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Topic: Jet aircraft

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  Jet aircraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unlike propeller-powered aircraft, jet aircraft normally fly at altitudes as high as 10,000 to 15,000 meters, about 32,808 to 49,212 feet standard.
The first aircraft to incorporate significant principles of the jet engine was the Coanda-1910 (Romania), piloted by its inventor Henri Coandă in 1910.
Modern jets generally cruise at speeds of 0.75 to 0.85 Mach, which is to say, 75 percent to 85 percent of the speed of sound.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jet_aircraft   (461 words)

 Jet Aircraft   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The advancement from prop-planes to the jet engine presented new problems for aircraft designers to solve like new aerodynamic factors and new forces with which propeller-driven aircraft previously had not had to deal with, most notably the sound barrier.
Jet airplanes, such as the F-22, have gigantic payloads to be filled with missiles and bombs.
Due to the jet aircraft thousands of US soldiers were kept at a safe distance, and the war won.
www.geocities.com /joshcypher   (750 words)

 List of jet aircraft of World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bell XP-59A–first jet-powered aircraft to fly in the U.S. October 1, 1942), first jet fighter (P-55A Airacomet) built in the U.S. during World War II.
De Havilland Vampire was the second jet engined aircraft commissioned by the RAF during WW II.
Heinkel He 178 – was the world's first aircraft to fly under turbojet power, and the first practical jet plane.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_jet_aircraft_of_World_War_II   (363 words)

 MidAmericaJet - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
, Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport, MidAmerica Jet is the full-service FBO in western Kentucky and southern Indiana.
MidAmerica Jet is the Jet Charter Service in the region, catering to Corporations and businesses of all sizes, individuals, and many sports teams and other groups who have special travel needs.
MidAmerica Jet is audited by the FAA for aircraft maintenance and aircraft charter.
www.midamericajet.com   (264 words)

 Improved Jet Aircraft - US Air Force Museum Post-WWII History Gallery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Numerous new jet fighter designs were tested in the late 1940s, but only the F-84, F-86, F-89, and F-94 were produced in significant quantities.
To provide jet training for pilots, the USAF in 1948 adopted a two-seat version of the Lockheed F-80, later designating it the T-33.
Jet propulsion was also incorporated into the design of new bombers, but only the B-45 and B-47 were ordered into full production in the late 1940s.
www.wpafb.af.mil /museum/history/postwwii/ija.htm   (211 words)

 JetQuest The Airplane People
All corporate aircraft marketing firms can advertise, market and provide exposure to your aircraft, however, the bottom line is people do business with people.
Jet Quest was founded on the idea that customers, not aircraft are the source of our business.
Most aircraft brokers also inventory aircraft and are concerned with selling their own aircraft - Jet Quest focuses strictly on brokerage, making each brokered aircraft our number one priority.
www.jet-quest.com   (258 words)

 Jet Aircraft Kits
The aircraft may be landed slower yet if speed brakes, wing and body flaps are used.
Using the KandB 7.5 engine and JHH Turbax I, the aircraft is capable of 125 mph flight speeds, and upwards of 150 mph with larger engine ducted fan systems.
This aircraft has plenty of room for turbine fuel and has recorded speeds of 160 mph with the Golden West Models turbine.
www.scalercmodels.com /jetaircraftkits.html   (1935 words)

 Jet Charters, Executive & Private Jet Charter - Studio Jet Charter
Studio Jet Inc, a premiere executive air charter service and Villa Castellamonte, a hugely popular luxury holiday villa located in the Dominican Republic, today announced a strategic alliance to immediately begin providing comprehensive ultra luxury villa holiday packages that includes roundtrip private air charter service to the Dominican Republic.
Unlike many jet charter brokers and operators that try to fit you into "their jets," Studio Jet Charter searches for the best executive private jets to meet your needs, and searches over 4,000 private jet aircraft worldwide to get you the best jet charter pricing available.
Our dedicated executive jet charter staff is trained and ready to handle anything that comes their way.
www.studiojet.com   (549 words)

 Jet Network - Aircraft Charter
During the past twenty four years, he has completed commercial jet aircraft transactions totaling $7 billion with nearly all of the major household name airlines throughout the world.
Svensen was the co-founder and senior vice president of Sentient Jet, a subsidiary of TH Lee Putnam Investments, Inc. In this role, Mr.
Prior to founding Sentient Jet, Paul was a partner in Sentient’s predecessor company eBizJets, Inc. and Worldwide Aviation, LLC, a FAA 135 charter operation based in Massachusetts and Melbourne Florida, which operated heavy and mid-size business jets throughout the United States.
www.jetnetwork.com /about.cfm   (647 words)

 Ground Jet Blast Hazard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The fact that few serious jet blast incidents and accidents occur during millions of ground operations annually is a tribute to the training and professionalism of air carrier flight and ground crews, and to the continual care they exercise in ground operations.
Incidents of jet blast damage that occurred on ramps were invariably associated with sharp turns of the aircraft during an engines-on pushback, powerback, taxi-out, or taxi into a gate.
Large (LGT) aircraft weighing between 150,001-300,000 pounds, such as the B-727, B-757, and A320, were the most frequent source of jet blast damage by nearly a two-to-one margin, accounting for 45 percent of the damage incidents reported to ASRS.
asrs.arc.nasa.gov /directline_issues/dl6_blast.htm   (3974 words)

 Jet and Rocket Aircraft WWII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The 'ram' jet is simple in concept with the force of air ramming into the engine being sufficient for fuel to be introduced and ignited.
The Jumo jet engines had a life-time of only ten hours mainly due to the use of steel instead of rare metals (such as chromium) which would have stood up better to the extremely high temperatures of the turbo-jet but were very scare.
280 aircraft were completed before the end of the war (and another 800 were found in various stages of completion in the factories), but only a handful actually saw action, in the hands of regular pilots.
www.ww2guide.com /jetrock.shtml   (5692 words)

 Universal Jet - Aircraft Charter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Corporate jets maximize the use of your time, helping you achieve in just one day, what could otherwise take three days by scheduled airline flights.
Chartering your own aircraft exclusively puts you in control, not only of your travel arrangements, but also of your security.
As a leader in the jet charter industry, Universal Jet Aviation is committed to providing comfortable, cost-effective, efficient service.
www.ujet.com /aircraftcharter.html   (189 words)

 Aircraft sales, jets for sale - Aircraft Sales Investment Group
Aircraft Investment Group, Inc. is a full service aircraft sales and jets for sale marketing firm.
The knowledge your jet aircraft broker is handling your aircraft sales with expertise.
We understand the purchase and sale of an aircraft, with their high-market values, is a decision only made when all the facts are present.
www.aircraftinvestmentgroup.com   (331 words)

 Private Jet Charter, Aircraft Charters And Executive Jet Charter To Serve The Traveling Public
With private jet charter you are able to set your own schedule.
The only passengers on the aircraft are your own staff or invited guests.
You will find private jet charter offer security, safety, flexibility and convenience, which could result in less time on the road and fewer overnights.
www.corporatecharters.ca /private_jet_charter.htm   (507 words)

 Learjet 23/24
The Learjet 23 became the first small jet aircraft to enter mass production as well as the first to be developed and financed by a single individual.
The original Model 23 was a seven-passenger jet (later increased to nine) including two pilots, fully pressurized with windshield and large cabin windows fabricated from stretched and laminated acrylic plastic.
business jet was an immediate commercial success, with more than 100 sold by the end of 1965 at an initial price of $540,000 each.
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/GENERAL_AVIATION/lear/GA13.htm   (993 words)

 AIAA - Book - Civil Jet Aircraft Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This book represents a comprehensive introduction to the modern process of designing transport aircraft from the preliminary stages of conceptual design to detail design of major aircraft components, including cost analysis and optimization.
One of the main objectives of this text is to introduce students to the procedures and practices of civil aircraft design involving conflicting requirements of performance, quality, safety, and environmental issues.
The first part of the text deals with the main elements of the preliminary design process for principal aircraft components of a civil transport, including the parametric methods used to define the baseline design configuration.
www.aiaa.org /content.cfm?pageid=360&id=621   (332 words)

 Northern Jet Management : Aircraft Operation and Maintenance
Aircraft Service: We have earned a reputation as a leader in private aviation and flight support, providing a wide-range of services designed to provide value, convenience and total customer satisfaction.
Aircraft services include fueling, the availability of certified Professional Line Service Technicians (PLST®), hangar parking, de-icing and extensive detailing capabilities.
Maintenance: At Northern Jet Management Inc.™, we are responsible for the airworthiness for aircraft operated by The Company Jet™ and Northern Jet Management.
www.northernjet.net /Maintenance.html   (466 words)

 Tavaero Jet Charter - Aircraft Charter, Sales, Management - Houston, Texas - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Flexible aircraft fleet selection: Today’s demanding traveler requires the flexibility of a charter company to provide the right aircraft to match the desired results.
We work as a single unit to make all this happen so smoothly it appears to be effortless; while in fact a great deal of planning, coordination and follow-up goes into every flight to provide our passengers, their companies and families with a complete sense of confidence about every aspect of their trip.
Aircraft Charter Visit our charter area to explore the world of options that Tavaero has to offer.
www.tavaero.com   (519 words)

 Welcome to Georgia Jet!
Georgia Jet was founded in 1985 by James Justice to provide exclusive worldwide air charter service to the discriminating executive travelers abroad.
Aircraft Charter - We offer a diverse fleet of aircraft along with several Partnership Programs allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of charter at a significantly reduced rate!
Georgia Jet makes it easy no matter what type of aircraft you require, or where you reside.
www.gajet.com   (273 words)

 Tennessee Jet - Aircraft Sales   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The sale or acquisition of business aircraft is an increasingly complex process, and requires considerable thought and knowledge of available options.
Whether buying or selling for our clients, Tennessee Jet Aircraft Sales makes every effort to educate them on the realities of the market-what the value is of an aircraft and the current demand from both the buying and selling sides of the transaction.
At Tennessee Jet, we conduct our business with the highest level of professionalism and integrity and we will not allow these qualities to be compromised.
www.tennjet.com /aboutus.htm   (262 words)

 Amazon.com: The History of German Aviation: The First Jet Aircraft (Schiffer Military/Aviation History): Books: ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In August 1939 in Germany a small propellerless aircraft took off on its maiden flight under conditions of utmost secrecy: the world's first jet aircraft.
On the other hand the designers of jet engines initially encountered almost insuperable problems, for in wartime high-quality raw materials such as nickel, cobalt and molybdenum were unobtainable and substitute materials had to be used in their place.
The development work on these first jet aircraft led to a tremendous technological leap forward; it was the beginning of advanced technology in aircraft design., over 260 b/w photographs, line drawings, 8 1/2" x 11"
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0764304887?v=glance   (675 words)

 Jet Transport Aircraft Available for Sale & Lease
Summary details of all the jet transport (DC-9 and larger) aircraft that are currently available for sale and for lease, and are listed in the current issue of
However, contact information for the person offering the aircraft and the serial numbers of the aircraft is not provided.
, please complete and return an aircraft information profile, or send a copy of the aircraft specifications (which should include the manufacturer's serial number) to Merlin Associates.
www.airtrading.com /jta.htm   (1600 words)

 Air Charter Services - Executive & Private Jet Aircraft Charters
From the convenience of scheduling an aircraft charter to the security you'll feel as you fly, Mayo will make your flight time more effective.
We exceed requirements established by both the FAA and aircraft manufactures.
At Mayo Aviation, every member of our staff is committed to ensuring the safety of our charter aircraft and the people on board.
www.mayoaviation.com /charter.html   (255 words)

 Executive Jet Charter, Aircraft Charters And Helicopter Charter To Serve The Traveling Public
Corporate Aircraft Jet Charters, being one of the only executive jet charter brokers in Canada, offers all charter clients an opportunity to compare costs when looking at business aircraft charters, as a possible alternative to commercial flights.
With a large number of jets and helicopters, Corporate Aircraft Charters has the freedom to accept last minute reservations or modifications for any type of flight.
From executive jet charter to aerial sightseeing to sports teams' charters, our flexibility is molded to meet your every need.
www.corporatecharters.ca /executive_jet_charter.htm   (549 words)

 Tennessee Jet - Aircraft Sales
Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, NE facilitated the deal and the aircraft was acquired from SeaCorp Leasing in Wooster, OH.
The aircraft was subsequently sold to DFE Partners in Springfield, MA.
Tennessee Jet recently acquired Citation 650-127 from Bombardier Capital and sold the aircraft to James M. Hammond of Plymouth, MN.
www.tennjet.com   (81 words)

 HOBBIES : Other : Radio Control Jet Aircraft : DIY Network
Guest RC "jet jock" Gordon Daniel discusses the features and operation of jet-powered RC aircraft.
The super-highspeed Bandit radio control jet is capable of speeds upward of 280 mph.
The most extreme of all extreme radio control aircraft are the RC jets, powered by real miniaturized jet engines and actual jet fuel.
www.diynetwork.com /diy/rc_other/article/0,2033,DIY_14223_2273913,00.html   (422 words)

 Air Charter Network - 1.866.LEAR.JET - Jet aircraft charters
The private aircraft are based all across the United States and available on a moments notice.
If it's a jet you require, we have access to: Learjets, Citations, Gulfstreams, Challengers, Hawkers, Falcons, Boeing 727s, and other jet aircraft.
Part 135 (aircraft for hire)operators forward their empty legs to us and are posted on a daily basis.
www.legseek.com /pages/request.html   (971 words)

 Fractional Aircraft Ownership - Private Jet Aircraft Sales - NetJets
Choose an aircraft that best meets your most common flying needs and exchange to other aircraft types within the NetJets fleet to fulfill specific missions (downgrades are guaranteed, upgrades are subject to availability).
NetJets aircraft are amongst the safest and most reliable and have historically retained high residual values.
The Hawker 800XP is comprised of both 6 and 8 passenger configured aircraft.
www.netjets.com /Fleet/Aircraft_Details.asp   (319 words)

 Average Jet Aircraft Mechanic Salary. Jet Aircraft Mechanic Job, Career Education & Unemployment He   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The median expected salary for a typical Aircraft Mechanic (Jet) in the United States is $71,244.
This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals' analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies.
Identifies hazardous aircraft conditions and determines when aircraft should not be flown.
swz.salary.com /salarywizard/layouthtmls/swzl_compresult_national_TR20000022.html   (246 words)

 Advanced Air Ambulance: Dedicated Lear Jet Air Ambulance Aircraft for Air Evacuation & Air Charter
The Lear jet aircraft has long been the leader in high performance air ambulance aviation.
For lifeguard missions applications, Lear jets are configured to house sophisticated airborne and medical equipment.
In addition to the Lear Jets, we offer other class of jet aircraft that are larger and more expensive.
www.flyambu.com /learjets.htm   (161 words)

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