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Topic: Jangle pop

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Jangle pop - FoxyTunes
Jangle pop wasn't mainstream music - the bands' lyrics were often deliberately cryptic and their sound was raw and amateurish, bearing all the signs of do-it-yourself productions.
Jangle pop was closely related to the power pop genre, including bands like The Raspberries and Big Star, who blur the line between the two styles.
Jangle pop became an important force in the development of alternative rock in the early 1980s, as exemplified by the early albums of R.E.M. The Smiths, The Connells and The Beat Farmers.
www.foxytunes.com /tag/janglepop   (254 words)

 CD Baby: Pop music you will love
Just when you think you’ve settled into the gaunt beauty of drums and piano, a profusion of strings, pedal steel, and vibraphone slide, and then burst out of the seams of this recording, leaving their colorful trails over the tape until they disappear from earshot again.
In the ballpark of Coldplay and Keane, embracing the dream pop and emo rock worlds, their subdued, charming songs vividly paint a fl and white imagination.
Grant-Lee Phillips in the raw, in the dark, in the basement.
cdbaby.com /style/pop   (861 words)

 indie p O p
The punkier, more angular side of pop — almost too much noise and aggression for indie-pop (just don’t tell them we included them here).
Jangle is typified by the Byrdsy 12-string guitar sound, while power uses power chords and harmonies.
A term used by the British music press in the early ’80s to describe the crop of upbeat pop bands sprouting in the middle of Thatcher’s reign and the bleak economic recession.
www.nerdmagazine.org /indiepop/popintro.html   (639 words)

  the Paisley Pop label: Portland Oregon's Jangle & Power Pop, Alt-Country, Rock n' Roll label
Before going on to mastermind the Power Pop acclaimed NYC band, The Rooks, Mike Mazzarella sharpened his teeth in the early 80’s in Hartford, CT with The Broken Hearts.
Originally released as a vinyl LP in 1985 with 9 songs, Paisley Pop is reissuing this nearly forgotten gem, a collector’s piece amongst pop fans, for the first time on CD.
Mike Mazzarella’s jangle pop songwriting earned his band The Rooks a spot on Rhino Records’ Poptopia Power Pop Classics of the 90sÂ…The Broken Hearts share the same fondness for Mersey Beat music.
www.paisleypop.com /artists.htm   (440 words)

  FIQL.com - Forum - The Randomplay Archivist - Jangle Pop
Jangle Pop was a mostly American post-punk movement of the mid-'80s that marked a return to the chiming guitars and pop melodies of the '60s.
Jangle Pop was a short-lived but very welcome genre of mid-80's rock; a roots-rock subgenre, it was a reinvention of the 60's folk rock sound crossed with 80's pop sensibilities, often with a punky, brisk tempo.
Jangle Pop's demise was due to limitations in its very structure; a lot of the bands, particularly the lesser known ones, suffered from material that often sounded too similar.
www.fiql.com /forum/thread.php?id=78   (2331 words)

 Jangle pop - Definition, explanation
Jangle pop was an American musical genre that arose in the middle of the 1960s, combining angular, chiming guitars and power pop structures.
Jangle pop was closely related to the power pop genre, including bands like The Raspberries and Big Star, who blur the line between the two styles.
Jangle pop was primarily a southern and midwestern US phenomenon, though a group of bands called the Paisley Underground led a more psychedelic movement on the West Coast.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/j/ja/jangle_pop.php   (244 words)

 Audiogalaxy: Audiogalaxy Search
Jangle Pop is a kind of Folk Rock/‘60s Pop hybrid, but it is typically executed with an underground, DIY aesthetic.
The prime Jangle Pop example is R.E.M. (before their switch to Warner Brothers), but other bands include Uncle Green, Love Tractor, the Feelies and the dBs.
Catchy and bitter indie pop with a toxic level of smart self-deprecation and disarmingly pretty harmonies.
www.audiogalaxy.com /list/index.php?styleID=35   (303 words)

 Downloads - Download Music - Download MP3s
Later they traded their garage band roots for a slick, heavily-produced pop sound that turned them into one of the most successful chart groups of either gender during the '80s.
The band packed it in due to the usual artistic differences in 1989 -- the Peterson's sibling harmonies were what gave the group their unique sound, but singer Susanna Hoffs was often considered the focal point and it contributed to the tension.
Of the countless bands to emerge from the New York City underground during the post-punk era, few if any were as unique and influential as the Feelies; nerdy, nervous, and noisy, even decades later their droning, skittering avant-garde pop remains a key touchstone of the American indie music scene.
www.mp3.com /genre/325/subgenre.html   (3288 words)

 News | TimesDaily.com | TimesDaily | Florence, AL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jangle pop wasn't mainstream music - the bands' lyrics were often deliberately cryptic and their sound was raw and amateurish, bearing all the signs of do-it-yourself productions.
Jangle pop became an important force in the development of alternative rock in the early 1980s, as exemplified by the early albums of R.E.M. The Smiths, The Connells and The Beat Farmers.
The jangle sound has continued with the band, and can be heard in Jesse Valenzuela songs when he plays with fellow Blossom (and replacement for Hopkins) Scott Johnson.
www.timesdaily.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=jangle_pop   (365 words)

 Power Pop: What is it and What do you like? - Topic Powered by eve community
Jangle pop is slightly less bubblegummy, but not necessarily less catchy.
Orch-pop (aka chamber pop) tends to be expanded beyond the guitar/drums/bass set up to include some sort of large scale musicianship, including brass and/or orchestra arrangements (duh!).
I guess at any given time "pop" is going to be what's popular (duh), but it's a shame for those of use who like 60s/70s style-pop that the term "pop" no longer applies to that type of music.
forums.metacritic.com /eve/forums/a/tpc/f/646109/m/9350035252/p/5   (1697 words)

 Eric Sorensen: Fufkin.com: September, 2004
Pop fans won't be disappointed by this thirteen track album that Lee labored over for eighteen months with some talented producers and sidemen.
Pop fans should add this to their list of Jeremy CDs that ought to be in their collections!
Rick Gallego made his pop debut in 1996 as Jiffipop, and he continues to compose and record pseudo-60s gems as Cloud Eleven.
www.fufkin.com /columns/sorensen/sorensen_09_04.htm   (1366 words)

 EVERY WORD - a tribute to Let's Active   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pop singer Marti Jones first emerged as the frontwoman of the group Color Me Gone before issuing her solo debut Unsophisticated Time — produced by future husband Don Dixon — in 1985.
Lee, a veteran of the '80s pop scene, is less concerned with evolving genres than with finding the right musical clothing in which to dress his ten songs.
Jangle pop collective Girls Say Yes is spearheaded by drummer/singer/songwriter Jim Huie, who employs a revolving-door cast of collaborators in a manner similar to Anton Fier's Golden Palominos.
www.every-word.com /bands.html   (3375 words)

 Metroactive Music | Beatles/Beach Boys Pop
All three play experimental light pop with Beatles overtones, particularly from "I Am the Walrus" and "A Day in the Life." All the Elephant Six bands are lo-fi; to them, the medium is the message, and the medium is pop.
Winner of the Village Voice's Jazz and Pop poll in 1984 for his EP Places That Are Gone, Keene signed with Geffen Records a year later and immediately disappeared from view.
It's a question well worth asking, because today's underground scene is inevitably tomorrow's mainstream--and judging by this outpouring of pop albums, radio at the turn of the millennium is going to deliver an endless stream of sugar--edgeless music adrift in a sea of melody.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/03.26.98/popmusic-9812.html   (1260 words)

 Pop's antique dealer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As leader of the Decemberists, master purveyors of eccentric pop, Meloy pens lyrics that can seem as ancient as Homer: tales of seafarers and soldiers that songs have transported for thousands of years.
One expects to hear lyrics taken from such sources to be accompanied by a lone dulcimer, not the sprightly post-new wave jangle that made the Decemberists' three albums on the independent label Kill Rock Stars college-rock hits.
Humor can be tricky when applied to subjects such as war, abduction and even rape -- all of which pop up frequently in Decemberists songs -- but it's a key element in Meloy's world view, and in the cultural moment.
www.azcentral.com /ent/music/articles/1014decemberists.html   (1014 words)

 The Volebeats - Like Her :: Not Lame Recordings - power pop and melodic rock record label, music and CDs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Leaving behind the alt-country pop of their past, this is pure jangle all the way.
There`s a bit of the cosmic alt-country that creeps in but "Like Her" steps into a reverb-drenched, guitar driven, psyche-tinged zone of haunting and sorrowful beauty "The Volebeats are also a pop band and Like Her has far more in common with 60`s pop like The Byrds.
Smith`s guitar work also seems to lean more towards a Byrds-esque jangle on many of Like Her`s best songs, and even the sadder songs (such as "Can It Really Be?" and "September Spell") boast a lush undertow that`s pure rainy-day perfection..
www.notlame.com /The_Volebeats/Page_1/CDVOLEBEATS1.html   (417 words)

 WELCOME TO RAINBOW QUARTZ RECORDS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It's a combination of killer harmonies and that lovely guitar jangle that makes Year of the Rhinos fun, and I'd be curious to hear them in a live setting, because I have this feeling that they're a really impressive live act.
It is sweetly addictive jangle pop with 3 and 4 part harmonies that have been all too rare since the late ‘60s.
Harmonies and pop melodies reminiscent of The Grassroots, but the jangle and the 12 string Rickenbacker are pure Byrds.
www.rainbowquartz.com /artists.asp?BC=RH   (932 words)

The album is brimming over with Revolver-esque psychedelia, power-pop, pure guitar pop and jangle that evokes label-mates Cotton Mather and Telepathic Butterflies at the same time brings to mind such a diverse mixture as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Firefall, Little River Band and even, Oasis.
Their newest find is Barcelona-bred pop mavens The Gurus, whose luminous, coquettish brand of sixties-indebted guitar pop sounds like a fifty-minute love note to FM radio, breezy summer girls and Alex Chilton.
Though the self-titled disc is heavy on retro-radio-ready hits and sparkling flavor, it forces listeners to question exactly when loving homage becomes blatant plagiarism, and whether we too readily accept authenticity as a viable substitute for originality.
www.rainbowquartz.com /artists.asp?BC=GU   (1103 words)

 Absolute Powerpop
The vintage guitars on the cover tell it all: The Offbeat is all about 60s British pop, jangle pop, and all points in between.
Instead, this is high-quality melodic indie pop, kind of a southern-fried version of The Pernice Brothers.
The real standout here is "Sunday Ladies", a true pop triumph that veers from Shins-ish indie pop, to the Beatlesque, to music hall and back again all in the space of a few minutes.
absolutepowerpop.blogspot.com   (2437 words)

 Freeway Jam
All of these bands could be considered "roots-rock"; they favored organic instrumentation as a conscious or coincidental reaction against the synth-based music that dominated the radio and MTV at the time.
In the southeast, bands like R.E.M. and Let's Active had a southern, slightly country flavor to them, while the West Coast bands were more psychedelic; a sub-genre of jangle pop, known as paisley underground centered in Los Angeles.
Jangle Pop's heyday was the Feelies'/dB's emergence around 1981 through the late 80's, although the genre includes proto-jangle-pop bands as far back as the end of the 70's; the style had been developing since Big Star's day in 1974.
freewayjam.blogspot.com /2005_05_10_freewayjam_archive.html   (1889 words)

 Les Fradkin MP3 Music Downloads - Download Jangleholic and Get Paid   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jangle Byrds and Beatles style Pop from the Original Cast "George Harrison" of Beatlemania.
Take a new trip with the Jangle Pop release you'll want as a must have for 2006.
Les Fradkin is one of the pop legends of the 1970's.
www.mp3-extension.com /album/Les-Fradkin/Jangleholic   (437 words)

 Slant Magazine - Vital Pop: 50 Essential Pop Albums
Defining the word "pop" was a task in and of itself.
Just a few of the informal definitions we stumbled upon were "of or for the general public," "popular or popularized," and "of, relating to, or specializing in popular music." But none of these seemed to fit the idea-bubble floating above our heads.
Here, "pop" isn't a broad definition, which means no hip-hop (sorry, Lauryn, Dr. Dre) and no straight-up rock (no Nirvana, no Radiohead).
www.slantmagazine.com /music/features/vitalpop.asp   (299 words)

 Pop Palace REVIEWS- Bobby Sutliff- Bitter Fruit
It's a welcome return, especially for pop fans who've been yearning for a good guitar record to wrap their heads around.
Enlisting the aid of WB's producer Mitch Easter as a recordist and collaborator, Sutliff's made a rich album that recalls jangle pop's heyday without retro sentimentality, as evidenced on the ringing opening track, 'Warning Bells'.
Sutliff's voice is earnest; not the strongest in pop, but with a Chris Bell-like quality that complements the Big Star influence evident on tracks like 'Sorry If'.
www.geocities.com /poppalace/bobbysutliff.html   (474 words)

 Juliana Hatfield, MP3 Music Download at eMusic
After Juliana Hatfield disbanded the jangle pop trio the Blake Babies in 1990, she launched a solo career, performing similarly melodic indie guitar pop.
Singing in an endearingly thin voice, Hatfield married her ringing hooks to sweet, lovelorn pop and startlingly honest confessional songs.
Her 1992 solo debut, Hey Babe, became a college radio hit, and its follow-up, 1994's Become What You Are, was primed to become a crossover success in the wake of the commercialization of alternative rock.
www.emusic.com /artist/11590/11590336.html   (866 words)

 International Pop Overthrow - Chicago Gigs.com Music Reviews
The Spade Kitty showcase are not among the best-known or best-traveled acts on the massive International Pop Overthrow schedule, but they are a good fit for the festival'sgoal of spotlighting little-knowns.
The result: Dean set his own untrained, quirky vocals in a rich brand of jangle pop with lush violin and backing vocals, a sound reminiscent of the southern jangle of the Judybats.
Hop on Pop, which features Walters on keyboards and Me Decade's Tim on bass, lived up to the title of their last CD, Lo Fi Is Better than No Fi, as the less than polished frontman Todd Leiter-Weintraub has some difficutly doing his catchy songs justice.
www.chicagogigs.com /reviews2/ipo_spade_kitty.htm   (1097 words)

 The 50 Greatest Rock & Roll Albums of All Time
While the album opens with the chiming, upbeat "Scotty's Lament," the balance of the disc is populated by mid-tempo ballads with unforgettable hooks and amazingly hummable choruses.
Lyrically, the album mostly sidesteps the basic girl-meets-girl pop motif, going with general anti-war mildly political bent; it's not terribly pointed or deep, but a nice change from the more typical jangle-pop standards.
The Connells are one of the few bands I can play for pretty much anyone, from alternative rock fans to more musically cautious Lilith Fair-types, without ruffling any feathers.
home.comcast.net /~popkulcher/connells.html   (224 words)

 [No title]
four doses of short sharp pop melding split boy/girl vocals, the ringing and chiming of Talulah Gosh, inspiring C-86 guitar jangle of Razorcuts and the Snowbirds, vocal harmonies of the Carousel, and the recommended daily dosage of ba-da-ba's.
Three stylish songs with jangling guitars, luscious violins, pianos, and inspired vocals posing questions of lost loves.
Bright, orchestrated pop with girl/boy vocal interplay, dual guitars, bass, cello, melodica, and vibes...perfect for fans of Club 8, La Buena Vida, and Blueboy.
www.geocities.com /roundaboutpop/catalog1.html   (6910 words)

 Free Jangle Pop Music: Album, Track and Artist Charts - Rhapsody Online
The movement was led by such Power Pop-influenced artists as cult legends the dB's, Let's Active (which was led by R.E.M.'s producer, Mitch Easter), and the much-loved Game Theory.
Members of these groups continue to record similar music to this day.
Featuring chiming guitar patterns, up-tempo rhythms and melodies aplenty, Jangle Pop has remained on the fringe of pop music, though early proponents like R.E.M. have enjoyed significant chart success.
www.rhapsody.com /alternativepunk/powerpop/janglepop/more.html   (118 words)

 It's Easy to Get Hooked On Weezer's Jangle-Pop
It's not a complete mystery why; Weezer is a terrific little outfit capable of writing spiffy pop songs so hook-filled that they drill holes in your brain as soon as you've heard them once.
The band's droll wit and zany humor are perhaps second only to They Might be Giants and have inspired countless jangle- pop outfits in the last half-decade.
The slacker manifesto "In the Garage" demonstrated Weezer's appeal to alienated, game-crazed youth: "I've got a dungeon master's guide/ I've got a 12-sided die/ waiting there for me, yes I do." And "Say It Ain't So," with its howling chorus, was perhaps the loudest sing-along, threatening to drown out the band.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/03/19/DD216773.DTL&type=printable   (571 words)

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