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Topic: Jeff Sessions

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  Jeff Sessions - Congresspedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Jeff Sessions's official website was rated by citizen researchers in February 2007 as part of a survey by the Sunlight Foundation.
Sessions was one of nine senators to oppose the amendment, and supports Vice President Dick Cheney's proposal to exempt the CIA from the torture ban.
Sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship by Reagan in 1986, but the Senate did not approve his appointment, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Senator Howell Heflin of Alabama, whom Sessions would eventually succeed.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Jeff_Sessions   (1526 words)

 Jeff Sessions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is the junior United States Senator from Alabama.
Sessions received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alabama in 1973.
Sessions was a supporter of the "nuclear option," a tactic favored by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to stop filibusters of judicial nominees.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jeff_Sessions   (1022 words)

 Alito Questioned by Jeff Sessions, transcript - Q&A session between Jeff Sessions and Judge Alito, transcrip...
SESSIONS: And you said in your opening statement that one of the habits of minds that a good judge should develop is the habit of delaying reaching conclusions until everything has been considered.
SESSIONS: And was it not the position of President Reagan and the attorney general of the United States at that time that Roe v.
SESSIONS: So the mere allegation that an act of the president is unreviewable may not be as disastrous as it sounds or as bad as it sounds because certain branches are given certain powers.
www.politicalgateway.com /news/read.html?id=5885   (3785 words)

 Jeff Sessions - dKosopedia
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is the Republican junior U.S. Senator from Alabama, one of the poorest states in the Union.
On May 15, 2006, Sessions embraced the hysterical conclusions of a Heritage Foundation report that predicted anywhere betwen 103 million and 217 million immigrants would flood the United States if proposed immigration reform were adopted.
Sessions claims to espouse Family Values but one of those values isn't that family members should live without fear and live together as families.
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Jeff_Sessions   (237 words)

 Jeff Sessions | Congress votes database | washingtonpost.com
See how Jeff Sessions voted on key votes -- the most important bills, nominations and resolutions that have come before Congress, as determined by washingtonpost.com.
Jeff Sessions has missed 8 votes (2.9%) during the current Congress.
Jeff Sessions has voted with a majority of his Republican colleagues 88.5% of the time during the current Congress.
projects.washingtonpost.com /congress/members/s001141   (639 words)

 Steve Sailer: iSteve.com Blog Archives: Sen. Sessions commits the unpardonable: He's read the Senate immigration bill ...
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has distinguished himself as the Senate's leading statesman over the last two weeks for the simple reason that he has read the 614 page Hagel-Martinez bill and done the math.
Sessions must be out of his mind with bigotry if he doesn't see the superior wisdom of those disinterested patriots, the Alabama Farmers Federation.
Sessions was one of just nine senators to oppose a ban on torture.
isteve.blogspot.com /2006/05/sen-sessions-commits-unpardonable-hes.html   (1478 words)

 Online NewsHour: President Bush Renominates Twenty Candidates for Federal Judgeships, Democrats Object -- February 15, ...
JEFF SESSIONS: Well, there are four more Republican votes in the Senate, but more importantly it was a big issue in this past election.
And Jeff himself tried, although unsuccessfully, to filibuster a few of the judges he considered extreme at the far left.
Here we are, Jeff sessions and all the Republicans, saying, "We need strict constructionism on the courts," and they are using this nuclear option.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/congress/jan-june05/judges_2-15.html   (2117 words)

 Common Sense: Sen. Jeff Sessions is a fucking vulture
On Sept. 9, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions called his old law professor Harold Apolinsky, co-author of Sessions' legislation repealing the federal estate tax, which was encountering sudden resistance on the Hill.
Sessions had an idea to revitalize their cause, which he left on Apolinsky's voice mail: "[Arizona Sen.] Jon Kyl and I were talking about the estate tax.
Seriously, Sessions and his ilk are some morbid people, looking to use a dead body to further their tax cut agenda instead of caring about what happens to their fellow Americans.
commonsenseblog.typepad.com /common_sense/2005/09/sen_jeff_sessio.html   (596 words)

 Jeff Sessions (R-AL) | American Public Radio
Senator Sessions comments on his amendment to fund construction of a border fence
Sessions delivers remarks at Judiciary Committee meeting on comprehensive immigration reform
Sessions speaks at the nomination hearing of Howard Thrailkill to the TVA board
www.americanpublicradio.com /gov/jeff_sessions_r_al   (120 words)

 Senator Jeff Sessions Filed amendments to Idea that would remove Protections for Disabled Students
The other amendment would add assaults or threats to assault a school official and threats to carry, possess or use a weapon to existing IDEA discipline provisions, significantly expanding the circumstances under which students with disabilities would be removed from their educational setting, and placed in alternative settings or expelled from school.
Session's IDEA amendment(s) will violate President Bush's "Leave No Child Behind" policy by excluding certain students with disabilities whose behavior was not a manifestation of their disability.
Session's IDEA amendment(s) are unnecessary, based on the recent General Accounting Office report essentially stating the 1997 IDEA discipline provisions are working effectively and that students with disabilities are not disproportionately involved in violation of school codes.
www.namiscc.org /newsletters/Sept01/idea.htm   (657 words)

 American Conservative Union
Jeff Sessions to Speak to Reagan Banquet at CPAC 2005
ALEXANDRIA, VA - Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama will deliver the dinner address to the Reagan Banquet at the 32nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Friday, February 19, 2005, the American Conservative Union announced today.
Jeff Sessions serves on the Senate Judiciary and Armed Services committees and is Chairman of the Senate Steering Committee.
www.conservative.org /pressroom/01272005-3.ASP   (281 words)

 Illegal Immigration VS Americans for Legal Immigration PAC - Senator Jeff Sessions at center of border clash
Sessions said a border fence in San Diego is credited with reducing the numbers of crossings in the area.
Sessions said the solution to that is to build more fences, no matter the cost.
Sessions also was the driving force for a state program that allows local law enforcement officials to detain undocumented workers identified during routine police work.
www.alipac.us /article1436.html   (1060 words)

 Closed [Jeff] Sessions
Recommended by a fellow Republican from Alabama, then-Senator Jeremiah Denton, Sessions was Ronald Reagan's choice for the U.S. District Court in Alabama in the early spring of 1986.
Sessions was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama.
Sessions called Pickering "a leader for racial harmony" and a "courageous," "quality individual" who was being used as a "political pawn." Regarding Shedd, he pooh-poohed the criticism, announcing that the judge "should have been commended for the rulings he has made," not chastised.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/811978/posts   (2411 words)

 Talk:Jeff Sessions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frankly, the Sessions (wiki) article does NOT deal with the subject in a "fair and balanced" manner (I'm sure the phrase I used will be sneered at; nevertheless, I expect "fair and balanced").
And considering the fact that Sessions is a "living person," I'll add this to my objection as well.
YES, Sessions was criticized, and that's in the CQ source, and again, I don't take issue with that.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Jeff_Sessions   (2881 words)

 Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think by Sen. Jeff Sessions
Editor’s Note: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, offered a devastating analysis on the Senate immigration bill in a speech delivered on the Senate floor on Tuesday, May 23.
Sessions pointed to shocking elements of the bill that were hidden deep in its text.
Sessions also pointed to some of the tremendous hidden costs of the bill, including the $500 billion in additional welfare payments it will cost American taxpayers in the period 10 to 20 years after its passage.
www.humanevents.com /article.php?id=15165   (4354 words)

 Remarks by the President at Senate Dinner for Senator Jeff Sessions
Jeff said, why don't you come over to Birmingham and have dinner with a couple of my buddies.
First, I'm here to urge the people of Alabama to send this good man, Jeff Sessions, back to the United States Senate.
No, I was proud to do something that President John Kennedy was able to do and President Ronald Reagan was able to do, and that's to listen to the American people and to sign broad, meaningful, real tax relief.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2001/06/20010622.html   (2764 words)

 Jeff Eisen
As Ed Brill says in his blog on the subject, sessions are crowded and there were long lines a half hour early for the hands on sessions.
My hands on for "Customizing IBM Lotus Notes 8" went fairly well, but it became clear, no surprise, that while the Notes developers may have heard of Eclipse and heard of Java, in general, their experience with either of them is pretty limited.
I'm actually doing another session of sorts, a BOOMERANG which is kind of like a birds of a feather (BOF), but slightly different (don't ask me how because I'm not really sure).
www.jeffeisen.com /jeisen/jeisenblog.nsf   (2561 words)

 Amazon.com: Soul Sessions: Music: Jeff Golub   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
But unlike the anonymous anodynes that pervade the genre, Soul Sessions employs the glory of the guitar and the power of the groove to create a mood that will lift your heart while it moves your hips.
As a guitar player, Jeff is in a league of his own.
I was fortunate enough to hear Jeff "live" in Chicago (before this was released) where he opened his set with the first track "BOOM BOOM".
www.amazon.com /Soul-Sessions-Jeff-Golub/dp/B0000A1171   (1030 words)

 Jeff Sessions - U.S. Senate
Conservative Republicans led by Sessions persuaded their colleagues to reject a bill that would have allowed millions of undocumented workers to apply for legal status and would have strengthened security along the Rio Grande.
Jeff Sessions is a strong, conservative voice for Alabama.
Click here to learn more about how Jeff is working for us in the U.S. Senate.
www.jeffsessions.com   (147 words)

 Alabama - LeftyBlogs.com
Sessions is reporting a little over $3 million in his campaign kitty as of the end of June.
Boy, 14, charged with arson in blaze in InvernessA 14-year-old Shelby County boy was charged Tuesday with first-degree arson in connection with a fire that destroyed the 17,000-square-foot clubhouse at the Inverness Country Club Monday afternoon.
The Birmingham News reports that Ron Sparks has made a decision not to challenge Jeff Sessions: Democrat Ron Sparks announced Tuesday that he will not challenge Sen. Jeff Sessions in 2008.
www.leftyblogs.com /alabama   (1695 words)

 The Anniston Star - Jeff Sessions: An honorable man
The Anniston Star - Jeff Sessions: An honorable man
Jeff Sessions is an honorable man. He tells us that the thousands of asbestos lawsuits now pending nationwide are “frivolous,” and so it must be true.
Never mind that exposure to airborne asbestos dust generated through the ordinary use of asbestos-containing products resulted in death and incapacitating disease in hundreds of thousands of people.
www.annistonstar.com /opinion/2005/as-insight-0613-0-5f10q1536.htm   (759 words)

 2008 Election - Jeff Sessions (R) Incumbent Senator Alabama
If Sessions was first elected in 1996 then he would be seeking a third term in 2008, not a fourth term.
Sessions was born in 1946, so age shouldn't be a factor for him.
In order to ensure maximum compatibility with WP CSS files, most b2evolution features that do not exist in WP are hidden from this generic wpc_* skin.
www.coldheartedtruth.com /index.php/2008/2006/11/13/title_98   (797 words)

 Jeff Sessions on Immigration on National Review Online
Jeff Sessions on Immigration on National Review Online
Then we can move on to discussions about fair and humane treatment of the illegal-alien population and the future flow of immigrants across our borders.
— The Honorable Jeff Sessions is a Republican U.S. senator from Alabama.
www.nationalreview.com /comment/sessions200604180702.asp   (884 words)

 Contact the Offices of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican - ALABAMA
Contact the Offices of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican - ALABAMA
Please Select your County on the map to find contact information for the state office in your area.
If you would like to contact my office regarding a problem you are having with a federal government agency, please click here.
sessions.senate.gov /contact.htm   (59 words)

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