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Topic: Jane Parker, Lady Rochford

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  Jane Parker, Lady Rochford
Jane Parker, better known as Lady Rochford (~1510-1541) was the sister-in-law of Queen Anne Boleyn and lady in waiting to Queen Catherine Howard, along with whom she was executed.
Jane's marriage to George Boleyn was not a happy one, which may have prompted her to testify against her husband at the trial of her sister-in-law.
Following his execution, Jane Parker was later given a placement in the household of another of Henry's queens, Anne of Cleves, and it was she who questioned the queen about the consumation, and therefore the validity, of her marriage to the king.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ja/Jane_Parker,_Lady_Rochford.html   (404 words)

 Lady-in-waiting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ladies of the privy chamber were the ones who were closest to the queen, but most of the other women were the maids of honour.
Female relatives were often appointed because they could be trusted confidantes to the queen; Lady Margaret Lee was a Lady of the Privy Chamber to Queen Anne Boleyn, just as Lady Elizabeth Seymour-Cromwell was to Queen Jane Seymour.
An attendant upon one of the latter is style Lady of the Bedchamber or Woman of the Bedchamber, and the senior Lady in Waiting is the Mistress of the Robes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lady-in-waiting   (731 words)

 Jane Rochford
Jane Parker had an unpleasant personality and was deeply jealous of the close relationship which George Boleyn shared with his sister Anne, who was to become Queen Anne Boleyn
Jane Parker became Jane Rochford in October 1529 when George Boleyn was knighted and the title of Earl of Rochford was conferred on him.
Jane Rochford was excluded from the witty and clever circle of the King, Anne and George Boleyn.
www.elizabethan-era.org.uk /jane-rochford.htm   (563 words)

 Courtly Lives ... The Boleyn Family Tree
Lady Rochford was jealous of the time her husband spent trying to help his sister, Anne.
Lady Rochford continued as Lady of the Bedchamber until the execution of Katherine Howard, cousin of Anne Boleyn and wife of Henry VIII.
The ladies of the bed chambers then saw the Admiral kiss the Princess on the lips while she was in bed.
www.angelfire.com /mi4/polcrt/BoleynTree.html   (3006 words)

 Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Start the Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford article or add a request for it.
Look for "Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford" in Wiktionary, our sister dictionary project.
Look for "Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford" in the Wikimedia Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jane_Parker,_Lady_Rochford   (226 words)

 The Other Boleyn Girl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Meanwhile, Mary's brother George is trapped in a miserable marriage to Jane Parker and is seeking solace in a secret homosexual affair with Sir Francis Weston.
The reason being that Anne had sworn upon the damnation of her soul in 1536 that she was absolutely innocent, and it seemed incredibly disrespectful to distort such a human tragedy in the name of selling books.
Also, in 1542, when her brother's widow, Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford, was executed for her part in Queen Catherine Howard's extra-marital indiscretions, she confessed that she had falsely accused the two Boleyns on incest.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Other_Boleyn_Girl   (1810 words)

 All Information of Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Boleyn was created Viscount Rochford in the Peerage of England in 1525, and Earl of Wiltshire in the Peerage of England and Earl of Ormonde in the Peerage of Ireland on 8 December 1529, probably due to Anne's relationship with the King.
Viscount Rochford is an aristocratic title awarded to Sir Thomas Boleyn in 1525 by King Henry VIII of England.
In 1542, Jane Parker, Lady Rochford was also executed after she was implicated in the fall of Queen Catherine Howard.
thomas.boleyn.1st.earl.of.wiltshire.en.xvip.org   (1736 words)

 Lady In Waiting info here at en.adventure-auction.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The ladies of the privy case were the specifics who were closest to the queen, but utmost of the another women were the maids of honour.
An attendant upon only of the last-mentioned is form Lady of the Bedchamber or Woman of the Bedchamber, the senior Lady in Waiting is the Mistress of the Robes.
Jane Dormer Devout Catholic lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary I of England Katherine Ashley governess wild about lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough a favourite of Princess Anne, after Queen Anne of Great Britain.
en.adventure-auction.com /Lady-in-waiting   (747 words)

 [No title]
Born in 1532 to John Dudley and Jane Guildeford, the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, Leycester is the fifth of thirteen children.
Parker resisted the entreaties of his good friends Cecil and Bacon who along with the Queen agreed that Parker was the best choice to steer the Church of England between the shoals of the Catholics and the shallow water of the prescients.
Lady Lumley,herself, has travelled to Italy on a number of occasions (she is noted for bringing the concept of knot gardens to England from there), and has even had audience with the Pope.
www.kugelblitz.co.uk /timothy/bristol.txt   (22023 words)

 Who Was Who
Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Bedford, and later married to Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, brother of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.
Brother of Edward and Jane Seymour, and fourth husband of Katharine Parr.
Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, and wife of Sir Walter Raleigh.
www.elizabethi.org /uk/who/n-z.html   (1353 words)

 About Catherine HOWARD (Queen of England)
Her Lady in Waiting, Jane Parker, lady Rochester, was the widow of George Boleyn and instrumental in the arrest of
Lady Rochford was also informed by Cranmer if she could prove the guilt of Catherine then her own life would be spared.
Lady Rochford was taken to Beauchamp Tower at the Tower of London to force a full confession and likewise, Dereham and Culpepper were also taken to the Tower and tortured.
www.tudorplace.com.ar /aboutCatherineHoward.htm   (5270 words)

 Tudor Chronology
Lady Margaret Douglas, niece of Henry VIII, is arrested and sent to the Tower after her betrothal to Thomas Howard without permission.
Lady Jane Grey unwillingly marries Guildford Dudley, youngest of John in a double ceremony with her sister Catherine who married Lord William Herbert.
Lady Catherine Grey, sister of Lady Jane and next in line to the English throne, is arrested for marrying Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford without Elizabeth’s permission, and taken to the Tower.
tudors.crispen.org /chronology/index.html   (4386 words)

In or before 1526 she married George Boleyn and became Lady of the Bedchamber to his sister, Queen Anne Boleyn.
However, in October 1534, when the Queen's influence began to fade, she was banished from Court.
After the death of her husband and his sister, she became Lady of the Bedchamber to Anne Boleyn's three successors.
worldroots.com /brigitte/royal/bio/janeparkerbio.html   (102 words)

Occasionally a badge was engraved on the dress; thus a swan(or as some say a pelican) is embroidered on the collar of Lady Peryent, 1415, as represented on the brass in Digswell church, Herts.
It is agreed that the term 'billetty' involves that there should be at least ten in the field, and they should be placed in rows barwise, not one beneath the other, but alternately, and leaving the corners sufficiently distant so as not to be mistaken for chequy.
Azure, semé of billets, and a lion rampant or--Earl of ROCHFORD.
www.heraldsnet.org /saitou/parker/Jpglossb.htm   (11660 words)

The badge of Jane Seymour, third queen of Henry VIII., blazoned upon a grant of lands made to her in 1536, presents a good example of a castle.
It is also in the arms of ZULEISTEIN termed a zule, and this is borne on an escutcheon surtout by the Earls of ROCHFORD.
On a brass in Hereford Cathedral it is represented as worn by Lady Delamere(1435), but not by her husband.
www.heraldsnet.org /saitou/parker/Jpglossc.htm   (11731 words)

 George BOLEYN (2° V. Rochford)
He was known as Viscount Rochford from 1529 onwards (after his father became Earl of Wiltshire), and this ceased to be merely a courtesy title in 1530.
Throughout, he was a firm supporter of Anne, helping to manage the clergy in convocation in 1531 when the latter were, more or less, coerced into declaring Henry "sole protector and supreme head of the English church and clergy" in the Pardon of the Clergy.
His wife, Jane, testified against him; this may have been because her father, Lord Morley, had been a devoted supporter of Catalina de Aragon, or an attempt to remain on the winning side, or possibly the result of an unhappy marriage.
www.tudorplace.com.ar /Bios/GeorgeBoleyn.htm   (1063 words)

 Regency Romance Novel Authors H
Summary: Lady leaves her miserly guardian to be a guest in the home of a countess whose son wants to marry her, but she's tempted by a rake.
Summary: A lady who is captive to the memory of a love that might have been arrives at the castle of the very man who holds the key to her heart.
Summary: Lady staying at an inn meets a French girl running away from marriage to her unromantic cousin in the company of a romantic cousin, who is a smuggler suspected of murdering a man to retrieve a ring he lost at cards.
www.thenonesuch.com /hbooks.htm   (10687 words)

 Philippa Gregory's New Novel - The Last Boleyn - www.ezboard.com
Philippa has announced on her site that her next novel will be The Last Boleyn which is about Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law Lady Jane Parker Rochford who married Anne's brother George.
However Jane Parker Rochford meet a tragic end with Catherine Howard.
I think the topic of Philippa's next novel is very intresting, there aren't many novels about Jane, and most that include her, portray her to be dull and brown-nosing.
p089.ezboard.com /fcrownpublishingfrm9.showMessage?topicID=79.topic   (300 words)

A lady named Lydia Fisher saw the bag of corn and took it in to the miller to be ground.
All ladies old enough to be married used to run out to look at this horse.
It says that a young lady who was in love with a man who lived in this neighborhood died of a broken heart.
www.conway.lib.nh.us /history/4thgradehistory.htm   (11598 words)

 KinNextions (Public Version) - aqwg691   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
William Washington PARKER [Parents] was born 3 Feb 1841 in Ray County, Missouri.
He died 12 Jun 1567 in Of, Rochford, Essex, England and was buried 8 Jul 1567 in Of, Felsted, Essex, England.
She died 16 Dec 1558 in Saintbartholomew, London, Middlesex, England and was buried 18 Dec 1558 in Of, Rochford, Essex, England.
home.comcast.net /~hicarolyn/tree/aqwg691.htm   (1111 words)

 Ancestors of Sir Norman L. Gray
Jul 8, 1536 Lady Margaret Douglas, niece of Henry VIII, is arrested and sent to the Tower after her betrothal to Thomas Howard without permission.
Aug 10, 1561 Lady Catherine Grey, sister of Lady Jane and next in line to the English throne, is arrested for marrying Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford without Elizabeth’s permission, and taken to the Tower.
Sep 21, 1578 Robert Dudley secretly marries Lady Lettice Knollys, widow of the Earl of Essex and cousin to Queen Elizabeth, at Wanstead.
www.e-web-america.tv /gray/a15.htm   (4881 words)

 Loxley Manor from the Dissolution
The estates therefore passed to Jane, daughter of Franklyn and Jane Miller, who had married William Norcliffe of the Inner temple.
Jane Norcliffe’s heir was Edward Mundy of Shipley, Derbyshire, who had married her niece Hester (sister of Nicholas Franklyn Miller).
Kendall’s executors sold it in 1928 to Major Gregory-Hood, and his grandson is the present owner of Loxley Hall.
redbreast.co.uk /loxley/Loxley_Manor.htm   (906 words)

 BWRP -- New in 2002
Lady, A. The harp of Salem; a collection of historical poems, from the scriptures.
Lady, A. Variety; a collection of original poems.
By A lady, late of Mitcham, in the county of Surry [sic].
digital.lib.ucdavis.edu /projects/bwrp/FINALLIST.htm   (1679 words)

 Philippa Gregory website - www.ezboard.com
I believe that Philippa is writing about Jane Boleyn, sister in-law of Anne Boleyn who will be introduced in the first chapter who will serve as a lady in waiting for Anne of Cleves (Henry VIII's fourth wife) and then later to Katherine Howard (Henry VIII's fifth wife) to the end of her life.
I can't wait for this novel 'The Last Boleyn' to be released this December '06.
Make sure you read 'Murder Most Royal' by Jean Plaidy, there is plenty of story about Lady Jane Rochford who play in a big part of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard's downfall.
p089.ezboard.com /fcrownpublishingfrm9.showMessage?topicID=19.topic   (596 words)

 Hood County Genealogical Society Hood County Query Page
Her sister was Martha Jane RHOADES born about 1865 probably in TX, died in High Rolls, NM, on 3/3/1904.
Her maiden name was JANE SHIPMAN and is believed to have been born in TN.
Parker Co., Texas was the hot spot for them, although some are in other counties.
www.hcnews.com /~ancestor/guestbook.html   (15404 words)

 My Relatives Who Were Reluctant Guests at The Tower of London and Tyburn
Although lower-class criminals were usually executed by hanging at one of the public execution sites outside the Tower, and several high-profile convicts, such as Thomas More, were publicly executed on Tower Hill, nobles (especially ladies) were sometimes beheaded privately on Tower Green, inside the complex, and then buried in the "Chapel Royal of St.
Part of the controversy still surrounding Parliament's ruling that Edward (and his brother Richard) could not be rightful heirs to the throne arises from confusion about why Parliament ruled that their parents' marriage was invalid.
As a matter of law, the marriage was, indeed, invalid if the story of the precontract between their father and Lady Eleanor Talbot was true.
home.earthlink.net /~ronaldgcus/MRWWRGaTToLaT.htm   (3885 words)

 Tyndale: Part 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Jane smiles slightly at the look - then reacts to Anne glaring at her knowingly with hatred.
JANE'S QUARTERS - THE PALACE - DAY Jane Seymour, attended by LADIES-IN-WAITING, curtsies as Henry enters with a loving smile.
One of the Merchants, sitting calmly with his back to the door, is Parker from the English House.
www.hobrad.com /tyndale4.htm   (3458 words)

 Safety Issues InfoDesk: Elizabeth I of England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Thereafter she was addressed as Lady Elizabeth and lived apart from her father as he married his succession of wives.
Elizabeth's first governess was Lady Margaret Bryan, a baroness whom Elizabeth called "Muggie".
Matthew Parker, her mother's favourite priest, took a special interest in Elizabeth's well-being, particularly since a fearful Anne had entrusted her daughter's spiritual welfare to Parker before her death.
www.safetyissues.com /info/index.php?a=/e/Elizabeth_I_of_England.htm   (4627 words)

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