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Topic: Joe Camel

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  Joe Camel Campaign - Picture - MSN Encarta
Joe Camel Campaign - Picture - MSN Encarta
The Joe Camel character came under fire in the late 1990s as an example of harmful advertising targeted to the young.
In 1998 the tobacco industry and the attorneys general of 46 states agreed to ban the use of cartoon characters in tobacco advertising, a practice that many thought had encouraged young people to start smoking.
encarta.msn.com /media_701508191_761564279_-1_1/Joe_Camel_Campaign.html   (64 words)

 Joe Camel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is a clear parody of the Joe Camel character.
Joe Camel has appeared twice in Drawn Together, as a patient in "Foxxy vs the board of education and N.ray ray as a dead body".
Joe Camel is an alias for one of Phroth Humor Magazine's writers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joe_Camel   (873 words)

 R.J. Reynolds Ad Campaigns for Camel Cigarettes - Tara Mulholland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
This ad is appealing to the teenage audience because it displays Joe Camel as an icon, a role model that fans adore from their assigned seats at a concert hall.
Spectators were worried that with the publicity of Joe Camel being banned for targeting under age smokers, it would increase the amount of teens smoking just for the sake of rebelling.
With the Joe Camel ad campaign being destroyed, R.J. Reynolds showed their first act of good faith by thinking of a new strategy to appeal to "older" smokers.
www.uiowa.edu /~commstud/adclass/camel/JoeCool.html   (1731 words)

 Smoking Joe Camel
A camel isn't necessarily the most handsome of beasts, but Joe was hip, he looked suave in his tuxedo, and he always seemed to be doing the most exciting things.
Joe thought he could help America and ran for political office in 1992 using the campaign slogan "not just another pretty face." This popular spokescamel for a major US corporation received a number of write-in votes for president, but Bill Clinton won.
Although Joe wasn't an official Hard Pack member, he was instrumental in getting the group to record their "Empty Lighter Blues." Joe flew jets, raced fast cars, partied with Hollywood starlets, printed his own funny money that really wasn't a joke, enjoyed a hot tub, and motorcycled across America in search of a good time.
www.wclynx.com /burntofferings/adsjoecamel.html   (294 words)

 G.I. Joe Camel in America Part 1
The reason the camel idea never caught on was the preconceived attitudes of high Army and government officials as well as the public at large.
In Asia and Africa the camels were domesticated by man thousand of years ago and were widely esteemed for their meat, milk, wool, and of course for transportation.
The camels created quite a bit of excitement among the local populace and the first lesson in handling camels was driven home to the Army when all the horses and mules at the dock stampeded.
www.russelltexas.com /Newspaper/camel1.htm   (1084 words)

 Out of Work for a Year, Joe Camel Now Faces Government Charges
The company says that Joe Camel has had no significant impact on smoking by people younger than 18 and argues that the commission's complaint poses fundamental constitutional issues that are certain to affect how other industries can go about marketing their products.
The Joe Camel character was created in 1974 by a British artist, Nicholas Price, for a Camel advertising campaign in France that subsequently appeared in other countries throughout the 1970s.
After studies found that Camels were 10 times as popular among teen-agers as adults and that illegal sales of cigarettes to minors had reached $500 million, the surgeon general, Antonia Novello, called on Reynolds to withdraw the Joe Camel campaign.
uhaweb.hartford.edu /rfitzpatr/Articles/JCamel.htm   (845 words)

 FTC: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
The agency is seeking an order that would bar Reynolds from using the Joe Camel campaign to advertise to kids and would require the company to conduct a public education campaign discouraging young people from smoking.
Beginning in 1987, ads and promotions for Reynolds Camel brand cigarettes had as their central theme a cartoon camel sometimes referred to as "Old Joe," "Smooth Character" or "Joe Camel." The purpose of the Joe Camel campaign, the FTC alleged, was to reposition the Camel brand to make it attractive to younger smokers.
In fact, according to the complaint, the Joe Camel campaign was successful in appealing to many children and adolescents under the age of 18 and induced many of these underage consumers to smoke Camel cigarettes or increased the risk that they would do so.
www.ftc.gov /opa/1997/05/joecamel.shtm   (1290 words)

 Tobacco Spoof Ads
Joe Camel is pictured in various states of sickness and death, and is often accompanied by the three other members of his rock band, the Hard Pack.
It is in direct connection with the American Medical Association's 1991 report, and the subsequent advising by the Federal Trade Commision which led to the 'death' of the Joe Camel campaign, as RJ Reynolds was forced to retire Joe.
Joe Camel appealed to young people, so much so that since his introduction, the number of kids smoking Camels increased by a factor of 50, representing a $476 million increase in annual sales for RJR Nabisco.
it.stlawu.edu /~advertiz/jamer/JOECHEMO.HTML   (325 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Camel Cigarettes Hidden Man
The Camel logo printed on each package is an American icon, part of the nation's history since 1913.
Pregnant women and virility theories aside, Camel cigarettes chose a dromedary as its symbol because the only ship of the desert available for sketching was a one-humper called Old Joe.
The introduction of Joe Camel in 1988 changed the direction of rumors associated with this brand.
www.snopes.com /business/hidden/camel.asp   (1118 words)

 Shooting Pool With Joe Camel - By Charles Paul Freund - Slate Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Camel, himself a habitual user of nicotine, has been accused of being way too cool, in much the way that Joseph K. was once accused by the authorities of being way too guilty.
Camel is never seen doing any productive work of any kind, is never portrayed wearing bourgeois clothing of even the Casual Friday variety (he usually wears a leather jacket), and is never seen in the company of middle-class camels who have to work for a living.
Joe Camel's character probably doesn't appeal to "children," but it may well appeal to adolescents by exploiting their sexual and social insecurities.
www.slate.com /id/1823   (1534 words)

 G.I. Joe Camel in America Part 3
Camels from that auction and the previous Army auction held in California would continue to be used by Americans for many years.
Very soon it became obvious to port authorities that the true nature of the camel cargo was to hide the intended use of the ship as an illegal slaverunner.
The many camels that escaped or were turned loose in the Southwest in the late 1800s finally succumbed to the forces of nature and the depredations of Westerners.
www.russelltexas.com /Newspaper/camel3.htm   (1230 words)

 Joe Camel vs. Spuds MacKenzie @ WWWF Grudge Match
Joe Camel, without any of his free stuff (with his lungs, he can't run twenty feet much less carry a box and he doesn't have an entourage), goes for the direct approach, lights up a cigarette and coolly states "Hey, do you want a cig...
Joe's persona has been devilishly constructed to appeal to youngsters, especially teenage girls, who will not be aware of the subtle subconscious influence he exerts.
Joe Camel's appeal has been steady for 50 years while Spuds was a flash in the pan.
www.grudge-match.com /History/joe-spuds.shtml   (7305 words)

 Joe Camel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Among 6-year-olds, that recognition factor increased to 91%, bringing Joe Camel equal to Mickey Mouse in being recognizable to children.
One shows Joe on a beach, with a sexy blonde, and contained Joe's advice to teenagers on how to be "cool." ("Run into the water and drag her back to shore as if you've saved her from drowning.
Joe calls this "cool." I hope the rest of us would call this "assault." The ad was run in the National Lampoon and Rolling Stone magazine -- publications aimed at teenagers.
interact.uoregon.edu /MediaLit/mlr/readings/articles/JoeCamel.html   (675 words)

 Joe Camel too cool?
Whether a human-like camel or a camel-like human, Joe Camel is depicted in ways that especially attract youth, the FTC complaint said.
"The portrayal of Joe in `cool' -- and I say `cool' in quotes -- circumstances and conditions that are particularly appealing to young people: on the beach, surfing, various other activities" amounts to an unfair practice in the advertisements, she said.
Joe Camel is shown playing a saxophone with a Camel in his hand, or playing pool with a cigarette in his mouth, or showing up "in settings like the beach or rock concerts," the complaint alleged.
www.chron.com /cgi-bin/auth/story/content/chronicle/page1/97/05/29/smoking-ads.2-1.html   (839 words)

 I can't say I would be opposed to the return of Joe Camel. - SirStevesGuide.com Forums
The guy who drew Joe Chemo should be awarded for the utter defeat and despair shown in that depiction.
Joe Camel on the other hand, he was one cool dude.
I used to be a smoker 2.5 years ago, Camel was my brand, but after reading all that stuff (some I knew about, some I didn't) I think Joe Chemo should be on billboards.
www.sirstevesguide.com /forums/showthread.php?t=24414   (486 words)

 The Death of Joe Camel
Joe's widow Fern was at the funeral - weakened by emphysema, she almost never left her mobile home in Barstow - and although she was surrounded by Company security guards, I managed to slip her my phone number with a request for an interview.
Camel's (I think she'd prefer 'Fern') coughing fits, and necessary breaks for respiratory aids and refreshment, her candidness (or was it her 'candida'?) and salty good humor made for a very spicy interview.
Joe had his horn on the boat and played a little Miles for the man, blew a little 'Trane and the guy was smoked.
www.tobacco.org /Misc/camelobit.html   (2684 words)

 Joe Camel Surfing Original Painting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Joe Camel Surfing was to be used in continuation of this very successful series.
Joe (and in large part because of his success, all cartoon characters) is now banned from cigarette advertising.
Joe Camel Surfing is an impressive piece of art that any serious collector can be proud to own.
www.estates-on-line.com /personal/estate_listings_premier.cfm?orderDetailID=110995299&refer=   (587 words)

 Reason Magazine - Joe Camel Finally Gets Railroaded out of Town
Joe Camel, the most vilified cartoon character in history, is retiring.
Recognizing Joe Camel is not tantamount to smoking, any more than recognizing the logos for Ford and Chevrolet (which most of the kids did) is tantamount to driving.
Nowadays, it's taken for granted that Joe is guilty of corrupting minors, an accusation his employer seemed to confirm by abandoning him.
www.reason.com /news/show/34339.html   (914 words)

 [06-23-97] Charles Jones, In Defense of Joe Camel
He concludes that Joe Camel is not the proper target for the anti-smoking campaigners because his appeal never had much to do with the cigarette in his mouth.
For Joe Camel, who has more in common with Bugs or Wolvie than with the Marlboro Man -- a cigarette is practically an afterthought.
Later, when the camel started lounging on beaches and playing the saxophone, the last thing we noticed was the cigarette in his mouth.
www.pacificnews.org /jinn/stories/3.13/970623-camels.html   (680 words)

 eBay - Joe Camel
Joe Camel, for many years, was the famous cartoon mascot for Camel cigarettes.
Even though for many people Joe Camel may not be a respectable image, from the point of view of many collectors, the famous cartoon was innocent and the decision to ostracize him, unfair.
Joe Camel ads may not be present in current advertising, but the sleek cartoonish smile is still readily available for those who know where to look.
popular.ebay.com /ns/Collectibles/Joe+Camel.html   (448 words)

 Joe Camel's retirement fires up collectibles market Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
T-shirts, fanny packs, posters, matches and lighters that were pretty much free with the purchase of a pack or two of Camel cigarettes are already valued at prices ranging from $10 for a carton of matchbooks and $40 for a disposable lighter to $2,500 for an original French Joe Camel poster.
An original 1988 Joe Camel lighter lists for $300; $12.50 plastic salt and pepper shakers recently sold at a flea market for $40; even the catalog about the limited-edition merchandise is worth $12.
It should be noted that the collecting craze did not originate with Joe Camel or the Marlboro Man. There are tobacco collectibles dating to the turn of the century, including: 1910 Turkey Red Cigarette city seals commemorating Salt Lake City, Charleston, S.C.; Cleveland, Fort Worth and more.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qn4196/is_19970810/ai_n10347194   (519 words)

 RJR sends Joe Camel to the shelf for now   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- Joe Camel, the controversial cartoon character who pitched Camel cigarettes, is being yanked from all of R.J. Reynolds' billboard advertising through the end of the year, the News & Observer reported Thursday.
The tobacco company says Joe Camel is simply tired -- at least where his appeal to consumers is concerned -- and needs a short vacation.
RJR will keep the traditional Joe Camel, featured on the brand's packs for decades, in a limited number of print advertisements and some retail promotional materials, the newspaper reported.
www.chron.com /content/chronicle/business/95/10/26/joecamel.0-0.html   (198 words)

 Pictures of cigar logos
Joe Camel was the brilliantly successful advertising campaign used to market Camel Cigarettes manufactured by RJ Reynolds.
The creation of Joe Camel was part of the RJ Reynolds approach to appeal to a younger audience.
The effort to target the younger crowd was successful and Joe Camel was ordered to disappear in 1997.
www.artofsmoking.com /jcamel1.html   (134 words)

 Protect kids from Joe Camel - KidsGrowth
This fun-loving cartoon camel was shown drinking with friends at a bar, riding motorcycles, playing pool, lounging on the beach, performing in a rock band, offering dating advice, and just ‘hanging out with friends," all with an ever present cigarette dangling from his mouth.
Almost one-third of 3-year olds correctly matched "Old Joe Camel" with cigarettes, and among 6 year olds there was no difference between the percentage who recognized the camel and the percentage who matched the Disney Channel television logo with Mickey Mouse.
Reynolds official response to this controversy has been that "the Joe Camel campaign does not cause people to start smoking and that these cartoons do not appeal to children." These statements are both unbelievable and immoral.
www.kidsgrowth.com /resources/articledetail.cfm?id=220   (1446 words)

 Camel (cigarette) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Camel regulars achieved the zenith of their popularity through personalities such as news broadcaster Edward R. Murrow, who smoked up to four packs of Camel regulars per day, in effect using a Camel cigarette as his trademark.
Camel Cash or "C-Note" (C-Note = 1/1000 of an US cent) is a coupon stuck to the back of filtered varieties of Camel cigarettes.
His image was removed from Camel Cash, and at the same time (July 1997) his use was discontinued in advertisements.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Camel_(cigarette)   (1126 words)

 Federal Communications Law Journal 47, 3 Harring
To determine whether Joe Camel advertising causes a substantial injury, it is necessary to delineate with some precision exactly what "injury" there is.
A ban on Joe Camel advertising is within the statutory power of the FTC pursuant to its power to regulate unfair advertising practices.
This Note treats the Joe Camel campaign as falling within the rubric of commercial speech, though it should be noted that other types of speech by tobacco companies related to their products seem to tread close to the line between commercial and non-commercial speech.
www.law.indiana.edu /fclj/pubs/v47/no3/harring.html   (5844 words)

 Joe Camel, Meet George Generic
Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man would be dispatched to advertising heaven.
While Joe Camel will most probably remain in forced retirement, early word was that the Marlboro Man would be cleared to ride the marketing range.
That's half-again what old Joe Camel was able to drum up for his brand.
promomagazine.com /mag/marketing_joe_camel_meet   (938 words)

 [No title]
One study found that 30 percent of 3-year-olds and 91 percent of 6-year-olds could identify "Joe Camel" as a symbol of smoking.
Camels used to be the unfiltered cigarettes that were smokedby older smokers.
Before the character of Joe Camel was created,Camel cigarettes were smoked by only 1% of the youth market.
www.lycos.com /info/tobacco-advertising--joe-camel.html   (321 words)

 Joe Camel's legacy
The late Joe Camel, cool and suave and hip, became a role model.
These were among hundreds of smoking-gun documents made public last week as a condition of the $10 million settlement of a case with Joe Camel as an unnamed co-conspirator.
Camel was part of a campaign to turn youngsters into lifelong smokers, a contention hotly denied by the tobacco giant's fuming spinmeisters.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/examiner/article.cgi?year=1998&month=01&day=19&article=EDITORIAL15778.dtl   (584 words)

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