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Topic: James Waddell Alexander

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Fort Dobbs - North Carolina's Frontier is Here, Statesville, North Carolina
North Carolina's Colonel James Innes (1700-1759) was commissioned commanding officer of all provincial forces in the first Ohio expedition by Governor Dinwiddie from June 4, 1754 to October 24, 1754.
Upon return, Waddell was given a colonel's commission and was ordered to command the militia from Rowan, Anson and Orange counties to act along with the provincials.
Waddell described the encounter in a dispatch to Governor Dobbs.
www.fortdobbs.org /history.htm   (1248 words)

 Alexander biography
James Alexander's father was John White Alexander and his mother was Elizabeth Alexander.
Alexander studied mathematics and physics at Princeton, where he was a student of Veblen, obtaining a B.S. degree in 1910 and an M.S. degree in 1911.
Alexander had virtually become a recluse after he retired in 1951 and the McCarthy era resulted in his disappearance from public life.
www-history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk /history/Biographies/Alexander.html   (804 words)

 "Our Family Tree": Index
Fettes, Agnes (marriage to Alexander Moir Milne) (i138), b.1867-d.1923
McPhail, Alexander (marriage to Agnes Fettes) (i16), b.1831-d.1900
Milne, Alexander Moir (marriage to Agnes Fettes) (i393), b.1856-d.1931
www.clanphail.org /UFT/html/FAMILY/nindex.htm   (2623 words)

 Georgia Civil War Soldiers Index
Bulloch, James B ~ Burge, C. Burge, J. ~ Burks, William J. Burks, William T. ~ Burns, William
Gill, James ~ Gilstrap, Torent C. Gilstrap, Torrend ~ Glenn, J. Glenn, J. ~ Goddard, Wiley T. Goddard, William F. ~ Goodale, J. Goodale, J. Calvin ~ Goodwyn, H.C., 1st Lt.
James, W. ~ Jeffers, J. Jeffers, J.J. ~ Jennings, Allen R. Jennings, Allen R. ~ Johns, G.W. Johns, George W. ~ Johnson, E.J. Johnson, E.J. ~ Johnson, J.W. Johnson, J.W. ~ Johnson, N.H. Johnson, N.J. ~ Johnson, Warren
www.researchonline.net /gacw/mastindx.htm   (2722 words)

  Encyclop√¶dia Britannica Australia -
The only account of his career occurs in an expose by Lucian, whose investigations of Alexander's frauds led to a serious attempt on the writer's life.
Once the greatest city of the ancient world and a centre of Hellenic scholarship and science, Alexandria was the capital of Egypt from its founding by Alexander the Great in 332 BC to...
It is situated northwest of the Evros (Maritsa) River estuary on the Gulf of Ainos (Enez), an inlet of the Thracian Sea.
www.britannica.com.au /britannica_browse/a/a32.html   (1310 words)

  J. W. Alexander -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
James Waddell Alexander II (September 19, 1888 – September 23, 1971) was an important (additional info and facts about topologist) topologist of the pre-WWII era and part of an influential Princeton topology elite, which included (United States mathematician (1880-1960)) Oswald Veblen, (additional info and facts about Solomon Lefschetz) Solomon Lefschetz, and others.
He also contributed to the beginnings of knot theory by inventing the Alexander invariant of a knot, which in modern terms is a graded module obtained from the homology of a cyclic covering of the (additional info and facts about knot complement) knot complement.
Alexander's Chimney, in the (A national park in Colorado having mountains and lakes and streams and forests) Rocky Mountain National Park, is named after him.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/j/j/j._w._alexander.htm   (503 words)

 Quotes by James Waddell Alexander, II. Read Quotations of James Waddell Alexander, II
Read Quotations of James Waddell Alexander, II Over 15,000 quotations and famous quotes.
QuoteWorld :: Authors :: I :: James Waddell Alexander, II
Browse James Waddell Alexander, II quotes by category:
www.quoteworld.org /authors/james_waddell_alexander__ii   (70 words)

 Britannicaindia.com: Britannica Browse
any of a body of legends about the career of Alexander the Great, told and retold with varying emphasis and purpose by succeeding ages and...
He overthrew the Persian Empire, carried Macedonian arms to India, and laid the foundations for the Hellenistic world of territorial...
The only account of his career occurs in an expose by Lucian, whose investigations of Alexander's frauds led...
www.britannicaindia.com /britannica_browse/a/a19.html   (1610 words)

 Ethnologue: Bibliography of Ethnologue Data Sources
In James Bynon and Theodora Bynon, eds., Hamitico-Semitica, pp.
Chamberlain, James R. The origin of the Sek: Implications for Tai and Vietnamese history.
In James N. Sneddon, ed., Studies in Sulawesi Linguistics: Part I. Linguistic Studies in Indonesian and Languages in Indonesia, Vol.
www.ethnologue.com /ethno_docs/bibliography.asp   (7065 words)

 E G Welker, b: Private -
Welker, Alvia Alexander (15 Aug 1874 - 3 Jun 1958)
Welker, James Lynn (18 Apr 1923 - 12 Apr 1924)
Welker, James Myron (1 Nov 1868 - 9 May 1936)
www.gedhtree.com /SinglePg/ipw.htm   (859 words)

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