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Topic: Jericho album

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Jericho: Jericho
The Canadian group Jericho was formed in Toronto in 1970, with members Frank DiFelice, from Brantford, Ontario, on drums, Denny Gerrard on bass, lead guitarist and singer Fred Keeler from David Clayton Thomas' first group, the Shays, and keyboard/accordion player and singer Gordon Fleming.
At the time of Jericho, Gerrard was considered one of the rock world's best, his extended solo at Monterey with the Paupers is cited in a number of books as the first highlight of the festival.
Peter Traynor, who got a thank-you on Jericho, played bass with Robbie Robertson in his early groups the Suedes and Robbie and the Robots, and was Thumper in Thumper and the Trambones (or Trombones).
theband.hiof.no /albums/jericho_1971.html   (585 words)

 Walls Of Jericho “With Devils Amongst Us All” - Reviews
Walls of Jericho might decide spend a little more time experimenting with more double bass, faster arrangements and the use of Scandinavian style melodies to add to their repertoire, but that may only convert them into another metalcore act, so I can’t blame them too much for sticking with their direct, hardcore approach here.
The album kicks off in a fury with 'A Trigger Full of Promises,' 'I Know Hollywood and You Ain't It,' and 'Hope to Die.' This is exactly the Walls of Jericho you were expecting to hear, only they sound bigger and meaner this time around.
The album explodes to life with the merciless ‘A Trigger Full Of Promises’, ‘Welcome Home’ is a flawless torrent of horrified anguish and ‘The Haunted’ rides in on a wave if insidious chanting and echoing guitar, opening up into a breakneck riff and finishing you off with a head-caving chorus.
www.trustkill.com /discography/reviews/TK0082   (3706 words)

 Amazon.com: Jericho: Music: The Band   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I didn't want to say 'Just kidding!'" However, the album "Jericho" itself has not made "The Last Waltz" a lie; even Robertson says that the Waltz was meant to be an end to their touring days only, and that The Band had intentions of continuing their studio career.
But once you ignore that, "Jericho" is a moving and powerful album; 'Too Soon Gone' finds The Band mourning for their lost mate Richard Manuel, while the ghostly but lovely 'Country Boy' includes vocals by the late singer, recorded just five months before his suicide.
"Jericho" was their first re-union studio album, with original members Helm, Danko and Hudson together with guitarist Jim Weider, Drummer Ciarlante and Richard Bell on piano.
www.amazon.com /Jericho-Band/dp/B00000336J   (1588 words)

 WrestlingEpicenter.com - The NEW Online Home of The Interactive Interview
Jericho says he thinks the gimmick the band started with, being trapped in Japan in 1980 due to a bad record contract and all the 80's metal bands that had hits stole those hits from them, both helps and hinders the band.
Jericho replies by saying he feels having Fozzy fans as opposed to just WWE fans is important because capturing your own audience is how you become successful.
Jericho feels doing that could be cool just to see some of the old ECW names but by doing it, it jeopardizes some of ECW's integrity.
www.wrestlingepicenter.com /shows/Jericho   (1632 words)

 Shake Yer Popboomerang
Jericho existed completely and totally underneath the radar of American music fans, but, in their native Australia, their constant touring helped build them a reputation as one of the strongest power pop bands down under in the mid-'90s.
Jericho, who took their cues from DM3, the Little Murders and the Hoodoo Gurus, were among the victims of a rush to join a flannel shirt army.
Jericho play (played) a brand of vibrant, hooky pop that, for the most part, sounds timelessly up-to-date and free of the pretensions that have dogged some of their contemporaries.
www.popboomerang.com /reviews-jericho.html   (2739 words)

Eventually we were called back to make another album, in which stage the "Jones" was dropped and we were just Jericho.
Jericho, in a way, takes off again from that point in time where the Churchills lost some of their creative force.
There's interest in the albums, and there are actually some people out there listening to your music over 30 years after those recordings.
www.ugly-things.com /churchills.html   (3380 words)

 Metal Storm - Helloween - Walls Of Jericho
With its speedy sound, catchy rhythm and Kai Hansen's powerful screams, it is considered to be one of the first albums that gave the spark to light this new eruptive genre of metal, called "Power Metal." Many well known bands of today are still inspired by this album.
Originally this album had only nine songs, but later in 1988 it was released as a compilation with the first "Helloween EP" and the song "Judas" which was only available on 12".
If you consider that this is their first big album, you will be amazed by the quality, the talent, and the imagination of these young people.
www.metalstorm.ee /bands/album.php?album_id=801   (952 words)

 Jericho - The Band - Song Listings   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While new recordings were planned, it wasn't until 1993, seven years after Richard Manuel was found dead in a Florida motel room, that a new album appeared from the Band, and while Jericho lacks the mythic resonance of their greatest work, it did unexpectedly prove that the Band could function very well without Robertson.
While Jim Weider isn't as sharp a guitarist as Robertson and his input as a songwriter is also missed, Garth Hudson's epic keyboard arrangements, the lovely ache of Rick Danko's vocals, and especially Levon Helm's raw, soulful singing (as well as his drumming and mandolin work) still define this as the music of the Band.
Jericho may pale in comparison to such masterworks as Music from Big Pink and The Band, but there's little denying it's a stronger and more committed work than Islands or the studio side of The Last Waltz, showing this group still had something to offer besides hippie nostalgia.
www.mp3.com /albums/146971/summary.html   (605 words)

 New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock J
Through the years, the band's sound evolved to encompass far more: After three albums they became a duo and esentially did away with vocals, and released another string of four albums for the Island label that are monuments of inventiveness, although seldom fully appreciated by those who cut their teeth on the first three.
Their best album in many years, it is a return to their progressive years, it even includes an improv with some orchestra members, reminding to their early 70's releases.
This album was released in April, 2005 on the Russian MALS label for distribution in Russia and CIS states, and is also distributed by Musea Records for Europe and Kinesis Records in the United States.
www.gepr.net /j.html   (14339 words)

 Danny McDonald at the I-94 Bar
Jericho was a really good band, in my humble opinion, but we were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The Jericho split was due to frustration with lack of interest from the general public, accentuated by personal issues within the band.
The Jericho retrospective album will also be out later this year, and we're looking at reforming the band for one or two Melbourne shows early next year.
www.i94bar.com /ints/danny_mcdonald.html   (4158 words)

 Opinionated Wisdom's of the not so Ancient
He bashed a few albums that i would have said are 10's, and he gave 10 out of 10 to albums that i would have not given a second listen to.
Having molded themselves after all the greats per instrument, this album is so amazing in its delivery of to the point metal played with the same, if not better than, precision of metal mastery as their obvious hero's.
Every song on the album is strong and not one week spot is to be found throughout this masterpiece of a metal album.
members.tripod.com /~JustinHarvey/April.html   (2547 words)

 RockReport.be :: Album Reviews
Following up an album as immense as “Hourglass” is a tough nut to crack, and to come straight to the point, “Jericho” fails in various departments.
"Jericho" is an album with a metal edge, and a completly different kind of singing from Todd Plant, it takes time to get used to.
This is an album for both melodic rock and melodic metal fans and in opinion one of the better melodic metal albums of the last couple of months.
www.rockreport.be /review.asp?id=720   (1262 words)

German power metallers STORMWARRIOR will be joined by former HELLOWEEN and current GAMMA RAY guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen for a special "Walls of Jericho" set during their performance at next year's Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 2-4, 2007 in Wacken, Germany.
Should be a good performance of walls of jericho.
The accuracy of the information contained herein is neither confirmed nor guaranteed by Roadrunner Records, and the views and opinions of authors expressed on these pages do not necessarily state or reflect those of Roadrunner Records or its employees.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=59721   (365 words)

 MelodicRock.com - Artist Showcase. Highlighting the best new melodic releases available.
The SUBSEQUENT 'Hourglass' album was recorded in America, Norway and the UK during the summer of 2000.
The band then set about recording the current album, “Jericho”, having decided to take a step further towards the melodic metal style, with huge guitar riffs, pounding drums and bass, monumental vocal performances and absolutely stunning lead guitar work.
During the recording of the album it became clear that further changes had to be made within the band and this meant the introduction of a new rhythm section.
www.melodicrock.com /showcase/millenium-jericho.html   (437 words)

 CD Baby: STOLEN OGRE: Road to Jericho
Pennsylvania's WVIA in had the ROAD TO JERICHO album on the charts for 8 weeks with the album peaking at #2 for 2 weeks.
And the album blends...."Jericho" could be a radio hit, Can't wait to see them tour and can't wait for their upcoming album..."Confusion" is one of my favorites along with blues-jazzy, "Sister Moon." You won't be disappointed.
From the strong, sultry vocals to the hot jams, Road to Jericho is an artful blend of jam and rock with a bluesy/folk influenced sound.
www.cdbaby.com /stolenogre   (1699 words)

 The Brown Derbies - Jericho
Jericho won an award for Runner-up Best Male Collegiate Soloist in 2000 from the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.
Jericho won an award for Best Male Collegiate Arranger in 2000 from the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.
Jericho won an award for Best Male Collegiate Album in 2000 from the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.
www.brownderbies.com /albums-single.asp?album_id=jericho   (147 words)

 Jericho Music 
Jericho's music very much contain what designates rock music of the 70's.
They later re-named the band to "Jericho Jones" and released an excellent album in 1971 named "Junkies, Monkies and Donkies".
This album was released in 1972 and received some FM airplay.
www.supermantv.net /B000007172/Jericho.html   (418 words)

 Metallian.com - Helloween
The album was received favourably, but was seemingly the cause for a lot of friction between the band members and the management.
In fact, the album, whose name refers to a magician's sleight of hand and ability to make it look easy, is a relatively fast album.
God, the album's single and a song released earlier, is also on disc one and, while commercial in nature, convinces with its up-tempo, catchy and energetic delivery.
www.metallian.com /helloween.htm   (10192 words)

The complete album is pretty "international" in style, with many UK early psych influences mostly.
Therefore the middle part of this album also might need some more time to fully appreciate, as it did with me. "Israel 70" is the second avant-psychedelic track, with a chaotic underlying weirdness coming to the front again.
This live album featured Gronich on piano and vocals and Caspi on acoustic guitar and vocals and in spite of the scarce instrumentation, they managed to create a full and compelling sound.
progressive.homestead.com /israeliprog.html   (3226 words)

The music is propelled by the inhuman roar of Candace Kucsulain, whom regardless of her gender is one of the most energetic front-people in heavy music to grab a mic.
Walls Of Jericho formed with a different drummer in the late 90s, the group released their debut full-length The Bound Feed The Gagged which was an important early release for fledgling indie, Trustkill (Metal Maniacs proclaimed the album more abrasive than a belt sander over broken, bloodcaked skin).
Between albums Hasty had become a well known producer recording The Black Dahlia Murder and Bloodline Calligraphy among other bands as well as opening a thriving recording studio in Detroit.
www.myspace.com /wallsofjericho   (1078 words)

 CD Baby: JERICHO: Retrospecitive 1999-1998
Formed in the regional Victorian area of LaTrobe Valley sometime in the early 90's, Jericho was the first recording outfit for one of Australia's finest & most respected Power Pop solo singer / songwriters, Danny McDonald (P76 / The Stoneage Hearts / Oscarlima).
Although they existed at a time when America's "Grunge" explosion had consumed the large majority of Australia's original music scene, Jericho sported a unique take on the country's rich heritage of classic guitar based Power Pop, recalling the likes of The Sunnyboys, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Stems, and Paul Kelly.
Featuring 21 remastered tracks (the best of the bands' released recordings coupled with 8 previously unreleased tracks) Jericho's Retrospective album sets the record straight for a band who sadly never achieved the larger recognition they deserved and consequently imploded in their prime.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/jerichomusic   (269 words)

 Walls Of Jericho mp3 search - free mp3's Download
Download album of Walls Of Jericho - The Bound Feed The Gagged
Walls Of Jericho - Home Is Where The Heart Is mp3
Download album of Walls Of Jericho - With Devils Amongst Us All
walls-of-jericho.warrenimports.com   (275 words)

 Rolling Stone : Jericho : Review
Less pleasant is "The Caves of Jericho," penned by Helm, Bell and co-producer John Simon.
It's understandable that the Band doesn't want to peddle nostalgia and that it can't be the group it once was.
But Jericho too often consists of compelling voices singing indifferent material with a production ethic that discourages idiosyncrasy.
www.rollingstone.com /reviews/album/142258/jericho   (372 words)

 DECAPOLIS : Walls Of Jericho - All Hail The Dead
This album is filled with brutal mosh parts, amazing metal riffs and the perfect sound for vocals.
One problem that I find with many hardcore/metalcore albums is that they become very repetitive and boring after a while.
This album will put a smile on the faces of fans of bands of everything from Thursday to Messugah.
www.decapolis.com /music_/pages/WallsOfJericho-AllHailTheD.shtml   (335 words)

 Jericho Road - Online Store: CD's and Merchandise
The smash-hit followup to our debut album, True North has sold almost 40,000 copies since its release.
Our self-titled debut album that has sold over 50,000 copies and has moved fans with the hit songs Inside of Me, What His Love is For, and Time.
In this special album, we share the music and talks from our firesides.
www.jerichoroadmusic.com /store.php   (186 words)

Since the Jericho album came out last year, it seems that you were singled out for all the things that the reviewers felt was wrong with the cd, I myself do not believe this to be true, how then were you affected both professionally and personally.
I don't believe that there was ever a plan to put keyboards or big harmonies on it because it was a more metal project, but yes we were under pressure to hurry it's completion.
Now on to more positive things, you were also on a fantastic record by a prog rock band called "Cryptic Vision" whose album was acclaimed by fans and critics alike, how did you get involved with the band as it seemed quite a departure from your more melodic rock roots.
www.aordreamzones.com /Toddplant.html   (1256 words)

 Amazon.com: Walls of Jericho: Music: Helloween   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is probably the fastest album Helloween ever did, and Walls rivaled anything from the day--including releases from Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Venom, and (dare I say) Slayer.
In addition, I don't particularly care for Kai Hansen's vocals on this album, as he was Helloween's original singer.
Also, $10 for the mini EP, the album, and the Judas single all wrapped together is a good deal.
www.amazon.com /Walls-Jericho-Helloween/dp/B00006LI26   (1416 words)

 Fozzy - Biography - AOL Music
In reality, Fozzy is fronted by WWF wrestler Chris Jericho, with the remainder of the group consisting of Atlanta rap-metal outfit Stuck Mojo.
A short tour and an MTV special (no doubt due to the WWF's contract with the network's parent company) led to minor recognition from the metal underground, but Jericho's wrestling commitments cut the band short after the release.
Still, after Stuck Mojo wrote and released an album and Jericho won the heavyweight championship for a bit, they came back together and recorded another album, this time with writing contributions from Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward.
music.aol.com /artist/fozzy/451659/biography   (180 words)

 The Band photos:Elliott Landy's classic photos of The Band:The Band images:The Band pictures
295.The Band, with new members, taken for Jericho album, outside Levon’s, Woodstock, NY, 1993.
296.The Band, with new members, taken for Jericho album, at Opus 40, Saugerties, NY, 1993.
297.Rick Danko, taken for Jericho album, outside Levon’s, Woodstock, NY, 1993.
www.landyvision.com /photos/The_Band   (811 words)

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