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Topic: Jeopardy

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Jeopardy Magazine - A Publication of Western Washington University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
For the first time ever, Jeopardy will be releasing a Spoken Word CD of literary readings and music by writers and poets featured in the magazine and the webzine.
JEOPARDY MAGAZINE is the undergraduate-produced literary journal for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Western Washington University.
Jeopardy is published annually (usually in mid- to late May), and accepts literary and art submissions from September to March.
jeopardy.wwu.edu   (304 words)

 How To Win On Jeopardy
I estimate the typical Jeopardy contestant on the show would average around $24,000 if you adjusted for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy and eliminated competition — in other words, if nobody were able to beat him or her to the buzzer.
Jeopardy is not going to ask about Li (unless they go in the direction of giving the name and asking for the empire, in which case it would be easy to guess), but Typhoid Mary — who remains a topic of interest — comes up all the time.
For instance, Jeopardy would never ask for the atomic number of the element fermium, but they would definitely expect you to know who Enrico Fermi is — so you'd be wasting your time and energy by learning all the atomic numbers when you could be learning about prominent physicists.
www.pisspoor.com /jep.html   (3916 words)

Silent Jeopardy is a good activity to use as review at the end of a unit.
Geology Jeopardy can by used by the individual to review concepts in earth science or in the classroom as a classroom activity.
The official Jeopardy website, with information about the show, including how to be a contestant, as well as an online version of the show.
www.shambles.net /pages/learning/games/jeopardy   (943 words)

  double jeopardy law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Double jeopardy is prohibited by the fifth amendment.
Double jeopardy is a situation in which a person cannot be tried for the same offence twice.
Bretz, 437 U.S. 28, 40 (1978) (dissenting), Justice Powell attributed to inadvertence the broadening of the ''rubric'' of double jeopardy to incorporate the common law rule against dismissal of the...
stlug.info /double-jeopardy-law.html   (352 words)

The "Jeopardy!" concept was originally created by Merv Griffin, who wanted to take the format of a television quiz show and make it more enticing by speeding up the game and putting a twist on the format.
The name "Jeopardy" was coined when, according to Griffin, a skeptical producer rejected the show, claiming "it doesn't have enough jeopardies" (a reasonable complaint, since a winning player could, without the "Daily Double" betting answers Griffin eventually devised, maintain his or her lead relatively easily by avoiding risk).
In "Final Jeopardy!", the host first announces the category, then the show goes into a commercial break (during which the staff comes on stage and advises the contestants while barriers are placed between the players to discourage looking at one another's answers).
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Jeopardy!   (6628 words)

 How to get Jeopardy! tickets
Three contestants vie to answer a series of questions, on a wide variety of subjects, but the show's questions are provided in the form of an "answer", while the contestants must phrase their answers in the form of a "question".
The first of the three contestants to "buzz in" gives what he or she hope is the correct "question", which in this instance might be "What are the two largest states in the U.S.?" Each correct answer wins a dollar amount - and the higher the dollar amount, the more difficult the question.
The game's second round is called "Double Jeopardy" because the dollar amounts of the questions are double that of the first round.
www.jeopardyinfo.com   (429 words)

 Jeopardy!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
On my second try, after cramming for months, I finally managed to pass their test (once again, there were only five or six survivors, out of a test group nearly 100), but I still didn't make it onto the show.
The show also occasionally has Celebrity Jeopardy tournaments, when you can see some of your favorite stars, in person, playing for their favorite charity - if you're in the studio audience.
Most years, the Celebrity Jeopardy shows are usually broadcast in April and May.
www.seeing-stars.com /ShowBiz/Jeopardy.shtml   (520 words)

One Daily Double was concealed somewhere on the board, for which the dollar amount was thrown out, and the contestant who chose it could wager any or all of their earnings to that point on their ability to come up with the correct question.
For Final Jeopardy, all three contestants secretly wagered any or all of their earnings after the subject of the Final Jeopardy answer was shown, and then wrote their questions down to the Final Jeopardy answer on cards.
The player with the most money after Final Jeopardy was the winner, and returned the next day (although all contestants kept the money they had made during the game).
www.curtalliaume.com /jeopardy.html   (1770 words)

 Legal Definition of Double Jeopardy
'[T]he Double Jeopardy Clause protects against three distinct abuses: [1] a second prosecution for the same offense after acquittal; [2] a second prosecution for the same offense after conviction; and [3] multiple punishments for the same offense.' U.S. v.
U.S., 220 U.S. 338, 345 (1911) (early precedent establishing that in a subsequent prosecution '[w]hile it is true that the conduct of the accused was one and the same, two offenses resulted, each of which had an element not embraced in the other').
But, double jeopardy may exist if the federal prosecutors were mere 'tools' of the state or that the federal proceeding was a 'sham' carried out at the behest of the state.
www.lectlaw.com /def/d075.htm   (570 words)

 Wonk Heaven: What Is Beltway 'Jeopardy!'? (washingtonpost.com)
Or who stank so badly -- finishing "Double Jeopardy" in the red -- that he or she had to get special "Celebrity Jeopardy!" dispensation just to participate in the final round.
As "Jeopardy!" producer and writer Gary Johnson explained, the categories are often geared toward the show's celebrity guests.
McCain was on the first-ever edition of "Jeopardy!" back in 1964, when he screwed up a Final Jeopardy question about Heathcliff from the novel "Wuthering Heights." (He would like us to note that he knew the answer, he just said the book name instead of the character.)
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A13337-2004May9.html   (1404 words)

 Amazon.com: Jeopardy - An Inside Look at America's Favorite Quiz Show: DVD: Cheryl Farrell,Johnny Gilbert,Jesse ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
At the end of the "Double Jeopardy!" round, all contestants with at least $1 were eligible to play "Final Jeopardy!"; however, anyone with $0 or a negative score was disqualified from further play.
Jeopardy has fascinated American quiz show fans since 1984 and this collection showcases five of the most memorable Jeopardy episodes.
So, Jeopardy's 1st in 1984 looks simular to the 1987 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in Las Vegas, Nevada when Lane Frost was the 1987 world champion Bull Rider and then, 1987 marked the first teen tournament.
www.amazon.com /Jeopardy-Inside-Look-Americas-Favorite/dp/B000B6CODE   (4534 words)

 FindLaw: U.S. Constitution: Fifth Amendment: Annotations pg. 2 of 16
Of course, a defendant's due process rights, absent double jeopardy consideration per se, might be violated if the State ''creat[ed] a hardship so acute and shocking as to be unendurable,'' but that was not the case in Palko.
Because one prime purpose of the clause is the protection against the burden of multiple trials, a defendant who raises and loses a double jeopardy claim during pretrial or trial may immediately appeal the ruling, a rare exception to the general rule prohibiting appeals from nonfinal orders.
Bretz, 437 U.S. (1978) (dissenting), Justice Powell attributed to inadvertence the broadening of the ''rubric'' of double jeopardy to incorporate the common law rule against dismissal of the jury prior to verdict, a question the majority passed over as being ''of academic interest only.'' Id. at 34 n.10.
caselaw.lp.findlaw.com /data/constitution/amendment05/02.html   (2050 words)

 Stu's Double Jeopardy!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
It could be that you're a teacher and you're using Jeopardy as a fun revision tool in your class, to challenge your students on the topics they've covered.
Or it could be that you've set your students a task to develop a set of questions for a Jeopardy quiz to test their real understanding of the subjects learned.
That way, a huge resource for the jeopardy engine can be made available with a library of question files on all subjects.
stuhasic.com /jeopardy/index.htm   (449 words)

The Jeopardy PowerPoint can be an excellent tool to use in the classroom to review and/or learn new content.
The Jeopardy PowerPoint file opens showing the first slide.
After completing steps 6 and 7, you are now ready to begin entering your questions and answers.
www.graves.k12.ky.us /tech/jeopardy_instructions.htm   (230 words)

 Jeopardy history | MetaFilter
This early hint came to pass last night; For the first time after 23 years, all 3 contestants in an episode of Jeopardy came to an exact tie.
She got to meet the man and said he was pretty much a complete asshole.
For Final Jeopardy, nobody gets it right -- but the top two earners bet, and lose, down to the predictable dollar amount of the guy with the least cash (who bets nothing).
www.metafilter.com /59526/Jeopardy-history   (1918 words)

 Wonder Dog Programs - PowerPoint Jeopardy
PowerPoint Jeopardy is designed by a teacher for teachers to use in classrooms of all ages.
PowerPoint Jeopardy is a great and exciting way to review your content in a way that students really love and get excited about.
Instruction on how to create a new PowerPoint Jeopardy game, how to play PowerPoint Jeopardy, and FAQ are all available within each game.
wonderdogprograms.com /programs/jeopardy/index.html   (334 words)

 Thousand Robots: End Effector: Jeopardy College Tournament Game Won by "1337" Student ++
Tonight was round 1 of the Jeopardy College Tournament.
Due to his correct response in Final Jeopardy, Kermin ended up with $31,542, which makes it likely he'll wind up in the final rounds of the tournament.
It was a clever gesture, perhaps one that only could have been outdone if he had wagered $1132, which would have left him a final score of $31,337.
thousandrobots.com /blog/archives/2004/11/jeopardy_colleg.php   (1122 words)

 Amazon.com: Jeopardy: Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
For those of us who remember playing Jeopardy with the metal clickers in the family room, this software makes that board game seem as ancient as a horse and buggy.
The questions are realistic (I think that they are actual show questions) and the opponents are tough enought to beat you more than half the time, if you want to set the difficulty high enough.
Actually, there is a patch for this game online that supposedly fixes the Jeopardy game for use with Windows ME. Unfortunately, I can't get the patch to work, and the game still locks up at a certain point before game play begins.
www.amazon.com /Atari-99150-Jeopardy/dp/B00000K4D0   (1322 words)

 Jeopardy Experiences
I also have some links to some interesting Jeopardy sites.
Jeopardy is a trademark of Sony Pictures Studios and, o
We each got a chance to practice ringing in with the buzzers.
www.triviahalloffame.com /jeopardy.htm   (990 words)

Jeopardy!", all three players were given the opportunity
the "Jeopardy!" round increased, ranging from $100 to $500
and in "Double Jeopardy!" round ranging from $200 to $1000.
timstvshowcase.com /jeopardy.html   (322 words)

 Games : Jeopardy!
Gametek, which did a stylish job putting Wheel of Fortune on the N64, packed this pak with 4,000 answers in 650 categories.
CPU- controlled players are also slow to press their buzzers.
Jeopardy!'s super-easy play control means even video-game rookies can quickly get into the swing of things.
www.nintendo.com /gamemini?gameid=m-Game-0000-137   (387 words)

 Jeopardy | drupal.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
This module allows users to add categories and questions to a custom node type, and then view the node and play a Jeopardy game with the questions/categories, with a Jeopardy-like interface.
It is easy to use and maintain, and the number of questions and categories can be configured.
Menus - how to add content to a location that is reached from the menu - list of videos if possible.
drupal.org /project/jeopardy   (129 words)

 ATPM 7.02 - Review: Jeopardy!
You can save the current game, go back to the main menu to begin a new game, quit Jeopardy!, and set the screen detail level and whether videos will be shown.
I also am looking to find Jeopardy software that allows one to input their own questions and answers.
The person with the CTRL key (player 1) will always end up getting the ring in when the other players are also trying to ring in for a question.
www.atpm.com /7.02/jeopardy.shtml   (1657 words)

 Jeopardy! on Syndicated - Jeopardy! Spoilers, Episode Guides, Message Board | TVGuide.com
`Jeopardy!' has also spawned offshoots, including the limited-run 1990 ABC series `Super Jeopardy!' (which featured champions from the syndicated show), and VH1's 1998 `Rock 'n' Roll Jeopardy!' (hosted by Jeff Probst).
Instead of watching TV on Saturday night, I actually got my butt up off the couch and went to watch TV being filmed.
The biggest winner in Jeopardy history actually thinks the British Office is better than the Amercan version.
www.tvguide.com /tvshows/jeopardy/202355   (225 words)

 Classroom Jeopardy
Classroom Jeopardy!, is backed by a full one year manufacturers warranty.
Editor software, you can partially program a game and finish programming it later, but be sure to save the game to a cartridge.
Each Single and Double Jeopardy game holds up to 30 questions and the Final Jeopardy is one question.
www.wieser-ed.com /CJfaqs.html   (2397 words)

 Definition of jeopardy - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "jeopardy" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "jeopardy" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "jeopardy" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /dictionary/jeopardy   (68 words)

 PowerPoint Lessons
The following links include templates and examples of Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares games and other lesson ideas that were created using PowerPoint.
If you would like to create your own or would like my help in creating a game for your class, let me know.
Jeopardy Games--Hardin Co. Schools have created these to help review Ky. Core Content
teach.fcps.net /trt10/PowerPoint.htm   (289 words)

 Jeopardy N64 Cheats Hints Codes Tips
Here is Cheat Masters's cheats and cheat codes for Jeopardy.
Members will also be emailed when their question is answered and have less banners.
Click here to find more Jeopardy cheat codes.
www.cheatmasters.com /cheats.php?23252   (202 words)

 Jeopardy: The Art Fleming Years
Details are kind of sketchy, but it looks like they're releasing a Jeopardy DVD.
More info is available at the official Jeopardy website.
Inclusion of the Jeopardy name and logo shall not be construed as a challenge to copyright.
www.geocities.com /artflemingjeopardy   (215 words)

 CLA Language Center - Jeopardy Template
This simple-to-adapt Jeopardy template enables the instructor to quickly prepare challenging and enjoyable review materials or provide a venue for students to synthesize what they know.
If you want to make your Jeopardy Game available on the web so that your students can have access to it, make sure you upload not only the web page, but also the whole folder that contains everything of the game.
Teachers have played a Jeopardy game in classes of up to 25 students, with 5 teams, each team having 5 students.
languagecenter.cla.umn.edu /index.php?page=forum_jeopardy   (481 words)

 Jeopardy! TV Show - Jeopardy! Television Show - TV.com
This simple "reverse quiz" formula resulted in one of the most successful game shows in TV history.
Tell the world what you think of Jeopardy!, write a review for this show.
What do you get when you cross one of the most beloved game shows in TV history with the sound that forever changed popular music for all...
www.tv.com /jeopardy/show/5409/summary.html   (516 words)

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