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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

He said that during the planning of that concert, Jah Cure was suggested as the ideal catalyst for the talented prisoners' rehabilitation proposal.
Jah Cure, who was transferred to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre from the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre two years ago, had his application for parole turned down last year despite a passionate campaign by concerned friends, family, and entertainers.
Jah Cure was sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment on April 26, 1999 for two counts of rape, robbery with aggravation, and illegal possession of firearm, all arising from the same incident.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /lifestyle/html/20050818T210000-0500_86397_OBS_IT_S_JAH_CURE.asp   (748 words)

 Jah Wobble Biography
Hurled out of the desolate streets of Stepney at 18 and into the nascent Public Image Ltd. (PIL), Jah Wobble was fundamental in shaping the virulent nihilism of punk into sonic and melodic extremes that evoked everything from dub reggae to Stockhausen.
"The return of Jah Wobble, the gunslinger with the fastest meanest bass on the block, is a welcome one.
This duality is perhaps the key to his continued creativity and invention.
www.30hertzrecords.com /jahwobbl.htm   (1343 words)

  Jah Cure: A Case of Reasonable Doubt
All this is preventing Jah Cure from undergoing a DNA test to prove his innocence and receive a pardon for his incarceration.
Despite recent media reports, Jah Cure did not receive a jury trial, but was convicted and sentenced to a 16-year jail term by a Magistrate in the Gun Court, as it was alleged that a gun was used during the rape.
The team working behind the scenes to expose the facts surrounding Jah Cure’s case and secure his release includes prominent lawyers, businessmen, music personalities and an overwhelming mass of support from a music-loving public that continues to believe Jah Cure is innocently imprisoned.
www.jahworks.org /music/features/jc_reasonable_doubt.htm   (1349 words)

 Dr. Jah and the Love Prophets - History
Jah and the Love Prophets was formed in Troy NY in the fall of 1988 by some Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students and their friends.
Jah keeps the flame alive from the May 1986 "Jah Love Fest," where every band included future Dr. Jah players (and a few more were in the crowd).
In 2003, Dr. Jah was the first band ever to play at Revolution Hall in Troy (at the pre-opening party) and continued their monthly shows at the Lark Tavern in Albany.
www.jahworld.com /html/information/history/jah_history.htm   (922 words)

 CD Baby: JAH ROOTS: Crucial   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jah Roots are so unique when it comes to their style.
Jah Roots has been city hopping promoting Crucual and on Nov 10th Tahlequah will be lucky to host them at The Dream Theatre.
Jah Roots' ability to fuse that oh-so familiar Rastafarian sound with islander vocals, a smooth playin' sax, and a bit of tight hip-hop, skat slipped in on the occasional track shows their talent pool runs deep and long.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/jahroots   (2066 words)

 Jah Mason
Music to Jah Mason is not a business, he sees it as a mission because if it was a business he would not be involved in it.
Jah Mason writes all his own lyrics getting his ideas from "the Almighty Haile Selassie I" and at the time of the interview, he had an album due out on January 7th 2000 on the Reggaemuffin label.
Jah Cure is an artist who has recently been in Reggae and Jamaican headlines as he was imprisoned for 15 years on an alleged rape charge.
www.shashamane.com /finalbingi/jmason.htm   (676 words)

 Jah Love Recordings
Jah Love is proud to present “Girl from Cuba”.
This release is a special collaboration between some of the hottest artists in underground music.
Zeb is an exceptional live guitar player in the New York underground scene performing with Organic Grooves.
www.jah-love.com   (353 words)

 Jah Warrior
After making the pilgrimage to London in the early '80s, Mosco was turned onto Jah Shaka and his awesome sound system dances.
Five years later, Mosco launched the Jah Warrior label with the single "22nd Book," before going on to release cuts from the likes of Jamaican roots vocalist Peter Broggs, Nigerian DJ and MC Afrikan Simba, and reggae legend Prince Alla.
Mosco released Jah Golden Throne by Peter Broggs on his own label in '00, and Portland, Oregon's BSI Records went on to release the dub reworks a year later.
www.epitonic.com /artists/jahwarrior.html   (291 words)

 Jah Tubbys World System Homepage
Jah Tubbys come again, brand NEW releases on the JTS imprint, with pictures of Artists and Friends passing thru the Studio.
The original Jah Tubbys record label, artists and releases.
Flyers from dances long ago, Jah Tubbys in action, meets Sir Coxson, Fatman, Jah Shaka, Moa Anbessa, Quaker City and many more.
www.jahtubbys.co.uk   (140 words)

 The Journal of American History
For over eighty years, the JAH, published by the Organization of American Historians, has been the leading scholarly publication in the field of American history.
To subscribe to the JAH, become an OAH member.
Access to journal content is limited to individual members of the Organization of American Historians and to institutions that subscribe to the print version of the Journal.
www.indiana.edu /~jah   (232 words)

 CD Baby: JAH WORKS: Taking Off Tomorrow
It is this sentiment which gave birth to Jah Works and has become the thread which has kept them together for 11 years and counting.
Jah Works' earliest musical overtures began in Belgium where a few of it's members performed with acoustic guitars in the local bars and street corners while studying abroad.
Jah Works has also made an annual pilgrimage out of their tours to Jamaica (4 years in a row).
cdbaby.com /cd/jah2   (829 words)

 Jah Storm   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jah Storm is a one year old international reggae and dancehall band.
The band was founded by Winston, a bass guitarist born in Jamaica, who started to make music at the age of 15.
Band members were fighting over the name, and thought that the name Jah Storm would reach the people.
www.african.nl /jahstorm.htm   (208 words)

 Marijuana And Other Rasta Symbols - Rastafari - Jamaica   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Contrary to what you may read in many patois dictionaries or Jamaican related books, the word Jah is not derived from the word Jehovah.
Jah is from the King James Bible as another name for God like Elohim, El Shaddai and other names.
Evoking the name "Jah" can bring legitimacy to reggae artists, being that Rastafarians are associated with the music.
www.jamaicans.com /culture/rasta/ganja.htm   (592 words)

JAH LEVI AND THE HIGHER REASONING, are world class musicians who are versatile enough to spontaneously perform all genres of music.
His ability as a band leader is exemplified by the trust and loyalty of his group, several of whom have been with him since the group's beginning and many who return (from the far corners of the globe) to perform year after year.
JAH LEVI is an ordained bishop of the Essene church, a minister of the soga del alma church of Peru and a card carrying member of the Native American church.
cdbaby.com /cd/jahlevi   (913 words)

 Reggae Reviews: Jah Cure
It's easy to see why there's been such a commotion; his songs are well-crafted and conscious, and his sincere mix of roots and dancehall echoes modern greats like Garnett Silk and Luciano.
Jah Cure's vocals are heartfelt and remind me a lot of Yami Bolo, perhaps with a little bit of Michael Rose or even newcomers Ras Shiloh and Jahmali.
Let's hope that his personal trials won't derail Jah Cure's life's work, ensuring that we'll be treated to many more great works to come from this rare talent.
www.reggae-reviews.com /jahcure.html   (370 words)

 Jah Acid Dub - The Bad Weed Studio - Biographie   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Originaire de Paris Jah Acid Dub a un passé bercé par le Jazz (Be Bop), l’Acid Jazz, la musique indienne (Raga) et le Reggae.
From Paris origine country Jah Acid Dub has a past rocked by the Jazz (Be Bop), Acid Jazz, Indian music (Raga) and Reggae.
Jah Acid Dub composes and own-produce lonely all his riddims in his own home studio called "The Bad Weed Studio".
jahaciddub.tripod.com /bio-jad.htm   (679 words)

 JAH - Home Page
Note:- Nowhere in his entire one thousand Quatrain Prophecies does Nostradamus mention the 4th of July in 1999 or any other year, nor does he state that the world will end on that date.
To view a list of booklets, written by JAH, covering many varying and interesting subjects, needing a publisher, please click "JAH's Booklets".
JAH, JAH Publications, P. Box 2129, Canvey Island, SS8 9UF, England, U.K. Thank you very much.
jahtruth.co.uk   (1084 words)

 Home Page
A Liverpool Commission, commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company for European Capital of Culture 2008.
Jah Wobble is now working on the project 'Chinese Dub' performance - 5th July, 2008, at the carling Academy, Liverpool....
You can pre book tickets from our E-Shop
www.30hertzrecords.com   (43 words)

 ClearStation : Details : JAH
It should be around 19 based on CS earnings info and...
Jarden beats by a penny (JAH) 36.55: Reports Q3 (Sep)...
These guys are chinese proof and growing in an iffy...
clearstation.etrade.com /cgi-bin/details?Symbol=JAH   (104 words)

 Reggaefrance.com - Fiche artiste : Tiken Jah Fakoly
Tiken Jah Fakoly suit les traces de son illustre aîné, Alpha Blondy.
well i don´t speak french but i speak spanish and english, i´d like to say that tiken jah fakoly is the best group of reggae that i have ever heard, i love ya tiken!!, los amo!!
Tiken Jah Fakoly revient sur le devant de la scène en 2004 avec son meilleur album, "Coup de Gueule" : le griot n'a pas baissé les armes.
www.reggaefrance.com /artiste-159-tiken-jah-fakoly.html   (942 words)

 Music by JAH ELVIS
I had to listen to a few songs and i'm really impressed- reggae/ which i love to hear.
I enjoy real Roots Reggae music and Jah Elvis you have put your hands on what is real and true about Reggae music.
I would say your music is for people who can handle the truth and not afraid of change.
www.geocities.com /Jah_Elvis   (714 words)

 JAH - Jah is hear - View Messages   (Site not responding. Last check: )
JAH - Jah is hear - View Messages
Sent: 12/19/2003 9:16:11 AM Yes I, Jah is always here and has always been here, and will remain when here is no more.
Jah is Infinite with no bounds or limitations.
www.jah-rastafari.com /forum/message-view.asp?message_group=92   (363 words)

 Jah Shaka
Jah Shaka is one of the most important roots reggae and dub artists.
He's a composer, musician, singer, mixing engineer, producer, record label owner, and the operator of the heaviest roots/dub sound system in the world!
Click here for Jah Shaka audio & video clips
shaka.reggaeclub.org   (57 words)

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