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Topic: Jeffrey Titford

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Jeffrey Titford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jeffrey William Titford (born October 24, 1933 in West Mersea, Essex) is a British politician, former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the East of England.
Jeffrey Titford narrowly won the ensuing leadership election, promising to reunite the party and restore its effectiveness as a campaigning organisation.
Titford is regarded by many in UKIP as the nearest the party has to an elder statesman.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jeffrey_Titford   (273 words)

 United Kingdom Independence Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In that election, Nigel Farage (South East England), Jeffrey Titford (East of England), and Michael Holmes (South West England) were elected.
Jeffrey Titford was narrowly elected to the vacant leadership, and succeeded in healing many of the wounds left by the previous infighting.
She was replaced as Chairman "on an interim basis" by the party's former leader, Jeffrey Titford MEP.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UK_Independence_Party   (3261 words)

 UK Independence Party Official website (UKIP)
Jeffrey is a retired funeral director and past President of the National Association of Funeral Directors.
Jeffrey’s constituency office is in the county town of Chelmsford, Essex, one of the largest town’s in the ‘Eastern Region’.
Jeffrey is quick to acknowledge the huge support, enthusiasm and effort of many thousands of UKIP activists in the Eastern Region.
www.ukip.org /index.php?menu=whoswho&page=whoswhoukipmepsjeffrey   (1079 words)

 Nigel Farage MEP in the European Parliament EDD Group UK Independence Party UKIP South East Region
The speaker was Jeffrey Titford of the UK Independence party, which - according to its 7% win of the vote in the 1999 European elections - is the fourth-largest party in Britain.
Titford is usually referred to as the Frinton undertaker (Frinton-on-Sea is generally presumed to be a good place for the trade).
Titford says little, which means he is outshone by Farage, a 36-year-old metals broker with wild eyes and the air of a successful estate agent.
www.nigelfaragemep.co.uk /inthepress4.html   (1729 words)

 BBC News | UK POLITICS | UKIP seeks two million votes
Mr Titford - who is an MEP - told a pre-election rally in London that the UK would eventually leave the EU - allowing a "haven free from fear" in which money once paid to Europe would fund better services and allow business freedom.
Mr Titford said he hoped his party would now field at least 400 candidates in the general election.
Earlier Mr Titford's fellow MEP, Nigel Farage, had told the BBC that he believed public awareness of his party was "very much higher" going into this election than in the past.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/1285171.stm   (455 words)

 CIB - Independence - No 41
Jeffrey and his fellow MEPs have already put money into a separate fund for victims of the EU and that will be used so far as possible.
Jeffrey Titford will immediately refer any case of a trader being fined for using Imperial weights or measures to the European Commission on Human Rights under Article 10 of the European Human Rights Convention, which gives an absolute right to "freedom of expression".
Jeffrey or one of the other two UKIP MEPs will travel to any part of the country to make a symbolic purchase from an `Imperial trader' and support him or her in committing an `EU crime'.
www.users.zetnet.co.uk /estatopia/inch10.htm   (1044 words)

 [No title]
EU quotas let French trawlers decimate the local fish stocks, said Titford, 70, who wears a silver lapel badge in the shape of the symbol for the pound sterling.
For Jeffrey Titford, who keeps a picture of Winston Churchill in his bathroom, the EU's meaning is clear: it began after the second world war as a useful form of cooperation and trade, but it has grown into a socialist superstate, run by national elites against the will of the people.
For all the new vision statements and P.R., the commission could fail to sway hardened doubters, such as Jeffrey Titford, if they believe that the underlying product being sold is a faulty one.
www.ucm.es /BUCM/be/prensa/2004/10/22/articulos/35   (1466 words)

 hertsdirect.org Jeffrey Titford - UK Independence MEP (Eastern Region).   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Jeffrey Titford - UK Independence MEP (Eastern Region).
Jeffrey Titford is one of seven MEPs for the Eastern Region.
Jeffreys activities include dealing with enquiries from members of the public and organisations on EU related issues and informing the general public about the adverse impact of the European Union on the United Kingdom.
www.hertsdirect.org /havesay/councillors/pymep3y/879636   (231 words)

 £6 million for Jaywick - Ivan Henderson - Parliamentary Spokesman for Harwich and Clacton
Ivan's comments were made in response to critisism from UKIP MEP Jeffrey Titford who said that the £6 million investment in Jaywick's road would not happen.
Mr Titford, who has been unable to secure any EU funding for Jaywick, said the £6 million investment was "all talk".
Essex County Council will be submitting their bid in July as planned and I do not understand why Mr Titford is suggesting a bid that is still to be submitted has not succeeded.
www.ivanhenderson.labour.co.uk /ViewPage.cfm?Page=13798   (244 words)

 Jeffrey Titford MEP in the European Parliament EU EU-sceptic EU-realist UK Independence Party UKIP Eastern Region CAP ...
Jeffrey Titford MEP in the European Parliament EU EU-sceptic EU-realist UK Independence Party UKIP Eastern Region CAP euro
Jeffrey Titford is the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) and a Member of the European Parliament for the Eastern Counties.
Jeffrey Titford in The Guardian - 31st August 2006 - Lost in translation: £17m of taxpayers' money for EU interpreters who are not needed
www.jeffreytitfordmep.co.uk   (455 words)

 UKIP Uncovered
The "decision" to illegally disallow the election of Nikki Sinclaire to the NEC and wrongly deprive her of her place, was taken, we are told, as could only be expected, by Nigel Farage and Jeffrey Titford.
In a hustings' address during the campaign, Titford, stated that as could be seen from the voting papers, he had gathered support from right across the country.
Jeffrey Titford MEP had apparently stated at the EGM that he believed holding the position of MEP was not compatible with fulfilling the duties of Party Leader.
ukipuncovered.blogspot.com /2003_10_01_ukipuncovered_archive.html   (17434 words)

 BBC News | BREAKFAST WITH FROST | 22nd April 2001
And as politicians crank up the gears in the expectation of a upcoming election it's clear that Europe will be one of the main points of contention, Labour want to wait and see on a referendum that they have committed to it looking into it early in the next Parliament.
Well here to tell us more is the Party's Leader, Jeffrey Titford who also happens to be a member of the European Parliament and when people come to you and say this is crazy, Britain can't afford not to be part of this, what's the most important reply you think that you can make?
We'd like to think 400, we don't touch the Irish problem and therefore we don't fight in that area, Scotland and Wales perhaps need a little bit more of our encouragement so basically it is great it is England that provides most of those 400.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/programmes/breakfast_with_frost/1291090.stm   (539 words)

 News.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Mr Titford, speaking for the decidedly sceptical British public, suggested that: “the dustbin of history was probably the best place for the EU Constitution and this report, immediately on top of the political credibility of the Liberal Democrats’.
Euro MP Jeffrey Titford yesterday stepped into the row over the sell-off a Norwich school playing field, by firing off a complaint to the local government ombudsman.
Jeffrey Titford MEP, the UK Independence Party's spokesman on budgetary matters has described the Chancellor's pre-budget statement as: "Tinkering while Rome burns".
www.ukipeast.com /news.htm   (1636 words)

 Fishupdate.com: UK: East Anglian MEP to lead delegation of fishermen to see fisheries minister
27 June, 2006 - JEFFREY Titford, the UK Independence Party MEP for the Eastern Counties of England is on Thursday to lead a delegation of inshore fishermen from East Anglia to an emergency meeting on fishing quotas with UK fisheries minister Ben Bradshaw.
The meeting has been arranged by Mr Titford after the fishermen asked for his help because they are struggling to cope under present EU quota arrangements.
Jeffrey Titford said: “The quota situation for the under 10 metre fishing vessels has been deteriorating for some time and we are going to be asking Mr Bradshaw to consult with his fellow EU fisheries ministers about increases.
fishupdate.com /news/fullstory.php/aid/4796/...   (334 words)

 UKIPScotland Official website (UKIP)
Michael Howard told the House of Commons recently that the EU Constitution "is bad for democracy, bad for jobs and bad for Britain"....
Jeffrey Titford MEP on a landmark ruling by the European Court
On the 15th October, the European Court of First Instance threw out a case brought by investigative journalist, Hans Martin-Tillack in which he sought to prevent the European Commission from having access to his records...
www.ukipscotland.org /newnewscurrentissues.php   (603 words)

 Immunity from prosecution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Since it was elected to the European Parliament in 1999 the party has generally used Mr Titford's room as a base; now it will be able to rent office accommodation.
Mr Titford said that despite the fact that the UKIP would be the largest Eurosceptic party in the European Parliament, it might still allow the Danish MEP Jens-Peter Bonde to lead the group.
Mr Lott said that the position of Roger Knapman, the current leader, was unquestioned, while Mr Titford said that Mr Kilroy-Silk would attend plenary sessions and voting sessions of the Parliament but would not be more actively involved in committees.
www.adelaideinstitute.org /Europe/immunity.htm   (921 words)

 Michael Shrimpton 'Barrister' full legal 'OPINION'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It must be stressed that this is the qualified opinion of a barrister, Michael Shrimpton [Barrister], and Jeffrey Titford MEP [UKIP], Messrs.
Jeffrey Titford MEP and various trading standards departments in the East of England.
Some Imperial measures continue in use on the Continent down to the present day, a point acknowledged by the Minister in his letter to Mr Titford dated 1st October 1999, a copy of which is enclosed with my instructions.
members.fortunecity.com /marco226/eurorealist/Weights/page4.html   (4074 words)

 The true face of a party which wants us out of Europe Independent, The (London) - Find Articles
Graham Booth ranked 433rd in attendance out of 625, Nigel Farage was 554th, and Jeffrey Titford was 543rd.
5Two senior UKIP figures, Mike Nattrass and Jeffrey Titford, are past members of the New Britain Party, founded as a pro-Rhodesia and anti- "coloured immigration" party.
Mr Nattrass, elected as an MEP yesterday, stood for New Britain in the 1994 Dudley by- election.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_20040615/ai_n12791312   (685 words)

 Speeches to the European Parliament by Jeffrey Titford MEP
Speeches to the European Parliament by Jeffrey Titford MEP
Speeches to the European Parliament by Jeffrey Titford MEP (UKIP)
Your Parliament may consider measures appropriate to counter that situation and then, Madame President and only then, may your Parliament consider interfering in the constitutional affairs of a country of the European Union.
www.erylmcnallymep.org.uk /titford.htm   (9126 words)

Jeffrey Titford MEP addressed the Bruges Group at Kings College London on 4 November 2000.
In the picture: Jeffrey Titford MEP and Alistair McConnachie.
Glamorous though our jet-setting lives are supposed to be, I am always deeply dispirited as my colleagues and I, at vast cost, gather there every fourth week, supposedly in the service of democracy.
www.sovereignty.org.uk /features/articles/journey.html   (2556 words)

 UKIPwatch: Who cares for British interests? - Only "nerds" according to Titford.
I have to follow the budget to make sure that people in the UK get a good deal from the European Union and to fight for changes that our voters want to see, such as an end to tobacco subsidies.
"For the two years that Jeffrey Titford was on the Parliament's budget committee, he was hardly ever there.
As if Titford hadn't embarrassed himself already, he went on to say the European Parliament had "shrugged its shoulders, sighed and looked the other way," when it came to checking the "disgusting state of the EU’s finances."
ukipwatch.org /2005/10/who-cares-for-british-interests-only.html   (339 words)

 KIlroy on tour
Reuniting a divided party was one of his big achievements as leader in 2000-2002, and according to newspaper reports he was very good at soothing ruffled egos and generally bringing out the more co-operative side of people's natures.
I was taking to Mr Titford yesterday about this and he confirmed it, as did David Lott.
Roger, Nigel and Jeffrey have done a hell of a lot for UKIP over the last few years.
www.ukipforum.co.uk /post-4864.html   (482 words)

 UK Independence Party Official website (UKIP)
Jeffrey Titford MEP attacks the European Parliament's colossal translation costs...
It has been a busy summer, with UKIP MEPs taking regular breaks from their holidays to work on a range of issues....
Euro MP Jeffrey Titford, who insists voters sent him to Brussels and Strasbourg to destroy the European Union and its institutions, says it’s now time to “seize the day” Read more..
www.ukip.org /index.php?menu=whoswho&page=whoswhoukipmepsjeffrey   (312 words)

 EU Reporter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The EU institutions are aiming for a Spring 2006 changeover but will need to alter all documentation, email addresses and fund an information campaign for citizens in the EU and beyond.
Now UK MEP Jeffrey Titford, from the Independence and Democracy group, has tabled a question to the Commission asking for a breakdown of projected costs (including IT work) for what he calls the “unnecessary plans” to change to the.eu TLD.
Businesses will also be affected as, from the last quarter of this year (the so-called sunrise period), individuals and firms can apply to own a.eu domain name.
www.eureporter.co.uk /showarticle.php?newsid=1883   (351 words)

 UKIPwatch: Jeffrey 'Titters' Titford to the rescue!
Following the resignation of UKIP Party Chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth earlier this week, UKIP have been quick find a replacement.
Jeffrey Titford, Member of the European Parliament for Eastern England, will step back into the fold for an interim period sparing UKIP any embarrassment which would have been caused heading into the party conference this week end without a chairman.
UKIP leader, Roger Knapman who faced damning criticism from the ousted Holdsworth, welcomed Titford's appointment, by saying "I am very grateful to Jeffrey for agreeing to take on this task.
ukipwatch.org /2005/10/jeffrey-titters-titford-to-rescue.html   (290 words)

 Free the Sunderland Scales
Said Jeffrey Titford, Leader of the U.K. Independence Party and Eastern Region M.E.P. who launched UKIP's anti-metrication campaign last October:
Full text of letter sent yesterday (17 July) by Jeffrey Titford M.E.P. and leader of UKIP to all Chief Trading Standards Officers in the United Kingdom:
This letter is being sent to all Trading Standards Officers in the United Kingdom.
www.silentmajority.co.uk /EUroRealist/ImperialRegister/scales.html   (2832 words)

 UKIP Fails you   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
UKIP MEP's Jeffrey Titford, former Party Leader (Eastern) Former Party Leader and MEP for the Eastern region.
He joined the family firm in 1954, became managing director in 1970 and sold the business in 1989.
His roles in UKIP since then include: Chairman of Torbay branch; Devon chairman; Chairman of South West Counties Committee; NEC member since 1997 and Deputy leader under Jeffrey Titford.
www.project76.tv /Jay/UKIP   (330 words)

 ClickPress | Party Chairman hammers Government's “Vandalising of British Policing”
The Chairman of the UK Independence Party, Jeffrey Titford MEP, has reacted angrily to the Government’s plans for regionalisation of police forces in Britain.
Mr Titford said: “The pace with which these proposals are being forced through is a disgrace.
We are faced with the most fundamental restructuring of British policing for 170 years and the Government is expecting the whole thing to be done and dusted in twelve weeks!
www.clickpress.com /releases/Detailed/6032005cp.shtml   (348 words)

 An Open Letter to the Prime Minister from Jeffrey Titford ME
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister from Jeffrey Titford ME Profile
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister from Jeffrey Titford ME
I write to ask you to reconsider your decision to commemorate the great sacrifices made by seamen in the Arctic convoys by the issue of an ‘emblem’, which I would suggest to you is wholly inadequate.
www.ukipforum.co.uk /ptopic914.html   (258 words)

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