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Topic: James Harrison Rigg

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

Rigg had now become a leading figure in his own church, and in 1868 was appointed Principal of the Westminster Wesleyan Training College for day-school teachers, a post which he held with growing distinction for 35 years.
In 1870 he was elected on the first School Board for London, one of the most remarkable assemblies of modern times, and took an important part in providing the syllabus of religious instruction and framing the religious settlement for teachers.
Dr Rigg was universally honored as the Nestor of Wesleyan Methodism, in the development of which he had taken a foremost part for over 60 years.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /R/RI/RIGG_JAMES_HARRISON.htm   (461 words)

James Asheton Bayard James Asheton Bayard (1767-1815) was a lawyer and statesman from Wilmington, Delaware.
James Francis Aloysius McIntyre James Francis Aloysius McIntyre was a cardinal.
James Hannington James Hannington (1847-1885) is an martyr.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/james.html   (6699 words)

Harrison, Lincoln County, Wisconsin Harrison is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 793.
Harrison, Montana Harrison is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 162.
Harrison Township, Hamilton County, Ohio Harrison Township is a 2002, the total population is 4,982.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/harrison.html   (1422 words)

 JRULM: R - Biographical Index of Methodist Ministers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
His son James Harrison Rigg (1821-1909) was President of the Wesleyan Conference in 1878.
James Ridall (d.1823) entered the itinerancy in 1785 and laboured in the North of England until superannuation in 1815.
James Rogers (1749-1807) was born near Guisborough in North Yorkshire and entered the itinerancy at an early age in 1774.
rylibweb.man.ac.uk /data1/dg/methodist/bio/bior.html   (9829 words)

 Harrison Ainslie's Shipping Interests
Matthew Harrison, George and Michael Knott and Edward Chadwick held shares, with others, from 1786 until she was sold to Whitehaven owners in December 1797.
Benson Harrison died in December 1863, and she was sold to John M Swaney of Cork in July 1865.
James Davies, a rival ironmaster, had four shares, her master, Robert Stones held four, Thomas Roper two and W G Ainslie, then clerk held four shares, but this was increased to 32 shares before she was lost.
www.lindal-in-furness.co.uk /History/harrisonainslie.htm   (5522 words)

 Elmer Elsworth Rigg, b: 1906 - Bellmont, Illinois
Rigg, Albert A. Rigg, Albert (1863 - BEF 01 JUN 1870)
Rigg, Benedicta Townley (05 SEP 1781 - 09 SEP 1835)
Rigg, Edna I. Rigg, Edna Mae (23 SEP 1924 - 03 JUN 1992)
www.number-one.org /~rigg/ipr.htm   (6267 words)

 Hardon to Harrison.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
HARRISON Wm vict Highland Laddie/tailor Rockliff Castle Township (1829)
HARRISON Wm vict Wheat Sheaf Abbey Holme (1829)
HARRISON Wm wheelwright and carpenter Middlegate Penrith (1829)
www.btinternet.com /~grigg/Hardon_to_Harrison.htm   (2243 words)

 Amazon.com: DVD: The James Bond Collection, Vol. 3 (Special Edition)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This is the 3rd item in The James Bond 007 Special Edition DVD Collection Series.
Thunderball, Sean Connery's fourth excursion as 007, upped the Bond ante with the most ambitious adventure--and budget--to date, and turned out to be his most successful venture in the series.
I finally broke down to purchase all three volumes for a complete James Bond set on DVD.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000BYRO9?v=glance   (2158 words)

 James H. & Frank Warren   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The James Harrison Warren family came to the Sharon community in Barber County in 1881, after having lived a few years in Hickory County, Missouri.
The family of Cora and Frank included Franklin E. (M: Leona Carlson), Fay (M: James E. Harper, deceased 1967), Faribe (M: Ray F. Henry), Farine (M: Joseph J. Rigg, deceased 1946; M: H. Dean Buell), and Farel J. (M: Marilyn Hosey, deceased 1978).
Frank and Cora also opened their home to many other family members and are survived by five children, twelve grandchildren, and seventeen great grandchildren.
www.ku.edu /kansas/medicine/chosen/bch_warren.html   (399 words)

 The CHUD.COM Message Boards - essential James Bond?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Tomorrow Never Dies is my favorite by including one of the single best lines ever uttered in a movie- "Oh, you were always such a cunning linguist, James" and Michelle Yoeh kicks ass.
It is indeed Diana Rigg as "the" Bond girl in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", which was by far the grittiest Bond movie.
Lazenby was cursed from the start when at the end of the opening sequence/battle he has to utter the infamous line, "This never happened to the other guy".
www.chud.com /forums/showthread.php?t=2353   (2735 words)

 Harrison & Hetherington Auction Mart Carlisle - Primestock Report
At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 8th August, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale.
Trade was satisfactory with more attention being taken by the buyers on well fleshed lambs due to the dry weather.
Top price per kilo and per head was obtained by Mr William Mcmiken of Nether Ernambrie for a pen of Beltex lambs sold for £74 and 157ppk and being purchased by Mr John Blacklock on behalf of Mr Richard Harrison (butcher) Wigton.
www.livestock-sales.co.uk /primestock/reports/carlisle.html   (591 words)

 OUP: Methodism and Education 1849-1902: Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
It is concerned first with the advance and subsequent decline of the Wesleyan Methodist efforts in education during the nineteenth century.
Secondly, it is about Dr James Harrison Rigg, an irascible and self-opinionated Victorian minister who became Principal of Westminster Methodist Training College and President of the Methodist Conference.
He had a dominant influence over his church for many years and dictated its education policy.
www.oup.co.uk /isbn/0-19-826964-1   (309 words)

 James Bond Sixties Movies at Sixties City - Spoofs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Multi-skilled in plastic surgery, lip-reading and hypnotism he finds his talents come in conveniently handy.
Various other 'super' secret agents saved the world on both the large and small screen during the Sixties, to a greater or lesser believable extent, but drew less directly on the James Bond stories than the two spoof films already listed.
Because of the nature of the films you will find more Bond look-alike movies listed in my Sixties Science Fiction Films pages.
www.sixtiescity.com /Bond/Bondspoof.htm   (346 words)

 SK: Diana Rigg : CREDITS (DR03M)
Michell and Rigg left the play in December, when they were replaced b Daniel Massey and Ciaran Madden.
Diana Rigg missed performances from February 23 - March 17 due to hospitalization and recovery from a back injury.
Diana Rigg received the BAFTA and Broadcasting Guid Awards for Best Actress for her performance.
www.sk96.de /sk_dr03.htm   (4359 words)

 Steven Rubio's Online Life: james bond
I haven't seen the new James Bond movie yet.
She does that part of the job just fine.
Expecting anything else from a James Bond movie seems a bit hopeful to me.
begonias.typepad.com /srubio/2002/11/james_bond.html   (665 words)

 James Horace Norsworthy/Amanda Elizabeth Gilkison
Born: 18 NOV 1862 at: Bellmont,,IL Died: 8 OCT 1934 at: Bellmont,,IL Father:Joshua Miller Gilkison Mother:Caroline Matilda Rigg Other Spouses: NOTES
Name: Lillian Irene Norsworthy Born: 4 NOV 1895 at: Keensburg,,IL Married: 14 DEC 1934 at: South Bend,,IN Died: 6 JUL 1974 at: Fayetteville,,AR Spouses: John Louis Hastadt NOTES
Name: James Harold Norsworthy Born: 24 JUN 1898 at: Married: 19 MAR 1927 at: Died: 15 NOV 1968 at: Paducah,,KY Spouses: Mabel E. Day NOTES
www.geocities.com /~russmyers/fam01837.htm   (339 words)

 The National Archives | National Register of Archives | Browse the combined corporate and business indexes
Riddell, Sir James Milles (1787-1861) 2nd Baronet Landowner (1)
Rigg, James Harrison (1821-1909) Wesleyan Methodist Minister Educationist Journalist (1)
Ritchie, James (1882-1954) Church of Scotland Minister (1)
www.nra.nationalarchives.gov.uk /nra/browser/person/page/person_RI.htm   (1864 words)

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