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Topic: Jeff Nuttall

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

 Jeff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jeff is a common given name for a male.
Jeff Noon, a novelist, short story writer and playwright whose works make extensive use of wordplay and fantasy.
Jeff Nuttall, was an English poet, publisher, actor, painter, sculptor, jazz trumpeter, anarchist sympathiser and social commentator who was a key part of the British 1960s counter-culture
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jeff   (425 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Obituaries | Jeff Nuttall
Jeff Nuttall, who has died aged 70 was a catalyst, perpetrator and champion of rebellion and experiment in the arts and society.
Jeff felt confirmed in that "all our separate audiences came to one place at the same time, a frisson for us all to savour as there had been at the first Aldermaston, and the underground was suddenly there on the surface, in open ground with a following of thousands".
Nuttall lived to see that spirit rekindled 35 years later, with wise children again marching, speaking, and acting out their hearts and minds against the philistines, profiteers, and warmongers who go on ruling the west.
www.guardian.co.uk /obituaries/story/0,3604,1120760,00.html   (1031 words)

 Jeff Nuttall -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Nuttall was born in (Click link for more info and facts about Clitheroe) Clitheroe, (A historical area of northwestern England on the Irish Sea; noted for textiles) Lancashire, and grew up in (Click link for more info and facts about Herefordshire) Herefordshire.
Nuttall was one of the pioneers of the (An event that happens) happening in Britain.
Nuttall served as Chairman of the National Poetry Society from 1975 to 1976, a period when the Society briefly served as a home for the (Click link for more info and facts about British Poetry Revival) British Poetry Revival.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/j/je/jeff_nuttall.htm   (412 words)

 Jeff Nuttall Leeds 1980s - Dreamtargets archive
Jeff Nuttall, artist, actor, poet, jazz musician, one-time lecturer and mentor at Leeds Polytechnic, died in Abergavenny, on 4th January 2004 aged 70.
Jeff Nuttall always defied convention and appeared to relish the stuffy reactions of his peers.
Jeff just sat on the floor, in paint covered overalls, chewing a pencil, which he sharpened with a flick-knife, occasionally gobbing bits of wood onto the floor.
www.dreamtargets.com /nuttall.htm   (508 words)

 Chapter & Verse Article
Nuttall’s widely mourned death, back in February, finally brought a close to that enduring association but Horovitz, as active a poet, musician, mover and shaker as his late friend, was never likely to let the man’s passing go unrecorded or his body of work unremembered.
For those who are aware of Nuttall, this picaresque study is appealing; for those who have only a slight idea of his achievement, the obituaries that appeared on his death – including Horovitz’s own splendid account in the Guardian – might be a more useful starting point than this.
Nuttall’s horn intermingles with Lol Coxhill’s soprano sax, Horovitz’s Anglo-saxophone and Pete Brown’s drums, on an earthy rendition of Fats Waller’s “Ain’t Misbehavin’”.
www.popmatters.com /chapter/04Autumn/horovitz.html   (427 words)

 Alibris: Jeff Nuttall
Nuttall stands with Lautreamont, Artaud and with all great jazz musicians, in his wish to fully engage with the actual.
Life for Nuttall is blood, nerve, plant and rock, never the mind.
This major selection shows Nuttall celebrating the confrontation that exists between individual and world, an engagement which is ecstatic and even worshipful.
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Jeff_Nuttall   (148 words)

 Selected Poems
Biographical note: Jeff Nuttall was born in Clitheroe, Lancashire, in 1933 and grew up in Herefordshire.
In 1975 Nuttall was elected chairman of the National Poetry Society and held this chair throughout the confrontation between the modernists and the neo-Georgians for which the NPS formed an arena.
Nuttall has lived first by teaching fine art in schools and polytechnics, finally by acting small parts in film and television.
www.saltpublishing.com /books/smp/1844710130.htm   (734 words)

 Jeff Nuttall
Jeff Nuttall’s Selected Poems, published less than a year before the poet’s death, draw on forty years and nine collections of hard poetic work.
Nuttall was a painter, jazz musician, sculptor and actor as well as a poet, and a painter’s eye and musician’s ear are harnessed to the physical and intellectual obsessions with sometimes breathtaking effect.
Nuttall can be as lyrical as his poetic forebears, but his point of departure (especially from Hopkins) is his atheism.
www.terriblework.co.uk /jeff_nuttall.htm   (824 words)

My longest, latest contact with Jeff Nuttall was as chairman and later president of Scriveners, a writers’ collective based in Abergavenny, Wales, where he lived for the last few years of his long and tumultuous life.
Jeff too was appalled by the current control of lifestyle by media pressure, the cult of greed, of the measurement of progress through a pre-determined succession of meaningless purchases.
He cared about the inequalities imposed by prejudice of all kinds but understood that the accepted easy answer, the attempt to redress the balance by “positive discrimination” (a concept which is demonstrably nonsense) is a far more terrible injustice.
www.cnduk.org /pages/cnews/042804.html   (1046 words)

 Calder Publications - Art and the Degradation of Awareness   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Nuttall unleashes a hard-hitting attack on where art and society - old antagonists, but feeding off each other - have gone wrong due to the determination of capitalism to turn everything into a commercial commodity.
Nuttall defines where perceptions have become confused, where the false and the shabby are made to look like the real thing, and above all, where it has become nearly impossible in the age of the spin-doctor, the charlatan and a politically-correct ideology to recognise real talent when we see it.
Good popular culture is used as much as the proven classics to support Jeff Nuttall's thesis.
www.calderpublications.com /books/0714542938.html   (219 words)

 Jeff Noon
Jeff Noon (1957 -) is a British author, primarily associated with the science fiction genre.
This artikel Jeff is licensed under the GNU free Documentation License.
Jeff Ovall - Chronicles of the Hedge - 1931232342
booksearchandpricecomparison.com /452080_jeff-noon_0552144789automat...   (442 words)

Jeff Nuttall (July_8, 1933 – January_4, 2004) was an English poet, publisher, actor, painter, sculptor, jazz trumpeter, anarchist sympathiser and social commentator who was a key part of the British 1960s counter-culture.
He studied painting in the years after the Second_World_War and began publishing poetry in the early 1960s.
He was poetry critic for a number of national newspapers and was the Poetry Society nominee for Poet_Laureate but was overlooked in favour of Ted_Hughes.
www.witwib.com /Jeff_Nuttall   (253 words)

 Cumulative list of WF publications
Ten illustrations by Jeff Nuttall, drawn direct on stencils for dupl.
Watkins got Drunk and had to be Carried Home, by Jeff Nuttall, from an idea by William Burroughs (WFP 24, September 1968) 48pp, 8" x 6 1/2", litho, cover design by Jeff Nuttall.
Poems by Jeff Nuttall, Brion Gysin, Asa Benveniste, Paul de Vree and Bob Cobbing.
pages.britishlibrary.net /writersforum/WFcumulative.html   (3264 words)

 Officer Involved Shooting in West Valley
The suspect fired multiple gunshots from a handgun at Officers Nuttall and Fatool, wounding Officer Nuttall.
Officer Nuttall was transported to a local hospital where he was treated and released.
The suspect was identified as Anthony Almandarez, male Hispanic, 33 years of age, and a resident of Reseda.
www.lapdonline.org /press_releases/2001/05/pr01308.htm   (265 words)

 CET: Awards and Grants: Awards for Excellence in Teaching: The Awards for Excellence in Teaching: 2002: Nuttall
Jeffrey Nuttall, the Department of Physics and Astronomy's outstanding teaching assistant, is a gentleman of many talents beyond his doctorate work in astrophysics, talents which include screen writing, music composition, and the many attributes one must call upon to be an excellent instructor.
Besides his ability to bring physics to a basic, common-sense place where everyone can understand it, Jeff's enthusiasm for the subject is definitely infectious and students often prefer to ask Jeff for help on physics work outside of the lab rather than their actual class instructor.
Jeff's site conveys a casual, informal atmosphere which cannot fail to help calm those students who start the class with fears often associated with taking a subject like Physics.
www.usc.edu /programs/cet/awards_grants/awards/ta/2002/nuttall.html   (239 words)

 Author's notes to NAMING for Jeff Nuttall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Often, texts considered for the series have started when an image is needed for a publication's cover; sometimes such texts come into existence as a result of practising technique.
A few years back I did a whole sub series of Naming for the cover of a collection of poems by Jeff Nuttall, basically more and more elaborate variations on the word "celebration", in 2d and a kind of 3d, in colour.
After much thought, I have decided not to wrap up these images in their own pages as I have with the images for Scott Thurston so you'll have to use your browser's buttons to navigate; but that should be ok..
www.heelstone.com /meridian/uptontheory/namingjn.htm   (446 words)

 Untitled Document
A lot of people have liked the sections where I comment on anything that Jeff says about me. If it is printed up again I would like to comment on everything he says.
Jeff has his own views on things and that all gets all wound in with me, which is quite nice.
And of course all the performance art stuff with Jeff Nuttall and Ian Hinchliffe, Diz Willis and numerous others - groups and individuals.
www.taktaktak.com /coxhill.html   (2794 words)

 Superior Teaching Recognized   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Graduate students George Tikhonov and Jeff Nuttall were honored for their teaching excellence in September 1999.
The award for Most Improved Teaching Assistant of the year was presented to Jeff Nuttall.
Jeff has worked extremely hard to learn to present the material in such a way that engages the students.
physics.usc.edu /Newsletter/News.4.1/superior.html   (188 words)

 Amazon.co.uk - Query Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Nuttall Dictionary of Quotations [Hardcover] by Wood, James -- Used - Good £10.00
G Clarke Nuttall: A Guide To Leicester And District: Prepare...
Nuttall, P. Austin: Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary in Which...
s1.amazon.co.uk /exec/varzea/search-handle-url/index=zshops-uk&field-keywords=nuttall&bq=1   (86 words)

 Chef! - Chef Actors in other movies
I generally stay away from anything Fran Drescher is in, but since McNiece was in it, I grabbed a few screenshots when it recently showed up on HBO, but I didn't watch it, I just picture scanned through it with my TiVo.
Jeff Nuttall (Gustave LaRoche - Series 3) made a minor appearance in the 1999 James Bond flick "The World is Not Enough".
Jeff is only in this scene, and he doesn't do much except stand there and talk (and get shot), so I didn't do many captures for this one.
www.siegler.net /chef/movies.html   (291 words)

 Moviefone: Movie Celebrities - Jeff Nuttall: MAIN
A major retrospective of the Life and Work of Jeff Nuttall is at the...
Jeff Nuttall Author of 1968's Bomb Culture Michael Horovitz...
Jeff Nuttall, who has died aged 70 was a catalyst, perpetrator and champion of rebellion and...
movies.aol.com /celebrity/main.adp?sid=197266   (233 words)

 Jeff Nuttall
There are a few pictures of Jeff's Memorial Event, on May 1st., here.
Jeff passed our flat twice a day to and from his teaching job we spent quite a lot of time together.
Jeff had such a strong energy and was performing continually.
tomraworth.com /nuttall.html   (964 words)

 (Jeff Nuttall)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Playful, irreverent, magisterial, visionary and yet earthed, he was a man for the times he helped to create and define.
In a rave review of "Bomb Culture" (Jeff Nuttall, London, 1968), the late Dennis Potter expressed the desire to have Nuttall as a friend.
Those who were befriended by him know the wisdom of that wish.
www.indigogroup.co.uk /llpp/nuttall.html   (275 words)

 Utterance and notation of poetry / Lawrence Upton
The impulse to make the images shown here was the necessity of finding a cover of Jeff Nuttall's issue of RWC, as I describe elsewhere in this set of pages.
"for Jeff Nuttall" is a dedication only, although it serves as a title when the needs of the world demand one.
What was not considered by either performer or editor was the degree to which it was appropriate to give both recordings to be published here the same background if only by default.
www.heelstone.com /meridian/uptontheory/state.htm   (4386 words)

 British Poetry -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Although these poets had effectively been written out of official histories of 20th century British poetry, by the beginning of the 1960s a number of younger poets were starting to explore poetic possibilities that the older writers had opened up.
Mottram, Nuttall, Horovitz and Burns were all close to the Beat generation writers.
Mottram and Raworth were also influenced by the Black Mountain poets while Raworth and Harwood shared an interest in the poets of the New York School.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/23/british-poetry.html   (723 words)

 Robin Hood
Edward Fox makes a terrific cameo as Prince John, playing him with a slightly mad twinge.
Jeff Nuttall deserves special mention for his wonderfully wicked portrayal of Friar Tuck.
Robin Hood really is a wonderfully put together movie that I would highly recommended to all.
www.angelfire.com /nd/umathurman/filmrobin.html   (764 words)

 Klactoveedsedsteen Records
Weissner's connection to a network of writers in England, the United States, and throughout Europe enabled him to assemble a diverse group of contributors for each issue, including such luminaries as Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg, as well as European writers like Henri Chopin and Claude Pélieu.
Frequent contributors included Doug Blazek, Diane Di Prima, Larry Eigner, Dick Higgins, Gerard Malanga, Harold Norse, and Jeff Nuttall, among others.
As was common practice in this circle, Weissner traded issues of Klacto for copies of other little magazines, such as Jeff Nuttall's My Own Mag from London, to distribute them in Germany and, in turn, circulate Klacto more widely.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /research/fa/klacto.html   (776 words)

 MYSTERY!: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman: Sacrifice
Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale) unexpectedly inherits the private detective agency where she works when her boss, Bernie Pryde (Jeff Nuttall), commits suicide.
Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale) inherits a run-down detective agency when her ex-policeman boss and mentor, Bernie Pryde (Jeff Nuttall), commits suicide.
The young P.I.'s first solo case is to investigate another suicide -- that of Cambridge University student Mark Callender.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/mystery/programs/unsuitablejob/sacrifice.html   (256 words)

 The Final Academy: 29 Sept - 2 Oct 1982   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Jeff Nuttall (writer), Cabaret Voltaire (Sound group), Films by Antony Balch, John Giorno, Brion Gysin, William Burroughs.
It includes contributions by William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Eric Mottram, Dave Derby, Jon Savage, Victor Bockris, Terry Wilson, Miles and Jeff Nuttall.
This catalogue will be available at a reduced price during the event only.
brainwashed.com /axis/burroughs/academy.htm   (941 words)

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