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Topic: Jewish views of astrology

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

Astrology was, therefore the foster-sister of astronomy, the science of the investigation of the heavens.
Astrology being regarded by the caliphs as the practical application of astronomy, all the more important Arabic and Jewish astronomers who were attached to that court, or who taught in the Moorish schools were also astrologers.
Extraordinary examples of the glorification of astrology in Italy during the Renaissance are the frescoes painted by Miretto in the Sala della Ragione at Pavia, and the frescoes in Borso's summer palace at Florence.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02018e.htm   (7032 words)

 Astrology - Free Encyclopedia of Thelema
Astrology (from Greek: αστρολογία = άστρον, astron, "star" + λόγος, logos, "word") is any of several traditions or systems in which knowledge of the apparent positions of celestial bodies is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting and organizing knowledge about reality and human existence on earth.
Astrology is not considered to be a science and is separate from astronomy, the scientific study of the heavens.
Political astrology has existed for thousands of years as well, while some astrologers use ancient methods which are supposed to be able to predict the weather and weather-related phenomena (storms, floods, etc.), which is collectively known as meteorological astrology.
www.egnu.org /thelema/index.php/Astrology   (4021 words)

 Jewish views of astrology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sibylline oracles praise the Jewish nation because it "does not meditate on the prophecies of the fortune-tellers, magicians, and conjurers, nor practice Astrology, nor seek the oracles of the Chaldeans in the stars" (iii.
Astrology was practised by some Jews throughout the Middle Ages, both as a professional art and as a science.
For instance, Rabbi Barry Freundel views astrology as unacceptable, seeing it as unscientific, and thus unacceptable for Jews who live by Torah U-maddah, which is used as a motto by modern Orthodox Jews associated with the Rabbinical Council of America and the Union of Orthodox Congregations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jewish_views_of_astrology   (3642 words)

 Astrology Resource Page - astrolgy
Astrology refers to any of several systems, traditions or beliefs in which knowledge of the apparent positions of celestial bodies is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing knowledge about human affairs and events on earth.
The origins much of the astrology that would later develop in Asia, Europe and the Middle East are found among the ancient Babylonians and their system of celestial omens that began to be compiled around the middle of the 2nd millennium BCE.
This Babylonian astrology came to Greece initially as early as the middle of the 4th century BCE, and then around the late 2nd or early 1st century BCE after the Alexandrian conquests, this Babylonian astrology was mixed with the Egyptian tradition of Decanic astrology to create Horoscopic astrology.
www.tvave.com /Astrology.html   (3054 words)

 Astrology: Between Religion and the Empirical
The Babylonian star-cult is the core and the archetype of subsequent astrology.
Astrology is thus thoroughly capable, by nature, of comfortably adapting its world view to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; for the creator god of these religions, who created the world, also created the heavenly bodies and their gods.
When astrology views the cosmos as a living organism, this is thus a religious idea such as we know from, and respect as such in, nature religions.
www.esoteric.msu.edu /VolumeIV/astrology.htm   (17233 words)

 jewish astrology
The secret of Jewish astrology is to be aware that we have a soul, and that the energy of GOD and...
Jewish practice of astrological divination; on the latter, see James H. Charlesworth, “Jewish Astrology in the Talmud, Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Early Palestinian...
The Significance of Astrology in Judaism - OU.ORG Significance of Astrology in Judaism In Judaism, Astrology is not regarded as "idol worship...
www.jyotishvani.com /astrology-horoscope/jewish-astrology.asp   (854 words)

 Astrology Portal @ PrimeAscendancy.com (Prime Ascendancy)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs in which knowledge of the relative positions of celestial bodies and related information is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing knowledge about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial events.
While astronomy is the scientific study of astronomical objects and phenomena, the practice of astrology is concerned with the correlation of heavenly bodies (which historically involved measurement of the celestial sphere) with earthly and human affairs.
While the connection between celestial mechanics and terrestrial dynamics was explored first by Isaac Newton with his development of a universal theory of gravitation, claims that the gravitational effects of the celestial bodies are what accounts for astrological generalizations are not substantiated by the scientific community, nor are they advocated by most astrologers.
www.primeascendancy.com   (1553 words)

Horoscopic astrology is a very specific and complex system of astrology that was developed in the Mediterranean region and specifically Ancient Egypt sometime around the late 2nd or early 1st century BCE David Pingree - From Astral Omens to Astrology from Babylon to Bikaner, Roma: Istituto Italiano per L'Africa e L'Oriente, 1997.
Horoscopic astrology has been the most influential and widespread form of astrology across the world, especially in Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East, and there are several major traditions of horoscopic astrology including Indian, Hellenistic, Medieval, and most other modern Western traditions of astrology.
Astrology has had a profound influence over the past few thousand years on Western and Eastern cultures, along with their languages.
www.findtatoos.co.uk /astrology_info.htm   (2929 words)

 Astrology and Judaism in Late Antiquity - Jewish Astrology
The general view found in the Hebrew Bible is that the sun, moon, and stars were living creatures with definite roles to play in the universe, but who were always subordinate to YHWH, their Creator./21/ The emphasis is always on the Creator.
Astrology came to the Jews as a Hellenistic practice, and there was as wide a range of attitudes towards it as towards any aspect of Hellenistic culture.
Astrology was just one more dubious activity that could not be avoided in a fallen and imperfect world.
www.smoe.org /arcana/diss4.html   (13714 words)

 Mail-Jewish Volume 13 Number 60
(Incidentally the extreme contempt for astrology expressed by Rambam should be enough evidence to conclude that another letter in Stitskin's volume, ostensibly by Rambam to his son R. Avraham, is a forgery).
While belief or disbelief in the reality of astrology might at first seem a matter of (eccentric?) taste it actually strikes at more fundamental religious and philosophical turf, and that is the doctrines of bechira chofshis and toras hagemul (free will and consequent reward and punishment).
Indeed, reconciliation of traditional jewish perspective of goyish free will with belief in astrology is precisely the subject of a 10th century theoretical question posed to R. Hai Gaon by the benei Kabas.
www.ottmall.com /mj_ht_arch/v13/mj_v13i60.html   (2134 words)

The educators we spent three days with told us of various projects that they were working on to introduce multicultural education as well as identity and education for connection to our rich Jewish heritage into the public schools.
The process was facilitated by staff from the Jewish Agency for Israel who have created various statistical measures, professional development tools and curriculum which our ELI group will pilot upon our return.
NACIE, the Jewish Agency and Mandel Center hosted us to hear our responses to their work and receive feedback for year two of ELI.
www.israelcentersf.org /education/eli-2-israel-2004/daily-logs.asp   (1566 words)

 Miscellaneous » Astrology and Magic | AskMoses.com
When one views another's success (possessions, accomplishments, etc.) with envy, an ayin hara (evil eye) is created, which can cause harm to the object of the jealousy.
Sefer Yetzirah, one of the first Jewish books ever written, reveals the secrets of Jewish astrology.
Throughout the Bible, Talmud and Code of Jewish Law there are fascinating descriptions of how G-d channels His life force into our »read more...
www.askmoses.com /qa_list.html?h=424   (441 words)

 dictonary resource page - online dictonary
It is a fact that many historians and scholars of Judaism have been writing about how various Jewish factions have developed into forms of neo-Christianity, including the Donmeh, and now a faction of Chabad (Lubavitch) Judaism.
Zero's disingenuously claims that the existence of this body of scholarly research is only "alleged", which is a provable lie.
I'd be interested in your views on a disagreement I am having there with User:RK; see Talk:Jewish views of astrology.
www.bizhisto.com /Cr-to-Ge/dictonary.php   (6347 words)

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