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Topic: Jimmy Eat World

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Jimmy Eat World : iSOUND.COM™
Jimmy Eat World was created in Mesa, Arizona in 1994 by four childhood friends.
Jimmy Eat World’s debut album was entitled State Prevails, and was released in 1995.
Jimmy eat World’s musical influences are Rocket from the Crypt, Def Leopard, Jesus and Mary Chain, Fugazi, and the Velvet Underground.
www.isound.com /jimmy_eat_world   (527 words)

  Jimmy Eat World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jimmy Eat World is an American rock group from Mesa, Arizona, formed in 1993.
Jimmy Eat World formed in Mesa, Arizona in 1993.
Jimmy Eat World's most recent release was an EP entitled Stay on My Side Tonight, released digitally at digital music stores such as iTunes on September 13, 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jimmy_Eat_World   (1561 words)

 Rock On The Net: Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World released a self-titled LP and the One, Two, Three, Four EP on the independent label, Wooden Blue Records.
Jimmy Eat World found success with their music in Europe and especially Germany.
Jimmy Eat World began their own tour as headliners.
www.rockonthenet.com /artists-j/jimmyeatworld.htm   (547 words)

 Jimmy Eat World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Mesa, Arizona-based quartet has inherited the proud legacy of the one-and-only Blake Schwarzenbach, he of those two so very similarly minded emo legends which all the kids go wild for, the late, lamented Jawbreaker and the alive and kicking Jets to Brazil.
J.E.W.'s (as fans like to refer to them) first album from way back in '94 was untitled and is now out-of-print.
The label Big Wheel Recreation released the self-titled collection of the singles featured here, it was released while the band was seaching for their eventual record deal with Dreamworks.
www.epitonic.com /artists/jimmyeatworld.html   (368 words)

 Jimmy Eat World - AOL Music
Jimmy Eat World was formed in Mesa, Arizona in 1993.
Jimmy Eat World's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog].
Download, listen and watch Jimmy Eat World music, mp3's, song lyrics, music videos, Internet radio, live performances, concerts, and more on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/jimmy-eat-world/174821/main   (147 words)

 Amazon.com: Futures: Music: Jimmy Eat World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Jimmy Eat World's brand of punchy power pop is really something special these days.
I'll tell you why: the songs on this CD not only rule, they also prove that Jimmy Eat World is a highly talented rock band that is very versatile.
In short, Jimmy Eat World has just put out this energetic, electric CD and I highly recommend it for fans of rock, alternative rock, and even punk rock as well.
www.amazon.com /Futures-Jimmy-Eat-World/dp/B00061H2JU   (1462 words)

 Jimmy Eat World MP3 Downloads - Jimmy Eat World Music Downloads - Jimmy Eat World Music Videos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Jimmy Eat World\'s powerful rock sound was attracting those overseas; Clarity was popular on the German charts in 2000.
A third single entitled "Sweetness" was released in summer 2002, allowing Jimmy Eat World to eventually sell 1.3 million copies in the U.S. By 2003, the band wrapped up two years of touring; however, the Dreamworks record label closed its doors in January 2004.
Jimmy Eat World shifted things over to Interscope and joined producer Gil Norton for the recording of their fourth album, Futures, released in October 2004, followed by a nationwide headlining tour.
www.mp3.com /jimmy-eat-world/artists/146809/summary.html   (667 words)

 Ink 19 :: Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World blew into Atlanta like a fierce summer storm.
Jimmy Eat World jumped onstage and maintained that high energy from start to finish.
Jimmy Eat World rocked the house that night.
www.ink19.com /issues_F/99_06/live/025_jimmy_eat_world.shtml   (290 words)

Broke, but I don't care." Clearly, it is sweet to be in Jimmy Eat World's shoes on this Saturday afternoon in August.
Jimmy Eat World enters through the soles of my feet, shoots up my legs and smacks me right in the Muladhara chakra.
Jimmy Eat World's current release is a collection of their pre-Capitol limited pressing singles and splits.
3ammagazine.com /magazine/issue_5/articles/msf_jimmy_eat_world.html   (1133 words)

 Amazon.com: Jimmy Eat World: Music: Jimmy Eat World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
When I first bought Jimmy Eat World's self-titled album, I only really knew that I'd like their initial hit The Middle, while I hoped that there would be a few more songs I would like.
J.E.W. is able to capture youth and life perfectly through pure unadulterated great music and inspiring lyrics.
Jimmy Eat World is, indeed in a class of their own.
www.amazon.com /Jimmy-Eat-World/dp/B00005MHQO   (1171 words)

 Welcome to Jimmy Eat World Mania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Jimmy Eat World Mania is the largest, most active fansite on the net.
Jimmy Eat World Mania was created in August of 2000, so we're looking forward to our 4th Anniversary.
To become an official Jimmy Eat World Maniac, just sign up to our Mailing List where you will have access to all the latest J.E.W gossip, tour dates and all important news on the band.
www.geocities.com /jew_mania   (119 words)

 Jimmy Eat World - Pain Video
Jimmy Eat World are to release their new single at the end of September, just two weeks before the release of their much anticipated new studio album.
Musically, ‘Futures’ represents a creative peak for the band, with echoes of ‘Jimmy Eat World’, 1999’s ‘Clarity’ and 1996’s major label debut ‘Static Prevails’ combining to make the new album the band’s most enduring record to date.
Jimmy Eat World will be playing their first UK gig for a couple of years on September 23 rdat the Islington Academy, good news for their legion of UK fans who are waiting to hear the new material live.
www.contactmusic.com /new/home.nsf/webpages/jimmyeatworldx28x09x04   (387 words)

 SPIN.com: Jimmy Eat World - Futures
There are basically two ways to handle sudden success: Take it as a mandate to chase your muse, doin' it for art and adventure, or spend the rest of your days obliging folks who want to hear you play your first hit single all night long.
Two years after the massive pop hit "The Middle" and its young-people-in-their-BVDs video catapulted them from best-kept-secrecy to MTV ubiquity, Jimmy Eat World are at that crossroads.
Jimmy Eat World might still be stuck in "The Middle" a year from now, but this album's more thoughtful homestretch at least suggests the possibility of alternate futures.
www.spin.com /features/magazine/2004/11/jimmy_eat_world_futures   (495 words)

 Jimmy Eat World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Friday, August 4th @ Marquee Theater, Tempe, AZ Catch Jimmy Eat World at a special benefit show for Mark Covert, Owner of Nita's Hideaway.
The concert is all ages and is free with your $5 general admission to the track and begins at approximately 6:45 p.m.
Jimmy Eat World have confirmed plans to play this years Berlinova Festival in Germany along with Wir Sind Helden and Babyshambles!
staging.jimmyeatworld.com /main.php   (535 words)

 Book Jimmy Eat World - Booking Corporate Event, Private Party - Your Booking Agent for Jimmy Eat World
In 2001 Jimmy Eat World was a widely adored but criminally underappreciated band capable of drawing capacity crowds all over the world, but unable to find a record deal to their liking.
From its first lines—the seemingly politically charged "I always believed in Futures/I hope for better/In November"—Futures is possibly the most lyrically cohesive Jimmy Eat World record to date, with nearly every lyric wrestling with pivotal life choices and their repercussions.
To book Jimmy Eat World or to get information about booking Jimmy Eat World for an event, wedding or meeting please submit this form:
www.grabow.biz /Contemporary/Jimmy-Eat-World.htm   (1085 words)

 Jimmy Eat World - Futures : album review
Jimmy Eat World are back with another fine musical offering after a two year break.
Anyway, all whinging aside, lets get stuck into what is to be the most musical album from Jimmy Eat World to date, and that's a difficult feat given that these are the band that turned out Bleed American in 2001.
It was clear from listening to Bleed American that vocalist Jim Adkins had an immaculate voice, and to place that over fast growling guitars provided by axe man David Campbell on the first two tracks leaves a glowing hope that the follow up tracks will do as much damage to your ear-drums.
www.musicomh.com /albums/jimmy-eat-world.htm   (549 words)

 Jimmy Eat World >> Aversion.com
Jimmy Eat World would cut its teeth playing pop punk, though would venture into the realms of emo by 1996.
Jimmy Eat World Ribs Delonge, Killers Oct 23, 2006
Jimmy Eat World's off Capitol, on Dreamworks and ready to make some waves.
www.aversion.com /bands/jimmyeatworld   (200 words)

 Official Ticketmaster site. Jimmy Eat World tickets, concerts and tour dates
Jimmy Eat World formed in 1994 with kindergarten pals Jim Adkins (vocals/guitar) and Zach Lind (drums), Tom Linton (guitar/vocals), and Mitch Porter (bass).
The two had a fight one day and Ed resorted to drawing a picture of his cherubic older brother eating the world with "Jimmy Eat World" printed beneath.
Influences ranged from Rocket From the Crypt, early Def Leppard, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Fugazi, and the Velvet Underground, leaving Jimmy Eat World as a work in progress.
www.ticketmaster.com /artist/779154?brand=none   (1164 words)

 Jimmy Eat World – Music at Last.fm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
They are associated with an array of genres, including alternative rock, indie rock and pop punk.
Jimmy Eat World might not be making music anymore, but if they are, you can help keep other users informed by adding new events when they're announced.
Jimmy Eat World are a talented band with good songs, and If that makes them EMO then who the fuck cares?
www.last.fm /music/Jimmy+Eat+World   (437 words)

 Jimmy Eat World Tickets, Jimmy Eat World Concert Tickets at StubHub!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Buy great Jimmy Eat World Tickets and experience the thrill of a live concert.
Jimmy Eat World Tickets are currently not available on StubHub.
Find out as soon as Jimmy Eat World Tickets are available to buy or sell.
www.stubhub.com /jimmy-eat-world-tickets   (355 words)

 VH1.com : Jimmy Eat World : Artist Main
In 2001 Jimmy Eat World was a widely adored but criminally underappreciated band capable of drawing capacity crowds all over the...
We've combined singer/songwriters, alternative bands, and rock n roll legends who pass the test of time to produce the adult rock world class music station.
If it made headlines in the world of pop this week, we got it covered.
www.vh1.com /artists/az/jimmy_eat_world/artist.jhtml?_requestid=192574   (294 words)

 Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American: Pitchfork Record Review
Well, Jimmy Eat World are there for you.
They care like a million hearts wrapped up inside a teddy bear holding a bouquet of understanding in one hand and an undying torch of reassurance in the other.
With song titles like "Work", "Kill", and "Pain", Jimmy Eat World may have finally dragged emo down as far as it can go.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /record-reviews/j/jimmy-eat-world/bleed-american.shtml   (654 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Jimmy Eat World / Bleed American: Music: Jimmy Eat World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
On Bleed American, emo-rock band Jimmy Eat World exemplify all that is the modern radio rock sound.
I'm not going to start by saying whether this is Jimmy Eat World's best album or not, partly because it's only an objective opinion, but mainly because Clarity, Bleed American and Futures are all such fantastic albums that I find it impossible to choose between them.
If you want to try Jimmy Eat World I would personally start with Futures, their more recent album which I love even more, but Bleed American is a terrific album for any mood.
www.amazon.co.uk /Jimmy-Eat-World-Bleed-American/dp/B00005NW2R   (1431 words)

 umusic.ca :: Jimmy Eat World
With the songs written, Jimmy Eat World decided to work with a new producer for the first time ever, Gil Norton (The Pixies, Foo Fighters).
Futures is perhaps the best sounding record in Jimmy Eat World's career.
From its first lines-the seemingly politically charged "I always believed in Futures/I hope for better/In November"-Futures is possibly the most lyrically cohesive Jimmy Eat World record to date, with nearly every lyric wrestling with pivotal life choices and their repercussions.
umusic.ca /jimmyeatworld/index.php   (784 words)

We are proud to present the First Beatbox World Challenge.
Jimmy Eat World are the ULTIMATE in cool
Jimmy Eat World....luv the xtream kick ass rock...your band delivers the goods!
www.myspace.com /jimmyeatworld   (819 words)

 Jimmy Eat World Tickets - Buy Jimmy Eat World Concert Tickets, Jimmy Eat World Tour Schedule
We sell authentic tickets to see Jimmy Eat World live in concert at all US tour dates and venues.
GreatSeats.com uses secure servers to process your order for the Jimmy Eat World tour.
You may also purchase Jimmy Eat World Tickets by phone at 1-800-664-5056.
www.greatseats.com /artist/jimmy_eat_world   (246 words)

 IGN: Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World keep their music firmly planted in the present, which isn't necessarily a good thing.
Jimmy Eat World: 11 Questions - September 7, 2004
Jimmy Eat World Interview - November 29, 2004
music.ign.com /objects/701/701366.html   (209 words)

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