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Topic: Jet (band)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Jet Music Guide - WikiMusicGuide, the Music Wiki
Jet's performance on their concerts were flawless and they gained a loyal fan base in their native Australia, just as The Vines were starting to gain popularity worldwide.
Band member Chris Cester says the album is a reminder to forget your problems and celebrate the moment instead.
Jet was the supproting act from Oasis in their Don't Believe The Truth tour in 2005.
www.wikimusicguide.com /Jet   (583 words)

 Flying in the Jet stream - www.theage.com.au
Denim-clad Jet singer Nick Cester is slouched back in his couch discussing drugs when bandmate Mark Wilson walks into the room, half an hour late, hungover and holding a plastic bag with a pack of cigarettes and an Animals LP inside.
But the band is only too ready to recall, with little nostalgia, their nascent days playing venues such as the Rochester Castle and the Greyhound.
A break from the live scene allowed the band to refine their arrangements and their sense of melody: a subsequent return to live performance with a residency at Prahran's Duke of Windsor set off a bidding war between labels keen to sign the act.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2003/09/27/1064083207784.html   (981 words)

  JET JOHNSON: A band who advise that we be beautiful
The line between innocence and the whimsical is a thin one, and as a tightrope it's one which many bands would fear to walk.
For the meantime, the band have made a move to Oslo, Norway and are currently writing new material and performing local shows there.
Jet Johnson's Theremin laden 8 track version of "What's With Your Heart" is now available on this compilation CDR which comes with a fanzine from Bristol based Glaive Records.
www.seriouslygroovy.com /jet_johnson.htm   (1542 words)

  Jet -Get Born - Elektra Records - CD
But there is an element of this band that sits quite well, well enough for the 40 something listener who have all but shunned the vagaries of rock as it plods along with no substantial lasting values other than a timeline.
And so I take this time to alert all children of the 70s and 80s that Jet is a band out of time; one to be appreciated and enjoyed.
Jet was born many years too late to fully be what they could have been.
www.musictap.net /Reviews/JetGetBornCD.html   (746 words)

 No Life 'til Metal - CD Gallery - Jet Circus
Jet Circus were formed in Sweden by two ex-Leviticus members, vocalist /guitarist Terry Haw and bassist Ez Gomer.
Jet Circus are made up of two former members of Leviticus, but sound nothing like their former band.
Jet Circus knew how to write a good commercial hook but they also were not afraid to experiment a bit.
www.nolifetilmetal.com /jetcircus.html   (487 words)

 Pollstar -- HotStar Jet
It was Jet's fourth visit to the States, but this time the band was playing to more than a just couple people at a small bar.
Jet landed support slots for The Rolling Stones' recent visit to Australia, where Keith Richards gave the band one of the coolest compliments ever.
He said that most bands these days know how to rock but Jet is one of the few bands that knows how to roll.
www.pollstar.com /news/viewhotstar.pl?Artist=JET   (927 words)

 MySpace.com - JET - Melbourne - Rock - www.myspace.com/jet
I know no one likes it when bands do this but all we ask is just a minute of your time to check us out.
We're not a greedy band who already has millions of plays and are just trying to beef up our numbers.
I know a lot of bands that keep their fans informed so I think it is courteous to give the fans who buy/bought your cd's, shirts, concert tickets, etc. an update on what you guys are doing.
www.myspace.com /jet   (866 words)

 Jet Black Stereo on purevolume™
There’s always someone that’ll have their hand in everything the band does or is interested in doing, and that someone for Jet Black Stereo is Danny T. “He’s got a passion for words and an intensity about his voice that I just can’t describe.
The originality of Jet Black Stereo’s sounds could be attributed to the, at times, lulling piano melodies that tended to weave in and out of the almost desperate insistence of the guitars, but in reality it is much, much more than that.
The band also refuses to shy away from experimenting within their "as of yet to be fully defined" genre.
www.purevolume.com /jetblackstereo   (1704 words)

 Jet - Biography - AOL Music
The Australian garage rock band Jet is comprised of Cameron Muncey (guitar/vocals), brothers Chris Cester (drums) and Nic Cester (guitar/vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass).
Once they pressed 1,000 more, Jet was being touted in the U.K. An American deal with Elektra surfaced in early 2003 and the Dirty Sweet EP was released domestically in May. An opening slot for the Rolling Stones in Jet's homeland soon followed.
Jet also received seven ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) nominations, and won six of those including single and album of the year.
music.aol.com /artist/jet/559321/biography   (230 words)

 Band History
The band's diversity had been clear from an early stage (and may have actually contributed to the difficulty in finding a record deal, as they could not be easily pigeon holed); this flexibility and their experimental creativity were evident on an increasingly wide range of songs, with many stylistic twists and turns being showcased.
In the early eighties, the band's fascination with the Meninfl, (mysterious visitors to UFO witnesses, possibly not of human origin, who tried to silence their victims), led to "The Gospel According to the Meninfl", which gave an alternative view to biblical happenings, from the perspective of alien intervention.
During auditions, the band was soon faced with one Paul Roberts, who proclaimed "I'm your new lead singer"; upon hearing his wide vocal range and quality, the band agreed and the Stranglers MK II were born.
www.stranglers.net /b_ground.html   (2117 words)

 Jet Feature Interview At Blistering.com
If that is the only song you’ve heard by Jet, it may be enough to get you to a place they will be performing.
Jet was formed when Catholic schoolmates Nic Cester and Cameron Muncey started collaborating in 1995.
The band is comprised of brothers Nic (guitar/vocals) and Chris (drums/vocals) Cester, along with Muncey (guitar/vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass).
www.blistering.com /fastpage/fpengine.php/link/1/templateid/7799/tempidx/5/menuid/3   (1048 words)

 JET (music artist) - music, MP3s, songs, lyrics, CDs and playlists collections. Listen now. - nuTsie.com
The Australian garage rock band Jet is comprised of Cameron Muncey (guitar/vocals), brothers Chris Cester (drums) and Nic Cester (guitar/vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass).
Once they pressed 1,000 more, Jet was being touted in the U.K. An American deal with Elektra surfaced in early 2003 and the Dirty Sweet EP was released domestically in May. An opening slot for the Rolling Stones in Jet's homeland soon followed.
Jet also received seven ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) nominations, and won six of those including single and album of the year.
www.nutsie.com /music/jet   (268 words)

 Jet lyrics, Jet guitar tabs, Jet bass tabs, Jet pictures, Jet fonts, discography, biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Band fonts section Jet is another category that deserves some attention, especially for those who are big fans of the band Jet and like to collect or create band logos and such.
Our band font section has quiet a few different fonts for you to download, so you can type any text the way your favorite band writes their on their album cover.
Members will be able to submit and rate Jet tablature and lyrics, add pictures and other information about Jet such as reviews, comments, interesting facts in the history of the band Jet.
www.musiceffect.com /jet/index.html   (960 words)

 Crybabys - Austin Band Reviews - MusicAustin
This was the first album from The Crybabys and features Darrell Bath (sabre Jet+ Dogs D"Amour+ Tempole Tudor+ Ian Hunter) and Honest John Plain (Lurkers+ The Boys+ Yobs).
Shows you should check out based on the bands you've rated.
Your favorite bands that you're plugged into - we'll notify you about their new shows, music, photos, and more.
www.musicaustin.com /BandReviews/Crybabys   (687 words)

 This Old Workshop, Jet bandsaw review, woodworking
This gleaming white beauty is both pleasing to the eye and equally pleasing to the touch.
Over all the Jet 14" Band saw is a beautiful tool ready to perform solid function in your shop.
Jet's reputation for solid quality is upheld in this model, without a doubt passing the Woody Workout with flying colors.
www.thisoldworkshop.com /jet-bandsaw-review.htm   (651 words)

 Jet Summary
Jet was still a new publication during the tempestuous 1950s but lynching was an old problem in the South, dating back to slavery.
In astrophysics, a relativistic jet is a stream of fast-moving plasma emitted from an active galaxy.
Jet, a character from Wildstorm/DC Comics, and the daughter of Backlash.
www.bookrags.com /Jet   (1222 words)

 DIG Internet Radio - News - New Local Band Gets Stones Support
Young Melbourne band Jet - an outfit that has yet to record an album and has little or no live experience - has snared a spot as opening act on the forthcoming Rolling Stones tour of Australia.
The four-piece band from the outer suburbs is less than a year old but has already signed a A$3 million US record deal.
Jet comprises Cameron Muncey on vocals and guitar, Nick Sester on vocals and guitar and brother Chris Sester on vocals and drums and bass player Mark Wilson.
www.abc.net.au /dig/stories/s765037.htm   (274 words)

 The Home of Jet Z Music
Occasionally, during these shows, Jet Z may switch back over to his roots on the bass, or even pick up a mandolin for a blue grass tune or two.
Starting in the early 90’s with the band Aura Djinn, which he fronted for almost 8 years, until more recently with the band The Eightfold Way, Jet Z has always been know for playing with some of the highest caliber musicians Orlando has had to offer.
Jet Z knows how to work a crowd by making it a point to get to know his audience by taking requests or encouraging them to sing along.
www.jetzmusic.com   (369 words)

The JET Band offers a wide variety of educational and performance opportunities through its five concert bands, marching band, jazz ensemble, winter guard, and private lesson program.
The experiences that come with membership in the JET Band builds academic excellence, discipline, character, pride, and self-confidence at a crucial age which forms the springboard to even greater achievements in adulthood.
The directors of the Taylor High School Band would like to express their thanks to the JET Band Booster Organization for their dedication and support.
www.jetband.org   (138 words)

 Rolling Stone : Shine On : Review
But Jet are at their best in the high power-riff gear of "Stand Up" and "Rip It Up" (not the Little Richard hit), with singer-guitarist Nic Chester barking and bawling like an improbable trinity of Liam Gallagher, Bon Scott and Axl Rose.
Jet is one of the few exceptions in mainstream music that, when i listen too, i believe there ight be hope for good music once again.
This album is a huge leap for jet from their first album, as it is a giant leap forward for great music to come back.
www.rollingstone.com /reviews/album/11738762/review/11755731/shine_on   (1298 words)

 Band Biographies
The standard four-piece instrumentation of rock bands (drum set and lead, rhythm, and bass guitars) was developed by Texas musician Buddy Holly, who produced his own studio recordings.
The folk-rock style was further pioneered the same year by the American band the Byrds, who had a number-one hit on the Billboard magazine music charts with a version of Dylan's song “Mr.
In general, alternative rock bands recorded for independent labels, played in small clubs, and maintained a defiant stance toward the conformity and commercialism of the music industry.
www.bandbiographies.com   (3106 words)

 Book A Band -Jet Set Zydeco   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One of their most memorable shows was "The Night of the Living Accordion" at Threadgill’s when Jet Set Zydeco shared the bill with Grammy winning accordionist Joel Guzman and Cajun music prodigy Kevin Naquin.
Jet Set Zydeco’s music is influenced and rooted in the great musicians from Southern Louisiana, including Boozoo Chavis, Geno Delafose, Beau Jocque, and Zydeco Force.
Jet Set Zydeco plans include taking its motto and zydeco music on the road int Texas and Lousiana.
www.bookaband.com /browseBands/band.cfm?bandID=5181   (262 words)

 All-Reviews.com Music Reviews: Top 50 Song Chart with Song Reviews for the 1st week of July, 2004
The band is deferential to the point that it seems to have been decided that nothing musically interesting can interfere with appreciation of Boyd's brilliant lyric.
Since that record's release the band has had a bit of a mainstream resurgence with three poppy songs: their cover of Big Yellow Taxi on the Two Weeks Notice soundtrack; She Don't Want Nobody Near from the band's best of CD and now Accidentally In Love, the band's biggest hit since the 90's.
Switchfoot, a band formed in San Diego by the Foreman brothers, are the latest artists to cross over from the Christian music world to success on the pop charts.
www.all-reviews.com /music-songs/current.htm   (5779 words)

 Jet : iSOUND.COM™
The band Jet stems from the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
At every concert, Jet does a cover of the Elvis Presley hit, “That’s Alright Mamma.” Recently, Jet was also picked by the Rolling Stones to open on their Australian tour.
Jet’s influences are The Kinks, Oasis, and AcC/DC.
www.isound.com /jet   (379 words)

 DMS - Jet Set™ Electric
Australian garage rock band Jet is the latest in a series of Dean Markley-endorsing bands and artists to develop their own Markley string set in collaboration with the company.
And, of course, while designing a string set with a garage rock band called Jet, it became pretty easy for the folks at Markley to recognize that the strings could only go by one name—the Jet Set.
Jet Set strings are Nickel Plated Steel, and come in one special gauge.
www.deanmarkley.com /Strings/Electric/JetSetEl.shtml   (181 words)

 Jet guest program
Just as Liam Gallagher remarked that BRMC deserved their early Oasis support slots because they 'dared to look like a rock'n'roll band' so Jet see rock music with a clarity only available to those who grew up five thousand miles away.
Where British bands subconsciously obey the whims of a media for whom rock's central texts (Beatles, Stones) are somehow seen as passe, Jet bring with them a lucidity and freshness that comes from both youth and sheer Oz-centric bloodymindedness.
Jet don't know the rules, and even if they did, they'd break them.
www.abc.net.au /rage/guest/2004/jet2.htm   (1047 words)

 Jetfuel Casanovas
Due to personal issues Ben D has been asked to leave the band and we are in search of a new drummer.
Since the administrative side of the making of the record has delayed the release Jet fuel Casanovas are regretful to announce that the release of our new record is postponed until fall.
And thou the delay are a fact we’ve decided to record some more new and old material to complete the record to a full length rock’n roll crescendo for you to love.
jetfuelcasanovas.com   (265 words)

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