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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

 James David Wolfensohn - SourceWatch
James David Wolfensohn is believed to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Wolfensohn is chairman of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton.
He is director of the Population Council at the United Nations (77-84), a director of the Rockefeller Foundation (79-85), a director on the Business Council for Sustainable Development, affiliated with the Ford Foundation, the Century Association in New York, and a Honorary Trustee at the Brookings Institute.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=James_David_Wolfensohn   (249 words)

Wolfensohn said he confirmed to the government that the Bank is prepared to fill in the gaps that may emerge in the GTZ led project.
Wolfensohn said he was clear with the government about his commitment to an alternative energy strategy as well as to the aspirations of the residents of the Arun Valley.
Wolfensohn emphasized that the issue of corruption is not just a moral one but an economic problem that diverts resources away from intended objectives.
lnweb18.worldbank.org /SAR/sa.nsf/d722d09e93ee6888852567d7005d7b35/562e18628bfbc60e8525694d004f2096?OpenDocument   (839 words)

 Brookings Receives $1 Million from James D. Wolfensohn
James D. Wolfensohn, the outgoing president of the World Bank and a member of the Brookings Board of Trustees since 1983, announced today an initial $1 million gift to the Brookings Institution to support action-oriented fresh thinking on effective solutions to the challenges of global development.
Wolfensohn's gift and the work it will support in the year ahead are intended to lay the ground for creation in 2006 of a five-year, $10-million policy center that will delve further into development issues with his own active engagement.
Wolfensohn's support, Brookings will further its practical and innovative research and outreach activities related to combating global poverty.
www.brookings.edu /comm/news/20050516wolfensohn.htm   (566 words)

 Office of the President
Wolfensohn briefed the media on the upcoming Spring Meetings, reviewed the situation of the Bank as a leading development institution, and reflected on his 10 years as president.
Wolfensohn responded to questions from around the world on subjects such as debt relief, his most significant accomplishments, the future of development, global security, the Bank's role in Africa, the battle against corruption, how to engage youth, and other issues.
Wolfensohn urged wealthy nations to reach out to the world's most fragile countries, which are burdened by conflict, weak governance and political turmoil.

 James Wolfensohn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James D. Wolfensohn was the 8th President of the World Bank.
According to The World's Banker by Sebastian Mallaby, Wolfensohn was raised in Australia, the son of an unsuccessful Jewish businessman who left England for Australia during the Great Depression.
10 years as Head of World Bank, an interview with Wolfensohn, from Russia's ITAR-TASS
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/James_Wolfensohn   (257 words)

 WNYC - Mad About Music: James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank (June 05, 2005)
Wolfensohn noted that while people under 25 already account for more than half the population in most developing countries, their concerns, which commonly include education and unemployment, are not being given the urgency required to build a more secure world.
Wolfensohn Well, the reason that I choose this is that it brings together Jackie and Daniel in a very early collaboration in which I think he does it with the New Philharmonia in London and the artistic collaboration between these two was something that I've never seen before or since.
Wolfensohn I was looking for something which meant something to me currently but where the recording was of artists who have their place in history already and I've chosen this, it's a recording of Heifetz, Piatigorsky and Rubinstein which is I think definitive.
www.wnyc.org /shows/mam/episodes/06052005   (3829 words)

 Commanding Heights : James Wolfensohn on PBS
JAMES WOLFENSOHN: You have to remember that I'm from Australia originally, and so in the 1950s and 1960s I saw international capital coming to Australia, largely because this was a place where they hoped that returns would be better and where you could get in early and you could grow.
JAMES WOLFENSOHN: The lesson is [that] the Russian situation is a good example of what I've been talking about through this interview, which is that it's very difficult to have development unless you have the structure.
JAMES WOLFENSOHN: I spoke to the head of the World Trade Organization, who's a friend of mine, and I said to him, "You know, if only you were as aware as we are at the World Bank of these issues, you wouldn't have this trouble.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/commandingheights/shared/minitextlo/int_jameswolfensohn.html   (6586 words)

 FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE: Global Poverty and the World Bank
James Wolfensohn: I think it'll be a bit more because they'll be seven billion out of eight people on the world in two decades' time, seven billion in developing countries, the same billion plus fifty million in the rich countries.
James Wolfensohn: I know but I think that the one thing that you have to say in the interest of sub-Saharan Africa is that the Africans are now trying to take a much more active role with peer review in relation to the NEPAD Agreement.
James Wolfensohn: There is no question but there is still a significant difference between the old white South African companies in terms of their existing power and the newly emerging black companies.
www.uncommonknowledge.org /800/837.html   (4069 words)

 MoMA press Releases 1997 James D. Wolfensohn to Receive The Museum of Modern Art's First Annual David Rockefeller Award
JAMES D. Chairman of the Board Ronald S. Lauder, President Agnes Gund, and Director Glenn D. Lowry of The Museum of Modern Art announced today that James D. Wolfensohn is the recipient of the first annual David Rockefeller Award for enlightened generosity and effective advocacy of cultural endeavors.
Wolfensohn is Chairman of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and a Member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.
Wolfensohn is also Chair of the Wolfensohn Family Foundation, Inc., which has funded a number of educational, social, medical, and cultural initiatives.
www.moma.org /about_moma/press/1997/wolfensohn_2_15_97.html   (595 words)

 Wolfensohn’s legacy at the World Bank -DAWN - Business; May 23, 2005
JAMES Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, will be leaving his office on May 31, 205 after the completion of his two terms.
James Wolfensohn has the wisdom to discern the close link between alleviating poverty and stability and peace in the world.
Wolfensohn did not yield to the extremely strong pressure and both the loans were approved.
www.dawn.com /2005/05/23/ebr7.htm   (959 words)

 Online NewsHour: Annual Meetings -- October 8, 1998
JAMES WOLFENSOHN: Well, I think the first thing that was accomplished was to bring together a common sense on behalf of the nations of the world that we're in the middle of a crisis.
James Wolfensohn, the president of the World Bank, discusses the international community's plan to stave off a worldwide financial meltdown.
James Wolfensohn responds to criticism from conservatives and liberals over the Bank's practices.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/economy/july-dec98/wolfensohn_10-8.html   (2259 words)

 The Epoch Times Wolfensohn to Visit Israel and Gaza
Wolfensohn said he was proud that he had placed the fight against poverty at the heart of the organization's mandate.
Wolfensohn, the departing president of the World Bank, said he would focus on economic and social development in Palestinian territories and on marshaling international support.
Wolfensohn, who has long had an interest in the Middle East and knows the players, said he wanted to first listen to the views of the Palestinians and Israelis.
english.epochtimes.com /news/5-4-18/27953.html   (553 words)

 BBC News BUSINESS Plutocrat for the poor
James Wolfensohn is an the investment banker turned spokesman for the world's poor.
Mr Wolfensohn was born in Australia, but moved to London to work in merchant banking and then spent much of his working life on Wall Street, where he rose to become chairman of leading trading firm Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup).
However, Mr Wolfensohn found himself the target of anti-globalisation protesters in April in Washington, while on the other side of the political spectrum his critics in the US Congress want to scale back the World Bank's ambitions.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/business/newsid_677000/677485.stm   (1027 words)

 The Epoch Times World Bank Chief Says Tsunami Reconstruction Assessment May Take Weeks
Wolfensohn stresses the need for transparency in the disbursement of aid money and says it is too early to say how much money will be needed for reconstruction.
Wolfensohn says the needs assessment process is under way and that some preliminary results will be known within a few weeks.
Wolfensohn says the poorest people are most affected by the disaster.
english.epochtimes.com /news/5-1-13/25670.html   (307 words)

 James Wolfensohn
James Wolfensohn will also be recognized for the energy and boldness with which he has implemented new approaches and long-term policies at the World Bank, among which are his initiative for debt-reduction for the poorest nations as well as a comprehensive framework for sustainable development.
James Wolfensohn has led global efforts, in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, for addressing the problems of the poorest and most disadvantaged nations.
According to the University spokesman, James Wolfensohn will receive the honorary doctorate in recognition of his carrying the banner in the struggle against poverty, ignorance, disease, and hunger around the world.
www.bgu.ac.il /bgupress/English/hon_docs.htm   (830 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
WOLFENSOHN: Well, I was very close to Jacqueline du Pre, who was a cellist, as you may know, one of the great cellists of this generation who died of multiple sclerosis.
WOLFENSOHN: September the 11th changed the perception of everybody that poverty, that violence, that disturbances convey themselves throughout the world without regard to whether you're living in New York or living in any part of the developing world.
Wolfensohn has visited more than 100 countries in the six years he's been president, often traveling to the poorest places in the world.
edition.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0111/17/pin.00.html   (2929 words)

 Transcript of Conference with James D. Wolfensohn, April 22, 1999
Wolfensohn, some unilateral sanctions have been imposed on countries like India and Pakistan, and these sanctions have impacted on loan decisions at the Bank, except for what is known as basic human needs.
WOLFENSOHN: The situation of interfering in African politics is something that I have discovered is a little difficult since I came to the Bank.
WOLFENSOHN: Well, I'm very much aware--I'm very glad you raise that question because it allows me to highlight something which I've omitted to highlight before, and that is the heavy dependence that we have on private sector flows.
www.worldbank.org /html/extdr/spring99/jdwts042299.htm   (7897 words)

 Banking on the future / Journalist follows James Wolfensohn's effort to save the world
Wolfensohn's success was built on personal connections, on charm and trust, and the ability to bend powerful people to some common purpose.
Wolfensohn was born in December 1933 to Jewish parents who had emigrated from England to Australia during the Depression.
Mallaby weaves Wolfensohn's storied life into the long and tangled history of the World Bank, which, together with its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund, was created by the Western powers in 1944 to help shattered economies arise from the ashes of World War II.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2004/09/26/RVGRN8QHJ01.DTL&type=printable   (1184 words)

 Who is James Wolfensohn? - Social and Economic Policy - Global Policy Forum
Wolfensohn built up his own portfolio along the way and by the end of the decade, he was a millionaire many times over and a close compatriot of the Rockefeller clan.
Though this work began before Wolfensohn took over the helm of the Bank, he does not appear to have introduced more modest plans in the meantime, even while wringing millions in interest charges from the world's poorest countries.
To understand Wolfensohn, it helps to know something about him besides his engaging smile, his shock of unruly white hair, and his carefully-cultivated image as a committed social reformer.
www.globalpolicy.org /socecon/bwi-wto/wolfsohn.htm   (822 words)

 Rice Names Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement - US Department of State
Wolfensohn will focus his efforts on two areas:  first, Palestinian-Israeli coordination concerning the non-military aspects of the withdrawal, including the disposition of the assets that will be left behind; and second, the revival of the Palestinian economy in the wake of the withdrawal,” Rice said upon announcing Wolfensohn’s appointment April 14.
Wolfensohn will focus his efforts on two areas:  first, Palestinian-Israeli coordination concerning the non-military aspects of the withdrawal, including the disposition of the assets that will be left behind; and second, the revival of the Palestinian economy in the wake of the withdrawal.
Wolfensohn can only help them achieve what they are willing to achieve together.  His mission is to work closely with Israeli and Palestinian officials to promote cooperation and ensure a smooth transition in Gaza and parts of the northern West Bank.  He will also encourage more direct contacts between the Israelis and the Palestinians themselves.
usinfo.state.gov /mena/Archive/2005/Apr/14-221858.html   (600 words)

 The Observer Business Mammon: James Wolfensohn, outgoing president of the World Bank
James Wolfensohn grew up in the Sydney suburbs, the son of a highly intelligent but failed businessman.
Privately members of Wolfensohn's inner circle suspect that the timing of the Wolfowitz announcement, while the outgoing president was on the other side of the Atlantic, was no coincidence.
But while the bank's 10,000-strong staff - dotted around the world thanks to Wolfensohn's diktat that they break out of their pampered Washington base - are mostly fretting and outraged, senior bank officials are uncertain whether European governments will veto Wolfowitz's appointment.
observer.guardian.co.uk /business/story/0,6903,1441689,00.html   (1542 words)

 The World's Banker: James D. Wolfensohn
Wolfensohn is convinced that the Bank has an indispensable development role: to help finance and assist the desperately poor countries that seldom see private capital.
Born in 1933 to a modest middle-class family in Sydney, Australia, where he attended university and law school, Wolfensohn served as an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, was a fencer on the 1956 Australian Olympic team, and practiced law prior to attending HBS.
From 1980 to 1986, in addition to his full-time Wall Street duties, Wolfensohn became the chairman and savior of Carnegie Hall, New York's financially troubled arts mecca that was then on the brink of collapse.
www.alumni.hbs.edu /bulletin/1997/december/wolf.html   (539 words)

 WB President Calls Yukos Affair “Isolated Incident” - MONEY - MOSNEWS.COM
James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank Group, believes that Yukos case is an isolated incident which is not indicative of the overall relations between Russian state and the business community.
Speaking at a press conference in the central office of Interfax news agency, James Wolfensohn said: “I believe that one doesn’t have to be a genius to understand that Yukos case has certain influence on foreign investors.
Wolfensohn noted however that Yukos affair has already tipped the markets off balance, and that oil company’s market capitalization has decreased by 25 percent.
www.mosnews.com /money/2004/06/03/worldbankyukos.shtml   (382 words)

 Challenge is to create planetary equity, Wolfensohn says - MIT News Office
James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, giving the Commencement address.
Following is the text of the Commencement address delivered by James D. Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank Group.
This is indeed a great institution, an institution that has enormous achievements in sciences, in social sciences, and achievements, which have been marked by many previous Commencement speakers and by the world at large.
web.mit.edu /newsoffice/2002/wolfaddress-0612.html   (1360 words)

 Australian Consulate General - New York
Wolfensohn addressed the audience in an inspiring speech about the realities of world poverty with one in every five people on the planet living on less than $1US a day.
Wolfensohn spoke of his own experience and the personal rewards of continual engagement with philanthropic activities in his career.
James Wolfesnsohn is the first Australian to head the World Bank and also represented Australia at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in fencing.
www.australianyc.org /consulate/news/newsletter/volume5-04/james.php   (196 words)

 Washington Speakers Bureau: James Wolfensohn
Drawing on his experience at the World Bank, James Wolfensohn explores the tectonic global economic shifts in the coming three to four decades and their repercussions for the global economy.
Wolfensohn explores trends in the Middle East and prospects for peace and stability in the region.
Wolfensohn believes that the private sector will be one of most important forces of prosperity and wealth generation in developing countries.
www.washingtonspeakers.com /speakers/speaker.cfm?SpeakerID=5242   (611 words)

 Headlines - World Bank President Highlights the New Debt Debate - Stanford GSB
The problem, Wolfensohn said, is that rich countries are not delivering the promise they made on aid and free trade to the developing world after the Millennial Summit in 2000.
Wolfensohn's development paradigm has been comprehensive in terms of both its focus and the range of social actors involved.
This "madness in the way we're running our planet," Wolfensohn said, leads to huge frustration in the developing world and the result may be counterproductive.
www.gsb.stanford.edu /news/headlines/vftt_wolfensohn.shtml   (590 words)

 AEGiS-AFP News: Tanzania-Africa-WBank: World Bank chief urges Africans to end conflicts and fight AIDS - July 17, 2002
DAR ES SALAAM, July 17 (AFP)- World Bank chief James Wolfensohn Wednesday urged Africans to increase efforts to restore peace and curb a further spread of HIV/AIDS in the continent, without which there could be progress.
On HIV/AIDS, Wolfensohn said the greatest concentration of cases were in Africa and the scourge was already reversing gains that have been achieved by economic reforms.
Wolfensohn arrived in Tanzania on Monday night, after a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.
www.aegis.com /NEWS/AFP/2002/AF0207H1.html   (582 words)

James Wolfensohn, the Quartet’s Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement and a former president of the World Bank, has been busy lately, trying to solve the touchy problem of what to do with Gush Katif greenhouses once Israeli evacuates the Gaza Strip next week.
Thursday, in order to demonstrate personal commitment to solving the crisis, Wolfensohn put his money where his mouth is, and joined a group of private donors who together will contribute USD 14 million (NIS 63 million) to buy the greenhouses from Israeli farmers and transfer them to Palestinian counterparts.
Sources close to the negotiations said Wolfensohn felt the personal contribution was important.
www.ynetnews.com /articles/0,7340,L-3126370,00.html   (453 words)

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