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Topic: Jacob Zuma

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  BBC NEWS | Africa | ANC leader Zuma calls for unity
Jacob Zuma insists that the ANC remains strong
Mr Zuma acknowledged that the past few months and years had placed the unity of the ANC under great strain and that it had been a painful period.
Mr Zuma used his speech to also outline his political priorities for the coming year, highlighting the "serious challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality".
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/africa/7184558.stm   (503 words)

  Biography of Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma was born on 12 April 1942 in Inkandla, KwaZulu-Natal Province.
Jacob Zuma was forced to leave Mozambique in January 1987 after considerable pressure on the Mozambican government by the PW Botha regime.
In December 1994, Jacob Zuma was elected National Chairperson of the ANC and chairperson of the ANC in KZN.
www.anc.org.za /people/zumaj.html   (1316 words)

 Jacob Zuma Quotes
Zuma is nominated as the ANC candidate for the premiership of KwaZulu-Natal.
Zuma is elected Chairperson of the Southern Natal region at the first Regional Congress of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal, and took a leading role in fighting violence in the region.
Jacob Zuma was born in rural Inkandla, in the KwaZulu-Natal Province.
www.southafrica.to /people/Quotes/JacobZuma/JacobZuma.htm   (3499 words)

  Jacob Zuma on trial in South Africa - Breaking News - World - Breaking News
Zuma, smiling and looking relaxed in a bright blue patterned shirt and fl trousers, was greeted with cheers and thunderous applause as he walked around the stadium.
Zuma, who has no formal education and has huge support among the rank and file of the African National Congress and the trade union movement, was long considered heir apparent to President Thabo Mbeki, who is due to stand down after two terms in office in 2009.
Zuma bounced back from allegations that he raped an HIV positive family friend earlier this year and has staked his claim to the presidency of the ANC - he is deputy president of the movement - and the country.
www.theage.com.au /news/World/Jacob-Zuma-on-trial-in-South-Africa/2006/07/31/1154198049737.html   (673 words)

 Former South African leader is cleared of rape charges - South Africa, Jacob Zuma, rape case - Africa & Middle ...
Zuma, who stands trial in July on unrelated corruption charges, has consistently protested his innocence on both the rape and corruption charges, maintaining all the accusations resulted from a conspiracy by unidentified plotters within the ruling party to derail his bid to succeed President Thabo Mbeki in 2009.
Zuma testified that the woman, whom he had known since she was a small child, had encouraged him with cell phone messages and flirtatious behavior and did not resist his advances in the bedroom.
Zuma also testified that the woman's decision to wear a knee-length skirt and later a kanga, a traditional Africa wrap, were other indications of her desire to have sex with him.
www.iht.com /articles/2006/05/08/africa/web.0508zuma.php   (811 words)

 iafrica.com | news | special reports | the zuma files Jacob Zuma corruption trial on hold
Jacob Zuma's corruption trial, with all its political repercussions, was postponed until September 5 in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday.
Kemp J Kemp, representing Zuma, filed a counter application for a permanent stay of prosecution, or that the case be struck off the roll.
Zuma said he was not happy about the way his case had been treated by the State.
iafrica.com /news/specialreport/zuma_trial/827974.htm   (1006 words)

 SoccerBlog.com: ANC faultlines: Jacob Zuma, the GINI coefficient, and South Africa 2010
Jacob Zuma was a charismatic leader and very popular leader of the ANC struggle against apartheid, spending 10 years in jail at Robben Island with Nelson Mandela.
Jacob Zuma and the trade unions are at odds with the pro-business Thabo Mbeki lobby of the ANC.
A Jacob Zuma restored to his past power and influence as ANC president could ensure that the benefit that the World Cup brings to South Africa is maximized in a utilitarian way benefiting everyone especially the most vulnerable.
www.soccerblog.com /2006/08/anc_faultlines_jacob_zuma_the.htm   (974 words)

 The rising tide of Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma has been acquitted of rape but repercussions from the case are likely to continue.
Cape Town - There is little doubt that if Jacob Zuma had been a candidate for the presidency of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) at the party's national general council (NGC) in July, he would have won an overwhelming number of votes.
Zuma has got the backing from a number of old hands who did not make it to cabinet or senior government posts under Mbeki - most significantly SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande and Cosatu secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi.
www.news24.com /News24/South_Africa/Zuma/0,,2-7-1840_1822998,00.html   (992 words)

 Zululand EcoAdventures - Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma was born on 12 April 1942 in Inkandla, KwaZulu-Natal Province.
Jacob Zuma was forced to leave Mozambique in January 1987 after considerable pressure on the Mozambican government by the PW Botha regime.
In December 1994, Jacob Zuma was elected National Chairperson of the ANC and chairperson of the ANC in KZN.
www.eshowe.com /article/articlestatic/66/1/18   (1326 words)

 Newsvine - Why Jacob Zuma's fall from grace is inevitable
But for some reason Zuma, apart from dipping his fingers in the cash pot, also invited the ire of the ANC top brass and he was slowly being ostracized from what has become known as the ANC right.
The charge turned out to be nonsense and mainly displayed Zuma's capacity for bad judgement, but it caused a media frenzy, not to mention fueled the cries of Zuma supporters that he is being persecuted in an ANC conspiracy.
Jacob Zuma's saga is going to be historic, partly because of the succession debate, but really because it's the first sign that all is not well at the ruling party.
gabbahead.newsvine.com /_news/2006/11/13/439407-why-jacob-zumas-fall...   (1472 words)

 Jacob Zuma - Wikipedia
Zuma is op 8 Mei 2006 deur regter Willem van der Merwe onskuldig bevind op die aanklag van verkragting.
Zuma is gedwing om Mosambiek in Januarie 1987 te verlaat na aansienlike druk op die Mosambiekse regering deur die PW Botha regime.
Zuma se verdedigingspan het getuienis oor die vrou se seksuele geskiedenis aangebied en stel dat die seks wat plaasgevind het konsensueel was; die aanklaers stel dat haar gebrek aan weerstand as gevolg van skok was.
af.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jacob_Zuma   (2557 words)

 Jacobson Attorneys: Zuma sues media over alleged defamation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Former Deputy President Jacob Zuma has delivered letters of demand to several members of the media for alleged defamation.  In total he is presently claiming R63 million from Highveld Stereo (for playing a satirical song called "My name is Zuma"), The Star, Rapport and Sunday Times to name a few.
JACOB Zuma’s defamation claim against the media has risen to R63 million after a Johannesburg radio station “further insulted” him, the Witness reported yesterday.
For Zuma – as for any politician - to canvass his reputation in the courts will be a large and costly risk, as he will be inviting the media to dig for further information about him and his reputation.
www.jacobson.co.za /2006/07/zuma_sues_media_over_alleged_d.html   (814 words)

 Jacob Zuma cleared of rape | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Mr Zuma's supporters have argued the allegations were part of a political plot to destroy any hope of him succeeding Thabo Mbeki as president in 2009.
Mr Zuma, who was imprisoned on Robben Island during the apartheid era, claimed his accuser had encouraged him with mobile phone messages and flirtatious behaviour and did not resist his advances.
Mr Zuma had also alleged that the woman was sending him a sexual invitation by wearing flimsy clothing when she said goodnight to him.
www.guardian.co.uk /southafrica/story/0,,1770339,00.html   (706 words)

 SABCnews.com - sabcnews/specials
Jacob Zuma, the former deputy president, has asked the ANC's National Working Committee (ANCNWC) to withdraw his participation from all party structures pending the completion of a his corruption trial.
Jacob Zuma, the former deputy president, is to be charged by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on two counts of corruption.
Jacob Zuma, the ANC deputy president, has reiterated his view that the media tried and judged him unfairly in absentia through their reporting on the Schabir Shaik trial and verdict.
www.sabcnews.com /features/jacob_zuma_deputy_president   (1276 words)

 Jacob Zuma aims to be jewel in ANC crown - Telegraph
Jacob Zuma aims to be jewel in ANC crown - Telegraph
Jacob Zuma aims to be jewel in ANC crown
Charges were laid against Mr Zuma and later struck out, but prosecutors have waged a long legal battle to re-open the case, with the latest rulings going against him, raising the prospect of charges against him being revived early next year.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/worldnews/1572578/Jacob-Zuma-aims-to-be-jewel-in-ANC-crown.html   (1210 words)

 Zuma: Row brews outside court
Johannesburg - A row is brewing among supporters of the woman at the centre of the Jacob Zuma rape trial on Monday.
She said they were told this was for their own protection because they had complained of intimidation from Zuma supporters when Zuma first appeared in court on February 13.
Zuma's defence team arrived at the court shortly after 09:00 on Monday.
www.news24.com /News24/South_Africa/Zuma/0,,2-7-1840_1892813,00.html   (317 words)

 Will Jacob Zuma be the next president? - South Africa Travel Forum
Jacob Zuma has lots of supporters in South Africa, and I personally believe that he will never become or should be president, he has no political base at all, I mean damn, all he has is a few (compared to the population of south Africa) supporters of the Zulu culture.
Maybe Jacob Zuma should ask the former apartheid Minister of Law and Order, Adriaan Vlok to take over the massive task of collecting cash for his fraud trial from the deceased Zodathi Sithole, Gauteng chairman of the Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust.
Zuma and his supporters have claimed that state organs such as the NPA had been deliberately manipulated to concoct trumped-up charges to prevent him from becoming the next president.
forum.southafrica-direct.com /will-jacob-zuma-be-the-next-president-t59-1.html   (1372 words)

 Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Jacob Zuma Acquittal
Yesterday, Jacob Zuma was acquitted on rape charges and the compliant known as Khwezi is on her way to a life of exile.
The Urban Trash Blog in Jacob Zuma (Part 2) agrees with the judges decision but will not be voting for Zuma as President should he run.
Zuma was sacked as deputy president after the announcement of the Shaik verdict.
www.globalvoicesonline.org /2006/05/09/jacob-zuma-aquittal   (1444 words)

 ABC News: South Africa's Zuma Awaits Rape Verdict
Zuma has pleaded innocent to a charge of raping a 31-year-old, HIV-positive family friend at his home in November, saying the sex had been consensual.
A large crowd of Zuma supporters and smaller numbers of women's rights activists demonstrated outside the courtroom as Judge Willem van der Merwe delivered his lengthy verdict, which was broadcast live on television and radio.
But Zuma, who during apartheid was imprisoned on Robben Island and then from exile headed the military wing of the African National Congress, remains deputy president of the ANC and enjoys wide popularity in the rank and file of the party.
abcnews.go.com /International/wireStory?id=1935323   (464 words)

 South African judge clears Zuma of rape | csmonitor.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zuma's political future as it is bad for this country's millions of rape victims.
For instance, although Zuma denied raping the alleged victim, whom he knew to be HIV positive, he acknowledged that the two had had unprotected sex.
Zuma, who was once the head of South Africa's AIDS council, said he took a shower after intercourse to lessen the likelihood of contracting the disease.
www.csmonitor.com /2006/0509/p07s02-woaf.html   (1016 words)

 South Africa's Zuma primed for second rise | csmonitor.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Jacob Zuma is in a stronger position than he was in yesterday," says Aubrey Matshiqi, a former ANC member and government spokesman and now a senior analyst at the Center for Policy Studies in Johannesburg.
Shaik's conviction, Zuma was relieved of his duties as deputy president of South Africa and was subsequently charged with corruption himself.
And while Zuma's supporters in the COSATU, a trade-union coalition, and the South African Communist Party, see Zuma as their best advocate in the ANC leadership, few expect Zuma to reverse the generally pro-business economic policies of the Mbeki government.
www.csmonitor.com /2006/0922/p06s01-woaf.html   (949 words)

 South Africa
Zuma, meanwhile, always seems to be in the soup for matters related to ethics or crime or nefariousness.
His are problems of integrity. It is hard to determine which is worse, though for the sake or argument I’d maintain that in a democratic system it is easier to rectify incompetence than corruption among leaders.
Even as Zuma has shown a fairly deft political touch on many of the issues facing the country, especially compared to Thabo Mbeki’s tin ear, it is still disquieting to hear talk from Mbeki’s anointed successor of the ANC being the inevitable outcome of divinely sanctioned rule destined to endure forever.
southafrica.foreignpolicyblogs.com   (1393 words)

 Business Day - News Worth Knowing
Cosatu has been vocal in its support for ANC deputy president Jacob Zuma and called for him to be re-instated as the deputy president of the country after his corruption trial was thrown out of court.
Jacob Zuma cleared a major hurdle in his march to succeed President Thabo Mbeki as ANC leader next year when his corruption case was thrown out of court in Pietermaritzburg on September the 20th 2006.
But Zuma’s victory may be shortlived, with the NPA saying the door had been left open for a reinstatement of the corruption charges against Zuma and French arms company Thint SA.
www.businessday.co.za /specialreports/index.aspx?Page=BD4P29&MenuItem=BD4P29   (1668 words)

 Jacob Zuma's Guide to Knowing When Women Want to Have Sex With Him.
Jacob G. Zuma, South Africa's former deputy president was acquitted charges that he raped the daughter of a family friend.
Zuma, 64, made the sexual and mental history of his 31-year-old accuser the linchpin of his defense.
Zuma told the court that it was clear from the complainant's apparel and from the way she sat on a couch in her skirt - not with her legs tightly together, but splayed - that she was trying "to tell [me] something".
www.berryburger.com /funstuff_82.htm   (298 words)

 Jacob Zuma - The 2008 TIME 100 - TIME
Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki were once friends and allies, but they fell out around 2002, allegedly because Mbeki, South Africa's inscrutable President, suspected that Zuma was plotting to replace him.
When Zuma was dismissed from the deputy presidency and later charged with corruption and rape, his followers were convinced that their man was the victim of an Mbeki-inspired vendetta.
The controversies didn't hurt Zuma, 66, an unabashed populist who revels in traditional African polygamy—he has several wives—and whose massive rallies feature the Zulu anthem Bring Me My Machine Gun.
www.time.com /time/specials/2007/article/0,28804,1733748_1733757_1735724,00.html   (392 words)

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