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Topic: Jewish holiday

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  Judaism 101: Jewish Holidays
Holidays end at nightfall of the date specified on most calendars; that is, at the time when it becomes dark out, about an hour after sunset.
The "work" prohibited on those holidays is the same as that prohibited on Shabbat, except that cooking, baking, transferring fire and carrying, all of which are forbidden on Shabbat, are permitted on holidays.
This extra day is not celebrated by Israelis, regardless of whether they are in Israel at the time of the holiday, because it is not the custom of their ancestors, but it is celebrated by everybody else, even if they are visiting Israel at the time of the holiday.
www.jewfaq.org /holiday0.htm   (748 words)

 B'nai B'rith: 5 Year Jewish Holiday Calendar
Thus, all holidays begin at sundown of the day preceding the date shown and end at sundown of the (last) day shown.
Shabbat is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and it is also a holiday that happens each week, Friday night at sundown to Saturday night at sundown.
The day is marked as an ancient holiday of nature and agriculture in the land of Israel and was a time of meeting and matchmaking among young people in the days of the Temple.
www.bnaibrith.org /programs/jholidays/index.cfm   (945 words)

Chanukah, the Jewish festival of rededication, also known as the festival of lights, is an eight day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev.
Chanukah is probably one of the best known Jewish holidays, not because of any great religious significance, but because of its proximity to Christmas.
He began to oppress the Jews severely, placing a Hellenistic priest in the Temple, massacring Jews, prohibiting the practice of the Jewish religion, and desecrating the Temple by requiring the sacrifice of pigs (a non-kosher animal) on the altar.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Judaism/holiday7.html   (1155 words)

 Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2006 — FactMonster.com
A holiday in many states, this day was first formally observed in Washington, DC, in 1866, when both houses of Congress gathered for a memorial address in tribute to the assassinated president.
According to the Book of Esther, the Jewish queen Esther interceded with her husband, King Ahasuerus, to spare the life of her uncle, Mordecai, and Haman was hanged on the same gallows he had built for Mordecai.
A federal holiday observed the fourth Thursday in November by act of Congress (1941), it was the first such national proclamation issued by President Lincoln in 1863, on the urging of Mrs.
www.factmonster.com /ipka/A0930969.html   (2291 words)

 Jewish holiday at AllExperts
The holiest of the religious Jewish holidays are enumerated in the Torah, in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.
Modern holidays commonly observed by Jews internationally were established by the State of Israel after its establishment in 1948, though some of these - such as the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet were popularly observed by Jews for centuries before they became formal holidays.
After Hillel II codified the Jewish calendar into a precise mathematical system, it was decided by the Talmudic sages that due to the prevalence and age of the two-day tradition it was to continue regardless.
en.allexperts.com /e/j/je/jewish_holiday.htm   (3469 words)

 Free Preview - WSJ.com
Sukkot, the annual Jewish "Feast of Tabernacles" commemorating the 40 biblical years Jews spent wandering in the desert, is getting a makeover.
The weeklong holiday, which ends this weekend, is best known for the leaky rustic temporary huts celebrants put up to eat, sleep and entertain in during the holiday.
Now, amid the do-it-yourself home-improvement craze and a movement among young Jewish families to integrate more ritual into their lives, families around the country are toting tools and prefab sukkah kits into the...
online.wsj.com /article/SB116062088311490185.html?mod=googlenews_wsj   (118 words)

 Important.ca Judaism, Jewish Holiday Calendar
Jewish holiday, (or Yom Tom or chag or ta'anit in Hebrew) is a day that is holy to the Jewish people according to Judaism and is usually derived from the Hebrew Bible, specifically the Torah, and in some cases established by the rabbis in later eras.
This holiday is characterized by the blowing of the shofar, a trumpet made from a ram's horn.
According to Jewish law, the first two days of Sukkot are celebrated as full holidays, and the next five are weekdays that retain some aspects of the festival.
www.important.ca /jewish_holiday_calendar.html   (2761 words)

 Jewish Holiday Calendar
Jewish Holiday Calendar Fact #10: As mentioned, the term "Regalim" primarily means "foot" or "leg", as in a journey on foot or a pilgrimmage, but also can mean "times", as in the times when a festival takes place.
Thus, the Yovel year of freedom is akin to the holiday of Shavuot in that on Shavuot, we attained spiritual freedom, and a spiritual elevation of ourselves from idol-worship, superstitions, and self-worship.
Eligible young Jewish men would then come to the fields and vineyards where the young women were dancing, circle the women, and then select their wives from among these girls as they were dancing.
www.angelfire.com /pa2/passover/jewish-holiday-calendar.html   (14814 words)

 Jewish Holidays - ReligionFacts
Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) is probably the Jewish holiday that non-Jews are most familiar with, due to its coincidental proximity to Christmas.
Passover is a spring holiday commemorating the Exodus - the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt in the time of Moses (circa 13th century BCE).
Over the years, the holiday has also developed into a day for celebrating (and enjoying) the fruit of the earth and focusing on care of the environment.
www.religionfacts.com /judaism/holidays.htm   (644 words)

 Holiday Celebrations & Observances
Several observances have been added to the Jewish calendar to commemorate and celebrate various events of significance relating to the Holocaust and the modern State of Israel.
One of the most important holidays of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur is a day for atonement.
The holiday of Sukkot commemorate the Lord's kindness to the Jewish people while in the desert during the Exodus.
www.92y.org /content/holiday_celebrations_observances.asp   (626 words)

 Introduction to the Jewish Calendar
Note that if a Jewish holiday were to occur on a Sabbath, it would be moved to the previous Thursday on the calendar.
However, since the Jewish year is not the same length as the solar year on the Gregorian calendar, the date will appear to “shift” when viewed from the perspective of the Gregorian calendar.
In particular, you must remember that a Jewish holiday begins on the evening previous to the day indicated on a Jewish calendar (unless that happens to be a Sabbath, in which case the date is moved earlier).
www.hebrew4christians.com /Holidays/Calendar/calendar.html   (1658 words)

 Powell's Books - The Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen: 70 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids and Make Your Family's ...
There could be no more festive way to introduce children to their Jewish heritage than through the food associated with the holidays.
The recipes are old and new, traditional and novel - everything from hamantashen to pretzel bagels, chicken soup with matzah balls to matzah pizza, cheese blintzes to vegetarian chopped liver, hallah to halvah, fruit kugel to Persian pomegranate punch.
Joan Nathan is the author of several Jewish cookbooks, including The Jewish Holiday Kitchen, The Jewish Holiday Baker, and Jewish Cooking in America, which in 1994 was named Best Cookbook of the Year by the IACP and received the James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook.
www.powells.com /cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=62-0805210563-0   (459 words)

 On a Jewish holiday, parties get more elaborate   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The weeklong holiday, which ends this weekend, is best known for the leaky rustic temporary huts celebrants put up to eat, sleep and entertain in during the holiday.
Now, amid the do-it-yourself home-improvement craze and a movement among young Jewish families to integrate more ritual into their lives, families around the country are toting tools and prefab sukkah kits into the backyard.
Wednesday, a group of Jewish community activists were to hold a Sukkot party at a club in Portland, Ore. On the drinks menu: the Etrog Lemon Drop and the Sukkah-tini.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06286/729738-51.stm   (1292 words)

Because the Jewish calendar is based on the moon rather than the sun, the Jewish holidays fall each year on varying dates of the solar three hundred sixty five day calendar.
Unlike many Jewish holidays, which are celebrated mostly in the home, this one is celebrated in the synagogue after the evening service on the eve of Purim, and again on the morning of Purim.
It is an important holiday when Jews gather with family and friends, to recite ancient tales, to reflect on the ideals of freedom and leadership, and to examine oppression and tyranny.
www.serve.com /shea/germusa/jewish.htm   (1827 words)

 Jewish Holiday Style Cookbook by Brownstein, Rita Milos - Cooking.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For each of the ten major holidays, Brownstein offers suggestions for creative projects that will bring the whole family together and mouth-watering menus that make it effortless to prepare festivities of true material and spiritual splendor.
Purim is the definitive holiday of joy and merriment, commemorating a bright moment in the often somber history of the Jewish people.
At once a handbook of creative ideas and a primer on the spiritual significance of the Jewish holidays, Jewish Holiday Style is the first lifestyle book to address these all-important rituals and ceremonies, an elegantly designed volume that blends sensational crafts and delectable cooking with the richness of Judaism's 3,300-year-old tradition.
www.cooking.com /products/shprodde.asp?SKU=274098   (513 words)

The Greeks forbade Jewish practice, but Jewish martyrs defied the ban on Torah study, Circumcision and Shabbat observance.
Chanukah is ultimately a holiday with one simple purpose: To remind us of the miracle of the oil.
The Jewish framework is its ancient calendar that revolves around the Moon.
www.jewish-holiday.com /chanukah.html   (304 words)

 Kolel: Jewish Holidays
Is it Passover, which really is the first 'official' Jewish holiday and referred to dozens of times in the Torah and the reason for not oppressing the stranger.
Unlike the Julian or secular calendar, where months are no longer bound to their lunar origins, in the Jewish calendar, a new (Hebrew) month always coincides with the new moon, and the full moon always falls on the fifteenth of the Hebrew month.
Since many of the Jewish holidays are season-specific (Passover is a holiday of spring) it cannot move more than a few weeks either way, and so the 'lunar' months must also be calibrated to the [solar] seasons.
www.kolel.org /pages/holidays/holidays.html   (742 words)

 MyJewishLearning.com - Holidays: The December Dilemma
Thus many Jewish educators will advise parents to give their children who want to celebrate Christmas a very important message: Christmas is someone else's party, not ours.
As we have learned, it is a minor event in the Jewish holiday cycle and has never, until recently, been viewed as a central celebration for the Jewish people.
Ron Wolfson is a leading North American Jewish Family Educator.  He is the director of the Whizin Center for the Jewish Future, cofounder of Synagogue 2000, and vice-president of the University of Judaism.
www.myjewishlearning.com /holidays/Hanukkah/TO_Hanukkah_Themes/Wolfson_December_864.htm   (953 words)

 Amazon.com: Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook: Books: Joan Nathan   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Keyed mostly to eight major Jewish holidays-- from Shabbat to Shavuot--the recipes represent both eastern European and Sephardic traditions, and are nicely adapted for modern cooks: processors speed preparation, and ingredients such as packaged onion soup are occasionally used.
`Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook' by the `Paula Wolfert' of Jewish cooking, Joan Nathan, is an updated composite of two of her earlier books, `The Jewish Holiday Baker' and `The Jewish Holiday Kitchen' on the 25th anniversary of the publication of the latter volume.
Not only were Jewish folk constrained by extreme poverty and the barrenness of winter, they were prohibited from access to the single most tasty and most easily preserved source of fat and protein, the pig.
www.amazon.com /Joan-Nathans-Jewish-Holiday-Cookbook/dp/0805242171   (2128 words)

 Rosh Hashanah | Jewish New Year | Shofar | Yom Kippur | Hebrew | September 22, 2006 | High Holiday
For people of the Jewish faith, Rosh Hashanah is one of the most solemn holidays of the year.
In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means, "head of the year" or "first of the year." The holiday's date is set by the Jewish calender, but it is generally in mid to late September.
Round Challah bread is served on Rosh Hashanah to symbolize the cycle of the year.
www.kidzworld.com /article/1305-rosh-hashanah   (369 words)

 Jewish Holidays, Jewish Calendar, Jewish Holiday Calendar: -- Beliefnet.com
We offer a rich range of resources to help you understand and celebrate the major and minor holidays of the Jewish calendar.
Learn traditional practices for each Jewish holiday, as well as contemporary interpretations of the holidays.
As you move through the Jewish calendar, you'll find help with basic observances, inspiration from personal stories, and wisdom from rabbinic teachings for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah, Tu B'Shevat, Purim, Passover, Lag B'Omer, Shavuot, and Tisha B'Av, as well as contemporary observances such as Yom HaShoah.
www.beliefnet.com /ep/jewish-holidays.asp   (236 words)

 JUF : Jewish Learning : Jewish Holiday Calendar
Whether you are celebrating a child's b'nai mitzvah, rejoicing in the birth of a new family member or sending love to a friend in need, JUF has a card or certificate designed just for you.
Holidays begin at sunset the evening before the day indicated.
For more information on all of the Jewish holidays, Holiday descriptions.
www.juf.org /jewish_learning/holidays_calendar.aspx   (132 words)

 Jewish Holiday Information
Seven-day holiday commemorating the fulfillment of God's promise to bring the Israelites to the Promised Land after forty years of wandering.
Eight-day holiday commemorating the Jewish victory over the Syrians and the miracle of the rededication of the Temple, when oil meant to last for one day burned for eight.
Joyous holiday commemorating the rescue of the Jews by Queen Esther and her uncle Mordecai from the evil Haman.
www.sfjcf.org /resources/jholidays   (949 words)

 Ontario 'fixed' election date moved off Jewish holiday
The provincial election has been moved to Oct. 10 from Oct. 4, Marie Bountrogianni, the minister responsible for democratic renewal, said on Wednesday afternoon.
The previous date, which fell on a holiday known as Shemini Atzeret, would have prevented Orthodox Jews from voting.
Shemini Atzeret is the eighth day of the Jewish autumn festival Sukkoth, but considered by some to be a separate festival.
www.cbc.ca /canada/ottawa/story/2007/02/07/ont-election.html   (1031 words)

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