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Topic: Jesus and Sun Myung Moon

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  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Jesus and Sun Myung Moon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Members of the Unification Church generally consider Rev. Moon to be the new Messiah.
Moon, who is said to enjoy being teased [1] (http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/sunmyungmoon84/OneOfUs.htm), joked that critics were "Moonies" reflecting the light of "Sunnies" (his followers) and that both should try to become "Kingies".
The book is written by the ex-wife of Hyo Jin Moon, Rev. Moon's son (to whom she was married, handpicked by Rev. Moon, at 15 years of age) and details various abuses she claims to have suffered from members of the Moon family.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/je/Jesus_and_Sun_Myung_Moon   (979 words)

 On Jesus' Family - Sun Myung Moon
Jesus was a prince of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Jesus thought that his mother had to love him more than anyone else and that she was responsible for making her husband love him with that ardor, and influencing his brothers and sisters to love him.
Jesus also was born in that same tradition, in that same unusual way, and those two as cousins could have associated with each other and discussed matters on intimate terms.
www.tparents.org /Moon-Talks/sunmyungmoon71/SM711225.htm   (4118 words)

 Rev. Sun Myung Moon - Calling from Jesus Christ - True Love King
Sun Myung's family, and his two uncles and their families started attending church on the advice of another uncle, Kyung Chun, who lived next door and whose family had been Christian for many years.
Sun Myung was older than most of the boys in his class, although some of the students were in their twenties and had children of their own.
Sun Myung Moon felt that for it to be so devastating and final, the fall of man had to involve love, the heart of God's creation.
www.trueloveking.net /index-9.html   (3760 words)

 Sun Myung Moon - SourceWatch
Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the head of the Unification Church and the founder of the Washington Times.
Sun Myung Moon was born in 1920 in rural Korea.
Sun Myung Moon, "Declaring the Era of the Peace Kingdom: Address to the United States Congress", March 23, 2004.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Sun_Myung_Moon   (1456 words)

 Let Us Be the Ones Jesus Wants - Sun Myung Moon
Similarly, since Jesus appeared on this earth with the mission to restore all humankind, the feelings and senses that Jesus expressed in words and felt with his body were fundamentally different from those that we speak and feel with our bodies these days.
Jesus felt indescribably sad when he came to be crucified owing to the distrust of the Jewish people who had been prepared for the sake of God's will.
Jesus, who propagated words of truth to save all of humankind, cried out to the Jewish people at that time, "Those who have ears, listen!" Jesus said these words because he was certain that those who had righteous ears would listen to him and consider the words they heard as words of life.
www.tparents.org /Library/Moon/Publications/Sermon02/SM002-03.htm   (7603 words)

 The Washington Times Reports that Sun Myung Moon is God   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Sun Myung Moon are those exemplars and have opened the gates for all people to inherit, through them, God’s completed salvation, prophesied in all scriptures.
John Wesley (Missionary and Revivalist): I, John Wesley, proclaim that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parent of all humankind and I pledge and pledge again to live according to the direction and teachings of the True Parents.
Reverend Sun Myung Moon is qualified to be the Messiah of the Completed Testament Age, and the True Parent of all humankind.
www.usasurvival.org /ck7502.shtml   (6827 words)

 Sun Myung Moon and Family - Fast-Facts www.xmoonies.com
According to a disciple of Moon's, Moon heard from his cousin where his abandoned wife was, but he didn't bother to go to her or his son.
Moon had guests in his shack at the time, and instead of talking with his wife, he continued back with the guests as if she didn't exist.
Sun Myung Moon and Hyo-won Eu, Hyo-min Eu, Hyo-young Eu, and Won-pil Kim were arrested and sent to Seodaemun Prison on charges of illegal confinement and avoiding the military draft.
www.geocities.com /craigmaxim/f-1a.html   (1719 words)

 Salon.com News | Hail to the Moon king   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Moon preaches that gays are "dung-eating dogs," Jews brought on the Holocaust by betraying Jesus, and the U.S. Constitution should be scrapped in favor of a system he calls "Godism" -- with him in charge.
Moon has also made inroads in the Bush administration, as Salon reported last September, with plum appointments for former or present Moon VIPs, and almost half a million dollars in abstinence-only grants supporting Moon's anti-sex crusade.
The inquisitor, a man Moon apparently believed was the reincarnation of his son, was allegedly encouraged to tie people to radiators and beat them.
fairuse.1accesshost.com /news2/moon-salon.html   (1225 words)

 Letter to Clergy
Jesus was unable to lay a foundation of substance.” (Thomas Cromwell, Essentials of the Unification Principle: Teaching of Sun Myung Moon, New York, The Inter-religious Leadership Seminar, NY, 1994, p.169).
Moon claims that the divorce was because she failed to become the perfect wife.
Sun Myung Moon is pictured in the Washington Times receiving a large award, for his work supporting family values, from an ecumenical group of clergymen.
www.tlem.net /lettertoamericanclergy.htm   (4805 words)

 Do Not Depart Out
Sun Myung Moon - believed he was the second coming of Jesus and his wife was the Holy Spirit.
We must keep in mind that even though the Lord Jesus gave us the method in the gospels, it was not until He wrote to the CHURCH in Corinth that He made it a command.
One of the first places the Lord Jesus and Apostle Paul went in their journeys was to the local synagogue where they would reason with those who were gathered.
www.familyradioiswrong.com /camping_donot.htm   (5463 words)

 [No title]
On October 22, 1981, Sun Myung Moon was summoned for his arraignment in New York City at the Foley Square federal complex, where he pleaded not guilty to a set of indictments ranging from fraud to tax evasion.
Jesus Christ, as Lord of the First Advent, was to marry a sinless woman and com­mence the course of full redemption for everyone through his sinless family.
Moon continues his teaching, saying that the Lord of the Second Advent must fulfill what Jesus left unaccomplished; that is, establish the kingdom of God on earth by perfecting himself, his family, his nation, and the world.
www.equip.org /free/DM182.htm   (2365 words)

 The Consortium
Moon was such a pal of the Argentine generals that he garnered an honorary award for siding with Argentina's junta in the Falklands War.
Moon followed the ex-president to the podium and announced that "it has to be Reverend Moon to save the United States, which is in decline because of the destruction of the family and moral decay." [Washington Post, Sept. 15, 1995]
With growing virulence, Moon has denounced the United States and its democratic principles, often referring to America as "Satanic." But these statements have gone virtually unreported, even though the texts of his sermons are carried on the Internet and their timing has coincided with Bush's warm endorsements of Moon.
www.consortiumnews.com /archive/moon1.html   (2876 words)

 [No title]
Sun Myung Moon was born on January 6, 1920, into a family of farmers that had tilled the land for centuries.
Reverend Moon was portrayed as a hypnotist and an agent of a foreign government.
Moon, as she delivered the address, "True Parent's and the Completed Testament Age" in 44 cities in America, 27 cities in Japan, on 40 university campuses in Korea, and 41 nations around the world.
www.unification.org /rev_mrs_moon.html   (4136 words)

 Jesus Christ - religious cults, sects and movements
To Christians, Jesus - the second person of the Trinity - is the Son of God.
Step by step, scene by scene, Yancey probes the culture into which Jesus was born and grew to adulthood; his character and mission; his teachings and miracles; his legacy--not just as history has told it, but as he himself intended it to be.
And among the things that we discover is that Jesus himself leaves us few options: either he was who he said he was or he was nuts.
www.apologeticsindex.org /j20.html   (1150 words)

 Sun Myung Moon - General Teachings/Activities
Moon is a permanent resident of the U.S. (since 1973), and believes that the U.S. will be the future base of operations for the "Lord of the Second Advent" (a title to which Moon himself has laid claim!).
Moon's theology is a mind-boggling mixture of Pentecostal "Christianity," Eastern mysticism, anti-Communism, pop psychology, and metaphysics.
Moon was present at this last séance and his comments were tape recorded and later transcribed.] Though the Christian ordinances of baptism and communion are avoided by the Unification Church, it readily accepts clairvoyance, automatic handwriting, and mediumistic trances.
www.rapidnet.com /~jbeard/bdm/exposes/moon/general.htm   (4103 words)

 The Gadflyer: Tear Down the Cross   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
One series of photos found on Moon's web site, but purged after receiving unfavorable attention earlier this year from evangelicals, shows Massachusetts preacher John Kingara taking down the cross from his church, hauling it behind the old brick building and hoisting it into a dumpster.
Moon was keynote speaker last week, declaring in remarks reprinted by the Times that "God's heart is under confinement." In some ways it was a repeat performance of the Senate coronation ceremony, which the New York Times editorial page compared to an act of the mad emperor Caligula.
Moon preaches that Jesus failed to start a family, which is why God is "confined," as he said Tuesday -- grieved by his son's having blown it for mankind, with the Nazi Holocaust a punishment for the Jews' failure to unite behind the King of the Jews.
gadflyer.com /articles?ArticleID=258   (1838 words)

 Sun Myung Moon Cult
Sun Myung Moon has also made some statements that should make every Christian stand up and object, and every American take serious and careful note.
When the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife were crowned the "King and Queen of Peace" on March 23rd -- inside the Dirksen Senate Office Building with Members of Congress looking on -- few news outlets took notice.
Using his swindled money, political operatives and front groups, Sun Myung Moon has been wildly successful in moving our nation, and more specifically the Republican Party, hard right to the point where what would be extremism a couple decades ago is now considered everyday "conservatism" today.
www.retakingamerica.com /sun_myung_moon_001.html   (2267 words)

 EDITOR'S CHOICE: All or nothing statements
Jesus is not divided, so denominational division did not come from Jesus.
Sun Myung Moon - Founder of the Unification Church ("Moonies")
“The True Jesus Church is the true church restored by God through the Holy Spirit of the latter rain.
www.adishakti.org /_/all_or_nothing_statements.htm   (4961 words)

 MediaChannel.org - REPORTS | UPI and Moon
When the sale to Moon was announced, veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas, UPI's most revered and honored employee, handed in her resignation rather than pick up her paycheck from Moon.
In 1982 Moon established the Washington Times newspaper as his flagship publication in the United States, and as the major conservative alternative to the Washington Post in the nation's capital.
However, with Moon's practically unlimited financial resources the Times survived, reaching its apex in terms of visibility when then President Ronald Reagan acknowledged that it was the one newspaper he read thoroughly.
www.mediachannel.org /originals/upi-moon.shtml   (777 words)

 MediaChannel.org - Frontline: Reverend Moon
These are the images many still retain of Moon and the "Moonies," as his followers once called themselves: mass weddings of complete strangers chosen as mates by Moon; flower-peddling in the street; and repeated allegations of mind control and brainwashing.
Moon's evangelical mission eventually landed him in a North Korean labor camp, where he claims he was tortured repeatedly.
Sun Myung Moon's Japanese followers soon took to the streets as political activities on behalf of conservative business interests became central to the Unification Movement.
www.mediachannel.org /originals/moontranscript.shtml   (3735 words)

 Newsmax Conceals Truth About Sun Myung Moon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Jesus Christ is even quoted as saying that Moon is His Messiah: "Now I will follow the true teacher who had revealed new truth.
Moon has reportedly been married 4 times, his son committed suicide, and his former daughter-in-law wrote a book, In the Shadow of the Moons, on how another Moon son, a drug addict and alcohol abuser, physically abused her.
The paper's ownership by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon provided a convenient straw man for the nation's liberal media to attack this new independent voice that eschewed ideological bias in favor of good, hard-nosed reporting.
www.usasurvival.org /ck052302.shtml   (1927 words)

 Inchon - Moon's Multi-Million Movie Flop with Laurence Olivier and Jaqueline Biset, Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church, ...
Moon says that all Christians that believe Jesus can appear in the sky are Foolish (His words).
It is suggested that this was a showing of Jesus "love" and "concern" for the nation of Korea, and His protection of it.
I am sorry for the members that are still denying to themselves that this is not a man of God, but a selfish man, that uses people to maintain the very wealthy Lifestyle that he enjoys at their expense.
www.geocities.com /craigmaxim/m-8a.html   (1098 words)

 WashingtonPost.com: The Cult Controversy
Instead he found himself caught in the fiercely effectionate political and religious indoctrination of the Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.
The idea that there was some relationship between Tongsun Park and Sun Myung Moon however remained strong in Warren Adler's mind.
A day after their arrival on the West Coast and after careful coaching from Daphne Greene, Warren, Sunny and another son, John Adler, went to visit David at Camp K. "I was totally scared stiff to walk into the place," said John.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/national/longterm/cult/unification/lovebmb.htm   (1999 words)

Sun Myung Moon claims to be "sinless", he claims to have more wisdom than Jesus, he has often said that he is greater than Jesus and he has even claimed that Jesus Christ has bowed down to him!
Moon has taught, "Abraham was the father of faith, Moses was a man of faith, Jesus was the son of man, trying to carry out his mission at the cost of his life.
Sun Myung Moon claims to be the Christ, the Messiah, and he has deceived many.
www.newcovpub.com /unification/isrev.html   (4349 words)

 Where in Washington, D.C. is Sun Myung Moon?
Wire sources report that the Paraguayan government is seizing some of Moon's holdings after accusing the church of unchecked authority over the locals and ties to the drug trade.
Twice the size of Luxembourg, Moon's land sits next to the Guarani Aquifer, a huge fresh water reserve that South Americans are accusing the Bush Administration of trying to control.
Moon's Iowa interest groups are registered to Payer, according to corporate filings.
iapprovethismessiah.com   (3608 words)

An Introduction to Life and Teaching of Sun Myung Moon
Sun Myung Moon, the Early Years, 1920 - 53
Questions and Answers with Rev Sun Myung Moon
www.familyfed.org /usa/publications/index.htm   (180 words)

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