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Topic: Jalalabad

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  Jalal-Abad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is situated at the north-eastern end of the Fergana Valley along the Kugart river valley, in the foothills of the Babash Ata mountains, at 40°56′N 73°0′E, and very close to the Uzbek border.
Jalalabad is known for a number of mineral springs in its surroundings, and the water from the nearby Hozret-Ayub-Paigambar spa was long believed to cure lepers.
One of the branches of the Silk Road passed through Jalalabad, and the region has played host to travellers for thousands of years, although few archaeological remains are visible today — except in some of the more remote parts of the oblast such as Saimalu Tash and the Chaktal valley.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jalalabad,_Kyrgyzstan   (371 words)

 AllRefer.com - Jalalabad (South Asia Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Jalalabad is a military center and a winter resort.
Present-day Jalalabad was the major city of the ancient Greco-Buddhist center of Gandhara.
Babur, founder of the Mughal empire of India, chose the site for the modern city, which was built c.1570 by his grandson, Akbar.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/J/Jalalaba.html   (225 words)

 Encyclopedia: Jalalabad, Afghanistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Jalalabad (Persian: Jalālābād) is the capital of Nangarhar province in Afghanistan, 150 km east of Kabul near the Khyber Pass.
The Jalalabad valley was one of the most important centres of Buddhist pilgrimage in the world, centred around the city of Hadda, who remains lie just south of modern Jalalabad.
Jalalabad was captured relatively bloodlessly by the Taliban in August 1996, the city's Pashtun population more in turn with the Taliban's social policies.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Jalalabad,-Afghanistan   (287 words)

 Jalalabad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jalalabad (Persian: Jalālābād, 34°31′N 70°31′E) is the capital of Nangarhar province in Afghanistan, 150 km east of Kabul near the Khyber Pass and west of the Kunar River.
The mausoleum of both rulers is enclosed by a garden facing Seraj-ul-Emart.
630 - Xuan Zang, the famous Chinese Buddhist monk, arrived in Jalalabad and considered himself to have reached India.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jalalabad,_Afghanistan   (142 words)

 village voice > news > Mujahideen Come Home by Michael Kamber
Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, is one of Afghanistan's most strategic cities, straddling the Grand Trunk Road, a crowded two-lane that runs from India, through Pakistan, and into Afghanistan.
They had been warned that the Northern Alliance was preparing to move on Jalalabad, so the tribal leaders and scholars were withdrawing their support of the Taliban in order to avoid civilian casualties and looting.
But barely four days into Jalalabad's post-Taliban era, factions of the same mujahideen forces that helped reduce the country to rubble in the civil war of the early 1990s are once again pointing weapons at each other.
www.villagevoice.com /issues/0147/kamber.php   (1344 words)

 Dateline ACT
He says that although many of the injured were delivered to the hospital in Jalalabad, some were taken to the hospital in the Pakistani town of Peshawar.
According to Ahmad Shah, 90 percent of the inhabitants of Jalalabad have left the town and are either staying with relatives or in the open air in the villages.
He reports that although food is available in the bazaar in Jalalabad, only those who work for the Taliban and have money can afford the food.
act-intl.org /news/dt_nr_2001/dtafghan0901.html   (655 words)

I say trying, because I was meant to leave on Tuesday, but Mick (an Irish engineer from Jalalabad) couldn't make it to Kabul because there had been an "incident" and UN staff weren't allowed to move.
Jalalabad city itself wasn't too affected by the fighting so most buildings are relatively intact.
The UN has 40-something international staff in Jalalabad (there are other non-UN agencies that are here too) so it is a bit closer-knit than Kabul, where there is something like 800 UN staff.
osamahunt.topcities.com /20040607.htm   (1772 words)

 Jalalabad on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Un champ de pavot à Jalalabad en Afghanistan Le président Jacques Chirac a ouvert jeudi à Paris, une conférence ministérie.
Afghan récoltant de l'opium à Jalalabad, en avril 2002 Les profits tirés du trafic de drogue sont réalisés à 98% dans les.
The newly appointed governor of Nanghar, Afghanistan Haji Qadeer during a press conference in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, November 17, 2001.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/J/Jalalaba.asp   (769 words)

 t r u t h o u t - ISSUES - Bin Laden May Be in Jalalabad Area
JALALABAD, Afghanistan (AP) -- A senior anti-Taliban commander here said Saturday he believes Osama bin Laden is nearby, moving by night on horseback and sleeping in caves during the day.
Hazrat Ali, security chief in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, said he received reports from trusted informants that bin Laden was seen as recently as Wednesday at an al-Qaida and Taliban mountain base called Tora Bora.
He said he used the base himself when he was fighting the Soviet army, and that it is virtually impossible to capture.
www.truthout.org /docs_01/11.25C.OBL.Jalalabad.htm   (418 words)

 Jalalabad News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Several planes arrived in Jalalabad and Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan early in the morning on July 27 to bring the refugees to Bishkek, from where they'll be...
Kurmanbek Bakiev was born in the village of Masadan - subsequently renamed Teyyit - in the Suzak district of south-western Jalalabad on 1 August 1949.
In Jalalabad, three civilians were injured when US troops fired upon their mini-bus, after the soldiers were attacked with a home-made bomb, said deputy police...
news.daylightonline.com /2005-02/Jalalabad.html   (7811 words)

 Jalalabad welcomes assistance from S.D. | The San Diego Union-Tribune
The mayor of one of Afghanistan's largest cities is visiting San Diego as part of a connection forged from the 2001 terrorist attacks.
Jalalabad was recently named the 15th sister city to San Diego, part of a program to promote mutual friendship and good will.
Local group members have enlisted area schools and colleges to help Jalalabad schools, where teachers sometimes have no textbooks and base their lessons on decades-old notes.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20041115/news_1m15afghan.html   (358 words)

 Informed Comment
Offices in Jalalabad were set on fire, shops sacked and consulates and UN buildings attacked by rioters, according to witnesses.
Police in Jalalabad opened fire earlier on Wednesday to break up an enraged mob of several thousand people that torched the governor’s house, the Pakistani consulate and several foreign aid agencies, witnesses said.
Jalalabad is an eastern Pushtun city in the main, and the attack on Pakistan's consulate presumably means that the Taliban and their cousins now view Pakistan as a proxy for the United States.
www.juancole.com /2005/05/american-blasphemy-against-koran.html   (774 words)

 Rotary International: Newsroom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Through their efforts, the Afghan city of Jalalabad and the U.S. city of San Diego, California, have become sister cities.
Jalalabad, one of Afghanistan's largest cities, is the capital of Nangarhar Province, and is situated near the Khyber Pass.
The population of Nangarhar is three million; Jalalabad proper has several hundred thousand residents.
www.rotary.org /newsroom/print/pro02_040802.html   (562 words)

 CNN.com - 26 killed in explosion in Afghan city - August 9, 2002
JALALABAD, Afghanistan (CNN) -- A powerful blast rocked a building belonging to a construction company Friday, killing at least 26 people and wounding as many as 80, according to the military commander in the city.
Authorities in Jalalabad have detained some of the company's employees for questioning.
Jalalabad is about a six-hour drive east from the Afghan capital of Kabul.
www.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/asiapcf/central/08/09/afghan.explosion/index.html   (292 words)

A follow-up agreement, the Jalalabad Accord, called for the militias to be disarmed but was never fully implemented.
Well, we were taken to place which we were told, both by alliance fighters, and also by local villagers, that this was actually bin Laden's house, or bin Laden's command center in a village outside Jalalabad.
"JALALABAD" is used about 12 times out of a sample of 100 million words spoken or written in English.
www.websters-online-dictionary.org /definition/english/JA/JALALABAD.html   (412 words)

 San Diego — Jalalabad Sister Cities
Jalalabad suffers from the current depressed social and economic conditions experienced by the rest of the country.
The residents of Jalalabad are the same wonderful people found throughout Afghanistan.
Jalalabad became the most likely and appropriate candidate to partner with San Diego because of multiple relationships already established.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/pix/b/sa/af/33570.htm   (358 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Five years on, exiles return - to praise the Taliban
As the convoy snaked its way towards Jalalabad, remnants of life under the Taliban - a world that had disappeared literally overnight - could be seen.
He was jailed by the Taliban for 40 days when they first took over in Jalalabad in 1996 because he had been a fighter loyal to a mojahedin commander.
Women in Jalalabad and the areas around the city had, as in much of Afghanistan always worn the all-enveloping burka veil which has become so associated with the repression of the Taliban, he said.
www.guardian.co.uk /waronterror/story/0,1361,595617,00.html   (1320 words)

 Aid staff leave Jalalabad: Anti-US protests widen -DAWN - Top Stories; May 13, 2005
JALALABAD, May 12: International aid agencies evacuated workers from Jalalabad on Thursday as outrage at the defilement of the holy Quran by US soldiers turned into the biggest anti-Washington protests in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban.
The situation remained tense in Jalalabad, where four people died on Wednesday after police opened fire on thousands of demonstrators who burned down humanitarian organization offices and the Pakistani consulate.
Although Jalalabad’s city centre was quiet and shops were open, it looked like a war zone, with broken glass as well as burnt tyres and wood littered everywhere.
www.dawn.com /2005/05/13/top12.htm   (657 words)

 San Diego Business Journal: Jalalabad, Shannon lining up as next sister cities.@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Jalalabad, Shannon lining up as next sister cities.
The Jalalabad effort is being organized by a group of citizens led by a local attorney, while the push for Shannon, Ireland is fueled by the somewhat unorthodox prompting of Mayor Dick Murphy.
Steve Brown, a 30-year veteran of Luce Forward, organized a committee of about 25 citizens (one-third of whom are Afghan expatriates) last summer.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:114004176&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (229 words)

 The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Indian consulate in Jalalabad is inciting separatist insurgencies in its North Western Frontier Province and Baluchistan, it is alleged.
Behind the sandbagged defences of the Jalalabad airport and the hills of the white mountains is a hidden war.
In the villages around Jalalabad, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has put up posters for the September 18 election that tries to teach Afghans the meaning of democracy: every individual has one vote, you cannot vote for your family.
www.telegraphindia.com /1050906/asp/nation/story_5202833.asp   (999 words)

 Villages pay price as US bombs go awry By Philip Smucker in Jalalabad
Last night, as the barrage continued, explosions could be heard from the outskirts of the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, to the north of Tora Bora.
Injured Afghans last night packed the emergency wards of Jalalabad's main hospital as relatives, some of whom said they had lost dozens of members of their extended families, denounced the bombings as grossly off-target.
At the main hospital in Jalalabad most of the families of the injured and dying blamed the US military.
mari209.tripod.com /2001dis/2001-3728i.htm   (823 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
Amin, there are reports, as Tucker referred to, that the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan has fallen and that the airport in Kandahar, the Taliban stronghold, is under siege.
They were involved in the liberation of Jalalabad, but there is a council that runs the affairs of Jalalabad.
And in the fall or the liberation of Jalalabad there was a coalition that was involved.
edition.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0111/14/cf.00.html   (3598 words)

 Nancy Hatch Dupree. An Historical Guide To Afghanistan. Jalalabad
Jalalabad’s popularity as a resort town is confined to winter, however, for the summers are hot and dusty.
Jalalabad is at its loveliest for two to three weeks after Nawroz (the Afghan New Year, 21 March).
From the 2nd to the 7th centuries A.D. the Jalalabad area was one of the most sacred spots in the Buddhist world.
www.zharov.com /dupree/chapter11.html   (5563 words)

 Same Old Mujahideen Return To Jalalabad To 'Rob And Beat Us'
Dawn in Jalalabad and in scores of dirty rooms and courtyards across the city the Mujahideen are getting ready for the weekend.
One sign of the deteriorating situation is that the infamous partaks or checkpoints, that made travel so difficult in the years between the collapse of the Soviet-backed regime in 1992 and the coming of the Taliban to eastern Afghanistan in 1996, are returning.
Qadir, who arrived in Jalalabad in a helicopter on Thursday, was governor of the rich Nangarhar province, which lies around the city, until he was ousted by the Taliban on 10 September 1996.
www.rense.com /general17/ffam.htm   (1086 words)

 Telegraph | News | Bin Laden 'fled to hills' as Jalalabad fell
Bin Laden's Arab fighters are known to have used Jalalabad as a base for a number of years.
He said the time of his sighting was precise because he was able to listen to part of the BBC Pashto language news, which begins at 9.30pm in Afghanistan.
Senior officials in Jalalabad confirmed that they negotiated a peaceful withdrawal of Taliban and Arab forces living in or near the city.
www.portal.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2001/11/23/wbin23.xml&sSheet=/news/2001/11/23/ixhome.html   (760 words)

 Red Cross Red Crescent - News
They can neither afford transport to take them to the hospital in Jalalabad when they fall ill, nor pay for medical treatment should they be lucky enough to find some way of getting there.
It is for this reason that the ARCS clinic in Bamba Kot, although offering only basic outpatient services, plays a crucial role in the life of the valley, for all the treatment and medicines are free.
After graduating as a nurse from the Nangarhar medical institute in Jalalabad, Salma continued her studies in Kabul.
www.ifrc.org /docs/news/03/03110301   (608 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
SADLER: Already this week, a tribal delegation from the danger zone complained to Jalalabad's authorities that American bombing was damaging farmland and killing livestock.
Jalalabad's security chief told reporters that up to 50 villagers had been killed in the latest bombing raid.
And it's interesting that Jalalabad and Kandahar remain the targets of choice for the Pentagon, in that you can see some thinking from U.S. defense officials.
www.studentnews.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0112/01/cst.12.html   (1142 words)

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