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Topic: Japanese pornography

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Pornography in Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Japanese erotica has a reputation in the West as being sado-masochistic and youth-centered due to cultural differences and various taboos.
Japanese pornography has diversified to fill a vast number of categories and needs, with some themes being so obscure that the appeals and differences are too subtle for anyone but the most devoted to recognize.
Japanese erotica has many of the same themes as its western counterpart such as heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, group sex, and sexual bondage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Japanese_pornography   (4061 words)

 Japanese art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Japanese ceramics are among the finest in the world and include the earliest known artifacts of their culture.
Japanese painters used the devices of the cutoff, close-up, and fade-out by the twelfth century in yamato-e, or Japanese-style, scroll painting, perhaps one reason why modern filmmaking has been such a natural and successful art form in Japan.
Japanese artists consider technical virtuosity as the sine qua non of their professions, a fact recognized by the rest of the world as one of the hallmarks of Japanese art.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Japanese_art   (6696 words)

 Bukkake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bukkake was popularized in Japan by such Japanese adult video companies as Dogma, Shuttle Japan, Soft on Demand, and Moodyz in the first half of the 1990s.
It is to be assumed that a significant factor in the development of bukkake was the mandatory censorship of porn (porn mosaic) in Japan.
Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru (打っ掛ける, to dash [water]), and means simply "splash" or "dash." The compound verb can be decomposed into two verbs: butsu (ぶつ) and kakeru (掛ける).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bukkake   (713 words)

 JAPAN: Japanese Discrimination Against Women   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
We urge the Committee to raise the case of Maricris Sioson with the government of Japan and to request that the government acknowledge her death was a homicide and reopen the investigation with the objective of charging those responsible.
The failure of the Japanese government to effectively address this criminality, which is open, notorious and well reported as in the case of Maricris Sioson, violates women’s right to equal protection of the law guaranteed by article 26 of the Covenant.
Japanese women’s economic activity is confined largely to the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, trade and service sectors, which employ 80 per cent of all women.
www.ahrchk.net /hrsolid/mainfile.php/1999vol09no01/788   (3079 words)

 Pacific Center for Sex and Society
In regard to pornography, in Japan the swing from prudish and restrictive to relatively permissive and nonrestrictive was dramatic.
If availability of pornography can reduce sex crimes, it is because the use of certain forms of pornography to certain potential offenders is functionally equivalent to the commission of certain types of sex offences: both satisfy the need for psychosexual stimulants leading to sexual enjoyment and orgasm through masturbation.
The concern that countries allowing pornography and liberal anti-obscenity laws would show increased sex crime rates due to modeling or that children or adolescents in particular would be negatively vulnerable to and receptive to such models or that society would be otherwise adversely effected is not supported by evidence.
www.hawaii.edu /PCSS/online_artcls/pornography/prngrphy_ovrvw.html   (13329 words)

 Japanese erotic films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Starring the Queen of Japanese SM Naomi Tani, 'Wife' is the story of an abducted woman who overpowers her abusive husband by succumbing to the pleasures of masochism.
The underlying theme of the movie is to suggest that there is an impossibility of romantic love between japanese men and women and that sadism and masochism are possibly alternative forms of love than those of social obligation or the reani kekkon (Love marriages).
The film asks us (well the japanese of 1974) to take a closer look at our realtionships to each other and roles within society which may be in itself the bigger of SM relationship than that of the personal one depicted in the pink film.
www.jahsonic.com /JapanesePornography.html   (3712 words)

 CSEC Home Page - Child pornography: an international perspective   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Pornography may be used under the guise of "sex education" to create sexual arousal in the child.
In the case of pornography transmitted by computer, the origination of the image may be in a jurisdiction in one part of the world where the image is legal but it may travel to another where the image is patently illegal.
Regulation of child pornography should not be used as an excuse to regulate free speech or information flow but rather regulation must be targeted at preventing the sexual exploitation of children who are among the most vulnerable members of society.
www.usemb.se /children/csec/child_pornography.html   (8476 words)

 Does Pornography Cause Rape?
She claims that pornography shows that women are susceptible and can lead men on by thinking that rape is okay.
Usually violent pornography has a lot of whips and chains, and a lot of nipple tortures and other clamps that are attached to any other orifices.
Japanese pornography is 80% violent, even their animation films have some sort of alien with ten thousand tentacles all forcing themselves inside a scared and terrified woman.
www.useless-knowledge.com /articles/apr/sept214.html   (425 words)

It is rather interesting how the Japanese pornography depicting drawings of rape of women dates back to several hundred years ago but the society is conservative when it comes to displaying pornographic film and photography.
The answer to why pornography would attract these types of people is still baffling to me. Perhaps, for those who are sexually addictive, pornography serves as a supplement to their sexual desires.
Pornography and violence are only associated when men who have been predisposed to sexually offend- thus, sexually abused, most likely during their childhood.
irinagorodetskaya.wordpress.com   (2872 words)

 Katrien Jacobs - IKU
Queer Voyeurism and the Pussy-Matrix in Shu Lea Cheang's Japanese Pornography.
Dickgirl is a common figure in Japanese hentai who speaks to male and female audiences, yet she can also be seen as a popular character to be appropriated or 'queered' by women's communities in their quest for transgender constructions of the female body.
Cheang's Japanese pornography offers a model for global consumers to be artistic and queer respondents to pornography, as it struggles to produce/consume porn images through restricted theatrical release and online distribution mechanisms which circumvent censorship legislation, corporate aesthetics and an outburst of global paranoia.
pages.emerson.edu /faculty/K/Katrien_Jacobs/articles/iku/iku.html   (6482 words)

 Mots Pluriels Mark McLelland
Also, Japanese society has not traditionally made as severe a distinction between 'adult' and 'under-age' sexuality as has the West; in fact, Japan's rather narrowly interpreted obscenity laws which, as mentioned, focus almost exclusively on the depiction of genitalia and pubic hair have encouraged sexualised depictions of children.
Japanese women have long been avid consumers of popular entertainment that would seem to disrupt sexual and gender boundaries, while at the same time being committed to normative gender performances in their daily lives.
Having defined yaoi as 'pornography', the author of the guidelines launches into a discourse in which familiar arguments and counter-arguments from the (American) pornography debate are rehearsed: particularly censorship versus First Amendment rights, and the rights of 'adults' to access sexual material versus the rights of 'minors' to be 'protected' from sexual material.
www.arts.uwa.edu.au /MotsPluriels/MP1901mcl.html   (8183 words)

 Japan - Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution
Japanese sex tourists frequent Bangkok and other parts of Thailand to buy women and children as young as 12 and 13.
Pornography is so pervasive, even schoolchildren have access to comic books with pornographic contents.
True to the compliant persona prized in Japanese pornography actresses, this woman exudes an unabashed enthusiasm for sex while maintaining the veneer of childlike innocence.
www.uri.edu /artsci/wms/hughes/japan.htm   (2484 words)

 Big Ideas
Japanese products don’t violate the horizontal and vertical, but Korean design is a little bit more dynamic.
And this explains to us why Japanese design leads to too much functionality in a product and a dashboard (i.e., switches) that is much too complicated to operate, designed for a nation of near-sighted people.
Islamic terrorism is just one of these global forces: it is stateless and is a virus that threatens the modern state, as jihadists try to pull us back into medieval times, in that age that preceded the rise of nations as we know them now.
www.globalprovince.com /bigideas.htm   (14239 words)

 AnimeNation News
I don't believe that the apparent age of female characters in anime is relevant in relation to live action Japanese pornography because it's a well recognized fact that Japanese women tend to look younger than they actually are.
I will concede that Japanese erotic anime, manga, and games may deserve some criticism and may encourage unethical behavior in people susceptible to influence, but I believe that there are more significant contributing factors to the state of sexual status in Japan.
And I believe that the majority of Japanese consumers who partake of erotica are rational, disciplined adults who are adequately capable of distinguishing fantasy from reality, who do carry on normal, healthy social relationships.
www.animenation.net /news/askjohn.php?id=1125   (780 words)

 Bukkake Movies Cum Eating Asian Blowjobs Japanese Gokkun Girls Cum Facials
The practice supposedly originated in the feudal age in Japan to punish unfaithful women - a woman who had disgraced her husband was first tied to a post in a kneeling position and then forced to endure being ejaculated on by every man in the community.
The most likely explanation is that in Japanese pornography, male and female genitalia cannot be shown and are therefore either pixellated or blurred.
However, semen may be shown, thus the only practical way to make Japanese pornography more extreme and "hardcore" is to increase the amount of semen, hence the invention of bukkake-style videos.
www.moviebukkake.com   (656 words)

 Japanese Anime and Manga
Yet the view that Levi speaks of is not a depiction of Japanese life.
The American comics explosion of the 1920s influenced many Japanese  cartoonists and had some impact at the popular level, although most titles had to be re-drawn for Japanese audiences.
Fushigi Yuugi is based on the Chinese belief of the Four Gods of Earth and Sky, represented by the blue dragon, white tiger, red bird of fire, and the intertwined snake and turtle.
www.unc.edu /~opatha/anime.html   (5112 words)

 What Would You Do? by Adam_Warlock_2099   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
However, in colloquial situations it often means "perverted" and is subsequently used in many other countries to refer to anime, manga, and computer games with explicit sexual or pornographic content (see Japanese pornography).
It's important to understand ways that the Japanese line might be different from that in other cultures.
Tradition Japanese pornography shares many likenesses to what we as Americans have dubbed "hentai" anime.
adamwarlock2099.blogstream.com /v1/pid/93351.html   (674 words)

 Information and contact
This means that an Internet-connected device, such as a computer or something more specific, can be used to access on-line media in much the same way as was previously possible only with a TV or radio receiver.
The range of material is much wider, from pornography to highly specialised technical web-casts.
The most used language for communication on the Internet is English, due to the Internet's origins, to the growing role of English as an international language and to the poor capability of early computers to handle characters other than those in the basic western alphabet (see Unicode).
www.automarks.com /referencepage.htm   (2384 words)

 Spero NewsMan convicted for Japanese child pornography anime
Spero NewsMan convicted for Japanese child pornography anime
You don't know how wrong you are, Paul.
If you can enable it, your input will be checked as you enter it (on most browsers, at least).
www.speroforum.com /site/mbarticle.asp?id=2873   (148 words)

 Animation Journal - About the Editor
“Sex with a Hard (Disk) On: Computer Bulletin Boards and Pornography,” Wide Angle 15:2 (April 1993)
“Violence in Japanese Animation,” invited speaker, BUFF festival for children and young adults, Sandnes, Norway, November 2000
“The Adaptation of Japanese Animation for American Television,” invited to present this co-authored paper at a colloquium for the faculty at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in conjunction with the Society for Animation Studies Conference, Madison, September 1996
www.animationjournal.com /editor/mf.html   (2073 words)

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