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Topic: Jessica Rabbit

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Jessica Rabbit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When the Laserdisc version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released, there was a lot of media controversy about a scene where supposedly Jessica Rabbit's private parts are flashed on camera.
Jessica spins out of the car, causing her red dress to hike up her body and her legs to spread apart briefly.
During these three frames Jessica's pubic region is darker than the surrounding flesh-colored areas of her legs and certainly not a dark red like the color of her underwear.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jessica_Rabbit   (446 words)

 Roger Rabbit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the film, the voice of Roger was performed by comedian Charles Fleischer, who was known for electing to wear an actual rabbit costume on the set to get into the role.
Roger Rabbit was originally going to be the star of the animated series now known as Bonkers, however the show was forced to create original characters due to copyright issues.
It is unknown that Roger Rabbit would make his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Roger_Rabbit   (300 words)

 Peek-a-boo Bang! The Inspiration of Veronica Lake - Jessica Rabbit, by Mark R Nash.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Jessica Rabbit's speaking voice was performed by Kathleen Turner (uncredited) and her singing voice was performed by Amy Irving.
And as such she must be based upon something in real life in order for the audience to relate to what she is and why she does the things she does.
Whether Jessica was the invention of the artist or not, the parallels between her look and that of Veronica Lake in her heyday are striking.
website.lineone.net /~m.nash/inspiration/rabbit.html   (226 words)

 Jessica Rabbit
Jessica is the beautiful and voluptuous sultry singing star of the "Ink & Paint Club," a night club in Toontown, and Roger's guest star in many of his "Maroon" cartoons.
The further adventures of Roger, Jessica, Baby Herman and Benny the Cab were told in comics titled "Roger Rabbit" and "Roger Rabbit's Toontown" from the early 1990s.
Roger, Jessica, and the others are co-residents with all 'toons in Toontown which, according to Mr.
users.cwnet.com /xephyr/rich/dzone/hoozoo/jessica.html   (248 words)

 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) is a technically-marvelous film blending animated, ink-and-paint cartoon characters and flesh-and-blood live actors, in a convincing comedy/mystery noir thriller, set in Los Angeles in 1947.
The possible cause of the hare-brained Roger's distractedness and forgetfulness is that his sexy cartoon-animated wife named Jessica Rabbit (with the speaking voice of Kathleen Turner) may be unfaithful, but Roger think's she's an angel.
Under Jessica's dressing room window, Valiant pulls over a milk crate to stand on, and aims his camera through the window to take incriminating photos of their affair as they earnestly converse together.
www.filmsite.org /whof.html   (3417 words)

 Jessica Sex Cartoon XXX
Animation is such a strong part of our pop culture, and provides us with so many characters we love, that to see a movie that presents a world as tho 'toons are "real" and truly interact with us, is just like a dream come true.
That Jessica had red hair and was so obviously attractive to so many,made me think there could be hope for red heads after all.
Roger Rabbit has been a well loved favourite of mine for over ten years, and I have a feeling it always will be.
www.toonaddict.com /jessica   (361 words)

 Pinfinder.com, Inc. Roger & Jessica Rabbit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Roger Rabbit is dressed in a latin style fl suit and large hat. He is holding a small guitar and looking up lovingly at his wife. Jessica is wearing a pink frilly latin dress and flower in her hair, with one arm up, DEFINITELY ready to dance !!!
Jessica Rabbit sends her love from the Disneyland® Resort during Valentine's Day 2006. On this Limited Edition 1000 pin, Jessica is presented as a pin-on-pin on a heart-shaped background. The dangle is in the shape of a letter from Jessica, and is dated "2006" with the Disneyland® Resort logo.
Jessica Rabbit on the beach in a bikini and grass skirt, adorned with flowers, standing next to her yellow and gold surfboard, which has a picture of Roger Rabbit's face on it. Jessica is a pin-on-pin.
www.pins-r-us.com /acatalog/Roger_Jessica_Rabbit.html   (1134 words)

 Rainbo Animation Art: Jessica Rabbit Shop in Walt Disney World
Jessica Rabbit was a milestone character for Disney.
We became instant fans of Jessica Rabbit and her Honey-Bunny husband Roger when the animated feature "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" made its theatrical debut in 1987.
It was amazing, and that watch is certainly one of the most sought-after Jessica Rabbit collectibles I know of.
www.rainbo.net /jessica_shop.htm   (596 words)

 ..:: [ WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT ] ::..   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Jessica Rabbit: You don't know what it's like being a woman looking the way I do.
Jessica Rabbit's speaking voice was performed by Kathleen Turner, and her singing voice was performed by Amy Irving.
The laserdisc edition of this film has a few frames of Jessica Rabbit with no panties, visible when she and Eddie are thrown out of the cab.
fayez.com /screen/comedy/roger_rabbit.html   (198 words)

 Roger Rabbit Collectables For Sale
Jessica is kissing roger inside, and Benny the cab is half in and half out of the globe.
Jessica's gorgeous red hair cascades over her signature fuchsia dress.
Jessica in SHINY dress with purse, with a DOG next to her.
www.cc.gatech.edu /~jimmyd/roger-rabbit   (1032 words)

 Brainboost - Who was the voice of Jessica Rabbit in...
Jessica Rabbit (voiced by Kathleen Turner), toon actress - Who Framed Roger Rabbit..
Many film buffs label Jessica Rabbit a "Frankenstein" of film goddesses: with a Lauren Bacall - ish speaking voice (courtesy of an uncredited Kathleen Turner), Betty Grables legs, Marilyn Monroes torso and buttocks, Jayne Mansfields breasts, Veronica Lakes hair, Marlene Dietrichs eyes, and a Judy Garland - like singing voice (provided by Amy Irving)..
Irving also displayed her sultry vocal abilities providing the singing voice of the animated Jessica Rabbit in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (also 1988; Kathleen Turner provided the speaking voice)..
www.brainboost.com /search.asp?Q=Who+was+the+voice+of+Jessica+Rabbit+in...   (375 words)

 PrincessMonkey.com : Jessica Rabbit Barbie, Disney Collector's Doll
Jessica Rabbit is not a regular 11 ½" Disney doll, but for many, her animated curves make this doll a Must-Have.
However, two small negatives about this doll are 1.) The doll's hair is a little too red and 2.) Her cheeks seem to be a little too puffy from the cartoon siren we knew on-screen.
Also, the extreme curves on this doll made it essential for Mattel to provide a special stand for her, the base of which is shaped like a gray film reel.
www.princessmonkey.com /disney/dolls/jessica.html   (274 words)

 retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The runaway favorite was Jessica Rabbit by a landslide (easily beating out the 2nd and 3rd place finishers Betty Rubble and Daphne from Scooby Doo).
From her out of this earth gravity defying proportions, to her beyond sexy Kathleen Turner supplied voice, Jessica is a woman that puts many men in a dilemna.
First you have to admit that you're turned on by a toon, then you have to face the awful truth that she's a furry, engaging in relations with a rabbit, and a retarded one at that.
www.retrocrush.com /babes/babes2004/jessicarabbit   (199 words)

 Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Wikiquote
Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 film that combines animation and live action.
Jessica Rabbit: You don't know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.
Jessica Rabbit: From the looks of it I'd say it was Roger.
en.wikiquote.org /wiki/Who_Framed_Roger_Rabbit   (2308 words)

 Jessica Rabbit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
A national non-profit rabbit rescue and education organization that educates the public about rabbit care and behavior and provides foster homes for abandoned rabbits until permanent homes can be found.
House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues abandoned rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care.
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease otherwise known as Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (VHD) of Rabbits or Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD).
www.omniknow.com /common/wiki.php?in=en&term=Jessica_Rabbit   (1775 words)

 Jessica Rabbit XXX banned galleries
As Jessica Anime swings her hips out of the office to leave, she re-affirms her offer and blows him an animated Toon kiss - the two red lips flutter across the room like a butterfly and smack him on the cheek.
The photographs, flipped through like an animated flipbook that simulates motion, really have caught Jessica and Marvin her sugardaddy seated knee to knee, red-handed in the act of playing pattycake - slapping their palms together.
Jessica is the absurdly sexy wife of hapless hero Roger and a temptation to detective Eddie Valiant.
www.toons-x.net /jessicarabbit   (393 words)

 Jessica Rabbit Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Framed roger rabbit taken from the soundtrackinfo project favorite.
For "jessica rabbit" (9 images), "baby herman" (6), "benny the hidden.
Jessica rabbit is known from the wb and disney pins are copyright.
www.jessicarabbit-art.info   (174 words)

 Jessica Rabbit - Uncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Jessica Rabbit is an early model of the VW Rabbit, designed with more eye-pleasing curves than the standard model as Volkswagen führers suspected that a more sexy body shape would help them sell more cars.
Unfortunately, being shaped a little too much like a live rabbit, this car was chased relentlessly by dogs; a misadventure which tragically ended in collision with a Greyhound.
Nonetheless, all was not lost as the combined twisted mess of rabbit and bus was rebuilt and relaunched under the new name Jessica Simpson to crowds of bemused fans.
www.uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Jessica_Rabbit   (285 words)

 Roger Rabbit & Jessica Rabbit Collectibles
When Roger Rabbit was released in 1987, it had been five years since Disney had produced an animated feature worth seeing.
Jessica Rabbit is the sexiest animated character in the history of animation.
This sparkling resin figure of Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit was the gift given to people who attende the 1998 Official Disneyana Convention in Walt Disney World.
www.rainbo.net /pages/roger-rabbit.htm   (732 words)

 GorillaMask.net: Jessica Rabbit's pubic region slip.
As the taxi runs into a lamp post, Jessica and Hoskins are both thrown from the car; Jessica lands spinning, which causes her red dress to start hiking up her body.
For a few frames of Jessica's second spin her underwear supposedly disappears, revealing Jessica's unclothed nether regions.
Whether this coloration was intended to suggest nudity or was the result of a paint error is unknown.
gorillamask.net /jrabbit.shtml   (171 words)

 Who framed the Number Sequence? Jessica Rabbit explains.
Psychology will assure us that Jessica Rabbit's slightly disproportionate features and lurid posture represents that which men find attractive in women, so even though Jessica is not a woman but a collection of pixels, our readily deceived minds gladly respond as if it were.
Someone drew Jessica up and made her an amplified representation of that which he noticed in his model (Cybill Shepherd actually), so that the audience may watch her have all kinds of adventures as if she were real enough to have them.
And as a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, the number sequence is saturated with a perfume carrying the fragrance of nature, real nature, like a heart beating in Jessica's paper chest, pumping paper blood to her paper promontories.
www.abarim-publications.com /JessicaRabbitExplains.html   (1576 words)

 Interesting Roger Rabbit Facts
Jessica Rabbit is my idea of the perfect woman.
Disney had The Jessica Store at Pleasure Island at WDW where they sold all kinds of Jessica merchandise.
I saw the Trix rabbit, Captain Crunch, Snap Crack and Pop, cartoon characters talking to real kids, and nobody seemed to think that was strange.
www.cc.gatech.edu /~jimmyd/roger-rabbit/roger_rabbit_facts.html   (2721 words)

 Pets with Diabetes: Jessica Rabbit's Story
Jessica Rabbit came into our lives in 1995 as an 8-month old bunny.
We also were forced to restrict visitors to her room, and we allowed her to come out and play several times a week when the house was quiet to keep her free of stress.
We also hired a pet sitter with experience with rabbits (Jessica was very dominant and actually scared her when she grunted!).
www.petdiabetes.org /personal_technique/Jessica_Rabbit.htm   (581 words)

 Jessica Rabbit
Actress Kathleen Turner supplied Jessica's voice for the film, though she wasn't listed in the film's original credits...
Jessica's appearance is reminiscent of the outlandish style of animator Tex Avery...
Jessica Rabbit - Animated Character, born 1988, Sexy wife of Roger Rabbit in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
www.factmonster.com /biography/var/jessicarabbit.html   (243 words)

 Nurses flood Disney with letters on Jessica Rabbit nurse pin; company ends its sale
May 27, 2004 -- At least 300 nurses wrote to protest Disney's sultry Jessica Rabbit nurse pins, which were created to honor nurses during nurses' week 2004 and 2003.
Jessica Rabbit remains a very popular member of the Disney family of characters.
We trust that you will also refrain from selling any such Jessica Rabbit products in connection with any nurse appreciation events in the future.
www.nursingadvocacy.org /news/2004may/27_disney.html   (947 words)

 jessica rabbit vibrator, clit toys, high end sex toys uk 40 UK Sex shop sex toys marital aids sex toy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Our jessica rabbit vibrator and high end sex toys selection is among the best on the net and we feel that we have something for everyone.
If you enjoy jessica rabbit vibrator then you have definitely come to the right place, we have high end sex toys in every size and we have every type of high end sex toys you could think off.
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www.temptationsdirect.co.uk /x50404.html   (683 words)

 Rabbit (Bunny) Vibrators - Includes the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator - The Art of Erotic. Discreet and secure service for ...
The range includes the Jessica Rabbit, along with a small baby bunny vibrator and waterproof rabbit vibrator.
This, a superier rabbit in many ways has variable controls for the vibrating ears and rotations, with an extreamly powerful yet quiet motor.
This superior rabbit vibrator has what has to be one of the most powerful motors on the market, which dispite this is very quiet.
www.whysleep.co.uk /html/categories.asp?cID=54   (504 words)

 Naked Jessica Rabbit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Let me preface this by saying - whoever had the time in their day to originally spot this little Jessica beaver show and got excited about it, has problems bigger than I can fathom.
The Naked Jessica incident happens (and you know she does this on purpose, the slut..) when Jessica is riding through Toon Town with the Actual Bob Hoskins in an animated taxi.
The taxi runs into a lamp post, the two are thrown from the car, Jessica twirls around from the momentum, which just happens to make her dress rise up.
www.anomalies-unlimited.com /Disney/Jessica.html   (216 words)

 retroCRUSH: The barely legal pleasure palace
It was Jessica Rabbit by a landslide, with more than 200 heartfelt pleas to include the oversexed rehead.
"Jessica Rabbit: Cuz she's dressed up like a rental but totally doesn't budge cept for her 'man'.
Hitting Puberty at the time that "Who framed Roger Rabbit" came out was just a cruel twist of fate.
www.retrocrush.com /toons/1.html   (347 words)

 Jessica Rabbit!
With that line, Jessica Rabbit instantly shimmied her way into the all-time classics list.
In his search for the wife of Roger Rabbit, Bob Hoskins' character Eddie expects to find a rabbit and can't figure out what all the fuss is about before she performs at the Ink 'n' Paint Club...
As well as being, well, obviously beautiful, Jessica is a loving wife and a really funny character.
www.angelfire.com /movies/disneystuff/jessica.html   (96 words)

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