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  Jim Ross Only on the WWE
As far as the Jim Ross theme is concerned it verily projects only one character that is rugged with a bad attitude and not taking a NO for an answer guy.
The company holds Jim Ross as one of their most prized possessions and due importance is given to his presence not only by the crowd but the people in the company as well.
Jim Ross mp3's have made a huge profit as these bands are dedicated to give their music a touch of his character that was dark in the beginning and very much violent in the present.
www.wrestling-history.net /raw/Jim-Ross.html   (583 words)

 Jim Ross
Jim Ross is a results-oriented professional with an extensive background in information technology consulting, with an emphasis on manufacturing systems and operations improvement—in the last 10 years, Mr.
Ross applied his consulting expertise in manufacturing-systems selection, implementation and operations improvement to middle-market manufacturers in a wide variety of industries, including food processing, electronics, metal fabrication, plastics, and high-tech computer-chip manufacturing.
Jim Ross was also the Partner-in-charge of the Information Management Division of Altschuler, Melvoin and Glasser before joining BDO Seidman.
www.morris-anderson.com /company/bios_l/jross.asp   (259 words)

 Jim Ross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James William (Jim) Ross, also known as J.R., or Good Ol' J.R. (born January 3, 1952), is a professional wrestling executive currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment working on its RAW brand as their play-by-play commentator.
Ross was originally the main voice of the WWF's Pay-per-view events when he was first brought in, calling both WrestleMania IX and the King of the Ring with Heenan and Randy Savage in 1993, although Vince McMahon took his place at SummerSlam 1993.
Ross was fired from his duties on February 11, 1994 and became an announcer for Smokey Mountain Wrestling and the NFLs Atlanta Falcons.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jim_Ross   (2160 words)

 Jim Ross Trivia - Jim Ross Facts - Jim Ross Notes
In early 1999, Ross was absent from RAW because of the death of his mother.
Jim is a sufferer of Bell's palsy, which sometimes results in temporary paralysis of his facial muscles.
Jim was "fired" from his play-by-play job by Vince and Linda McMahon on the October 3, 2005 episode of RAW.
www.tv.com /jim-ross/person/443425/trivia.html   (839 words)

 WWE Profile
Ross, as did all the WWF announcers, sported a toga.
Ross also received word that his beloved mother had passed away.
As a result, Ross was granted a leave of absence from the company.
www.gerweck.net /jimross.htm   (679 words)

 Citrus: Jim Ross is named Citrus Times editor
Ross has been a reporter in Citrus County for 12 years and has covered several beats, including courts, politics and medicine.
Jim Ross is the new editor of the Citrus Times.
For 12 of those years, Ross was one of his most prolific reporters, covering courts, police, the city of Inverness, politics, medicine, social services and tourism.
www.sptimes.com /2002/09/08/Citrus/Jim_Ross_is_named_Cit.shtml   (245 words)

 Jim Ross Political Consulting » Samples
Jim Ross Political Consulting was hired to produce television commercials for this major land use measure in Redwood City.
Jim Ross Political Consulting is a full service political consulting firm that provides its clients with the full range of activities needed to win a campaign.
Recently Jim Ross Political Consulting has defeated tax measures in San Francisco and helped to protect open space in Contra Costa County.
www.jimrossconsulting.com /?page_id=7   (284 words)

 SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - Jim Ross
Ross' background in sports includes graduating from Bill Kinnamon's Umpire School in 1975, refereeing wrestling matches in Oklahoma, working as a commentator for the Atlanta Falcons in 1982 and finally going to work as a commentator for Bill Watts' Mid-South (later UWF) territory, becoming the organization's main play-by-play man.
But tragedy struck Ross in December 1998, who suffered a second bout of Bells Palsy during a WWE tour of England and was also told of the passing of his mother.
That night on Raw, a ceremony honoring Ross and including Stacy Keibler and the legendary Danny Hodge, was interrupted by Triple H and Ric Flair.
www.canoe.ca /Slam/Wrestling/Bios/jimross.html   (1039 words)

 Jim Ross   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Jim was able to talk with both Ron and me. He said he was ready and he hoped his time would be short.
Jim is quite a history buff, so I think he enjoyed the program as the speaker was a WWII veteran who had served behind enemy lines in Germany.
Jim was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with stage 4 sarcoma cancer.
www.kubik.org /prayer/ross-jim.htm   (2637 words)

 Jim Ross of Oklahoma - Author/Publisher - Ghost Town Press
As the current movement gained momentum, Jim developed a serious interest in the road, recognizing its value as both a cultural icon and a tangible link to the past for millions of Americans.
Jim spent four years as a staff writer for Route 66 Magazine, where he focused on the road's history and articles devoted to finding older incarnations of the highway.
Jim's newest book, Oklahoma Route 66, was released in May, 2001.
www.66maps.com   (618 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Jim Ross continued to hone his skills and build his legacy until his falling out with the NWA..
December 1998: Jim Ross suffered a second bout of bells palsy, which is a form of facial paralysis, and is replaced by Michael Cole..
Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler are the full-time Broadcast Announcers on WWF/E television..
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /profiles/j/jim-ross.html   (1495 words)

 Kingsdown Names Jim Ross Vice President of Marketing
Ross brings a wealth of experience to draw on at Kingsdown.
Ross led special projects and initiatives, such as the launch of the Sealy Posturpedic line in January 2006.
Ross’ leadership, Stearns and Foster grew to over $225 million in sales, making it the largest premium bedding brand in the United States.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/05/prweb386382.htm   (438 words)

 TBLWrestling.com: Jim Ross To Have Street Named After Him
WWE announcer Jim Ross is set to be honored in his hometown of Westville, Oklahoma this weekend, including having a street named after him.
Jim Ross is considered by many experts and fans alike to be the greatest announcer to ever hold a microphone in sports entertainment.
Jim's work in television required him to reside in Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA and Stamford, CT. However, he has now returned to reside in his home state of Oklahoma Westville residents will be glad to know that Jim will return to his hometown of Westville for 2006 Loyalty Week Events.
www.thebalrogslair.com /coverage/148511612.shtml   (674 words)

 Bring Back Jim Ross to WWE RAW Petition
No matter what state he is in, Jim Ross is always on the recieving end of a rather large ovation whenever his music hits and he walks out from the back to take his spot at the announcer's table.
Jim Ross is also probably one of the few people who knows what he is talking about, knows how to talk about it, and keeps the foucs on the match.
Jim Ross is far too talented to just be swept away under the rug like this, he has too much talent and too much of a following.
www.petitiononline.com /JimRoss/petition.html   (686 words)

 Route 66 Photographs - Bios   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In 2001, Jim was inducted into the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame, and later that same year became the 4th recipient of the prestigious John Steinbeck Award for historic preservation.
Jim's photographs have been published in a wide array of magazines and books, to include Route 66 Remembered, Drive-In Deluxe, Route66:The Mother Road (75th Anniversary Edition), Route 66: Spirit of the Mother Road, Route 66 Magazine, and the AAA magazine Home & Away, among others.
Jim lives with his miniature dachshund on an original stretch of America's Main Street near the tiny Mother Road town of Arcadia, Oklahoma.
www.route66photographs.com /bios.php   (338 words)

 Grilling Jim Ross in person
Ross' face immediately lights up and he sticks out his hand and we shake.
Ross may be Vince McMahon's right hand man and isn't without influence in the WWF power structure, but he still gets simple pleasure from doing live play-by-play on RAW is WAR.
Ross is quickly ushered away for a scheduled TV interview but not before he shakes my hand again, thanks me for coming out to the press conference and tells me to call him later this week when he's back in his office in Stamford.
www.canoe.ca /SlamWrestlingBiosR/ross_01sep06-can.html   (952 words)

 Jim Ross
Investigating fraud, corruption and wrong-doing for the past 25 years, Jim Ross came to James, Hoyer, Newcomer & Smiljanich from the Economic Crimes Unit of Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth, where he successfully conducted legal investigations involving tens of millions of dollars in cases against banks, insurance companies, publishing companies and funeral homes.
Jim also worked as an enterprise reporter and business news editor in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, for large and small newspapers and for a family-owned statewide business magazine.
Jim earned his BA from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts in 1976 and the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential in 1999.
www.jameshoyer.com /jross.html   (257 words)

 Weekly Wrap Up - Eddie, Christian, Jackie Gayda, Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Eugene, More - Wrestling
Ross was slated to be replaced as announcer of Raw for several months.
Ross only resurfaced this week to pay his respects to a man who was so beloved that he couldn’t bear to let his passing go without at least writing about him if not being able to give a live tribute.
Ross will eventually do some work with WWE’s website and will have other backstage duties but, right now, there are no plans to bring him back as an announcer on Raw.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art37439.asp   (2414 words)

 Jim Ross biography, information, news, links, pictures (pics) and products (WWE Wrestling)
James W. (Jim) Ross, also known as J.R., or Good Ol' J.R. (born January 3, 1952 in Westville, Oklahoma), is a professional wrestling play-by-play announcer working for World Wrestling Entertainment on the RAW brand.
Ross is also a WWE Executive; formerly the Senior Vice President of Talent Relations, and currently the Executive Vice President of Business Strategies.
On September 29, 2003 during WWE RAW Jim Ross defeated The Coach in a "country whippin'" match to reclaim the announce position with Jerry "The King" Lawler.
www.popstarsplus.com /wrestling_men_jimross.htm   (713 words)

 Jim Ross - Wikiquote
James W. (Jim) Ross, also known as J.R., or Good Ol' J.R. (born January 3 1952 in Westville, Oklahoma), is a professional wrestling executive, and a play-by-play announcer working for World Wrestling Entertainment on the RAW brand.
Ross made his WWF debut at WrestleMania IX in 1993.
Despite being hailed by fans and critics for many years as one of the best announcers in wrestling, Ross was "fired" on air by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in the storyline of the October 10, 2005 edition of RAW.
en.wikiquote.org /wiki/Jim_Ross   (1330 words)

 Amazon.com: Oklahoma Route 66: Books: Jim Ross   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Michael Wallis, one of the foremost authorities on Route 66 today, has given Jim Ross the title "Pathfinder of the Mother Road" in his introduction to Ross' "Oklahoma Route 66." The title is well-deserved, as proven by Ross's careful exploration of Route 66 in his home state for this 75th anniversary year of the Road.
Ross writes with nicely-turned phrases that are both colorful and descriptive, but clear and to the point.
Ross pays tribute to the many persons and places who have made Oklahoma unique among the states through which it passes: Cyrus Avery, the "Father of the Mother Road," Jack "Mr.
www.amazon.com /Oklahoma-Route-66-Jim-Ross/dp/0967748127   (1745 words)

 Jim Ross Photos - Jim Ross News - Jim Ross Information
James W. Ross, also known as J.R., or Good Ol' J.R. was born January 3, 1952 in Westville, Oklahoma, is a WWE executive and a play-by-play announcer working on WWE RAW.
He was "fired" from his job on RAW as play-by-play announcer by Vince and Linda McMahon on the October 3, 2005 episode of RAW and replaced by Jonathan Coachman and later...
Created as a joint venture between NBC and World Wrestling Entertainment under the company name "XFL, LLC," the XFL was created as a "single-entity league", meaning that the teams were not...
www.tv.com /jim-ross/person/443425/summary.html   (302 words)

 Jim Ross, NBC Play-by-play Announcer
After graduating from Bill Kinnamon's Umpire School in 1975, Oklahoma native Jim Ross began his long and successful career in sports by working the sidelines as a referee for the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Conference.
Along with his broadcast position, the veteran is responsible for the Ross Report, a very popular feature at WWF.COM.
Ross is a devoted family man who enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and children.
www.all-xfl.com /xfl/multimedia/television/jimross.htm   (201 words)

 PowerWrestling.com - Jim Ross Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
- Ross and Lawler were attacked by Muhammad Hassan and Daivari.
- Ross was fired Vince, Shane and Linda McMahon and then kicked in the nuts.
- Ross was one of the commentators of the failed XFL.
www.powerwrestling.com /brands/raw/bios/files/jimross.shtml   (355 words)

 Jim Ross Dies
I only met Jim in real life one time, and he gave me a ride to my hotel on my first visit to Washington.
I was sad to hear that fellow ASP Insider and ASP.NET MVP Jim Ross died peacefully yesterday from his cancer.
He told us all about his illness earlier in the year, then carried on posting answers as if nothing had happened.
chrisfrazier.net /blog/archive/2005/11/18/406.aspx   (304 words)

 Jim Ross   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
After three years at the RMC, Duntroon, aka "the Clink", Jim Ross graduated as Lt RNZA in 1947.
Early experience was in 2NZEF Japan, followed by an attachment to 25 Fd Regt RA in Hong Kong, a garrison situation, and in Malaya with an independent 25-pr troop during the Emergency.
Articles by Jim Ross on this website include editorial comment in newsletters, Good Times for a Gunner (about being posted to Hong Kong and Malaya), The Four Fallacies of Defence (fundamental problems with our Defence policy) and Defence - minus the 'Fence' (a commentary on NZ Defence Policy 2000).
riv.co.nz /rnza/folk/ross.htm   (261 words)

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