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Topic: Jedi Order

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  The Jedi Order
Jedi candidates are detected, identified, and taken into the Order as infants; all connections to previous family life are lost.
It is from the ranks of the Jedi Masters that the Jedi High Council is chosen, which is the main interface between the Jedi Order and the government of the Galactic Republic.
The Jedi must be in contact with part of the object that is to be molded, and the effects of this ability are permanent.
anakinskywalker.homeip.net /TheJediOrder.php   (6320 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Jedi Order, The
As the Jedi mature, the apprentice is paired with a master to continue the next phase of the training.
It is from the ranks of the Jedi Masters that the High Council is chosen, which is the main interface between the Jedi and the government of the Republic.
The sworn enemies of the Jedi are the Sith -- a cult-like order bent on domination through subservience to the Force's dark side.
www.starwars.com /databank/organization/thejediorder   (936 words)

 Jedi - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Although the Order was destroyed with the culmination of the Clone Wars, the Jedi lived on, and, due largely to the efforts of Luke Skywalker, forged a New Jedi Order to defend first the New Republic, and later its sucessor, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.
Jedi Commander – a Padawan serving as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, the Jedi Commander is assigned to a Jedi General until knighted.
Jedi trainer – a Jedi student or Jedi Knight responsible for teaching and instructing a certain aspect of the Force, the Jedi trainer was a vital component in the education of Jedi Knights in the early years of the New Jedi Order.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Jedi   (5005 words)

 Jedi Order - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
The Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic, and became the most famous of the various groups that relied on the Force for their power.
Although the Jedi Order was virtually annhilated by the Order of the Sith Lords with the culmination of the Clone Wars, its Knights lived on, and the Order was ultimately rebuilt during the time of the New Republic.
The Jedi Order itself, however, began on Tython, where the brightest and best philosophers, priests, and warriors came together long ago to discuss their discoveries involving the enigmatic, mystical positive energy called the Ashla.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Jedi_Order   (1456 words)

 Science Fair Projects - New Jedi Order
The New Jedi Order, also known as New Jedi Order or by its acronym, NJO, is a series of science fiction novels set in the Star Wars universe 25-30 years ABY.
The order itself is set apart from the Jedi order of the Old Republic by a new code and broadened view of the Force.
In most New Jedi Order books a character dies, and several of those who die are of key importance to the series.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/The_New_Jedi_Order   (391 words)

 Temple Of The Jedi Order - FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Doctrine of the Temple of the Jedi Order
Jedi follow what is considered to be the Light Side of the Force, and adhere to the ideals and philosophies of the Jedi religion.
Jedi are people who apply the principles, ideals, philosophies, and teachings of Jediism in a practical manner within their own lives.
www.templeofthejediorder.org /modules/smartfaq/index.php   (6269 words)

 JEDI >> Website >> FAQ
The Jedi Way is a path we follow in order to further recognize and understand the Force.
The Jedi Order is an actual, written set of guidelines and principles which Jedi promote to follow and understand the will of the Force.
The Jedi Community is the composite of all Jedi groups on the Interent which take the Jedi seriously.
jediorganization.addr.com /jedi/website/faq   (2105 words)

 Did the Jedi Have It Coming?
The Jedi turn a blind eye to the existence of organized slavery on the Republic's borders until it suits the immediate tactical interests of Qui-Gon Jinn, and even then it doesn't look likely that the Council will work to free the slaves of Tatooine and other planets.
Ironically, the being pulling the strings of Jedi and Senator alike is himself a puppet, or rather, a Muppet: Yoda.
He can rebuild the Jedi order, but his knights will be less powerful, and are unlikely to slip back into decadence for some time.
www.space.com /sciencefiction/movies/dismantling_jedi_order_000418.html   (1513 words)

 Darkside at Jedi Haven - JediHaven.com
A rogue Jedi Knight had founded the Sith, a singular dissident in an order of harmonious followers, a rebel who understood from the beginning that the real power of the Force lay not in the light, but in the dark.
He was alone at first, but others from the Jedi order who believed as he did and who had followed him in his study of the dark side soon came over.
The rogue Jedi who had founded the Sith order was its nominal leader, but his ambition excluded any sharing of power.
www.jedihaven.com /otherWebsites/jediHaven/jediOrder_darkside.htm   (577 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Yoda
Serving alongside such luminaries as Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi, Yoda was present during the turbulent events that would eventually unravel the centuries-old Republic and seal the fate of the Jedi order.
Once the Jedi hopefuls grew older, approaching their teenage years, they would then be paired to an elder Jedi Knight or Master to continue training one-on-one.
The Jedi would bide their time, sensing through the Force when the moment was right to oppose the Empire.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/yoda   (1743 words)

 Star Wars | Other Books: The New Jedi Order
Even the Jedi, once the greatest guardians of peace in the galaxy, are rendered helpless by this impervious foe - and their solidarity has begun to unravel.
The dazzling Star Wars space adventure continues in The New Jedi Order as Luke Skywalker, Anakin Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker, and others battle their deadliest enemy in a tale of nonstop action, shadowy evil, and spectacular triumph.
The New Jedi Order continues as Jaina Solo struggles with anger and despair after the Jedi Knights' harrowing adventure behind enemy lines.
www.randomhouse.com /delrey/starwars/new_jedi.html   (1198 words)

 Dark Jedi Order | Dark Jedi Temple
To become a Dark Jedi Knight, you will have to pass the Dark Jedi Trials, and we expect at least 9 months of membership in the Dark Jedi Order before you take the Trials, though special circumstances may alter this.
Being a Dark Jedi, if you succeed in learning to control your emotions, will be a very fulfilling life, yet if you fall to the Dark Side, you life may be ruined.
This training was initially done by a venerable, experienced Dark Jedi until the individual was proficient enough to start the journey of a Jedi.
www.freewebs.com /dark_jedi_temple   (582 words)

 The New Jedi Order
I felt the presense of all 6 of the Jedi Lords.
The Jedi Order is a collection of Force Sensitive people called Jedi.
The Jedi are now on the brink of extinction but many have come together to form the New Jedi Order.
www.orgsites.com /nh/jediorder/index.html   (334 words)

 JD's Introduction to The New Jedi Order
The New Jedi Order has a lot of layers, a lot of different levels.
And they're all immune to the Force, which renders the Jedi considerably less effective against them than they would be against, say, stormtroopers.
Jacen, his older brother, feels that the Jedi need to distance themselves from galactic events while they rediscover what being a Jedi really means -- which somewhat echoes Luke's own philosophy.
www.wizards.com /starwars/article.asp?x=sw20020124a2_wiker&c=rpg   (680 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Jedi Archives
The Jedi Temple Archives contained possibly the single largest source of information in the galaxy.
Jedi scholars and investigators used the carefully organized data to aid in their studies or their missions.
Lining the main hall were bronze busts of some of the most revered and accomplished Jedi Masters, both living and dead.
www.starwars.com /databank/location/jediarchives/index.html   (199 words)

 The Dark Jedi Order - [Audience Chamber]
So dominating are the powers of the skilled Dark Jedi that few have the courage to engage them in confrontation of any kind, and those who do soon learn the folly of their ways.
The Force wielders of the Dark Jedi Order have banned together in an unprecedented show of cooperation among sects in acting as the guardians of the Imperial effort to re-take the galaxy in the name of the Empire.
The Dark Jedi Order is not for the weak or the unmotivated.
www.darkjediorder.org   (261 words)

 Amazon.com: Jedi Search (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 1): Books: Kevin Anderson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Jedi Academy Trilogy was one of the first set of novels to appear after Lucas gave his blessing to a new series of original books in the Star Wars universe, and unfortunately it shows.
The story is basically about the efforts to establish a new order of Jedi Knights, to replace the old order that was wiped out by the Empire.
Sadly, the biggest problem with Jedi Search, and indeed the series as a whole, is that the books have become incredibly dated since the advent of the First Trilogy.
www.amazon.com /Jedi-Search-Star-Wars-Academy/dp/0553297988   (2246 words)

 Apple - Games - Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
You are Rebel Alliance mercenary-for-hire Kyle Katarn, a former Jedi Knight who left the Jedi Order after nearly falling to the Dark Side in battle.
Katarn assumes the mantle of the Jedi once again, and the last remnants of the Galactic Empire, who still battle the Rebel Alliance for control of the galaxy, had better watch out.
Jedi Knight II is a 3D action game that shifts between first-person (meaning you see the action through the protagonist’s eyes) and third-person (you see yourself in the action — great for lightsaber action sequences) point of view.
www.apple.com /games/articles/2002/08/jediknight2   (1046 words)

 Komali's Jedi Order |
Becoming a Jedi is not a hobby, it is a way of life!
Though based on fiction, the ways of the Jedi are real and can be put to use in the real world.
These are but some of the many benefits of being a Jedi.
www.freewebs.com /komali_jedi_order   (305 words)

 Star Wars - K, Jedi - New Jedi Order
The younger Jedi's are leading a strike team in order to thwart the Yuuzhan Vong's voxyn breeding program, whilst the elder Jedi help strike at the heart of the Vong invasion.
Vergere is such a complex character I love what they have done with her though as she doesn't have such a passive role anymore.
This is a fan Star Wars page only - all images and pictures are used in a non-profit fashion and the site has no affiliation with Lucas Pty Ltd. All graphical manipulations are the property of Khallandra and can not be used without her express permission.
jedijenn0.tripod.com /new_jedi_order.htm   (1993 words)

 FA: Star Wars New Jedi Order Force PB LOT NICE!! 10-15
When he learns that an old friend from his smuggling days is operating as a mercenary for the enemy, he sets out to expose the traitor.
Edge of Victory II: Rebirth by Greg Keyes -- The Star Wars epic continues its dazzling space odyssey in The New Jedi Order-as Luke and Mara, Leia and Han, and others battle the mighty enemy from beyond the galactic rim.
The brutal Yuuzhan Vong are scouring the universe for Jedi to slaughter.
www.usenet.com /newsgroups/rec.arts.books.marketplace/msg01677.html   (437 words)

 Jedi Council Forums - New Jedi Order Fan Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Eventually, should enough members come, they'll branch into "wings" (Jedi squadrons in the Jedi wing, Yuuzhan Vong squadrons in the Yuuzhan Vong wing, etc.), but all united under the Fan Club as one.
if someone likes how the Jedi are in the NJO they can request the "administration" to be postioned in the Jedi wing (which, at the beginning, would consist of simply "Jedi Squadron").
Eventually, when membership grows and more squadrons are needed, a "Jedi Squadron 2" would be formed under the Jedi wing.
boards.theforce.net /message.asp?topic=11707934   (675 words)

 New Jedi Order - Novel List
Luke Skywalker, now Jedi Master begins to rebuild the Jedi Academy on the quiet planet of Yvain IV, seeking out those who are force sensitive and training them in the old Jedi tradition as best he can without help from the old masters.
The Jedi trained by Master Skywalker are few in number and are out of favour with the leaders of the New Republic.
Worse, they discover that they are blind to the Yuuzhan Vong and cannot detect them in the force.
freespace.virgin.net /cyber.church   (276 words)

 Amazon.com: The New Jedi Order Sourcebook (Star Wars Roleplaying Game): Books: J.D. Wiker,Steve Miller   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Basically, the New Jedi Order Source Book breaks down the nine books, (Vector Prime, Onslaught, Ruin, Hero's Trial, Jedi Eclipse, Balance Point, Conquest, Rebirth and Star by Star) in chapters that includes new characters, planets, vehicles and equipment.
The only good images are by RK Post (Essential Guide to Alien Species), and even his picture of the voxyn Jedi Hunter is messed up, because when he first drew it, he thought it only had four legs instead of six so he had to go back and touch up the image.
If you are planning on running a SWRPG campaign set in the New Jedi Order era, this sourcebook is the one accessory you must have.
www.amazon.com /Jedi-Order-Sourcebook-Star-Roleplaying/dp/0786927771   (2665 words)

 Star Wars - The New Jedi Order, Books 1-3 by Del Rey
I have about 10 left and I will have read every one (if that tells you what the New Jedi Order series meant to me).
The New Jedi Order series really pushed the boundaries as to what was acceptable with the force and changed many peoples view of the force forever.
This is a must have if you haven't read the New Jedi Order series yet.
www.mysqlwebhosting.biz /stuff-0345466470.html   (527 words)

 New Jedi Order 14 - Wege des Schicksals at Rara sunt cara
New Jedi Order 14 - Wege des Schicksals at Rara sunt cara
New Jedi Order 14 - Wege des Schicksals
Es ist möglich, dass er ein Machtbenutzer ist, was es unter den Yuzzhan Vong eigentlich nicht gibt, denn sie sind ja selbst von den Jedi in der Macht nicht zu erspüren.
www.thwidra.de /?p=283   (634 words)

 The Jedi Order Forums - Powered by vBulletin
If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.
Announcements from the High Council of the Jedi Order.
Discussion regarding the Jedi Order's dedicated server and Jedi Academy.
thejedi-order.com /forums   (131 words)

 Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Hide Out
This is a community for all those who enjoy the Star Wars: New Jedi Order books or just simply love the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
just read the 1st part of the dark nest trilogy and i have to say im a little worried about the way the jedi seem to be going, its all gone a little bit crazy with this all new jedi outlook on the for...
fairly new to the neew jedi order, read a couple of books whatever is availible from the library.
groups.msn.com /StarWarsTheNewJediOrderHideOut   (209 words)

 Welcome to Dymocks Online. More for Booklovers.
Star Wars: New Jedi Order - the Final Prophecy also purchased...
Star Wars - The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force
At last we learn more of the history of the Yuuzhan Vong invaders--where they come from and why they are out to conquer the galaxy far, far away.
www.dymocks.com.au /Search/Results.aspx?N=0&Ntk=Product%20Code_P&Ntt=0099410435   (128 words)

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