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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  JASMINE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The perennial jasmine plants that grow outside in warm regions are grown inside as greenhouse plants in northern climates.
Jasmine flower oil is extracted immediately after the flowers are collected by enfleurage or the use of volatile solvents (14.1-10).
Jasmine is generally recognized as safe for human consumption as a plant extractive or essential oil (21 CFR section 182.20 [1982]).
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/med-aro/factsheets/JASMINE.html   (526 words)

Jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind when one thinks of sweet fragrance.
Not all jasmines are fragrant though, and despite its common name the fragrant Confederate or star jasmine is not a true jasmine (Jasminum) at all, but a member of the genus Trachelospermum.
Confederate jasmine or star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is highly prized for its heavily scented clusters of phlox-like flowers, which bloom on twining stems in spring and summer.
hgic.clemson.edu /factsheets/HGIC1106.htm   (1142 words)

 TopTropicals.com - rare plants for home and garden
Jasmine oil can be used as a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath for almost everything: addiction, postnatal depression, relaxation, muscle pain, coughs, tension, stress and nervousness.
Jasmine oil can be used in a base cream or lotion for dry or greasy and sensitive skin, as well as assisting with stretch marks and scars.
Jasmine essential oil has a sweet, exotic and rich floral smell and the oil is deep orange-brown in color.
toptropicals.com /html/toptropicals/articles/shrubs/jasmin_facts.htm   (1761 words)

 Jasmine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jasmine (Jasminum) is a genus of shrubs and vines in the Family Oleaceae, with about 200 species, native to tropical and warm temperate regions of the Old World.
Jasmine flowers are white in most species, but with some species being yellow flowered.
Jasmines are widely cultivated for their flowers, enjoyed in the garden, as house plants, and as cut flowers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jasmine   (546 words)

 Jasmine : by Ray Sahelian, M.D., jasmine health benefits
Jasmine (Jasminum) is a genus of shrubs and vines with about 200 species, native to tropical and warm temperate regions of the Old World.
Jasmine is a common fragrance used in perfumes.
Jasmine tea has a mild calming effect, but - based on the jasmine tea brands I have tried - it is not as potent as some other teas such as passionflower.
www.raysahelian.com /jasmine.html   (964 words)

 Jintu - Jasmine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
It is most common to consume jasmine flavored tea with meals or right after meals, as the flowers are considered a digestive aid.
Tibetan jasmine grows at high altitude and has a particularly rich fragrance and flavor, with plenty of linalool (this compound has been studied for its anti-inflammatory activity).
Jasmine is most commonly used in that region (Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal) for making incense, being combined with other aromatic ingredients.
www.itmonline.org /jintu/jasmine.htm   (166 words)

 Amazon.de: Jasmine: English Books: Bharati Mukherjee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
She leaves her dusty Punjabi village to marry as Jasmine; travels rough, hidden airways and waters to America to reemerge as Jase, an illegal "day mummy" in hip Manhattan; and lands beached in Iowa's farmlands as Jane, mother to an adopted teenage Vietnamese refugee and "wife" to a banker.
An astrologer tells Jasmine at the age of seven that she is going to be widowed by the time she is fifteen.
Jasmine's journey serves as a metaphor for the ever-moving, regenerating process of life itself.
www.amazon.de /Jasmine-Bharati-Mukherjee/dp/0802136303   (892 words)

 JASMINE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Jasmine essential oil has a rich, exotic smell, and it has been used as a perfume material for centuries.
Jasmine is also a powerful aphrodisiac, and is reputed to help with both impotence and frigidity.
Jasmine supports the nervous system and is especially helpful for the mature woman's changing needs and dry, sensitive skin.
www.webnat.com /prod/Jasmine.asp   (315 words)

 Jasmine - LoveToKnow Garden
Jasmine is used for mouth ulcers, and its fresh juice is applied to corns.
Shrubby Jasmine (Jasminum Fruticans) - A wiry-looking shrub from S. Europe and the Mediterranean region; hardy in England, and though not so important as some of the free-growing kinds, is worth a place on dry banks.
White Jasmine (Jasminum Officinale) - The old white Jasmine of our gardens, one of the most charming shrubs ever introduced for walls and warm banks; it is best on warm and sandy soils, and often thrives in the heart of our cities.
garden.lovetoknow.com /wiki/Jasmine   (948 words)

 Floridata: Jasminum sambac
Arabian jasmine has been in cultivation for centuries - so long, in fact, that its origin has been forgotten, but it was probably India, where today it is one of the most commonly cultivated ornamentals.
Arabian jasmine is often grown in a pot, on the patio or deck in summer and brought indoors in winter.
Arabian jasmine cannot be recommended for landscape use in Florida and caution should be excercised when considering this plant for use in similar frostfree climates.
www.floridata.com /ref/j/jasm_sam.cfm   (668 words)

 Amazon.com: Jasmine: Books: Bharati Mukherjee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Jasmine, the protagonist of the story faces many challenges and obstacles that she must overcome in order to make sure her catastrophic destiny is not fulfilled.
Jasmine, who is also Jyoti, Jazzy, Jase and Jane, is faced between clinging to her `feudalistic traditions' or her `new western-thinking traditions.' Each identity of hers represents a new lifestyle and a new challenge that she must conquer.
Jasmine was torn between assimilating into American freedom and society vs. being bound to her deep-rooted traditions.
www.amazon.com /Jasmine-Bharati-Mukherjee/dp/0449219232   (2203 words)

 Jasmine Rice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Jasmine rice, grown in Thailand, goes well with saffron and cardamom.
Grown in Thailand, jasmine rice is an aromatic rice that’s similar in flavor and aroma to the more expensive basmati rice from India and California.
Jasmine rice is sold in both brown and white varieties.
www.kroger.com /hn/Food_Guide/Jasmine_Rice.htm   (406 words)

Jasmine appears historically in the artistic, religious, and healing practices of many ancient and exotic cultures.
Some manufacturers promote Jasmine tea for cancer, heart disease, and a variety of other ills, but the only evidence in its favor involves a Chinese green tea that is merely scented with Jasmine flowers.
Jasmine is best known for the delicate and captivatingly sweet fragrance of its flowers, which are frequently used in religious ceremonies in India and in Asian and Mediterranean countries.
www.pdrhealth.com /drug_info/nmdrugprofiles/herbaldrugs/101565.shtml   (381 words)

 MegaMan NT Warrior: Jasmine - TV.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A young girl named Jasmine, and her net navi Medi, arrive from the country of China.
Jasmine meets up with Lan by chance, and he agrees to help her find the special flower.
When Jasmine is kidnapped, Lan must track her down and sneak into the medicine manufacturing company's research lab to save her.
www.tv.com /megaman-nt-warrior/jasmine/episode/605763/summary.html   (220 words)

 Jasmine: A Rescued Guinea Pig
Jasmine was picked up from a possible backyard breeder and brought directly to a vet for assessment.
UPDATE 4-10-05: Jasmine is currently being fed Oxbow’s Critical Care to supplement her food intake of vegetables and hay (she currently will not eat pellets).
Jasmine started to lose weight and Pippi kept stalking her and Izzy was not in the mood for another cage mate.
imageevent.com /bizylizy/miscellaneous/jasmine   (605 words)

The Joint Air-Sea Monsoon Investigation (JASMINE) is based on the hypothesis that intraseasonal variability of the Asian-Australasian monsoon system is the result of coupled ocean-atmosphere interaction in a region of very large cross-equatorial surface pressure gradient.
JASMINE is presently planned in two phases: a pilot study in 1999 and a main experiment in 2000.
The overall aim of these process studies in the North Indian Ocean is to determine the dynamic and thermodynamic structure of the active and break periods of the monsoon (i.e., the intraseasonal variability) and link them to variations in sea surface temperature and coupled ocean-atmospheric interactions.
webster.eas.gatech.edu /Archives/jasmine/index.html   (220 words)

 Jasmine Lenore Rose Baker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
This is Jasmine on her great Easter egg hunt.
Last year, Jasmine needed the eggs pointed out to her for the hunt.
Jasmine is a strong little girl, sure of who she is and what she wants.
www.taobunny.com /jazz   (469 words)

Jasmine are tropical, sub-tropical and hardy, deciduous and evergreen shrubs or climbing plants.
Jasmine can be grown outdoors in regular, garden soil, in a sunny location if the type you choose is hardy in your zone.
Their scent is not quite as enjoyable as other jasmines like Angelwing Jasmine, or Arabian Jasmine, but it is a nice complement since it blooms so much earlier.
www.sd1new.net /GardenPages/jasmine.htm   (605 words)

 The Jasmine Are In Bloom Again
Just the name jasmine is evocative of warm, humid nights, intoxicating fragrance wafting about through the Spanish moss, and let's face it: glamour, hoop skirts, romance.
They are really a jasmine, and a little looser in behavior, but I like them in spite of their morals.
My new favorite "Jasmine" is jasminum lapin, a sweet brown bunny who lives in said shrubbery and produces a nest of babies now and then.
www.gardenguides.com /articles/jasmine.htm   (1423 words)

 Jasmine | Cosmic Variance
Jasmine is a lovely name for a daughter, if only because the natural nickname is then “Jazz” (or Jaaz to be accurate).
Because star jasmine is an exceptional climber - additionally - is a perpetual evergreen in the southeastern region of the U.S., this hardy vine serves as an excellent means to mask an unsightly fence or wall.
This “true” Jasmine is the one on the left in the picture.
cosmicvariance.com /2006/05/13/jasmine   (1000 words)

 JAZZIFIED | The Official Jasmine Trias Street Team   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Supporting Jasmine in her upcoming independent film entitled “Another Deep Breath,” as she plays the role as the cousin of a professor that is involved in a campus scandal, played by Cesar Montano.
Jasmine’s album by Universal Records Philippines was released in September 2005.
Trying to keep Jasmine recognized in the public eye, members support Jasmine by voting on polls that she happens to be running in.
www.jasmine-trias.us /streetteam/operations.htm   (843 words)

 (TBG777) Travel Bug Dog Tag - @Jasmine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Jasmine is een prinses die het leven in het paleis zat is en besluit weg te lopen.
Jasmine was niet in de ban van Jafar, maar wel in de klauwen van de buizerd!!!
Ze heeft er weer zin in en @Jasmine hoopt weer op heel veel leuke ontmoetingen (ook met @Aladdin).
www.geocaching.com /track/details.aspx?id=72487   (494 words)

 UofT Jasmine Compiler Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The goal of the Jasmine project is to investigate new code and data transformations for enhancing cache and memory locality while preserving existing parallelism in programs.
The Jasmine compiler uses Polaris as infrastructure to implement and evaluate the new transformations.
Jasmine extends his base by adding passes that implement the new transformations.
www.eecg.toronto.edu /~tsa/jasmine   (190 words)

 Jasmine International Public Company Limited
Jasmine Cyberworks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jasmine International Plc.
The value of Jasmine's investment increased to over 400 million baht within a year when AsiaJack officially merged with GlobalFilings Inc., the US online financial services provider, through a share swap transaction.
Set up in April last year, Jasmine Cyberworks last year entered a series of online ventures including jakfree.com, a game show website, and SirSiam.com, an online travel company.
www.jasmine.com /what_new/jasmine_34.htm   (362 words)

 Jasmine Tea
Oolong tea from the Fujian province of China infused with the delicate scent of the night-blooming jasmine flowers.
Our 'Jasmine Suite no. 5' is a Chun Hao grade tea that is a suitable daily treat.
It produces a sweet cup with a light and lingering scent of fresh jasmine flowers.
www.adagio.com /oolong/jasmine.html   (67 words)

 www.myspace.com/jasminetrias (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.umd.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Among the outstanding cuts in the Jasmine Trias album is "Excuses," which has been charted No. 1 on Wave 89.1 FM, the first local airline which played songs from the album.
Jasmine performs with South Border in "Once Again," a tune destined to be a pop classic, composed by Jay Durias with Sharon Inductivo as co-writer of lyrics; Jay also arranged and produced this number for the album.
You can find Jasmine's tour schedule and places to buy her CD at either her official fan site, AllThatJas.net, or at her official site, JasmineTrias.net.
www.myspace.com.cob-web.org:8888 /jasminetrias   (839 words)

 Jasmine House Inn - Key West - Jasmine House Inn Reviews - TripAdvisor
The Jasmine House, a tropical inn with cottage style suites, is located on a quiet street in Old Town Key West, 1/2 block "off Duval Street" and...
We arrived at the Jasmine House - just a short taxi ride from the airport - to be greeted by the innkeeper and the property manager.
Jasmine House is totally charming, stayed in the porchside bedrooms and they were perfect.
tripadvisor.com /Hotel_Review-g34345-d254292-Reviews-Jasmine_House-K...   (783 words)

 Jasmine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The company was founded in 2000 by Yossi Uzrad to provide premium pay channels in Israel, which are recognized today as the five most successful digital channels in Israel.
A novelty in Israel at the time, these included the Movie Channel and the Family Channel, whose schedules boasted the top blockbusters and the highest rated series from the US and Europe.
With the digital revolution in the new millennium, he left his position at ICP to form the Jasmine TV Group.
www.jasmine.tv /management.asp   (546 words)

 Wajdi Cherif | Jasmine
Yes, Jasmine still has that immediately identifiable trill that marks Arabic music, but each tune now has the feel of deep jazz much of the time, sometimes almost entirely losing the connection to Arabic music.
The journey that a track takes is two-fold: the usual one through melody, improvisation and melody; but many times also a second one from Arabic music to jazz and back (or the reverse).
Jasmine itself deservedly won a Best CD of 2005 Award from the Indie Acoustic Project in the category of World Music-Eurasia & Global Beat.
www.allaboutjazz.com /php/article.php?id=21789   (540 words)

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