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Topic: Jalal Talabani

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  Jalal Talabani   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Talabani returned to law school, at the same time pursuing a career as a journalist and editor of two publications, Khabat and Kurdistan.
Talabani was part of the "Political Bureau" group that broke away from General Mustafa Barzani's leadership, although he later rejoined the KDP and fought during the 1974-1975 revolution against Iraq’s Ba’athist dictatorship.
Talabani has pursued a negotiated settlement to the internecine problems plaguing the Kurdish movement, as well as the larger issue of Kurdish rights in the current regional context.
www.kurdishaspect.com /biographytalabani.html   (846 words)

  Jalal Talabani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jalal Talabani (Kurdish: جهلال تالهبانی / Celal Talebanî / Jelal Talebaní Arabic: جلال طالباني‎, Jalāl Tālabānī) (born 1933), is an Iraqi politician, who was elected President of Iraq on April 6, 2005, (sworn in the next day, April 7, and once again on April 22, 2006, by the Iraqi National Assembly.
When the KDP split in 1964, Talabani along with his long time mentor Ibrahim Ahmed was part of the "Political Bureau" group that broke away from General Mustafa Barzani's leadership, although he later rejoined the KDP and fought during the 1974-1975 revolution against Iraq’s Ba’athist dictatorship.
Talabani was a member of the Iraqi Governing Council that negotiated the Transitional Administrative Law (TAL), Iraq’s interim constitution.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jalal_Talabani   (1001 words)

 Jalal Talabani   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Jalal Talabani Jalal Talabani (born 1933 in Kelkan) is a prominent Iraqi Kurdish politician, who was named the President of Iraq on April 6, 2005.
Talabani was born in the village of Kelkan in Southern Kurdistan.
At the time of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Talabani continued to lead the PUK and had international respect and recognition for being a leading member of the Iraqi opposition which had remained within the country during the rule of Saddam Hussein.
jalal-talabani.iqnaut.net   (420 words)

 Jalal Talabani - Kommersant Moscow
"Jalal Talabani made a very strong impression on me," said Georgy Mirsky, an expert at the Institute of World Economics and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences who met the man who is now the Iraqi president in 2001.
Jalal Talabani was born in 1933 in the village of Kelkan, the ancestral home of the influential Talabani family, which has produced many Kurdish spiritual leaders.
In 1975, the Kurdish resistance collapsed, and Jalal Talabani fled to Beirut.
www.kommersant.com /p730999/r_540/Jalal_Talabani   (2046 words)

 THE TALK SHOW AMERICAN: Iraqis Elect Jalal Talabani Interim President
Talabani was expected to be sworn in to his post on Thursday, then name Shiite leader Ibrahim al-Jaafari prime minister, clearing the way for talks on a new constitution that must be completed by Aug. 15.
Talabani's election came after the Kurdish-led coalition won 75 of the 275 parliament seats in the elections, a major victory for a group that spent years fighting Saddam's regime.
Talabani and his two vice presidents — known as the presidential council — are supposed to "represent the sovereignty of Iraq and oversee the higher affairs of the country," according to the country's interim constitution.
www.talkshowamerica.com /2005/04/iraqis-elect-jalal-talabani-interim.html   (840 words)

 Talabani’s Historical Blunder - Assyrian News Agency
Kurdish leader, Jalal Talabani is the second time appointed President to war torn Iraq for the next four years.
Talabani’s presidential speech on Saturday, April 22, 2006 set the tone of yet another non-democratic Parliament when he failed to acknowledge the Assyrians, the purposefully forgotten ethnic in Iraq.
Talabani for ignoring his presidential duty of being just and fair to all the people he is supposed to lead.
assyriatimes.com /engine/modules/news/article.php?storyid=3191   (454 words)

 World Leaders Forum at Columbia University
In particular, I submit that TalabaniÂ’s talk illustrated the importance of Columbia political scientist Jack SnyderÂ’s challenge to the conventional wisdom that democracy is a panacea for violent conflict, for as Snyder shows, attempts at democratization actually increase a stateÂ’s risk of conflict, although this risk can, and should, be controlled.
Talabani hinted at the need to fill this void, where the insurgency has been stepping in: “Fighting them on the political front by creating a democratic Iraq is just as important as the military approach.” Importance
TalabaniÂ’s talk conveyed the mood of this crisis marked by the difficulty of bringing a fledgling democratic state quickly to maturity.
www.columbia.edu /ccnmtl/draft/jhall/wlf/monahan.html   (978 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Profile: Jalal Talabani   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Jalal Talabani, widely referred to by Kurds as Mam (uncle) Jalal, is one of the longest serving figures in contemporary Iraqi Kurdish politics.
Mr Talabani is the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), one of the two main parties controlling the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
A new era in Mr Talabani's political life began in the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf War and the Kurdish uprising in the north against the Iraqi Government.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/middle_east/2480197.stm   (608 words)

 Jalal Talabani and Alexander Downer: News Conference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
JALAL TALABANI: We hope so that he will be because these two men, Ali Hassan Al-Majid and Taha Ramadan were in daily contact with him.
JALAL TALABANI: Yes when his headquarters was bombarded in Basra there was news that he was killed.
JALAL TALABANI: I think it will be one of the glorious decisions and participation of Australian people and the government in liberating Iraq.
www.kurdmedia.com /news.asp?id=4232   (2135 words)

Jalal Talabani: The constitution has been completed in a fundamental way, and the National Assembly has endorsed it and has submitted it to the United Nations.
Talabani: If the constitution is ratified by the 15th of next month, then there would be elections by the end of the year.
Talabani: First of all, in a way the wars in liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan were in the interests of Iran.
www.digitalnpq.org /articles/global/17/09-19-2005/jalal_talabani   (1160 words)

 From peshmerga to president: Jalal Talabani - Turkish Daily News May 08, 2005
Talabani was born in 1933 in the southern Kurdish area of Iraq.
Eight years later he bargained with Talabani, in exchange for his agreement to the latter's presidency, that he himself should get a more permanent and worthwhile position of president of the Kurdish region in the north in an autonomous state within a state.
Talabani has been described by the Iraqi al-Qaeda as the "tail of the United States" and is a moderate Muslim, as opposed to the more conservative Shiite clerics, not to say the fundamentalist Shiite cleric majority forces of Iraq, let alone the substantial Sunni reactionary elements.
www.turkishdailynews.com.tr /article.php?enewsid=12539   (592 words)

 Jalal Talabani: "No Grounds for a Relationship with Baghdad" - Middle East Quarterly
Talabani: The Iraqi people are suffering because of several factors: the U.N. sanctions, the dictatorship, and the bureaucratic nature of the U.N. agencies.
Talabani: When it comes to the matter of sanctions, we are for the lifting of sanctions on the Iraqi people with the proviso that we continue to get our share—13 percent—of the oil-for-food revenues that are allocated to northern Iraq.
Talabani: You know, despite all the problems we have, because there is democracy here, we don't have nearly the problems that they have in the south [where Saddam Husayn rules].
www.meforum.org /article/126   (2055 words)

 Iraq President Jalal Talabani Holds Press Conference at VOA
Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq, held a Newsmaker press conference at Voice of America headquarters on Friday, September 9, at 11:00 a.m.
Jalal Talabani was named State President of Iraq on April 6, 2005 by the Iraqi National Assembly.
Talabani is founder and secretary general of one of the main Iraqi Kurdish political parties, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).
www.voanews.com /english/About/2005-09-07-talabani.cfm   (233 words)

 Spiegel Interview with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani: "I'm in Favor of Reducing the Number of American Troops" - ...
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani discusses the case against Saddam Hussein, the progress that has been made in reconstructing the country and the perils of "barbaric" and "gruesome" terrorist who threaten to destabilize the country.
Jalal Talabani, 71, the founder of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, is considered one of the most influential Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq.
Talabani: Those are the delusions of a man who has suffered total defeat and no longer has any idea of how isolated he is. Even sheikhs from his own clan have disassociated themselves from him.
www.spiegel.de /international/spiegel/0,1518,362617,00.html   (1898 words)

 Radio Free Iraq Talks With Jalal Talabani   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Talabani discussed Kurdish demands in the new Iraqi government and constitution, and his own aspiration for the presidency of the transitional government.
Talabani: This new Iraqi cabinet will be the first [Iraqi] cabinet established from a freely elected parliament, as a result of parliamentary mechanisms recognized in the world.
Talabani: At first, I would like to say that we believe in a united and independent Iraq that will be pluralistic, federal, parliamentary, democratic, respecting the Islamic identity of the Iraqi people, and acknowledging Islam as one of the sources of legislation in Iraq.
www.epic-usa.org /Default.aspx?tabid=698   (1572 words)

 Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani named Iraq president : Indybay
The Iraqi parliament has chosen Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as the country's new interim president, reaching out to the nation's Kurdish minority and bringing the country closer to its first democratically elected government in 50 years.
Talabani said he would work to secure his troubled nation and pledged "to establish an independent and united Iraqi state based on democracy, federalism and human rights".
Mr Talabani, who was hailed by a standing ovation in parliament, pledged to work with all ethnic and religious factions to rebuild Iraq after decades of conflict and dictatorship.
www.indybay.org /newsitems/2005/04/06/17316281.php   (1458 words)

 Jalal Talabani
While Talabani has been active in fighting for Kurdish rights most of his life, possibly even independence, he pledged himself in favour of a united Iraq following the US/British invasion.
Talabani has been a master in changing alliances all through his political life, and has several times made alliances with former enemies.
Talabani became leader together with Masud Barzani of KDP.
i-cias.com /e.o/talabani_j.htm   (461 words)

 UK Visit by President Jalal Talabani Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Talabani met the Prime Minister, attended a lunch hosted by the Foreign Secretary and gave a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).
Mr Talabani said that the 'January [2005] election was a milestone in the history of Iraq and the Middle East', and that the 15th October 2005 'referendum on the constitution would be another one'.
Mr Talabani thanked the UK's contribution and commented that the withdrawal of the Multi- National Force in the near future 'could lead to a victory of the terrorists in Iraq, and create grave threats to the region, and the civilised world'.
www.fco.gov.uk /servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1129042463872   (390 words)

 http://www.qando.net/ - President Jalal Talabani
The assembly voted in Jalal Talabani, a Kurdish leader, as president; Adel Abdul Mahdi, a prominent Shiite Arab politician, as vice president, and Sheik Ghazi al-Yawar, the Sunni Arab president of the interim government, as the other vice president.
However, Jalal Talabani is an interesting figure, with a curious past.
Other reports indicate that Saddam was "held prisoner until Jalal Talabani made his own negotiations", which "didn't just involve the reward but it involved gaining some sort of political advantage in the region".
www.qando.net /details.aspx?Entry=1521   (1403 words)

 Talabani lashes out at 'dangerous' Baker report on US role in Iraq | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited
Iraq's president Jalal Talabani, a key ally of the US, yesterday delivered a thunderous rejection of the bipartisan US Iraq Study Group, describing its findings as "dangerous" and saying that its recommendations were "dead in the water".
Mr Talabani added that calls for US sanctions against the Iraqi government if it failed to meet a timeline for a series of milestones were "an insult".
Mr Talabani's strident response followed another weekend of sectarian-inspired violence in Baghdad and a surprise farewell visit to US troops in Iraq by the outgoing US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, one of the chief architects of the US-led invasion.
www.guardian.co.uk /Iraq/Story/0,,1969155,00.html   (902 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Jalal Talabani, founder and Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,
After graduating in 1959, Talabani was called to military duty in the Iraqi army where he served in artillery and armor units and served as a commander of a tank unit.
When in September 1961, the Kurdish revolt against the Baghdad government of Abdul Karim Kassem was declared, Talabani took charge of the Kirkuk and Sulaimaniya battle fronts and organized and led resistance in Mawat, Rezan and the Karadagh regions.
www.pukb.nl /jiyani-mam-eng.htm   (382 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > In Iraq -- Iraqi President Jalal Talabani begins visit to Italy
ROME – Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said a premature withdrawal of Italian troops from his country would be catastrophic and that the presence of multinational forces in Iraq was vital.
Later, in comments to state TV news Tg1, Talabani said the decision to withdraw Italian troops from Iraq should be made with the agreement of Iraqi authorities.
Talabani is expected to meet with the pope on Thursday.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/world/iraq/20051107-1421-italy-iraq.html   (497 words)

 CNN.com - Talabani: Iraq preparing for Saddam trial - May 31, 2005
Jalal Talabani: Iraqi forces may be ready to defend Iraq in 12-18 months.
Talabani indicated the progress in Iraq has been hindered by foreign fighters and Iraq's neighbors desire to meddle in Iraq's affairs.
Talabani also said involving Sunni Arabs in the process of writing a permanent constitution was critical.
edition.cnn.com /2005/WORLD/meast/05/31/iraq.talabani   (886 words)

 U.S. proposals 'dangerous' / President Talabani says study group's opinions unjust and unfair
Talabani, a Kurd, is the highest-ranking political leader to oppose the study.
Talabani was particularly critical of recommendations to embed thousands of U.S. troops with Iraqi security forces to train and advise them, to centralize control of the county's oil revenue and to allow former loyalists to deposed President Saddam Hussein back into their old government jobs.
Talabani embraced the group's recommendation that the United States and Iraq engage in talks with Iraq's neighbors, especially Iran and Syria.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/12/11/MNG2OMTA7U1.DTL   (808 words)

 Jalal Talabani - We, the Iraqi Kurds, had always a different situation than that of our Iranian and Kurdish brothers
Jalal Talabani, the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the future of Iraq will be decided inside the country itself and all the "noises" one hear outside, like psychological warfare, propaganda war etc against the regime of Saddam Hussein are not "serious".
Talabani was in Ankara for a "Summit" held on Sunday 8
Talabani explained that though he understands the Turkish stand, yet he can not but to condemn the intrusion of Turkish forces inside Iraqi territory.
www.iran-press-service.com /articles/talabani.html   (1424 words)

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