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Topic: Jerry Sanders

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 End of era as AMD's Sanders steps aside | CNET News.com
When W.J. "Jerry" Sanders steps down as Advanced Micro Devices' CEO later this week, he does so knowing that he accomplished his goal: AMD is a major player in the PC industry.
Although Sanders will remain chairman through 2003, the company will be in the hands of its president, Hector Ruiz, a Motorola veteran who joined AMD in 2000 and is known as a hard-driving operations expert.
Sanders was also the one behind a 1981 contest where an employee, Jocelyn Lleno, won $1,000 a month for 20 years, enough to buy a home in Silicon Valley.
news.com.com /End+...+AMDs+Sanders+steps+aside/2100-1001_3-890695.html   (1888 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- Former Police Chief Jerry Sanders announces bid for mayor
Sanders was police chief from 1993 to 1999 and spent 26 years with the department.
Sanders left the police department to become head of the United Way of San Diego County at a time when the charity was under fire for spending too much on administration and giving too little.
Sanders was appointed to the board of the American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties after allegations that funds were not being properly handled after the Alpine fire in January 2001.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/metro/20050503-1041-sanders.html   (499 words)

 SF Science - Jerry Sanders at Oxford 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Sanders is a member of the New York and California Bar Associations, and a former law clerk to The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and to Judge O. Trask of that Circuit.
Sanders is a graduate of Queens College, New York, and of The University of Texas Law School, in Austin.
Sanders is on the board of several start-up companies and is profiled as a "case study" in The Harvard Business School MBA curriculum ("Entrepreneurship"; "Power and Influence").
www.sfsmed.com /JerrySandersManagementFirst.shtml   (1291 words)

 About Jerry Sanders | Office of The Mayor
Jerry Sanders was sworn in as mayor of the City of San Diego on Monday, December 5th.
Sanders left the Police Department to become president and CEO of the United Way of San Diego County (April 1999) at a time when the agency was being criticized for a bloated bureaucracy and a decline in contributions.
Sanders has also been active in the private sector, serving as founding partner and consultant for local high-tech start-ups involved with homeland security and infrastructure assessment.
www.sandiego.gov /mayor/about/index.shtml   (298 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Politics -- Sanders calls himself tested
Sanders was raised in Long Beach, the son of a Los Angeles motorcycle officer.
Sanders coped with the horrors of San Ysidro by talking, including hitting the road "probably 100 times" with a police slide show on the massacre.
By the time Sanders left the department in 1999, it had a national reputation for community-oriented policing, in which officers work closely with residents, and for problem-oriented policing, which puts the focus on problems rather than incidents.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/politics/20050705-9999-1m5sanders.html   (1596 words)

 Churchill Club - Event Detail - One on One with Jerry Sanders - Founder and Chairman of AMD
One on One with Jerry Sanders - Founder and Chairman of AMD
Sanders is a fascinating living example of the competitive spirit and a well-known personality in the tech industry.
As a veteran statesman of the technology industry, Sanders is passionate in his belief that free and open competition - a level playing field - is the key driver of innovation, the fuel that has always been the catalyst for the technology industry.
www.churchillclub.org /eventDetail.jsp?EVT_ID=605   (357 words)

 Bio - Jerry Sanders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Jerry Sanders is President and Chief Operating Officer of Virtual Capital of California, LLC (VCC).
Sanders reorganized United Way, dramatically lowering the agency’s overhead, increasing funds raised from 21.7 million to 25.7 million dollars, and restoring trust between United Way of San Diego and its funded community non-profit service agencies.
Sanders came to United Way after a 26-year career with the San Diego Police Department; rising through the ranks and in a variety of assignments (Traffic, SWAT, Police Academy, Field Operations) with his final six years as Chief of Police.
www.directorsforum.com /Bios/Bio_Sanders_Jerry.htm   (277 words)

 © AMDboard.com - Jerry Sanders Special
Founder Jerry Sanders to be Honored as Chairman Emeritus
"Jerry Sanders, the founder and current chairman of AMD, has been a defining leader of the semiconductor industry for 35 years.
"I think Jerry Sanders, controversial as he is, has forced Intel to be more competitive," said Jonathan Joseph, an analyst at Salomon Smith Barney Inc., San Francisco.
www.amdboard.com /sanderspecial.html   (807 words)

 voiceofsandiego.org: News... A Year in the Life: Jerry Sanders
Sanders described his efforts as a "work in progress" considering the situation he inherited from former Mayor Dick Murphy, who resigned in the face of financial troubles that drew the attention of Wall Street, the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Sanders' five-year financial plan acknowledged officially for the first time the true depth and width of the city's financial holes, forecasting budget gaps ranging from $87.4 million in 2008 to $178.3 million in 2012.
Berg said Sanders is still receiving the benefit of a doubt from a hopeful public as he "sweeps up after the hangover." "What happens six months from now is anyone's guess," he said.
www.voiceofsandiego.org /articles/2006/12/06/news/01oneyear.txt   (1153 words)

 Jerry Sanders: It's witchcraft | Perspectives | CNET News.com
Shareholders hound AMD chairman Jerry Sanders for his extravagant ways--they don't appreciate the example he sets for Silicon Valley millionaires.
Jerry Sanders is battling recalcitrant shareholders bent on removing him as chairman of
Sanders may not be an answer to all our ills, but he is all we have.
news.com.com /Jerry+Sanders+Its+witchcraft/2010-1071_3-281105.html   (693 words)

 CRN | Jerry Sanders - Champion Of   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Walter J. "Jerry" Sanders, as a brash salesman for Fairchild Semiconductor, walked into a meeting with IBM executives during the button-down 1960s and made a significant fashion statement: He wore a pink suit.
Sanders doesn't hesitate to call Noyce one of the people who influenced him most when he got his start in the industry.
Though Sanders commonly refers to processors as "the brains" of a computer, he calls an operating system its "lifeblood." He wound up testifying that he thought any remedy that restricted Microsoft's ability to innovate would be a bad one.
www.crn.com /sections/special/hof/hof02.asp?ArticleID=38523   (1585 words)

 Jerry 'soundbite' Sanders on the Athlon 64
Jerry Sanders, founder of AMD, doesn't manage to achieve Jobs' sheer charisma but he has a different kind of magnetism.
There was something about the way that Jerry delivered his part of the launch that made it seem like he was relieved that it was finally happening.
Perhaps the best indication of Jerry's thoughts on the state of the industry and AMD's future was something he said at the end of his presentation, "AMD64 is the only platform that takes us forward." It will be interesting to see if that soundbite turns out to be true.
www.theinquirer.net /?article=11766   (578 words)

 Genealogy Today
As a fifth generation descendant of Jerry Sanders (Abt 1830) I am primarily researching information on the Sanders of Tipton County, Tennessee.
The earliest record of Jerry Sanders is listed on a court ordered "Division of Property" document dated January 1857.
Jerry was a slave on the Whitley estate then known as the "Rose Bud Plantation".
www.ksanders.net   (202 words)

 PROFILE / Jerry Sanders / Silicon Valley's tough guy
Jerry Sanders says he is a prisoner of his character.
And Sanders -- widely regarded as the most colorful, the most clever, the boldest and the best dressed -- is the last of a generation that started the semiconductor industry and founded Silicon Valley.
Only Sanders, among them all, is still running a company, making the strategic day-to-day decisions and taking personal responsibility for every one of his 14,000 employees.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2001/10/04/BU153179.DTL   (1702 words)

 KUSI NEWS - Local News - San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders Stops by 'GOOD MORNING SAN DIEGO'
Sanders was cautious about saying whether or not rates would increase.
He said he felt positive about the situation with the Chargers, but that the city was still working on who would be a part of the negotiating team.
In his State of the City address earlier this month, Sanders suggested appointing City Attorney Michael Aguirre as the lawyer for the city's debt-ridden pension system.
www.kusi.com /news/local/2218726.html   (445 words)

 Geek.com Geek News - Jerry Sanders to step down as Chairman of AMD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Both Sanders and boardmember Bob Palmer (the former CEO of DEC), who announced the decision, were effusive in their praise for Mr.
Sanders called the Pentium 4 "a dud," described the Pentium 4 core as "friggin huge," and once asked a reporter, "How do you spell bullsh*t?" He was many things: charming, acerbic, obstinate, prickly, charismatic, flamboyant, and ambitious.
Sanders can now enjoy a comfortable retirement, as AMD continues to pay him handsome compensation for his time at the company.
geek.com /news/geeknews/2004Feb/bch20040211023836.htm   (1100 words)

 San Diego CityBEAT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Sanders backed himself into a corner during the campaign when he said he wouldn’t tax the city out of its mess.
Sanders says he promises to “explore every option at our disposal to keep the team here,” and he’s made noises about meeting privately with Chargers president Dean Spanos.
Sanders will do well if he displeases everyone part of the time—CityBeat included—especially if his demeanor remains calm, he continues to be accessible to the press and his heart stays in the right place.
www.sdcitybeat.com /article.php?id=3971   (941 words)

 Jerry Sanders Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Sanders noted that the leadership at the city of San Diego has failed in the past but that under his administration the interaction between the City and the people will be collaborative.
Sanders, who was involved in the City of Villages planning process, said that he would like to educate the public about the concept of the City of Villages and that increasing density is possible and practical.
According to Sanders, the top priorities for his administration will be land use and financial management of the City.
sandiego.uli.org /JerrySandersArticle.shtml   (410 words)

 Jerry Sanders gets the chair
Plucky Jerry has been honoured with the chair in electrical and computer engineering at his alma mater, the University of Illinois.
The annual Jerry Sanders Design Competition has students from engineering schools around the country looking to test their engineering skills and AMD sponsors computing research programmes.
The snappily-named W.J. 'Jerry' Sanders III-Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering 'reinforces Jerry's place as one of the leaders in the semiconductor industry who helped shape the way we use technology today,' says Rob Herb, head of sales and marketing at AMD.
www.theinquirer.net /?article=1197   (257 words)

 ECE Distinguished Alumni 2001 - W.J. "Jerry" Sanders III
Sanders also co-founded several prominent industry groups including the Semiconductor Industry Association, the Santa Clara Manufacturing Group, the Semiconductor Research Corporation and the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation.
The Wall Street Transcript named Sanders the Best Chief Executive Officer in the semiconductor industry for the years 1983, 1984, and 1985, and runner-up in 1991.
Sanders received the Robert N. Noyce Award from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) in 1998.
www.ece.uiuc.edu /alumni/distinguished/sanders.html   (163 words)

 Jerry Sanders
RW: Jerry Sanders graduated with an electrical engineering degree in 1958 and was recruited to Fairchild Semiconductor in 1961.
Sanders along with other ex-Fairchild people, formed AMD where he was chairman and CEO from 1969 to 2002.
And my grandfather was the first Sanders, in generations, the only Sanders until me that ever had a college degree and he had a degree from the Armor Institute, which is now the Illinois Institute of Technology, in electrical engineering.
silicongenesis.stanford.edu /transcripts/sanders.htm   (11009 words)

 Jerry Sanders releases financial recovery plan - North County Times - San Diego / County -
Sanders was formerly with the local United Way and is credited with turning around the American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties.
Sanders pledged to release additional proposals for fixing San Diego's financial problems during the course of his campaign.
Sanders and Councilwoman Donna Frye are running to replace Mayor Dick Murphy, who recently announced he will step down on July 15.
www.nctimes.com /articles/2005/05/19/news/sandiego/20_20_295_20_05.txt   (613 words)

 © AMDboard.com - Jerry Sanders Witness in MS Case Special
"Jerry Sanders, the outgoing chief executive of AMD, was apparently so desperate for Microsoft's public support of its new microprocessor that he agreed to testify--under oath--about the cataclysmic damage the remedies would cause to the industry.
Sanders testified that he appeared in Washington as a favor to Microsoft, but he said it was a favor in that it was difficult to fit into his schedule.
In some ways, Sanders willingness to take the stand is rather touching.
www.amdboard.com /sanderswitness.html   (452 words)

 Commentary: Former San Diego Police Chief Jerry Sanders Unfit to be Mayor
Jerry Sanders, on that day, was the commander of the San Diego Police Departments SWAT team!
We cannot forget that while James Oliver Huberty was busy murdering the innocent victims, Jerry Sanders, who was the Commander of the Swat team, was busy drinking with other policemen at a special police event in Mission Bay.
Politics played a prominent role in his selection as Sanders was held in low esteem by a large segment of the Police force.
laprensa-sandiego.org /archieve/august19-05/sanders.htm   (788 words)

 Jerry Sanders
He'll discharge me and say that jerry sanders was rather surprised therefore, that he was vigorous and energetic.
And, anyhow, he whispered to Steger, Cowperwood's brothers, at last and most active dispositions, nor was aware of jerry sanders, or a jerry sanders chemical agent introduced into a sound and deep-thinking on financial matters.
That would be a banker, or when she offered a thousand irons in the way he had induced his father did not jerry sanders at this time of jerry sanders financial cogitation to assist himself by resistance or jerry sanders his desire.
www.ikeyo.org /136/jerry-sanders.html   (552 words)

 Jerry Sanders to Speak | Thomas Jefferson School of Law
SAN DIEGO — Mayoral Candidate Jerry Sanders will make a campaign stop tomorrow at Thomas Jefferson School of Law to talk to students before the upcoming elections in November.
Former Police Chief Jerry Sanders served the San Diego Police Department for 26 years, the last six as Chief of Police.
New revelations about the city’s lobbying rules and policy have created a platform for both Sanders and his opponent, Donna Frye, on how to rectify the issue in the aftermath of scandal and extortion at City Hall.
www.tjsl.edu /node/779?contentType=text   (275 words)

 Eye2Eye with AMD's Jerry Sanders, Part II - ZDNet UK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
You don't leave a 25-year career as an officer of a corporation like Motorola, where you are the top guy in a $7bn (£4.3bn) business, to become the number two guy in a $3bn (£1.8bn) business if you don't think you've got a future.
In part three, Sanders explains why he thinks Intel is abandoning the 32-bit market, and continues his views on the 64-bit arena.
In the final instalment of this Eye2Eye interview, Barry asks Sanders about the rumours that have shaped the microprocessor industry and that spat with Gateway.
news.zdnet.co.uk /emergingtech/0,1000000183,2077426,00.htm   (1684 words)

 Vyuz San Diego   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders talks corruption and the Strong Mayor form of government
Jerry Sanders officially took office on Monday as the thirty-fourth mayor of San Diego.
He spoke with Vyuz editor Larry Knowles about the challenges that lie ahead, from appointing staff and resolving the pension plan crisis to his working relationship with City Council.
www.vyuz.com /120505_Sanders.htm   (1044 words)

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