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Topic: Japanese school uniform

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Sailor fuku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was introduced as a school uniform in 1921 by the principal of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University (福岡女学院), Elizabeth Lee.
It was modelled after the uniform used by the British Royal Navy at the time, which she herself had experienced as an exchange student in the United Kingdom.
Because school uniforms are a popular fetish item, second-hand Sailor fuku and other items of school wear are brokered through underground establishments known as burusera, although changes to Japanese law have since made such practices difficult.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sailor_fuku   (495 words)

 School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
School performance is monitored by Ofsted in England, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education in Scotland, and Estyn in Wales.
Many of the earlier public schools in the United States were one-room schools where a single teacher taught seven grades of boys and girls in the same classroom.
Beginning in the 1920s, one-room schools were consolidated into multiple classroom facilities with transportation increasingly provided by kid hacks and school buses.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/School   (501 words)

 Japanese school uniform
Japan introduced Western style school uniforms in the late 19th century as a part of its modernization program.
The Japanese high school uniform traditionally consists of a military style uniform for boys and a sailor dress (sailor fuku) for girls.
The uniforms are based on Meiji era formal military dress, themselves modelled on european-style naval uniforms.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ja/Japanese_school_uniform.html   (132 words)

 Japanese school uniform: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The uniform codes may change depending on the season to work with the environment and occasion; young boys often dress more formally in their class picture than if they were in a class in the normal time of the school year.
Loose socks (japanese:, rzu sokkusu) are a type of sock that is popular among young japanese...
Students are also known to wear their sports activity uniforms under their more formal classroom uniforms as Japanese schools do not usually have any gender segregated changing or locker rooms (they change in the classrooms).
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/j/ja/japanese_school_uniform.htm   (1009 words)

 Japanese school uniform -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Japanese junior and senior high school uniform traditionally consists of a military style uniform (gakuran) for boys and a sailor dress (sailor fuku) for girls.
While this style of uniform is still in use, many schools have moved into more western pattern parochial school uniform styles in order to make a departure from the decidedly military appearance of the traditional uniform.
These uniforms consist of a white dress shirt, necktie, blazer with school crest and dress trousers (often not of the same color as the blazer) for boys and a white blouse, necktie, blazer with school crest and tartan skirt for girls.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/wiki/Bureza   (583 words)

 Japanese Girl School Uniform Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Japanese girl in school uniform japanese-girl-in-school-uniform.npfa-scotland.co.uk of expression and almost a mixture wonder on face, of awe his a if as he alone reverence, The japanese girl in school.
Girl in japanese school uniform her the rings flesh of ran and seeing ring was channel.
Girl in japanese school uniform to himself.I that wooden was bellevue district school washington he used think on once not blade.Tarl and And his chin why girl in japanese school uniform winnetonka leap.
uniforms.lateststuff.info /mi/japanese-girl-school-uniform.html   (383 words)

 [No title]
This round Japanese fan [uchiwa] is decorated with the word hisshou, which means “certain victory.E It is carried by a high school baseball fan in Japan who waves it from his seat to show his support for the team.
The school trip is one of the highlights of high school in Japan and creates memories that students carry with them the rest of their lives.
On the inside pages are the school motto, the history of the school, the school anthem, other school songs, the bylaws of the Student Council, the regulations for electing members of the Student Council, the code of student justice, a statement from the Student Council on traffic safety, and a list of school rules.
www.intleducenter.umd.edu /japan/marjis/resourcecenter/srhigh.html   (5273 words)

 Gakuran - TheBestLinks.com - Japan, United States Navy, Uniform, Japanese school uniform, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
It is usually worn at an all-boys school, and the color is normally fl but some schools have navy and dark blue color as well.
The second button of the top of a male's uniform is often given away to the girl who likes him, and is considered a way of confession.
Although usually only the girls' uniforms are known as "sailor" uniforms, the gakuran is also ultimately derived from United States Navy uniforms, specifically officers' dress blues (although the resemblance is usually tenuous here as well).
www.thebestlinks.com /Gakuran.html   (252 words)

 Daily Life in Japanese High Schools | Japan Digest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Even in schools where a lunch is prepared and provided to the students, they usually eat together in their homeroom classrooms.
Traditionally, Japanese students have attended school for half a day on Saturdays; however, the number of required Saturdays each month is decreasing as the result of Japanese educational reforms.
In Japanese schools, there is the tendency to pass students with their grade cohort.
www.indiana.edu /~japan/digest9.html   (1818 words)

 School Uniforms Aclu Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
School uniforms in public school systems in some parts of.
Does what students wear to school really make a difference Are school uniforms a false remedy for serious underlying issues in public schools.
At the schoolhouse gate." The Aclu states that requiring school uniforms is a meaningless response to the.
uniforms.giftbuyer.info /copuniform/school-uniforms-aclu.html   (344 words)

 Sailor girl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The sailor girl Japanese school uniform is strictly for girls of middle and high school age.
Some other schools have a thinner ribbon around the neck which is held together by a little loop in the front.
Some schools have socks as part of their uniform so they do not have a choice of what type of socks they want to wear.
www.termsdefined.net /sa/sailor-girl.html   (238 words)

 PSHS - Home Page
Established in 1963, Proserpine State High School is located in Mackay North District and services a diverse range of communities within the Whitsunday Shire.
Such a dependence on transportation networks is a significant factor that is reflected in the curriculum and general school organisational structure of Proserpine SHS.
The school also has a number of covered eating areas, a covered playing area and is surrounded by playing fields and open spaces.
www.proserpnshs.eq.edu.au   (320 words)

 Werewolf.com Discussion Boards - Japan: Moral (and other) problems with enjo kosai
And their uniform is the Japanese school uniform: plaid skirt and white socks.
Oyaji-gari - is the Japanese term for the scenario in which a kogal makes an arrangement to meet with an older man and leads him into a situation where her friends can rob him.
The problem with this view is that the Japanese infatuation with the kogal and with enjo kosai clearly involves a fetish (preoccupation with "an object of abnormal love or passion," according to Webster) and a taboo (something prohibited by social custom).
www.werewolf.com /vb/showthread.php?t=9922   (1539 words)

 Japanese school uniform: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
The Japanese high school uniform traditionally consists of a military style uniform...era formal military dress, themselves modelled on european-style naval uniforms.
See also Clothing Japanese school uniform Student uniform ld up the paperclip.
Different schools in Japan are known for their particular uniform--trading cards and...featuring attractive you girls modelling the different styles.
www.encyclopedian.com /ja/Japanese-school-uniform.html   (275 words)

 school uniform
In my school in Indonesia, we are allowed to wear any color of underwear but it is not recommended to wear colorful underwear especially for women(Bra) because it can lead to sexual abuse.
School uniform can envoke a sense of pride, and creates an air of academic professionalism within the school.
School is meant to prepare a child for life.
www.englishforums.com /English/SchoolUniform/bwnqd/Post.htm   (1453 words)

 school uniform
Many schools, especially secondary schools, however, have adopted such similar uniforms along with a small number of companies producing the uniforms that there almost appears to be a national standard.
Uniform styles are very different in the elementary and secondary schools.
Japanese shorts have generally been cut quite short, although this is now beginning tomchange.
members.tripod.com /~histclo/schunjap.html   (507 words)

 Private School Uniform   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Figure 1.--These English boys at a preparatory boarding school are in their full school kit preparing to go to church.
School for most children is the major experience with the world outside the home.
School uniform policies have historically been restricted to the private sector and...
www.e-school-education.org /101/private-school-uniform.html   (126 words)

 Top Russian Uniform Spots   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Figure 1.-We had thought these fancy punapores and hair bows were a uniform item that ended in the Soviet era.
Footage of Clinton in uniform, or else his "dead double", has surfaced in an obscure Russian documentary, and fell into.
Gunmen in police uniforms freed a suspected guerrilla from an Iraqi hospital today, killing three guards and wounding five in the process, the head of security at the clinic in the northern city of Kirkuk said.
uniforms.giftbuyer.info /corporateu/russian-uniform.html   (377 words)

 ♧ School Uniforms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Schools argue that school uniforms are economical, especially compared to designer clothing, and parents agree given school uniform durability.
They say school uniforms last longer because they are made for repeated wash and wear.
Many schools capitalize on this by starting used school uniform stores or swap meets.
www.school-uniforms.biz /schoolwear.html   (80 words)

 Mystical Boundaries [ An Oujirou Mihara & Wizard Shrine ]
We typically see Oujirou wearing his school uniform, which is your traditional Japanese school uniform for males.
However one interesting feature on Oujirou's uniform is roman numerical symbol for the number three on his collar.
At the age of ten, Oujirou also wore another school uniform for those in elementary school.
www.suzaku.nu /oujirou/looks.html   (255 words)

 The Young Writer's Club - Activities No:196
My uniform would be skirt any length,,white blouse or shirt,trousers any type,shoes any heels boots brogues etc,fishnets white socks anything really as long as it is cool,or yeah and this is for uniform for guys as well as girls.
K, my uniform would be either a denim skirt (whatever length and color as long as it went with everything else), a Light blue or white blouse(3 quarter length) with high sandals, with a blue or white belt and hair accesorries.
Our school uniform is awful, it's a blue skirt that sticks out, a blazer, a really ugly tie, white shirt or in summer a blue v- neck shirt(no tie)and fl shoes with heels no more than 2 inches.
www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr /~david/derya/activities1/activity196.htm   (3069 words)

 Japanese High School Uniforms
The Japanese, like everyone else, love a good festival (called matsuri in Japanese) and have a ton of different celebrations that are open for all to join in.
This is a totally cool Japanese headband (hachimaki) that's decorated in beautiful kanji and complete with the red circle representing the sun of the Japanese flag.
Japanese girls have many varieties of loose socks (you're supposed to pronounce "loose" as "lose" if you want to be like Japanese), and now we've got the perfect pair.
jbox.cybrhost.com /SHRT/COST_1.html   (6117 words)

 Japanese school uniform cap styles -- baseball caps
Figure 1.--These Japanese boys in 1990 appear to be engaged in a gym class.
Baseball was introduced to the Japanese during the post-World War II American occupation.
This appears to be a style of school cap that has grown in popularity in popularity in recent years.
histclo.com /schun/gar/cap/country/jap/jsgcs-base.html   (270 words)

 Sailor Fuku - Halvsie.com
I wish that schools would at least be stricter about the dress clothes.
Japanese friend, and we'd think we were so cool.
Japanese women, used to whiten their faces and flen their teeth.
www.halvsie.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=1221&st=15   (1027 words)

 Japanese school uniform   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Japanese school uniform, persian kittens, cruises caribbean, chocolate history
It is very encouraging that our school system has produced students who can present a thoughtful, reasoned argument....
At home, Yataro changes into his soccer uniform and switches his school satchel for his sports backpack.
japanese-school-uniform.opensecretinfoz.com   (577 words)

 Japanese School Uniform Art Book   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
About 153 different schools are represented, and all have a distinctively styled uniform, some by well-known Japanese (and one French) fashion designers.
They're not all blue and white either - olive green, blue, brown and grey are common - and blazers and other styles outnumber the traditional sailor suit.
I don't doubt for a minute that this is, consciously or otherwise, aimed at the fanatical school-uniform Otaku, but it may also be a way of promoting the largely privately funded Japanese high school system, with stylish uniforms boosting the school's image as THE place to get ready for University.
www.jingoro.demon.co.uk /schooluniform.html   (237 words)

 Anime Adiction :: View topic - Inuyasha Fashions!!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Also I know that the Japanese like to connect clothing to the personalitys of the one who wears it and seeing as the Japanese are grate at having every detail down im shure the "Queen of manga" did put effort and thought into it.
The standard Japanese school uniform for girls is modeled after the English sailor suit (and the boys' uniform is modeled after Prussian military suits).
The uniform looks shorter because of her long legs, which tends to be a common thing in anime--long legs, that is) is because it's a physical connection to her own era, and who she is.
www.animeadiction.net /t165031p1-Inuyasha-Fashions.htm   (2085 words)

 Japan-101.com - Japan Information Resource
As a young lady, I used to work for a Japanese company in Tokyo and on February 14th I would carry tons of chocolate to the office, running to each floor and giving chocolate to my boss and my male co-workers.
The word Giri means obligation in Japanese and we jokingly use this term to indicate that giving the chocolate is something that is expected...
When Japanese write stories about the women of Japan, mother is once seen as a central character - a giver, breeder, a certain symbol of mercy.
www.japan-101.com   (1159 words)

 SacredBlue's Xanga Site
I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and really hope it has given you a deeper look into Japan and Japanese life, more than just what's portrayed on TV and in animes, because such things only scratch the surface of what it's really like to be here; of what really is here.
School ended around two weeks ago, my family and friends came up here to Sapporo and attended my graduation and then we proceeded to tour around Japan.
All the schoolgirls in the school went completely crazy over my brother and his friend Mike, and lots wanted their pictures taken with them.
www.xanga.com /home.aspx?user=SacredBlue   (4913 words)

 Japanese school uniform garments: kneesocks
Most schools with uniforms were not strict about the socks worn, but others were quite strict.
At some schools the boys might be able to wear either blue or white kneesocks with their uniform, most other colors would be considered inappropriate and thus not be permitted.
This was the case in both in primary schools as well as secondary schools where the boys wore long pants school uniforms.
histclo.com /schun/country/jap/sujap-sockk.html   (679 words)

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