slayton, Donald K. Tryggvason, Bjarni V. Garn, E. Jacob
Garriott, Owen K. Engle, Joseph H. Polyakov, Valery V. Sojus TM-18
www.hoerstemeier.com /astroage.htm   (115 words)

 Hack (2002) - Garn's Guides
Co-Starring: Joanna Rhinehart (Deborah Washington), Lou Sumrall (Zeke Shepard), Wilbur Edwin Henry (D.A. Landi), Thomas Ryan (Reilly), Clayton Prince (Dowd), Jennifer Peterson-Hind (Zoe), Anthony Lawton (Brody), Cameron Ball (Ashton Washington), Ukee Washington (News Reporter), Bruce Kirkpatrick (Cop)
Co-Starring: Patrick Garner (Money Man), Jacob Michaels (Johnny), Michael Mosley (Lowlife), Jeffrey Frost (Lowlife #2), Donnie Keshawarz (Cop), Charles Borland (Partner Terry), Ric Stoneback (Large Man), Frank Marqui (Cabbie), Kyf Brewer (Jules), Christopher Mann (Concerned Man), Tim Bensch (Bellman), David Goodman (Doorman), Gary Wheeler (Tie Man)
Wilmer), Wilbur Edwin Henry (D.A. Landi), Jerry Walsh (Barry Perfetta), Johnnie Hobbs, Jr.
www.geocities.com /garn13/hack1st.html   (1172 words)

 Attorney Profile
SEC Adopts Rules Concerning Retention of Records by Auditors, February 5, 2003 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Stuart H. Gelfond, Michael A. Levitt, David B. Hardison, Lanae Holbrook, Richard A. Steinwurtzel, Andrew P. Varney, Robert P. Mollen, Timothy E. Peterson, Daniel J. Bursky)
SEC Encourages Disclosure in Public Filings of the Impact of the Euro Conversion, August 6, 1998 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Stuart H. Gelfond, Timothy E. Peterson, Michael A. Levitt, David Hsu, Daniel J. Bursky)
SEC Issues Interpretative Guidance Regarding MD&A, January 7, 2004 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Kenneth R. Blackman, Stuart H. Gelfond, Michael A. Levitt, Richard A. Steinwurtzel, Lanae Holbrook, Vasiliki B. Tsaganos, Andrew P. Varney, Daniel J. Bursky, Timothy E. Peterson)
www.ffhsj.com /attorney_profile.php3?firmpubs=gelfost   (1172 words)

 Firm Publications
SEC Proposes Electronic Filing of Section 16 Reports, December 27, 2002 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Kenneth R. Blackman, Stuart H. Gelfond, Michael A. Levitt, Donald P. Carleen, Howard B. Adler, Jonathan Lewis, Timothy E. Peterson, Daniel J. Bursky)
Disclosure Controls: An Action Plan, September 6, 2002 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Kenneth R. Blackman, Stuart H. Gelfond, Jean E. Hanson, Michael A. Levitt, Dixie L. Johnson, Karl A. Groskaufmanis, Valerie Ford Jacob, Richard A. Steinwurtzel, Stuart H. Gelfond, Timothy E. Peterson, Michael A. Levitt, Daniel J. Bursky)
SEC Adopts Safe Harbors for Non-U.S. Issuers Providing U.S. Journalists Access to Press Activities Conducted Outside the United States, October 31, 1997 (Timothy E. Peterson, Alon L. Harnoy)
www.ffhsj.com /firmpubs.php?topic=Financings   (1063 words)

 Purkey Family Genealogy Forum
Re: Jacob Purkey + descendants - Arlene Purkey Watkins 5/29/99
Re: Jacob Purkey + descendants - carol sorden watson 9/15/99
Re: Jacob Purkey + descendants - Arlene Watkins 9/17/99
genforum.genealogy.com /purkey   (1063 words)

Pertz, Elden Hobert Peterson, Charles Ergil Peterson, Charles Edward Peterson, Clark emerson Peterson, Erlo Peterson, Nelson Lane Pethtel, Donald R. Petrey, Ernest Burton Petrey, Paul Hubert Phillips, Carl Jr.
Oldaker, Rupert R. Oldaker, Wilbur Troy Oldaker, Willard Roy Oliver, James B. Orr, John Warren Ours, John E. Owens, Marshall Earl Parker, William Arnold Parmer, Marley Simon Parmer, Ruth Paugh, Charles Eugene Paugh, Curtis jacob Paugh, Denzel w.
Ables, Charles Burton Ables, Emwood Calvin Ables, Glen Walter Ables, James Perry Ables, John Perry Ables, John Henry Davis Ables, Ola Lee Ables, Robert Ables, Thomas M. Ables, Thomas William Ables, Vincent Adams, Robert Lee Albaugh, Cornelius C. Jr.
www.hackerscreek.com /wwiiA.txt   (1063 words)

 Carl Jonas Love Almqvist
by: Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, Gunnar de Frumerie, Jacob Axel Josephson, Adolf Fredrik Lindblad, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Ture Rangstrom, Emil Sjogren, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Jan Eyron, Stig Westerberg
by: Jacob Niclas Ahlstrom, Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, Isak Berg, Jacob Axel Josephson, Adolf Fredrik Lindblad, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Ture Rangstrom, Emil Sjogren, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Swedish Traditional
by: Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, Anonymous, Nadia Boulanger, Gregorian Chant, William Cornysh, Antony Holborne, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, R.
www.mappointmag.com /amazon/default-mode-classical-search_type-ArtistSearch-input_string-Carl+Jonas+Love+Almqvist-locale-us.html   (119 words)

 Iowa County, Wisconsin - Iowa County Airport
*Robert Regan, Stephen Foye, Phil Roberts, Diane McGuire, Curt Peterson, Jerome Laufenberg, James Murn, John Lind, Ted Van Epps, Charles Anderson, Eric Anderson, Peter Berg, Dana Perry, Jacob (Bill) Ehr, Dale Theobald, Joe Thomas, Larry Steffes, David Meudt, LaVerne Clifton, Mark Masters, Ken Wunderlin
Jacob(Bill) Ehr, Charles Anderson, David D. Meudt, Dale Theobald, Curt Peterson
*Charles Anderson, Dale Theobald, Eric Anderson, Joe Thomas, Curt Peterson, David Meudt, Mark Masters
www.iowacounty.org /qi-board-commitees.html   (119 words)

120 Perry, Thomas 129 Perry, William 204 Persac, Adrien Marie 217 Peter, Philip 204 Peterness, R.J. Peters, Edward 204 Peters, James 204 Peters, John 204 Peters, Samuel 204 Peterson, Christian 204 Peterson, John 204 Peterson, Peter 204 Peterson, William 204 Petillion, Peter 204 Pte F‚licit‚ 40 Pte Magdelene 36 Petrie, J.H., Mrs.
153 Fredieu, Widow 74 Freed, Henry 153 Freeling, Sebastian 153 Freeman, Michael 153 Freeman, Reubin 153 Freeman, Thomas 153 Freich, Jacob 153 Fremaux, J. French, Josiah 119 Frere, A. Frey, Philip 153 Freyot, Mr.
112 Carroll, John 144 Carroll, Thomas 144 Carroll, Victoria 112 Carruth, J. Carry, A. A., Mrs.
www.sec.state.la.us /ARCHIVES/TEXTS/comite/IDX-03.TXT   (119 words)

 globegazette.com - Archived News Story
Desiree Cheney, Matthew Christensen, Anthony Chuck, Julia Cira, Cameron Clark, Melissa Clausen, Megan Coborn, Stephanie Cooper, Tawny Crabb, Wade Crooks, Meggan Daseke, Joseph Dedic, Jenna Despenas, Abby Determan, Matthew Diehl, Danielle Dolphin, Brock Dority, Jason Eastvold, Derek Ebel, Sara Ebeling, David Eckhardt, Jeffrey Eide, Kiran Ernst, Jacob Evans.
Ann Tosel, Savannah True, Seth Truka, Matthew Umphress, Angela VanLengen, Brett Walker, William Walker, Laura Wallace, Joslyn Waychus, Shannon Weaton, Jessica Wells, Alyssa Wendt, Jacob Wernet, Mackenzie Wernet, Joshua West, Shavonda Whitmire, Milissa Whitney, Jill Wiebke, Ashley Wilkins, Crystal Williamson, David Wojcik, Katy Wold, William Woolery, Amber Wright, Luka Zirbel.
William Orozco, Jonathon Payer, Rachel Pearson, Nathan Pedersen, Benjamin Peters, Andrew Petersen, Abbey Peterson, Whitney Peterson, Stephan Polsdofer, Kimberly Prestby, Dusty Rains, Cole Read, Brandi Ringham, Jessica Rinnels, Matthew Risting, Matthew Robison, Erin Rohrer, Matthew Ropella, Brett Rowland, Laura Rust, Brady Ryan, Arlene Samona, Cynthia Sandelin.
www.globegazette.com /articles/2005/05/30/local/doc429aa085edc3c162732661.txt   (673 words)

 The Ogden Reporter
Gabrielle Hartmann, Austin Highland, Lauren Katzenmeier, Austin Klicker, Bronson Mayse, John Nida, Kaitlynn Olesen, Wade Olson, Dylan Padgett, Kyle Paulson, Justin Peterson, Jacob Pettry, Andrew Pierce, Dylan Poock, Taylor Reeves, Caid Rinker, Amanda Roederer, Andrew Russell, Asher Van Sickle.
Tyler Happe, Foster Harrison, Gabrielle Hartmann, Jared Hefler, Austin Highland, Afton Kahler, Lauren Katzenmeier, Austin Klicker, Bronson Mayse, John Nida, Kaitlynn Olesen, Wade Olson, Dylan Padgett, Kyle Paulson, Justin Peterson, Jacob Pettry, Andrew Pierce, Dylan Poock, Taylor Reeves, Amanda Roederer, Andrew Russell, Asher Van Sickle.
Elly Adams, Tony Allen, Conner Anderson, Landon Bauer, Jennifer Claire, Kurt Cleveland, Nicole Cook, Nicole Cottington, Breanna Dailey, Olivia Diggs, S'ede Dithmart, Lexus Elsberry, Karisa Fisher, Blaine Frist, Chelsea Germer, Brian Good, Colton Good, Audra Haglund.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=10917655&BRD=1842&PAG=461&dept_id=335645&rfi=6   (673 words)

Bout: 375 -Dane Reiter HUDSON----------- -Mitch Peterson PLEASTVL------+
Dec 7-6 (JR) 25- 5 Bout: 31 -Jacob Pedersen HUDSON--------+
-Jared O'Riley LENOX----------+ M-Dec 13-0 Bout: 237 -Jacob Pedersen HUDSON--------+ Bout: 343 -Niles Mercer VAN BURN--------+ -Jacob Pedersen HUDSON--------+ Dec 4-0
www.iahsaa.org /031ABRACKETS.htm   (673 words)

 Town Officials
Jacob Alder, constable Peter Peterson, Albert Nyhus, Andrew Nyhus,
Frank Robb, constable Andrew J. Johnson, Erick Peterson, Oscar Peterson,
Theodore Halverson, clerk, constable Gilman Severson, Andrew A. Erickson, Thomas A. Ed Liljedahl, treasurer Erickson, Thos.
www.townofyork.org /town_officials.htm   (537 words)

 Beck Genealogy
Frederick Peterson Beck was the third child born to Peter Hanson and Kjersten Hansen Beck on 18 March 1857 in Tirislnnd, Sleswig Denmark.
To this union 8 children were born: Peter Hansen, Nicholis Hanrik Hansen, Jacob Jorgensen, Christina Margaretta, Jacob Jorgensen (child named after 1st Jacob died), Willis Hansen, Elizabeth Maire, and Elizabeth Hansen.
Willas Hansen Beck was the sixth child born to Frederick and Margaretha (Hansen) Beck on 22 April 1889 on his parents farm south of Simpson, KS.
sonflower.bravepages.com /mpa3.htm   (569 words)

 16th inf ia & reb
Company G-Killed, Captain John Ruehl, Sergeant Rudolph Mohrmann, Jacob Rein, Martin Zimmerman.
Wounded, Lieutenant Thomas A. Burke; Sergeants Joseph Murray, Henry P. Cole; Corporal Henry Ellis; Privates August Gottbrecht, Fritz Peterson, Christian Wolf, Philip Tucker.
Company B&emdash;Wounded, Lieutenant Lewis Bunde, Sergeant Henry Lefeldt, Nicholas Dase, Wilhelm Ehlers, Jacob Jacobson.
lserver.aea14.k12.ia.us /iacivilwar/Resources/16th_inf_ia_&_reb.htm   (7632 words)

 The Ogden Reporter
Kendall Fosse, Nicole Lauzon, Katherine Lawler, Tracy Mitchels, Katie Moses, Eric Peterson, Scott Pierce, Sarah Savick, Aaron Van Pelt, Matthew Wisecup.
Shannon Neubauer*, Jacob Oeth*, Nicole Peter*, Reese Reimers, Treynor Reis, Brittany Rose, Jason Shadle, Emily Smith*, Katie Stumbo.
Ashley Blair, Michael Boehm*, Jessica Eller, Christa Fosse, Kassie Friedrichs*, Amanda Gonzales, Cory Haglund*, Jacob Hall, Tyler R. Johnson.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=10882403&BRD=1842&PAG=461&dept_id=335645&rfi=6   (7632 words)

 The Ogden Reporter
Thomas Peterson, Aaron Phipps, Bryant Reeves, Trista Reis, Ryan Runyan, Allison Ryan, Tannah Smothers, Kristopher Stahr, Tyler Stolz, Kelsey Swanson, Kiley Swanson, Jacob Thompson, Sarah Tough, Cameron Turner, Kayli Turner, Cody Wehrli, Brooke Winterfeld.
Bryant Hunter, Alison Lawler, Brenda Lingren, Heidi Manken, Krystil Margetta, Lando McPherson, Aaron Muller, Rebecca Nation, Casey Neubauer, Clayton Nida, Alex Padgett, Joshua Peter, Karrie Peterson, Ashlei Pritchard, Josia Reutter, Skyler Rinker.
Amanda Bailey, Tyler Buck, Tara Clark, Monica Delp, Bryce DeMoss, Chelsea Grant, Alyssa Haase, Hannah Hadaway, Cody Halbur, Alyssa Handeland, Micah Hartmann, Andrew Heineman, Marcus Heineman, Bryant Hunter, Alison Lawler, Brenda Lingren, Roman Malone, Heidi Manken, Krystil Margetta, Lando McPherson, Aaron Muller.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=10917655&BRD=1842&PAG=461&dept_id=335645&rfi=6   (769 words)

 Attorney Profile
SEC "Up-the-Ladder" Reporting Requirement: Practical Suggestions for In-House Attorneys, July 18, 2003 (Valerie Ford Jacob, Kenneth R. Blackman, Stuart H. Gelfond, Barbara S. Gillers, Lois F. Herzeca, Michael A. Levitt, Karl A. Groskaufmanis, Dixie L. Johnson, Matt T. Morley, Daniel J. Bursky, Robert P. Mollen, Timothy E. Peterson)
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Adopts Registration Requirement for Public Accounting Firms, May 16, 2003 (David B. Hardison, Matt T. Morley, Michael J. Rivera, Robert P. Mollen, Timothy E. Peterson)
International Anti-Bribery Standards: What Does the OECD Convention Mean for American Business?
www.ffhsj.com /attorney_profile.php3?firmpubs=morlema   (769 words)

The township officers in 1905 were Andrew Eidahl - chairman, Iver Brandvold and L.T. Larson, supervisors, Jacob Dynig - Clerk, John Stakston - Treasurer, G.P. Russell - Assessor, Elbert Peterson - Justice of the peace, John Peterson - Constable.
The name Torning was brought by the Norwegian settlers from their old home in Torning township near Benson, Minnesota, and was given to their new township in the western hills of Ward County.
In order for a township to be organized it had to have a taxable evaluation of at least $40,000 and there must be at least 25 people of voting age, and a majority of the voters must sign a petition.
www.rootsweb.com /~ndward/Townships/TorningTwp.htm   (278 words)

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