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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Moose Jaw, Moose Jaw Your Link To The World
The goal of In Moose Jaw is to consolidate information about Moose Jaw and make it easily accessible to everyone on the Internet.
Moose Jaw is a wonderful place to live and we would like to tell the world what we have to offer.
We are looking for a few men and women 18 yrs and older to be matched with a boys and girls who need a positive role model in their lives who live in Moose Jaw.
www.inmoosejaw.com   (384 words)

  Jaw Fracture: Urgent Dental Problems: Merck Manual Home Edition
Fractures of the upper jaw (maxilla) may cause double vision (because the muscles of the eye attach nearby), numbness in the skin below the eye (because of injuries to nerves), or an irregularity in the cheekbone that can be felt when running a finger along it.
The jaw may be held with a hand or preferably with a bandage wrapped under the jaw and over the top of the head several times (Barton's bandage).
Many jaw fractures can be repaired surgically with a plate (a piece of metal that is screwed into the bone on each side of the fracture); the jaws are immobilized for only a few days, after which soft foods can be eaten for several weeks.
www.merck.com /mmhe/sec08/ch117/ch117d.html   (396 words)

  Jaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The jaw is either of the two opposable structures forming, or near the entrance to, the mouth.
In vertebrates, the upper jaw or mandible is the mobile component that articulates at its posterior processes, or rami (singular ramus), with the temporal bones of the skull on either side; the word jaw used in the singular typically refers to the lower jaw.
The upper jaw or maxilla is more or less fixed with the skull and is composed of two bones, the maxillae, fused intimately at the median line by a suture; incomplete closure of this suture and surrounding structures may be involved in the malformation known as cleft palate.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jaw   (422 words)

 Phossy jaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Phossy jaw is a deadly occupational hazard for those who work with white phosphorus in an environment without proper safeguards.
Over time, the jaw bone would begin to abscess, a process which was both extremely painful and disfiguring to the patient, and repellent to others, since drainage from the dying bone tissue was exceedingly foul-smelling.
Phossy jaw may occur as a side-effect of bisphosphonates, a class of phosphorus-based drugs that inhibit bone resorption, and are used widely for treating osteoporosis, bone disease in cancer and some other situations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Phossy-jaw   (289 words)

 Skeletal Jaw Deformities   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jaw deformities may be defined as excesses and/or deficiencies in the transverse, horizontal, or vertical components.
A protrusive lower jaw is an obvious forward projection of the lower jaw or mandible beyond the upper jaw and beyond a normal distance from the cranial base due to horizontal mandibular excess.
The mandibular jaw deficiency syndrome can be classified as to Type I, II, or III with the classification being dependent upon the mandibular plane angle, which is either a steepening or a leveling of the lower jaw in relationship to a horizontal line.
www.5starhealth.com /dentistry/orthognathic/jaw_deformities.htm   (1500 words)

 jaw articles on Encyclopedia.com
lumpy jaw LUMPY JAW [lumpy jaw] infectious disease of cattle and swine caused by the bacterium Actinomyces bovis.
It is characterized by an infection of the bone of the head, particularly the mandible and the maxilla, with abscesses forming near the lower jaw bones.
Only the jaw, the bases of the fins, and the tail protrude from this carapace, and the locomotion of these fishes is necessarily peculiar.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=jaw   (482 words)

 MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Jaw - broken or dislocated
The jaw is connected to the skull by a hinged joint located in front of the ears (temporomandibular joint).
The jaw should be supported by one or both hands during motions such as yawning and sneezing to prevent excessive strain on the temporomandibular joint.
The jaw may be wired to the teeth of the opposite jaw to improve stability.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/ency/article/000019.htm   (1011 words)

 Jaw Wiring | AHealthyMe.com
Jaw wiring, also known as maxillomandibular fixation, is a surgical procedure where metal pins and wires are anchored into the jaw bones and surrounding tissues to keep the jaw from moving.
Wiring the jaws shut has been used in the past as a weight loss aid in cases of extreme obesity where other treatments had failed, although this procedure is rarely used for that purpose today.
Jaw wiring surgery can be performed by an oral or maxillofacial surgeon (a specially trained dentist), or by an otolaryngologist (a doctor specializing in surgeries of the head and neck).
www.ahealthyme.com /topic/topic100587039   (796 words)

Jaw fractures are the third most common type of facial fractures, after fractures of the nose and cheekbone.
In more than 50% of cases, the jaw fractures in at least two places — a "direct" fracture where the jaw was hit and an "indirect" fracture somewhere else along the jaw.
In teenagers and young adults, jaw fractures more commonly occur on the side of the face nearer the chin because this area is often struck during fights or attacks.
www.intelihealth.com /IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/9339/10210.html   (1114 words)

 Jaw Surgery   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jaw growth is a slow and gradual process.
When unequal jaw growth is the source of the problem, corrective jaw surgery may be necessary.
After the jaws are moved into their new position, rubber bands or wires attached to the teeth may be used to fasten the jaws together during healing.
www.yukonoralsurgery.com /JawCare.html   (317 words)

 Penn Plastic Surgery: Reconstructive - Jaw Surgery
After the jaw has reached its final position, the spacer is either left in place until the jaw heals naturally or the jaw is permanently set in place with titanium plates and screws.
Jaw surgery can fix an over bite or under bite, correct a developmental problem, advance orthodontic care or be the final step in reconstructing a cleft lip/palate.
Jaw surgery is commonly used as a final step in orthodontic care for adults and children.
www.pennhealth.com /plasticsurgery/recon/jaw.html   (379 words)

 Mandible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In insects, the mandible is the segment forming the mouth.
In animals, the bone of the lower jaw that bears teeth is also known as the dentary bone.
The mandible (inferior maxillary bone) (together with the maxilla) is the largest and strongest bone of the face.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mandible   (791 words)

 Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery
Surgery to correct the size and shape of the jaws is a relatively common procedure, often done in conjunction with orthodontics which is required to align the teeth.
Jaw growth is a gradual process and in some instances, the upper and lower jaws may grow at different rates.
Orthognathic (jaw) surgery is performed within a hospital environment and usually requires a stay of 3-5 days, depending on the procedure.
www.bowleroms.com.au /procedures/orthognathic.html   (507 words)

 A history lesson on cross polars
The jaws consist of seven, hard cuticularized parts, which retain their shape after death or compression, though not necessarily their relative positions.
The basic constituents of the jaw are one fulcrum, and a pair each of unci, rami and manubria.
The action of the jaw is to cut and chew, between the teeth, particles collected.
www.microscopy-uk.org.uk /mag/art98/mmjaw.html   (237 words)

 Jaw - definition from Biology-Online.org
Anything resembling the jaw of an animal in form or action; especially, pl, the mouth or way of entrance; as, the jaws of a pass; the jaws of darkness; the jaws of death.
One of a pair of opposing parts which are movable towards or from each other, for grasping or crushing anything between them, as, the jaws of a vise, or the jaws of a stone-crushing machine.
jaw rope, a rope which holds the jaws of a gaff to the mast.
www.biology-online.org /dictionary/Jaw   (313 words)

 Jaw Wiring
The brackets of the upper jaw are laced with a thin wire to the brackets of the lower jaw in 1-2 minutes.
I have seen jaw wiring done by an oral surgeon (for whom I have the highest regard) that resulted in such discomfort and gum tissue harm that the the patient simply could not maintain the work; which had to be removed and was accompanied by much discomfort.
The patient places hsi or her lower jaw in "normal" bite position and a soft wire is "woven" up and down around the brackets on the left side.
www.drted.com /index.html.bak2/jaw_wiring.htm   (6882 words)

 ScienceDaily: Drug Used For Advanced Cancer Could Cause Exposed Bone In Jaw
The condition, called osteonecrosis of the jaw, is marked by exposed bone in the jaw and can lead to infection, inflammation and pain.
While researchers do not fully understand the condition or what causes it, osteonecrosis of the jaw, or ONJ, appears to occur in individuals who have been treated with drugs called bisphosphonates, which are used to improve bone strength.
When treating bone affected by cancer, the bisphosphonates are given intravenously and have been shown to decrease the risk of skeletal complications such as fracture.
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2006/10/061002214615.htm   (779 words)

 Jaw Disease Found in Patients Using Cancer Drug   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The discovery, published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, prompted both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Novartis, the manufacturer of bisphosphonates used in cancer chemotherapy, to issue warnings earlier this fall to physicians and dentists about the risk for this potential adverse effect.
ONJ is a condition in which the bone tissue in the jaw fails to heal after minor trauma, such as a tooth extraction, causing the bone to be exposed.
In the FDA MedWatch and Novartis alerts issued in late September, oncologists and dentists were advised of the addition of osteonecrosis of the jaw to the “Precautions” and “Adverse Reactions” sections on the labeling of injectable bisphosphonates, describing the spontaneous reports of the condition being found mostly in cancer patients.
www.oralcancerfoundation.org /news/story.asp?newsId=640   (777 words)

 jaw joints & Allied Musculo-Skeletal Disorder Foundation, Inc
Jaw joints are also the essential path for the large neurological system running between the brain and the spinal cord, affecting all sensory and motor activity.
Grinding your teeth or clenching of your jaws are often cited as the primary causes of TMJ.
Jaw joints, due to their location in the oral cavity, are the only joints in the body that are considered both medical and dental joints.
www.tmjoints.org /plaintalk/plaintalk.htm   (5305 words)

 Definition of Jaw from dictionary.net
Fig.: Anything resembling the jaw of an animal in form or action; esp., pl., the mouth or way of entrance; as, the jaws of a pass; the jaws of darkness; the jaws of death.
(b) One of a pair of opposing parts which are movable towards or from each other, for grasping or crushing anything between them, as, the jaws of a vise, or the jaws of a stone-crushing machine.
Jaw bit (Railroad), a bar across the jaws of a pedestal underneath an axle box.
www.dictionary.net /jaw   (183 words)

 Broken Jaw
A broken jaw (or mandibular fracture) is a common facial injury.
A broken jaw is the tenth most common fractured bone in the human body.
The chief areas of the mandible bone are the body (chin out to the jaw angle) and the 2 upward branches, called the rami.
www.emedicinehealth.com /broken_jaw/article_em.htm   (194 words)

 Lovejoy, Inc. - Jaw Type Couplings   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the basic L Type jaw coupling, except the insert is a snap wrap elastomer with retaining collar.
The standard C Type jaw coupling hub is made of cast iron, while the H is constructed of ductile iron.
The three-piece design incorporates a radial curvature to the jaw face, and both radial and axial curvature (crowning) to the elastomer (spider).
www.lovejoy-inc.com /jawtypecouplings.htm   (563 words)

 jaw - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about jaw
The closing and opening of the jaws is effected by four pairs of muscles, two attached to the outer, and two to the inner side of the rami of the lower jaw.
This whale is not dead; he is only dispirited; out of sorts, perhaps; hypochondriac; and so supine, that the hinges of his jaw have relaxed, leaving him there in that ungainly sort of plight, a reproach to all his tribe, who must, no doubt, imprecate lock-jaws upon him.
There were a king with a large jaw and a queen with a plain face, on the throne of England; there were a king with a large jaw and a queen with a fair face, on the throne of France.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /jaw   (316 words)

 VD Chipmunk Jaw Crusher
The resultant jaw action is a forward and downward motion relative to the stationary jaw that crushes the sample and forces its discharge.
The discharge opening between jaw can be adjusted to control crushed particle size by turning a hand wheel on the side of the crusher.
The blocks transmit crushing force from the jaw to the frame relieving all strain on the adjusting screw itself.
www.bicoinc.com /vd.html   (225 words)

 Robotic human jaw   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dental researchers can use the jaw to study the response of dental implants to the chewing of different foods and to evaluate the impact of impaired dentition on chewing efficiency.
The jaw is designed to be fitted with a variety of teeth, such as the sharp pointy teeth of a six year old or the blunter molars of an adult..
For the purposes of food technology, the jaw will be especially useful in the study of the dynamics of texture changes in foods during chewing.
www.news-medical.net /?id=12211   (600 words)

 Surgery gives boy with jaw damage a chance to chew   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Felix, now 9, apparently fractured his left jaw joint as an infant and as the jaw healed, the joint fused, leaving him unable to open his mouth.
The problem resulted from a jaw fracture suffered in infancy, said Dr. Joseph Losee, his surgeon and chief of plastic surgery at Children's Hospital.
And the long-unused muscles around his jaws need to be stretched regularly to help him open wide.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06326/740126-114.stm   (808 words)

 New jaw bone grown in man’s back muscle - Stem Cell Research - MSNBC.com
A German who had his lower jaw cut out because of cancer has enjoyed his first meal in nine years — a bratwurst sandwich — after surgeons grew a new jaw bone in his back muscle and transplanted it to his mouth in what experts call an “ambitious” experiment.
This patient could not have that procedure because he was taking a potent blood thinner for another condition and doctors considered it too dangerous to harvest bone from elsewhere in his body since extraction leaves a hole where the bone is taken, creating an extra risk of bleeding.
Artificial jaws made from plastic or other materials are not used because they pose too much of a risk of infection.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/5832265   (1085 words)

 USATODAY.com - 'Hobbit' jaw bone found in Indonesia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The discovery of a jaw bone, to be reported in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature, represents the ninth individual belonging to a group believed to have lived as recently as 12,000 years ago.
And, they report finding the lower jaw bone that does not belong to any of the previously discovered individuals.
An analysis of firepit charcoal found nearby in the excavation layer suggests the jawbone is 15,000 years old.
www.usatoday.com /news/health/2005-10-11-hobbit-jaw_x.htm   (864 words)

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