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Topic: Jizya

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  Jizya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The imposition of jizya upon non-Muslims is mandated by Sura 9.29 of the Qur'an.
Jizya is imposed on non-Muslim "People of the Book" to humble them; also, they do not have to pay zakat, which is paid by Muslims as mandatory charity.
Jizya was levied in the time of Muhammad on vassal tribes under Muslim protection, including Jews in Khaybar, Christians in Najran, and Zoroastrians in Bahrain.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jizya   (3176 words)

 Talk:Jizya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word jizya in the Qur'an does not specifically mean a monetary tax, but the term was later applied to a monetary tax.
"'Jizya' is derived from the root "Jaza" or "compensate".
The article says that the imposition of jizya was mandated by the sura, when in fact it was the word jizya that was derived from the sura, not the actual practical definition of a monetary tax.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Jizya   (9195 words)

 YourArt.com >> Encyclopedia >> Jizya   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
In states ruled by Islamic law, jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزْية;) is a per capita tax imposed on non-Muslim adult males.
Al-Marghinani, in his classical 12th century legal commentary The Hedaya (or al Hidayah), states that jizya means "retribution", and defines it as "a species of punishment, inflicted upon infidels on account of their infidelity, whence it is termed Jizyat"http://voi.org/books/jihad/app2.htm
When the people of Hirah contributed the sum agreed upon, they expressly mentioned that they paid this jizyah on condition that ‘the Muslims and their leader protect us from those who would oppress us, whether they be Muslims or others.
www.yourart.com /research/encyclopedia.cgi?subject=/Jizya   (3184 words)

 Dhimmi Watch: IslamOnline: jizya is "fair"
The jizya was not paid as a bribe for practicing their faith, but rather as compensation for not serving in the army, protection for Crusading armies and tribal warfare.
This assumes that jizya and zakat are equivalent, and other Muslims assert, as I have said, that the jizya is actually less than zakat.
If jizya is fair because Infidels to not serve in 'Crusading armies' then surely a special tax on Muslims, particularly Muslim State's who aid global jihad, is also fair, simply to pay for increased security measures and other military operations: and that tab is at the hundreds of billions and running.
www.jihadwatch.org /dhimmiwatch/archives/003260.php   (1970 words)

 It's Happening Global Discussion Forum - Dealt with Stealth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Jizya is still imposed on all non-muslims under an islamic state.
The jizya mentioned in that particular verse is a jizya imposed as a form of punishment towards the enemy who broke the treaty.
This jizya is not the same as jizya levied for non-muslims under Islamic state living peacefully or the jizya levied upon those independent kingdoms that choose to seek protection of Islamic states.
www.itshappening.com /printthread.php?t=62675   (3978 words)

 Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State
Hanifites and Malikites affirm that the Jizya may be accepted from all infidels regardless of their beliefs and faith in God.
Jizya can only be exempted from the Zimmi who becomes a Muslim or dies.
Sheik Najih Ibrahim Ibn Abdulla summarizes the purpose of the Jizya.
answering-islam.org.uk /NonMuslims/rights.htm   (4132 words)

 Salaam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Prophet was instructed by revelation to institute the jizya, a tax to be paid by non-Muslims living under the Islamic dispensation.
The practice of jizya, and the terminology 'dhimmis' (the protected ones) for those who pay this tax, is oft cited as evidence of Islam's contempt of non-Muslims and its oppressiveness.
The collectors of the jizya were particularly instructed to show leniency, and refrain from all harsh treatment or the infliction of corporal punishment, in case of non-payment".
www.salaam.co.uk /bookshelf/review.php?option=29   (2299 words)

 Origin of Islam in its Christian Environment
But if they agreed to pay the tribute (Jizya) they were to be tolerated in their religion.
But according to Moslem Law, as it afterwards took shape, the Jizya was a poll-tax levied at so much per head upon the adult male population (women and children and imbeciles not being reckoned), while the Kharaj was levied on the produce of the land.
In return for these payments the non-Moslem population were entitled to protection so far as the Moslem armies could afford it, not being required to serve in military expeditions; and they were not interfered with in the practice of their religion.
www.muhammadanism.org /bell/origin/p178.htm   (465 words)

 Faith Freedom International :: View topic - The point of jizya, the poll-tax on dhimmis
Apparently, for the first few centuries of Mohammedanism, jizya was an important source of revenue, as the Mohammedan rulers were generally in the minority.
Oh, speaking of the jizya, it is important that this "tax" not be understood as some kind of Estimated Tax form you put into an envelope and mail off to the Grand Vizier.
Jews and the Christians...should be forced to pay Jizya in order to put an end to their independence and supremacy so that they should not remain rulers and sovereigns in the land.
www.faithfreedom.org /forum/viewtopic.php?t=531   (6082 words)

They had to pay the jizya, and in order to have the right to cultivate their land, also the kharaj.
The jizya was paid in a ceremony that included a slap on the face of the dhimmi to publicly humiliate him.
In return they were expected to pay higher taxes in form of jizya, not to insult Islam, not build new places of worship, and dress in distinctive fashion so as not to be mistaken for Muslims.
www.angelfire.com /az/rescon/DHIMMI.html   (4390 words)

 Islam Spread by Sword?
The jizya, a kind of tribute, was part of a larger deal in which non-Muslims submitted to several conditions.
In addition to paying the jizya, non-Muslims were also required to wear distinctive clothing and mark their houses (which must not be built higher than Muslims’ houses), must not scandalize Muslims by openly performing their worship services, nor build new churches or synagogues.
According to some Muslim jurists, the jizya had to be paid by each person at a humiliating public ceremony, in which the person was struck on the head or the nape of the neck.
www.inplainsite.org /html/islam_spread_by_sword_.html   (2940 words)

 jizya - Britannica Concise
jizya - head or poll tax that early Islmic rulers demanded from their non-Muslim subjects.
He never abolished jizya, but the effort to collect the tax became ineffectual.
The leading contender to succeed Bahdur Shh was his second son, 'Am-ush-Shn, who had accumulated a vast treasure as governor of Bengal and Bihr and had...
concise.britannica.com /ebc/article-9368576?tocId=9368576   (384 words)

 Search results for 'Jizya'
Akbar inherited the throne, after the sudden death of his father king Humayun, at the age of 13, in 1556.
In 1579 he abolished the Jizya, a tax imposed on all but the poorest non-Muslims.
, young Akbar is enthroned 1562 Akbar, a free thinking Muslim, marries Padmini, a Hindu princess of powerful kingdom Rajaputana 1564 Akbar abolishes Jizya, a tax on non-Muslims Janangir 1605 Death of Akbar and succession of son Jahangir 1617 Revolt in the Southern states of the empire breaks out.
www.kamat.com /cgi-bin/htsearch?words=Jizya   (103 words)

 Sugarcoating Jizya,Response to Ilaila - Reader comments at DanielPipes.org
Jizya was out right tax as very high.Jizya was not for other non muslims except christians and jews.
The first Jizya of 50 % was imposed on jews of Khayber, wealthy city of jews near Madina, by Mohammed.
A 50 % jizya was imposed on the surviving jews.
www.danielpipes.org /comments/24433   (641 words)

 They dream of zimmi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
He was subjected to the payment of the jizya, a signal that he was a zimmi.
The zimmi began as an object of plunder in war and proceeded to be the property of the Muslim conqueror who would reduce him to slavery.
The forerunner of the Khalifa Omar contract was that of Prophet Muhammad himself, when in AD 628 he arrived at an agreement (zimma) with the Jews of Khayber situated 140 kms away from Mecca.
www.hvk.org /articles/0203/154.html   (598 words)

 Jihad Watch: Bostom: “Democrats” For Jihad and Jizya
The tax that is taken from the free non-Muslim subjects of a Muslim government whereby they ratify the compact that assures them protection, as though it were compensation for not being slain.
As infidels, it is expected of us, this jizya, this ridiculous impulse of the West to meet their every demands.
The jizya demanded of arab Christians living in parts of Israel controlled by muslims is just a pittance, when compared to the billions of dollars and euros demanded from the West.
www.jihadwatch.org /archives/009618.php   (2789 words)

 Smooth Stone: Levying the jizya tax in the Palestinian Authority
Jizya is a tax specified in the Koran (9:29) to be paid by non-Muslim males living in dar al-Islam, that is, under Muslim political rule.
In theory, it is what non-Muslims pay extra for the privilege of being protected by the Muslim state, in whose military they may not serve.
But Islamists, in keeping with other retrograde ideas, like reviving slavery, would like to re-impose the jizya.
smoothstone.blogspot.com /2005/12/levying-jizya-tax-in-palestinian.html   (978 words)

 Dialogue: 16-31 March 2002, The Milli Gazette, Vol. 3 No. 6
But I do not believe that they should have levied jizya since non-Muslims were serving in the army and the jizya tax is paid in lieu of army service.
Are you sure it was the jizya itself which was the cause of Hindu ill-will in India, or other measures such as the zunnar, the requirement to walk at the side of the street and let Muslims walk in the middle.
Now coming to jizya, it is mentioned only once in the Qur'an (9:29) and, read with the context, it is clear that people outside the Muslim state, who are manifestly inimical to it, are to be subdued so that they do not threaten the faith.
www.milligazette.com /Archives/15032002/1503200257.htm   (1289 words)

 “Democrats” For Jihad and Jizya - Sean Hannity Discussion
Under the Sharia’s regulations, either the non-Muslim infidels must convert to Islam, or they pay the jizya—classically, in a humiliating public ceremony which often involved blows to the head or neck—and their life and belongings are protected.
The inescapable conclusion is that the attendant Shari’a-based regulations associated with the jizya will also be imposed—all of which amount to gross violations of the most basic human rights norms (i.e., freedom of conscience, speech, and worship, codified for example, in the US Bill of Rights) accepted by modern, civilized societies worldwide.
Responding to an uncharacteristic European Union threat to terminate its own de facto jizya, i.e., “aid” payments to the Palestinian Authority, should Hamas gain significant Parliamentary seats in the January elections, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal warned about the dangers of “playing with the values of democracy and freedom”.
www.hannity.com /forum/showthread.php?p=1373744#post1373744   (1220 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: "Democrats" for Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom
jizya, a blood ransom Qur’anic  poll-tax (based on  Qur’an sura [chapter] 9, verse 29), levied traditionally on non-Muslims vanquished by jihad, and forced to live under Islamic Law (the Shari’a).
jizya will also be imposed—all of which amount to gross violations of the most basic human rights norms (i.e., freedom of conscience, speech, and worship, codified for example, in the US Bill of Rights) accepted by modern, civilized societies worldwide.
jizya, i.e., “aid”  payments to the Palestinian Authority, should Hamas gain significant Parliamentary seats in the January elections, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal warned about the dangers of “playing with the values of democracy and freedom”.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=20754   (948 words)

Jizya is only acceptable in places where they are subject to our law.
If they are a long way from our jurisdiction jizya can only be accepted from them if they move to our territory.
Jizya is accepted from them where they are because they restrained themselves until they paid peace for themselves and their lands.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/ABewley/Page49.html   (2919 words)

 A Brief History of Iranian Jews
Their houses of worship were destroyed, they could not build any new ones and jizya was increased substantially.
Payment of the jizya was furthermore to be accompanied by signs of humility and recognition of personal inferiority.
On payment of the tax a seal, generally of lead, was affixed to the payee's person as a receipt and as a sign of the status of dhimma.
www.iranonline.com /History/jews-history/3.html   (1458 words)

 yaledailynews.com - Minorities in the Muslim world view   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The jizya tax stood in lieu of the zakat.
At the end of the seventh century during the rule of Caliph Umar, when the Muslim army was not able to defend one of the cities in the Islamic empire, the Caliphate decreed that the jizya paid by dhimmis be returned to them.
And as dhimmis, non-Muslims were exempt from military service to avoid their being compelled to fight for causes in which they did not believe.
www.yaledailynews.com /article.asp?AID=20537   (877 words)

 The Imposition of Jizya
The same goes for the jizya, which related to the People of the Book and their stubbornness in accepting Islam even though it was brought to them without a shadow of doubt that it is the Truth.
It is the Wisdom of God that such penalties are meted out to the appropriate people; the same goes for the jizya, it serves a purpose and has its function.
Jews and Christians), on the other hand, were penalized by having to pay the jizya, which could have been financial or in forms of services to the state, especially militarily.
www.understanding-islam.com /related/text.asp?type=question&qid=3276   (474 words)

 The American Thinker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The jizya can be demanded only from the Peoples of the Book (Ahl-al-Kitab) and from Zoroastrians (Magus), who pledge to pay it and submit to the laws of the community.
When People of the Book or Zoroastrians ask to pay the jizya and to submit to the laws of the community, one must grant their request, and it is forbidden to fight them.
An infidel subject to the jizya who converts to Islam is free of this obligation.
www.americanthinker.com /articles.php?article_id=4495   (4840 words)

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