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Topic: Jitter

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 Jitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Phase jitter consists of peak to peak phase jitter and RMS phase jitter.
The RMS phase jitter is the standard deviation of the peak to peak phase jitter.
Cycle to cycle (or period) jitter is the variation from one period to the next adjacent period of the signal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jitter   (323 words)

 What's New at Vectron International - Jitter in Clock Sources
Jitter expressed in Unit Intervals describes the magnitude of the jitter as a decimal fraction of one unit interval.
Jitter expressed in degrees (deg.): Jitter expressed in degrees describes the magnitude of the jitter in units of deg.
Jitter expressed as a power measurement is described in units of radians or unit intervals squared.
www.vectron.com /products/appnotes/jitter.htm   (1994 words)

 Facts about topic: (Jitter)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Jitter is also the name of a set of video (The visible part of a television transmission) processing and matrix (A rectangular array of elements (or entries) set out by rows and columns) manipulation extensions to Max/MSP (additional info and facts about Max/MSP).
The RMS phase jitter is the standard deviation of the peak
The peak to peak period jitter is the worst case of cycle
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/j/ji/jitter.htm   (327 words)

 An Introduction to Jitter in Communications Systems - Maxim/Dallas
Jitter that has a sinusoidal (or periodic) form and is related to (correlates to) the data pattern.
Jitter that is bounded in amplitude and uncorrelated (to the data pattern).
Note: The maximum jitter allowable at a particular BER value is normally provided by the system specifications or by the communications standard which the system is required to be compatible with.
www.maxim-ic.com /appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/1916   (1563 words)

 PHENIX Timing System Jitter Measurements
An absolute jitter measurements is a measure of the clock jitter relative to its source at various points along a path which the clock travels as it is affected by various electronic components.
A relative clock jitter measurement is one in which the clock has been fanned out and the jitter measurement is made relative to one of the fanout components.
An additional jitter measurement was made with the fiber cable connecting the first GFM to the second one replaced by one with a 5db attenuator.
ssadler.phy.bnl.gov /adler/phenix/timing/Jitter.html   (1753 words)

 Cycling '74: Jitter
Jitter matrices may be composed of one of four data types: char (8 bit unsigned int), long (32 bit signed int), float32 (32 bit floating point), or float64 (64 bit floating point).
Jitter introduces the notion of attributes, internal variables which may be set and queried, thus permitting easier management of object state.
Jitter objects can work with matrices of arbitrary size and are designed so that they can adapt to the type and size of data that they receive.
www.cycling74.com /products/jitter.html   (1247 words)

 TechOnLine - Verifying Jitter Measurement Accuracy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Since the voltage noise is converted to time jitter by the slope of the signal's transitions, a jitter measurement's accuracy depends on the slew rate of the signal being measured.
Jitter measurement floor (JMF) refers to the lowest value a jitter measurement would produce if it were applied to a perfect source that had zero jitter.
The procedure for measuring the jitter measurement floor of a cycle-to-cycle jitter or n-cycle jitter measurement is very similar to that for period jitter.
www.techonline.com /community/related_content/29107   (2686 words)

 Highland Technology VME V850 DDG JITTER
The difficulty in measuring jitter over long timebases is that the measuring instrument (typically an oscilloscope or a high-resolution time-interval counter) will have its own internal timebase jitter, and this may well be worse than the instrument under test.
The V851 jitter was computed by removing the 27 ps HP jitter, then correcting for the fact that two DDGs were contributing to the jitter measurement.
The prieviously observed jitter excess at 4 milliseconds appears to be an artifact of the HP5370.
www.highlandtechnology.com /AppNotes/Jitter.htm   (658 words)

 Jitter & Wander Tutorial
Jitter and wander are defined respectively as "the short-term and the long-term variations of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions in time".
Jitter amplitude is specified in Unit Intervals (UI), such that one UI of jitter is equal to one data bit-width, irrespective of the data rate.
Jitter amplitude is normally quantified as a Peak-to-Peak value rather than an RMS value, since it is the peak jitter that would cause a bit error to be made in network equipment.
users.rcn.com /wpacino/jitwtutr/jitwtutr.htm   (1106 words)

 CommsDesign - Jitter Generation Poses Test Challenges to Networking Designs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Jitter is especially important in transport systems because the long physical distances involved mean that serial data has to be sampled at the receiving end using a clock recovered from the incoming data stream itself.
Jitter tolerance is a particularly straightforward type of measurement since the only jitter function required in the test set is to generate an increasing amount of jitter using simple sine-wave modulation over a range of frequencies.
Jitter transfer measurement is more exacting in that the test equipment needs to measure the amount of jitter out of a device as a function of the amount of jitter presented to it.
www.commsdesign.com /design_corner/showArticle?articleID=50500639   (2418 words)

 jitter - a Whatis.com definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
2) Jitter is the deviation in or displacement of some aspect of the pulses in a high-frequency digital signal.
Another definition is that it is "the period frequency displacement of the signal from its ideal location." Among the causes of jitter are electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk with other signals.
Jitter can cause a display monitor to flicker; affect the ability of the processor in a personal computer to perform as intended; introduce clicks or other undesired effects in audio signals, and loss of transmitted data between network devices.
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci213534,00.html   (233 words)

 VoIP Troubleshooter | Indepth Articles | Jitter
Jitter is a variation in packet transit delay caused by queuing, contention and serialization effects on the path through the network.
If jitter events are widely spaced, as could occur with LAN congestion or frequent route changes, then the increase in size of the jitter buffer may be counter-productive, delay may increase but it may be sufficiently long until the next event that the buffer size has reduced.
As adaptive jitter buffers are becoming widely used, and their operation is quite sensitive to the distribution of jitter events, it would seem essential to measure jitter in a way which reflects this time distribution.
www.voiptroubleshooter.com /indepth/jittersources.html   (2790 words)

 Urban Dictionary: Jitter
A jitter will often wear customised clothes and accessories, and believe themselves to be more individual than a trendy, however since most jitters are similar to each other, this isn’t necessarily the case.
Jitters are people who listen to punk rock e.g Greenday, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance etc. Basically good music, not crappy rap music done by a spotty kid who stutters and thinks hes hard.
A "jitter" is a slang term usually used in reference to a skater or a person that wears baggy clothes, hoodies and listens to mostly rock music (including punk rock).
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Jitter&r=s&pos=1   (508 words)

 Test & Measurement World - Resolving jitter measurement variations - 3/1/2004 - Test & Measurement World - CA385781   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The longer the interval during which jitter is measured, the greater the chance of capturing a high-amplitude error event.
Jitter causes increases in error rate as the scan approaches the threshold crossings, so the bathtub curve provides a means of calculating the jitter PDF.
The oscilloscopes and TIAs, for instance, are subject to jitter in their internal sampling clocks, which adds to the measurement of data jitter.
www.reed-electronics.com /tmworld/article/CA385781?industryid=3125   (1348 words)

 [No title]
Jitter is one of common topics of conversation in Hi-Fi audio circles.
Anyway, about jitter, that is an engineering issue, and I am an engineer, in the old-fashioned sense of the word - I went through a five-year degree while nowdays a lot of people with an accelerated one-year degree are being called engineers.
So if one of them tells you that thee's a process called "jitter" inside that box is influencing its behaviour and causing trouble, you shouldn't dismiss it just because you don't see a knob that says "jitter" anywhere on it (or rather, your professor never told you about one).
www.aoselectronics.com /jitter_article.html   (4078 words)

 Stereophile: Jitter, Bits, & Sound Quality
Jitter is not what digital sound quality induces in the listener; rather it is the instability in the clock signal that controls exactly when the analog waveform is sampled in the original A/D conversion, or when the digital word input into a DAC results in an analog voltage being produced at the chip's output.
Jitter of 1ns is typical of a good D/A processor (though Robert Harley tells me that the phase-locked loop that reclocks the datastream in the common Yamaha S/PDIF receiver chip is specified at no better than 5ns jitter).
Any jitter produced in the datastream by the CD player's laser pickup or present in the data output by the transport feeding the processor will therefore be very much reduced in level (footnote 4).
www.stereophile.com /reference/1290jitter   (1671 words)

 EETimes.com - Spectral view sharpens jitter testing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Given a mixture of random and periodic jitter, the method is able to extract the deterministic portion even though it is deeply buried in the random jitter.
Jitter induced by ground bounce and clock crosstalk is a particularly difficult problem, since it cannot easily be simulated.
To achieve a controlled jitter injection, an arbitrary waveform generator issuing a sinusoidal signal and a high-bandwidth noise generator are used for delay modulation.
www.eetimes.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=19205589   (1055 words)

 clock jitter
Jitter is defined the short-term variations (long-term or slow variations are called wander) of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions in time.
Cycle-to-cycle jitter is the period variation for one cycle compared to the perfect period (not to the next period).
In a locked loop, jitter keeps on accumulating for a period of time on the scale of the loop time constant then feedback can correct for any slower variations leading to constant amount of jitter.
www.edaboard.com /viewtopic.php?t=62212&start=0   (698 words)

 DVD Technical Guide -Chapter 2 Physical Format of Read-Only Discs- [2.1 Design Concept of the Physical Specification]
A simple calculation based on a normal distribution requires that the jitter rate be under 15.4%, and experimental results indicate that jitter must be under 16%, to achieve the required error rate.
Since it is actually very difficult to measure the peak value, the concept became to measure the average jitter at under 15%, and the byte error rate at under 5 x 10-3.
If there is no tilt, then the jitter value includes components from light source noise, circuit noise, disc noise, standard interference between symbols (inter -symbol interference), and some small amount of crosstalk from the neighboring tracks.
www.pioneer.co.jp /crdl/tech/dvd/2-e.html   (1967 words)

 Stereophile: A Transport of Delight: CD Transport Jitter
Jitter can be randomly distributed in frequency (like white noise), or have most of its energy concentrated at specific frequencies.
The jitter can be looked at on an oscilloscope, measured with an RMS-reading voltmeter, listened to through an amplifier and loudspeakers, analyzed with FFT techniques, or plotted as a function of frequency with 1/3-octave spectral analysis.
It is commonly believed that transport jitter is rejected by the input receiver and not passed to the recovered clock.
www.stereophile.com /reference/368   (1279 words)

 EETimes.com - Understanding jitter issues in OC-48/OC-192 line cards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The APLL must be designed to filter the jitter with enough margin to allow the whole system to meet jitter generation standards requirements.
Jitter transfer, jitter tolerance and jitter generation are interdependent — they are all related with the bandwidth of the APLL — meaning designers must make trade-offs in order to produce a system that meets all applicable industry specifications.
In the case of a Sonet/SDH line card's transmit data path, jitter is cumulative in the data signal between the point at which the signal is retimed by the serializer, and the point at which it arrives at the line card's optical connector as a light wave.
www.eetimes.com /story/OEG20040301S0021   (1462 words)

 Cisco - Measuring Delay, Jitter, and Packet Loss with Cisco IOS SAA and RTTMON
The amount of jitter tolerable on the network is affected by the depth of the jitter buffer on the network equipment in the voice path.
This allows the delay and jitter probes to monitor the network for predetermined delay and jitter service levels and alert network management system (NMS) stations when a threshold is exceeded.
Jitter is the variance in one-way latency and is calculated based on sending and receiving time stamps of consecutive packets sent out.
www.cisco.com /warp/public/126/saa.html   (1673 words)

 CommsDesign - Jitter Impacts on Equalized Link Performance: Part 2
Quantifying jitter components from measured data is the foundation of true signal integrity analysis.
However, given the Gaussian nature of the random component, it is incorrect to quantify a jitter histogram with a peak-to-peak number without specifying the number of samples.
The additional jitter contributed by crosstalk is dependent on the vertical contribution due to the crosstalk, and the slope of the signal at the threshold (in mV/ps).
www.commsdesign.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=16500827   (2234 words)

 Feurio-FAQ: Definition: Jitter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
As explained above, jitter correction is based on reading the "limit areas" between two read operations (which causes the jitter errors occur) twice and then performing a bit comparison between the two read "sectors".
Otherwise the problem is oftenly solved by reducing the read speed - with a lower read speed, the probability of jitter errors also reduces as the computer has less data to process and also the drive reads the data "better" at a lower speed as a general rule.
If this is the case, no jitter error occured, the data from the first two sections of the 2nd read operation are discarded and the rest is appended to the data from the first read operation.
www.feurio.com /English/faq/faq_vocable_jitter.shtml   (1155 words)

 The Observatory Monitoring System: Analysis of Spacecraft Jitter
The jitter is computed from telemetry data over the time range of the science observations, as indicated in the Event File.
For each such observation, OMS produces a jitter table showing the computed jitter as a function of time and a jitter image showing the spread of the jitter during the observation.
The jitter image may be used for PSF analyses or for image deconvolution.
www.cv.nrao.edu /adass/adassVI/hydep.html   (1380 words)

 RFC 1257 (rfc1257) - Isochronous applications do not require jitter-contro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
One of the properties of isochronous applications like voice and video data streams is that their users may be sensitive to the variation in interarrival times between data delivered to the final output device.
Because multimedia applications are sensitive to jitter, bandwidth and delay, it has been suggested that the networks that carry multimedia traffic must be able to allocate and control jitter, bandwidth and delay [1,2].
Implementing jitter control is clearly feasible - the method for restoring jitter in the last section could be used on a single network.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1257.html   (1471 words)

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